KILL THE HERO Chapter 99

KILL THE HERO Chapter 99

Chapter 99
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

The Frontier Guild.

As on the world’s five strongest guilds, and with the full support of the United States government, it obviously had its hand in a few secret organizations.

Like the Pathfinders.

The role of the Pathfinders was, just like their name, to be the pioneers.

They were the ones who would go ahead of the Frontier Guild and create a path for them.

But this time, their pioneering target wasn’t a dungeon, but a country.

For political reasons, as well as many other reasons, the Frontier Guild couldn’t reach their target.

“Now we’ll be done by next week.”

“I’m glad that Park Yong-wan decided to enter the dungeon early. I’d lose my mind if I had to stay here any longer.”

The players that had been sent to Park Yong-wan by the Frontier Guild were actually Pathfinders.

Unsurprisingly, they had no intentions of helping Park Yong-wan as agreed in the contract.

Their goal was to gain Park Yong-wan’s trust and then force him into a corner, to make him hand over everything, including the Phoenix Guild, to the Frontier Guild.

“Park Yong-wan was also in a hurry. That’s the only reason he believed us and decided to enter the dungeon so fast.”

The Frontier Guild had succeeded in getting Park Yong-wan’s trust. The evidence of this was in the fact that Park Yong-wan had decided to enter a dungeon.

Naturally, the Frontier Guild was ready to move onto the next level.

“Let’s get this over with and head back. It would be terrible to imagine if something happened and we had to stay here.”

As was stating before, they intended to push Park Yong-wan into a corner.

“Ah, we worked so hard to help them grow and now we have to kill them. I now understand the way cowboys feel toward their cows.”

They also intended to deal with the guards who could be called Park Yong-wan’s hands and feet.

Of course, not all of them would be killed.

“I’d rather kill them. I have to act like I was tricked.”

“Right. It’s better to just kill all of them.”

They were going to let a few of the guards survive.

That way, the survivors will cry and say that the opponents they faced were unusual and they could only run away.

“Sam, what about you?”


“Disposal or acting?”


Fortunately, Sam Oliver only had to deal with one player, Kim Woo-jin.

“So lucky.”

“It’s not just that. He’s only in charge of one person right?”

“One person? He only needs to kill one? Damn, our team needs to kill seven.”

“Sam has always been lucky. Why else would he be called lucky Sam?”

He didn’t need to pretend, he just needed to kill one person, he was the luckiest out of all his colleagues.

But Sam Oliver’s expression wasn’t good when he heard his colleagues jealousy.

Of course, it wasn’t because he didn’t want to hear that he was lucky.

He also thought that he was the most fortunate among the players that had come on this operation.

‘Why did team leader Naomi say that?’

Two hours before their team leader Naomi Spell, a black woman with long straight hair, had given a personal mission to Sam Oliver.

‘What did she mean to take a professional with me to get information?’

What’s more, her mission was for him to take an expert into the dungeon to extract information from Kim Woo-jin.

‘It suddenly became troublesome.’

Of course, it wasn’t listed as an official mission from the Frontier Guild.

If it was an official mission would there be a need for her to call him separately and make a personal request?

This was why Sam Oliver’s expression wasn’t good.

Of course, the answer was already out.

Naomi Spell had a large influence in the Frontier Guild and she was one of the main points of contact between them and the CIA.

‘I have to succeed somehow.’

Sam Oliver did not have the power to refuse the mission.


So Sam Oliver had to prepare.

D-day was near.

A Cadillac Escalade.

The vehicles, famous because the US president rode in them, were moving in a line along a highway.

It was an interesting sight for anyone to see and Kim Woo-jin was in the middle of it.

Kim Woo-jin’s appearance was more akin to a prisoner being transported.

No one would consider sitting in the middle of the backseat between two mean looking men wielding guns, furthest away from the door, as VIP treatment.

It was more like prisoner treatment.

“How much longer?”

“Why do you want to know?”

The Frontier Guild members that filled his surroundings did not bother to give him any information. That was the treatment that Kim Woo-jin received from them.

The members of the Frontier Guild had never treated Kim Woo-jin as a player, colleague or ally even once.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin never thought of them like that either.

‘There is more preparation today than usual, so as expected, it’s D-Day.’

He didn’t have a habit of pretending to talk to people who he’d end up fighting and killing after.

In the silence, the vehicle stopped moving.

“Get off.”

The place where the four cars had stopped was Dongtan’s 2nd New Town.

A few years ago, it was a place where apartment buildings shot up like bamboo shoots after a heavy rain, but in the advent of the appearance of the dungeon gates, it became ruins after suffering from the monsters attacks.

“Get ready everyone!”

“We’ll enter in one hour!”

The players there were making a fuss as they got ready.

“This should be the dungeon report.”

In the clutter, Kim Woo-jin saw something looking like the dungeon report and after looking it over, he confirmed it.

[Sawtooth Wolf’s Den]

-Floors: 2

-Difficulty: C+ rank

-Maximum number of entries: 50

-Requirements: Level 60 and below

-Conditions: Defeat the leader of the Sawtooth Wolf on the Second Floor!


In fact it was meaningless.

Getting the dungeon report 1 hour before entering the dungeon was the same as not seeing it all since there would be no time to prepare.

In fact, Kim Woo-jin usually didn’t do anything in the dungeon and just had to follow them around.

But today was different.

The eyes looking at Kim Woo-jin were different from the start.

‘They intend to kill me.’

There was a difference between the eyes of someone looking at their livestock while feeding it and the eyes of someone looking at their livestock while preparing to slaughter it..

And Kim Woo-jin was someone who knew that difference very well.

Naturally, Kim Woo-jin would need to also move differently as well.

‘I need to send a signal.’

Then Kim Woo-jin swung his hands and said lightly.

“It’s strangely creepy.”


At that moment Kim Woo-jin’s cell phone began to vibrate and he took it out as if he was expecting it.

“Stop moving.”

Immediately one of the watchdogs nearby noticed.

“Where did you come from?”

The monitor asked Kim Woo-jin about the call and Kim Woo-jin showed him the caller ID on the phone screen.

“It’s an urgent call. I’ll put it on speaker, so please allow it.”

At the end, the monitor nodded and Kim Woo-jin answered before immediately shouting.

“What do you want? You need 5 billion?”


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