Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 102

Chapter 102


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Chapter 102

[You have selected the Top 100 Promotion Match.]

Seong Jihan’s choice was the Top 100.

‘If I compete in the Gold promotion match, I’ll be promoted straight to the platinum league.’

Skipping Gold and moving directly to platinum would mean faster growth, but then he would miss out on the achievement quests and other rewards available in the Gold League maps.

From Seong Jihan’s perspective, it was something he couldn’t afford to miss.

‘By the time the tutorial ends, I need to be in platinum.’

The promotion match date was set for September 25th. If he advanced to Gold by then, he would have three months from October to December. During that period, he needed to maintain a steady growth rate while staying in the platinum league.

‘That way, during the opening match of the Space League, Earth won’t lose.’

Although Seong Jihan, who had returned from a distant future, didn’t remember much about the game at this time, he distinctly remembered the first opening match that took place right after Earth joined the Space League.

It was the first game against the elves that brought shock and horror to humanity.

In order to change the outcome of that match, Seong Jihan needed to be in platinum, a rank below diamond.

[You receive a penalty for balance adjustment.]

[The map used for the promotion match will change from the survival map ‘Colosseum’ to the special defense map, ‘Tomb of the Raided Conqueror’.]

[The team capacities for ‘North’ and ‘South’ teams will change from 50 vs. 50 to 10 vs. 90.]

[Player Seong Jihan will belong to the northern team in the Top 100, and the remaining teammates will be determined from ranks 91 to 100.]

[The enemies coming from the northern direction that the northern team defends will be strengthened.]

Reducing team size, having players ranked from 91 to 100 on the same team, and strengthening the opponents— this balance adjustment was quite rigorous.

Seeing this, Seong Jihan chuckled.

‘The BattleNet is really thorough, isn’t it?’

Though the map conditions turned quite unfavorable for him, he seemed quite relaxed.

‘After all, it’s just a silver promotion match.’

He was rather intrigued by this unique map. Maybe there was a special achievement quest to be unlocked here.

As soon as Seong Jihan chose to participate in the Top 100 match, an unexpected event occurred.

[An emergency announcement from the BattleNet betting server.]

[The map for the Silver League Top 100 has changed due to player ‘Seong Jihan’s choice. The betting server will reset the existing betting figures and start new bets.]

[With the map change of the Silver League Top 100 match, the match schedule is moved forward by a day. It will be scheduled at 6 pm on September 24th, based on the world’s top league, New York League.]

[Please refer to the betting website for detailed changes.]

An announcement from the BattleNet’s integrated betting server indicated that the dynamics of the Silver Top 100 match had changed.

‘The schedule even changed? A special defense map… what’s going on?’

As Seong Jihan pondered, there was a loud noise.

“Uncle! What’s going on? A sudden announcement says the Top 100 match has changed!”

“Mm, you saw?”

“It’s not just me! It’s chaos! Anyone who ever participated in BattleNet betting received the notification!”

“What? Seriously?”

This seems to be escalating…

Seong Jihan thought calmly, then suddenly his expression hardened.

“Hold on. Seah?”


“You said anyone who ever participated in BattleNet betting got the notification?”

“Yes! From the U.S. to Africa, everyone!”

“You saw it too, right?”


“Don’t tell me… Did you bet?”

At this, Yoon Seah shifted her gaze evasively.

“….Uh. Well… about that…”

“Phew… I thought something was off. You’ve been spending so much on equipment lately.”

The equipment Yoon Seah had recently acquired as she leveled up looked noticeably expensive, ranging between B to A grade.

Although buying good equipment was essential for playing on BattleNet, and Seong Jihan didn’t think of Yoon Seah’s shopping as overspending, it still struck him as odd.

‘So that’s why she said she had plenty of money even when I offered to buy her things.’

“You… When did you start?”

“Ah, well, just… Just! Out of curiosity… Just a bit… Only a little!”

“How much?”

“Uh, what?”

“How much did you bet?”

Yoon Seah cautiously raised one finger.

“100 million won?”

“Hey. You’re way underestimating~.”

“1 billion won?”


“…Don’t tell me, 10 billion won?”


Yoon Seah cheekily stuck out her tongue and scratched her cheek.

It was an affirmation.


Seong Jihan let out a deep sigh in disbelief.

‘She wasn’t like this before.’

In his previous life, Yoon Seah showed no interest in gambling.

How did she change so much?

‘Maybe I’ve been too successful lately.’

In the past, even though Seong Jihan had a high win rate, he constantly lost and won money.

To Yoon Seah, he was just a gambling addict, not an exemplary case.

But this time’s Seong Jihan was different.

He was nailing every prediction and rapidly growing his wealth.

‘I should’ve been more careful.’

Of course, Yoon Seah who started even when told not to was also in the wrong.

But Seong Jihan felt the blame was more on him.

After seeing him making so much through betting, wouldn’t one get curious and try?

“Sigh. I showed a bad side of me.”

“No, no. Uncle, you’re always my idol. I just followed you.”

“Who did you learn to gamble from?”


“So, how much did you win?”

“Uh… About 700…?”

“700 billion won?!”

“Yes. Hehe.”

Seong Jihan looked at Yoon Seah in disbelief.

“Even if you followed my betting, 5 times was the maximum, right?”

“Ah. I got 5 times the amount by following your Top 100. And you said Japan would keep winning, right? So, I made a bit there.”

“…Wait, Seah. Did I tell you that Japan would keep winning?”

“Ah… I overheard you talking to Hayeon.”

So, she caught that info.

She has sharp ears.

Seong Jihan shook his head in disbelief.


“Hehe. Uncle, forgive me just this once~!”

“Now that it’s come to this, set aside 500 billion won. You need a safety net in case everything falls apart.”

“Of course!”

“And just follow my bets. Don’t do it on your own. You could get addicted. Really.”

Having experienced making money through betting.

Just telling her not to do it wouldn’t be convincing.

He should make sure she only goes for the sure bets he picks.

“Of course!”

“Right. If you get too into betting, you might end up like Hayeon. Oh, and don’t go against my bets like Hayeon. You might lose everything.”

“I obviously know that. It’s a sure-win.”

“A sure-win?”

What does that mean?

When Seong Jihan looked puzzled, Yoon Seah whispered into his ear.

“It means ‘betting against Hayeon is a sure-win’.”

“…What is that?”

“If you bet the opposite of what Hayeon picks, you win money. Gayeong told me.”

Seong Jihan remembered his past life upon hearing the meaning of “sure-win.”

* * * * *

“Zero, who did you bet on this time?”

“Why? Are you guys betting against me?”

“Of course! Betting against you has a 75% win rate, they say.”

“Yes, Zero! Why don’t you go against your instincts and follow us? Against Zero. We even made up our terminology, right?”

“So, you’re saying you bet against it, huh?”

“Oh, really? So, who did you bet on?”

“Buzz off! I’m not telling!”

* * * * *


[Translator – Kshn]

[Proofreader – Demon God]

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* * * * *

Even during the “America First”, all guild members used to refer to Zero’s betting.

‘It feels the same as back then.’

Seong Jihan said with a chuckle.

“Yes, if my betting differs from Hayeon’s, just follow me.”

“Of course. Haha… So, who did you bet on, Uncle?”

“Of course, I bet on myself. I’m the top in all the indicators.”

Even though the Top 100 map was balanced.

Seong Jihan’s confidence was boundless.

“Of course… right?”

“Why are you worried?”

“Hehe. No way! I’m going all-in on you, Uncle!”

“Yoon Seah, your voice is trembling?”

“No… What… The BattleNet system may have balanced things, but I don’t care at all!”

But the way she said it, it seemed she cared a lot.

“Haha… If you’re not so sure, go down to the guild and check Hayeon’s betting.”

“Oh! Is there such a method?! Great! I’ll go and spy!”

Upon hearing Seong Jihan’s words, Yoon Seah excitedly headed downstairs.

* * * * *

September 22nd.

The aftermath of Seong Jihan’s selection for the Silver Top 100 promotion match was more intense than expected.

– BattleNet betting site made a public announcement… is this real?

– Seong Jihan is crazy. He even changed the date for the promotional match – we need to tune in at 7 a.m. based on New York time!

– Hey, but 10 members against 90… wouldn’t he fail to rank first?

– Hey, don’t you know Seong Jihan’s limitations? Please, if you’re Korean, bet on Seong Jihan!

– I’m not Korean. I’m Chinese.

– Typical Chinese; selling out their country for money.

– Getting my money back is more important than patriotism!

Since joining BattleNet, Seong Jihan always became the center of attention.

This time, however, he was attracting the attention of gamblers more than the general public.

– Do you guys know what BattleNet is? It’s a cosmic hyper-technology system! It just had a balance patch. It’s 10 vs 90, who should we bet on?

– Seriously… Seong Jihan has won too much. He’s ranked first too many times. It’s okay if he gets beaten once. How can a human always win? They need to rest sometimes.

– Crazy. I can’t believe it. Big Bro Jihan even won against a Diamond Rank! Do you want to criticize without knowing anything? What’s with the 10 vs 90? Even if it was 1 vs 99, Big Bro Jihan would definitely rank first!

– This is why misguided fandom is a problem.

– Those from ‘The First’ shouldn’t bet.

Contrary to the Korean public’s overwhelming support for Seong Jihan.

In communities related to BattleNet betting, many experts predicted that Seong Jihan would lose this time.

Because the one that adjusted the balance was BattleNet!

Even without a connection, one can access BattleNet, and even without electricity, one can watch channels on TV.

It’s that advanced hyper-technology system from BattleNet that adjusted the balance.

– He will lose this time. He definitely will!

– Seriously, how many times did Seong Jihan rank first?

– It’s only right for him to be defeated at least once.

– Seriously, if the system regulates, you can’t win. That’s how the world works.

This sentiment was even stronger abroad.

Because more people trusted the system over Seong Jihan’s greatness.

– This time Seong Jihan loses. How can he resist the system?

– Barren… the 1 million dollars I lost last time… I trust you to get it back this time…

– If the system sets it up? Barron will definitely rank first, right?

Since the BattleNet system actively patched for balance, he couldn’t continue dominating.

“Boss, the odds… are high.”

Seong Jihan’s first-place odds were four times.

Considering his remarkable past performance, it was an extreme undervaluation.

How could the public not choose the person who defeated a Diamond Rank and single-handedly captured Count Naseed as the first?

“Can you never win against the system…”

Lee Hayeon gazed out of the guild master’s office with melancholic eyes.

A prestigious location overlooking the Gangnam area.

“Miss, I brought the wine.”

“Thank you, Gayeong.”

Lee Hayeon looked at the bright lights of Gangnam’s night and sipped her wine.

Now… It was time to make a choice.

“Boss… I’m sorry.”

The BattleNet system, which changed the world in an instant.

That powerful entity directly adjusted the balance.

It precisely targeted Seong Jihan, who had never missed first place.

The answer to where to bet was clear.

“Sigh, Gayeong, it breaks my heart.”

“What does?”

“As a guild master, I should be betting on the boss… but my instincts as an expert tell me otherwise.”

Lim Gayeong looked at Lee Hayeon with incredulous eyes.

‘Who is… an expert?’



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