KILL THE HERO Chapter 95

KILL THE HERO Chapter 95

Chapter 95
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

[Firefox Dungeon successfully completed in 3 days!]

When the attack on the Firefox Dungeon in Japan ended in 3 days, no one anticipated it.

[No one can understand the situation! The Japanese Government is currently conducting an emergency investigation!]

[What really happened in that dungeon?]

Moreover there was only information about the clear and no information was given about the process.

Naturally, this confused those in Japan who were interested in the dungeon.

[The Messiah Guild says, “We are currently investigating the situation and will notify you later on the date of the briefing.”]

[The Messiah Guild delays the schedule of the Dungeon Briefing!]

When the Messiah Guild postponed the briefing for the dungeon in such a situation, it was similar to if someone stabbed an inflated balloon with a needle.

[Is it a bug instead of a clearance? Were the survivors forced to return?]

[Did the Messiah Guild find a bug in a dungeon?]

[Some experts claim that monsters will begin to appear from the Dungeon Gate because of this situation!]

All sorts of opinions and rumors began to surface about the situation with the dungeon, many of which caused mass panic.

The situation was confusing and people found it hard to stay calm even when the guild involved was none other than Messiah Guild.

But the confusion wasn’t hard to calm down.

[Isaac Ivanov, the man saved everyone!]

[Isaac Ivanoc, a new hero is born!]

The truth about what happened in the Firefox Dungeon was revealed and it was shown that it wouldn’t have been possible with Isaac Ivanov’s performance.

That was the truth about what happened.

There were no shortage of stories about Isaac Ivanov’s performance in the Firefox Dungeon.

[The Mokosh Guild says, “Isaac Ivanov is currently recuperating from his injuries and there is no threat to his life, however, the injuries are quite severe so he will refrain from making an appearance for some time.”]

Isaac Ivanov, the hero who created such a legendary story had been injured but was now recuperating, this caused the people of the world to no longer be confused, instead, the world was filled with cheers.

Little by little, Isaac Ivanov’s name became known to everyone around the world.

“Isaac Ivanov, an amazing guy has appeared.”

Even the office of Park Yong-wan was filled with his name, what more explanation could one need?

“I think the Messiah Guild is spreading this story around deliberately.”

Park Yong-wan’s eyes when he heard this story was very different to when he’d first heard the news of Isaac Ivanov.

It was similar to the eyes of a great beast when he noticed the birth of a new predator near his territory.

“Isn’t that how it is?”

However, Kim Woo-jin was different.

“I’m not really interested in who he is.”

He had no interest in talking about Isaac Ivanov.

“More importantly, are you really working with the Frontier Guild from now on?”

“That’s right.”

That was because the existence of the collaboration with the Frontier Guild was filling his mind instead.

‘I expected the big guy to move, but…’

Park Yong-wan had called for Kim Woo-jin just 5 hours after he’d completed the Firefox Dungeon.

He told him that he had something very important to discuss and asked him to come to the headquarters of the Phoenix Guild as soon as possible, so Kim Woo-jin had to go there immediately.

Park Yong-wan said to Kim Woo-jin.

“You know that we’re in a situation. We need a partner to stop the Skull Guild, right? The Frontier Guild isn’t lacking anything, they will be our partner.”

He intended to join hands with the Frontier Guild to take on the Skull Guild. There was nothing wrong with that.

In a situation where the Skull Guild was backed by the Yamato Federation and even the Messiah Guild, Park Yong-wan was pressured when facing them.

Of course, Park Yong-wan’s aim wasn’t just to get help.

‘This time he’s aiming to sell to the U.S instead of Japan.’

This was Park Yong-wan who had sold his country to Japan for his own profit.

It was natural for him to prepare to also sell his country to the U.S. just in case.

In order to sell the country, it was natural to complete sufficient consultation and preparation in advance.

‘I thought that the Messiah Guild would aim for that point.’

Kim Woo-jin believed that the Messiah Guild would approach him at that point.

“And they had some pretty attractive conditions.”

Therefore, Kim Woo-jin knew something that was willing to give Park Yong-wan such an attractive offer might be a hidden hand of the Messiah Guild.

‘They really want to get rid of Park Yong-wan this time.’

In addition to that, he believed that in order to remove Park Yong-wan the Messiah Guild would have no choice but to reveal a big hand.

Removing Park Yong-wan wasn’t something easy that any card could do.

Firstly, he was one of Korea’s top players and became a Korean hero when he cleared a Six Floor Dungeon.

Assassinating in real life? (TL: aka out of the dungeon)

That was incredibly risky and had a low level of possibility.

In order to kill players over level 200 in real life you’d need to at least use a few missiles from a fighter jet.

In the end, in order to get rid of him without going back and forth, it would be best to enter a dungeon with Park Yong-wan and eliminate him there.

In order to enter a dungeon with a man like Park Yong-wan they had to have a reputation on par with Park Yong-wan and his firm trust.

‘But this time the hidden hand should be the Frontier Guild.’

The only problem was that the Messiah Guild’s hidden hand might be the Frontier Guild.

No, in fact it wasn’t really a problem, but it was very shocking.

The Frontier Guild was one of the strongest guilds in America, it might even be considered by some as America’s strongest guild, it was also one the world’s top 5 guilds.

If they truly belonged to the Messiah Guild then it would mean that the Messiah Guild already controlled half of the world.

For those who were the enemies of the Messiah Guild, this information was enough for them to sigh in despair.

However, Kim Woo-jin didn’t despair.

‘I need to gather more information on the Frontier Guild.’

This wouldn’t make Kim Woo-jin change his resolution or his plans.

Therefore he said calmly.

“So we’ll be moving with the Frontier Guild from now on?”

“We’re not moving together.”


“I told you, the Frontier Guild offered very attractive conditions.”

At the question, Park Yong-wan shook his head.

“They’ll take responsibility for you and nurture you. You just need to accept their care.”

“Is that so?”

“I heard that the most talented person in the Frontier Guild was dispatched with the best item sets and more.”

Kim Woo-jin smiled.

“Then I’ll have to thank you for that.”

It was a sincere smile.


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