KILL THE HERO Chapter 92

KILL THE HERO Chapter 92

Chapter 92
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

It was 3 minutes after they started running that those who escaped finally stopped.

“I don’t think it’s following us.”

The fact that the Firefox hadn’t chased them is what made them stop.

“What do we do now?”

“Let’s wait for the next signal.”

So they waited for the next signal.

If someone sent an SOS signal or another retreat signal, they were ready to respond.

But not everyone was waiting.

Some of those who were running away had noticed the strange situation sooner and stopped running, this allowed them to know the situation better than the others.

“Oh my God.”

They could see something that the others couldn’t.

“Those are Isaac’s skeletons!”

The sight of the Skeleton Soldiers locked in a fierce battle.

“Is it Isaac?”

“Isaac Ivanov is making time for us!”

Naturally in their eyes it looked like Isaac Ivanov was sacrificing himself to give them the time to escape.

“Oh my God.”

At the sight, some of their eyes reddened.

This was especially so for the members of the Messiah Guild.

‘For our sake…’

Isaac Ivanov, who wasn’t a member of the Messiah Guild but who had simply been invited to assist them was willingly sacrificing himself in this situation.

He was immediately seen as a martyr by the members of the Messiah Guild.

“Keep retreating!”

So they retreated even more.

“Let’s not make his sacrifice be in vain!”

They would never have thought that Isaac Ivanov was not sacrificing himself for them, but was instead hunting the Firefox.

“Don’t go!”

“What are you talking about?! We need to help!”

Some of them tried to stop those who were retreating.

“Are you gonna waste Isaac’s sacrifice in this way?”


“Do you really think he wants our help?”

“…Damn it.”

In front of those words, those courageous players could only take a step back.

So everyone began to move further from the Firefox.

This caused Lee Jin-ah who was observing their reactions while healing, to laugh.

‘That’s so human-like.’

Kim Woo-jin had said that if he began fighting the Firefox then the Messiah Guild members and everyone else would escape.

“He’s like a ghost.”

They’ll think they were trying to be martyrs and were willing to make sacrifices in vain.

They’d pray for them from afar.

Honestly, when he first heard it, Lee Jin-ah didn’t believe him.

About five or six from the 96 people had wanted to help Kim Woo-jin.

‘What he said came true.’

In the end however, Kim Woo-jin was correct.

What he’d said had indeed become reality.

‘Then the hunt should be over soon.’

Another thing Kim Woo-jin said was that he wouldn’t need much time to hunt the Firefox.

[The Firefox has been slain.]

[Gained the Achievement ‘Firefox Hunter’.]

[Cleared the 2nd Floor of a Dungeon in 1 hour.]

[Gained the Achievement ‘Speedster’.]

[The Emissary of the Underworld is amazed by your abilities.]

[The Emissary of the Underworld has conveyed some of their power to you.]

[The rank for the Skeleton Soldier skill has increased by one.]

On the 15th minute after they entered the 2nd Floor of the dungeon, it was cleared.

“Are you sure about this?”

At Oh Se-chan’s words, the subordinate in front simply nodded his head without saying a word.

Like that, Oh Se-chan stared at the note in his hands like he’d forgotten how to speak.

Suddenly Oh Se-chan ripped up the note.


Then he said to his surprised subordinate.

“Don’t tell anyone about this.”


“We can’t throw cold water on everyone’s efforts to stop them from controlling the world.”

Oh Se-chan, who was talking, tapped his head with the fist that was holding the pieces of paper.

‘If the Messiah is truly this much…then we can’t do that. No, we’ll have to change the method. We’ll need to stop poison with another poison.’

At that time, the image of a man came to Oh Se-chan’s mind.

‘Didn’t he say Johann Georg.’

The name of the man who was now taking control of Europe’s Underworld at an astonishing rate.

‘In terms of personality, he could become the Demon King even more than the Messiah Guild and he’s not the type who would join hands with the Messiah Guild.’

He remembered the inhumane things the man had done so far.

‘I heard his level is already considerable, but if Pandora and I support him with all our might…’

Being the man he was and with his thoughts to resist the Messiah Guild, Oh Se-chan’s thoughts were gradually becoming firmer.

It was at that moment.

Ttok ttok ttok! (TL: knocking sound)

A knock was heard on his office door and soon his subordinate entered the room.

“Kim Woo-jin has cleared the dungeon.”

“What? It’s been three days since they entered the dungeon hasn’t it? How?”

“I also don’t know…”

At that moment Oh Se-chan smiled.

‘I don’t need to ignore the monsters before me and find other ones.’

“Well, as long as he’s alive.”

At that moment, there was no longer the name Johann Georg in Oh Se-chan’s mind.

Rather his thoughts were incomparably bright.

“That’s right, today I’ll treat everyone to Chinese Food to celebrate their safe return. Everyone can order whatever they like!”

Oh Se-chan was bursting with exuberance.

“Ah, I usually have jajangmyeon1. How about you guys?”


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