KILL THE HERO Chapter 90

KILL THE HERO Chapter 90

Chapter 90
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

On the 3rd day after they’d entered the dungeon, the Firefox hunting team found the symbol which marked the end of their long battle with the Orcs.

“It’s a tree that was hit by lightning!”

They found a tree that had been struck by lightning in the forest.

Everyone was excited by this.

‘We found it much faster than I expected.’

‘This pace is the best.’

The situation was good enough to make their eyes shine.

‘The sensation was about to fade.’

After fighting in the first two days, their combat senses had been sufficiently elevated.

‘We minimized the food consumption, and if we cut the tree after taking a break, we will minimize fatigue as well.’

After taking a rest here, they’d be able to go to the 2nd Floor in their most optimal state.

‘There were zero casualties.’

Moreover, there wasn’t a single casualty after the fierce battles.

No, in fact, there wasn’t even anyone who had been injured.

Such a situation was incredibly hard to believe.

This was the first time in history since the world had been transformed into a game, that the first floor in none other than a Two Floor A+ ranked Dungeon was cleared without any injuries whatsoever.

Of course it was because of the presence of someone who made the fires within the players who had come to hunt the Firefox, burn hotter than ever before.

‘Thanks to Isaac.’

‘Isaac, there would never be failure as long as he’s here.’

Isaac Ivanov had thoroughly convinced all the players who had entered the dungeon.

“By the way, where’s Isaac?”

“He went to clear up the bodies.”


“He said he needed to get as many as he could before going to the next floor.”

“He’s really a Necromancer.”

Naturally when Isaac Ivanov did something, no one doubted or feared him for it.

They simply waited for him to return.

And they looked forward to the day that they would be able to decorate a page of history together with him.

Of course, not everyone was looking forward to the battle with the Firefox.

“Damn it, I might really die.”

As he followed Kim Woo-jin, Lee Jin-ah’s face looked like a prisoner on death row on his way to the gallows.

“Will it hurt a lot if I’m set on fire? Damn, if I knew it would be like this, I’d just become a movie star. I don’t even know if I could’ve enjoyed rich movies…ahh, my life! I ended up meeting that cheap bald head guy…”

He continuously expressed his complaints and dissatisfaction to Kim Woo-jin in Russian.

Suddenly, Kim Woo-jin stopped walking, causing Lee Jin-ah to shut up.

Silence filled the surroundings.

Then Kim Woo-jin opened his mouth.

“I think this is enough.”

He spoke in Korean. This meant that there was no one around.

“Ah, I can talk properly now.”

Lee Jin-ah also followed Kim Woo-jin and spoke Korean instead of Russian.

“I thought I was gonna die speaking all that Russian.”

It was a ridiculous story when you consider just how much he spoke for no reason.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin ignored him.

Rather Kim Woo-jin continued talking with a cold expression.

“There’s a few things we need to do before hunting the Firefox.”

“What is it?”

“It must be done all at once. There is no second chance. If you get beaten, then it’s practically game over.”

In response to that eerie warning, Lee Jin-ah smiled and smacked his chest with his arm, his expression firm.

“You can’t do it without me.”

As Lee Jin-ah spoke with confidence, Kim Woo-jin took off a glove he was wearing and threw a ring that he had on his finger toward him.


Lee Jin-ah’s expression changed as he caught the ring reflexively.

“No way…”

He looked at Kim Woo-jin with an odd expression.


This caused Kim Woo-jin to frown.

“Ah, sorry. There’s no way your sexual orientation would swing that way…no, it’s not bad even if you do. But I…”

Without noticing Kim Woo-jin’s expression, Lee Jin-ah kept rambling with an embarrassed expression on his face.

Eventually, Kim Woo-jin couldn’t take it.

“It’s Lancelot’s Ring.”

Kim Woo-jin spoke with a firm tone as if he could no longer listen to anymore nonsense.

“It negates any negative status effect.”


At that, Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but show an expression of surprise as he checked the item to confirm for himself.

“But it doesn’t work for burns. It’s only for poisons, hypnosis and enchantment.”

However his smile dropped when he heard Kim Woo-jin’s subsequent explanation.

“Then isn’t it useless?”

“It would be useful if the Firefox’s fire had the effect to enchant, confuse or hypnotize.”


Lee Jin-ah nodded when Kim Woo-jin added that.

If the fox’s fire really had any additional properties like those then Lancelot’s Ring would no longer be an option, it would be a necessity.

And the place where something like this could happen was exactly an A+ ranked dungeon.

“I remember the Needle Snake was also pretty nasty.”

Lee Jin-ah knew it well.

‘It can prevent the blinding effect of the Nine-tail’s tail.’

Woo-jin didn’t explain that he knew that the Firefox had one of the nine tails of the Nine-tailed fox’s tails and that the moment someone was touched by the flames, they would suffer blindness for a moment.

Lee Jin-ah nodded and slipped the ring on his finger.

Kim Woo-jin looked at him and said.

“Five seconds. You only need to last 5 seconds.”

“I don’t know if I can hold out for 5 seconds, but if I can hold out for 6 seconds, what will you give me?”

Kim Woo-jin answered without any hesitation.

“I’ll buy as much food as you want.”

“You just made a really big mistake.”


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