Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 76

Chapter 76


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Chapter 76

[It seems the guests from America First have come, Owner~]

“I’ll head down.”

After finishing his daily game, Seong Jihan headed down to the guild’s office.

Once, the Daegi Guild rented just a small office space. Now, they leased an entire floor of the Sword Palace.

Considering they might move out of this building someday, leasing it like this wasn’t exactly a good choice.

“Even though the government said to it as we please…”

The government, which had received the Sword Palace as a donation, had sent a building manager, but they didn’t intervene in Seong Jihan’s affairs.

The director of BattleNet, who used to shout at him to leave the penthouse, had already lost his power.

The Korean government was uneasy, in case Seong Jihan decided to move abroad, so he was anxious not to be able to provide him with various conveniences.

‘I should move out from here… but for Seah’s training, no place is better than the penthouse.’

It was ironic that the penthouse, where the Sword King, Yoon Sejin once stayed, was better for training than any famous gyms outside.

“I used to be annoyed by my father’s traces… but now it’s fine. Where else can I train with such facilities?”

After receiving her Gift, Yoon Seah agreed, having undergone intense training daily, that no other facility could compare.

‘Expanding the office was a good decision, after all.’

The Daegi Guild office was visible beyond the elevator.

Though there were still many empty spaces, several people were bustling around.

“Owner, you’ve arrived?”

“Seems the team has grown.”

“Yes. We’ve added some more people to the video editing team. Your videos and even other guild member’s videos are garnering attention.”

“That’s good.”

“Over there is where the video editing team works. Most of them freelance and work from home, so there are many vacant seats.”

Lee Hayeon shrugged as she said this.

“I wanted to hire full-timers, but editors are so used to working from home that… they prefer not to come in.”

“But there’s one person there, right?”

“Ah, yes. She prefers working here. Says it feels like going to work.”

In the area reserved for the video team, a woman intensely stared at a monitor, moving her mouse.

Seeing Seong Jihan, she quickly got up and approached.

“Hello~~ I’m Joo Eunji, the new recruit!”

“Nice to meet you. I look forward to your video editing.”

The young woman in glasses was pretty average-looking, except for her notably pale skin.

“Yes! I’ll do my best! Can I ask for your autograph? I’m a fan.”

“Of course.”

Joo Eunji handed over a piece of paper and a pen.

As Seong Jihan took the pen, their hands brushed.

“Ah, sorry. Static electricity.”

A small spark of static electricity emerged from their touching hands.

“It’s fine. Why apologize for static?”

Seong Jihan signed the paper with a practiced hand.

Maybe because he had signed so many autographs in his previous life.

His English autograph looked quite stylish.

“Owner, you sign very well. Did you practice?”

“Well, a little?”

Seong Jihan looked at his autograph.

It was identical to the countless ones he gave to fans during his time in the U.S.

Even after returning to the past, habits linger.

“Thank you so much! I’ll treasure this!”

Holding the autograph, Joo Eunji spoke with a glint in her eyes.

“Treasure? Take care then.”

With a chuckle, Seong Jihan bid her farewell and entered the guild master’s office with Lee Hayeon.

Joo Eunji watched him leave, her lips curling into a sly smile.

* * * * *

In the Daegi Guild’s guild master’s room, Seong Jihan greeted two players from America First.

‘Sophia is here too.’

Priestess Sophia.

In his past life, she had been quite a nuisance to Seong Jihan.

Now, she seemed equally interested in him, her eyes sparkling.

Contrarily, Barren standing beside her looked displeased.

His face was red, and one could smell alcohol.

‘That drunkard, he drank again.’

Seong Jihan offered them a handshake.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Barren here.”

Barren quickly ended the handshake with Seong Jihan and pulled his hand back.

“I’m Sophia. I watch your broadcasts. I’m a fan.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

“How can you be so strong? You’re the best I’ve seen!”

“That’s an exaggeration.”

“Actually, I used to like Sword King Yoon among the warriors… but I never thought there would be a player showing more potential than him. Is Korea the land of warriors?”

“Sword King went to Japan.”

“But he was born here, right?”

Sophia, holding Seong Jihan’s hand with both of hers, spoke passionately.



[Translator – Kshn]

[Proofreader – Demon God]

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“But you speak English so well?”

“Koreans generally learn English.”

“Still, you’re so good at it. Your pronunciation is also great. And you look even more handsome in person… and you’re tall.”

“Thank you.”

Sophia poured out compliments, enough to make anyone blush.

Barren, who was standing next to them, seemed to have had enough.

“Sophia. Enough, okay? Do you think this is a fan signing event?”

“Oh my. I came here for that! I even watched Seong’s broadcast on the way here. Oh, Seong! Can I call you Jihan from now on?”


“Wow. Thank you so much, Jihan! Can I get an autograph too?”

Sophia, still not letting go of Seong Jihan’s hand, screamed excitedly like a fangirl.

Barren’s face became even more distorted.

‘How much longer do I have to watch this?’

“Sigh… Guild Master, let’s proceed with the lease.”

“Ah, yes. Understood.”

Lee Hayeon looked at Sophia, perhaps finding her fascinating, but when she heard Barren’s weary words, she quickly composed herself.

“Guild Master, you also speak English very well?”

“I studied abroad when I was young.”

“Hehe… No need for an interpreter then.”

Sophia, glancing at the interpreter provided by America First, tried to continue the conversation amicably.


“Sophia! Stop the small talk, okay?”

“Okay, okay. Geez!”

When Barren hurried her with a stern look, she stopped chatting and proceeded with the lease.

The two, after leaving the America First Guild and joining the Daegi Guild, said: “Is this that buff effect…”

“Wow. This is the growth rate buff I’ve heard so much about!”

They were amazed by the guild buff effect they received immediately after joining.

The all-stats addition effect they received while they were in America First disappeared, but,

They could always rejoin and enjoy the effect later.

Right now, they aimed for stat growth through this growth rate buff.

“It would have been great if the Guild Master came to the US for such a simple thing.” Looking contentedly at the buff, Barren then frowned, thinking about the plane ride back.

‘This means I won’t be able to play BattleNet for two days, right?’

“Oh, why? I’m glad I came to see Jihan and become acquainted!”

“Hmph… Why did you refuse the U.S. business trip? I heard Robert promised a lot in return.”

In response to Barren’s question, Seong Jihan stepped in instead of Lee Hayeon.

“If the Guild Master goes abroad once, she’ll be requested to do so by other guilds continuously. The Guild Master is the core of the guild. It’s not advisable for her to roam around.”

While the amount mentioned by America First for the business trip was tempting, the core of the Daegi Guild was Lee Hayeon, who had the ‘Nurturing’ Gift.

It was more important to keep her position here rather than exposing her abilities by wandering outside.

However, Barren, unaware of this situation, sarcastically interpreted Seong Jihan’s words his way.

“Really? Is it not because you’re trying to keep me in check?”


Seong Jihan was puzzled.

‘Check? Who’s checking on whom?’

“Barren, are you saying that I’m keeping you in check?”

“Isn’t that so?”

“Why would I… keep you in check?”

Seong Jihan shrugged, as if he genuinely didn’t understand.

“Why… a player who died to me in a single move?”

“Uh, that… was a mistake!”

“No, it wasn’t a mistake. Barren, it’s your lack of ability.”

Seong Jihan confidently stated, with a smirk on one side of his lips.

“Welcome to the Daegi Guild, Barren. Please grow well so that I have to keep you in check as a player of notable presence.”


“You’ll feel embarrassed about this conversation once you’re sober.”

“… I’ll leave!”

Barren, with a flushed face, left the Guild Master’s office.

It’s like making a careless comment and gaining nothing.

“Ah, really. Such pointless pride, honestly…”

Sophia watched Barren with a sigh.

“Jihan~ See you later~!”

She waved at Seong Jihan with a smile and followed behind Barren.

* * * * *

Joo Eunji, who was working with the video team, sneaked a glance at the Guild Master’s room.

‘An ability that even worked on the Sword King… doesn’t work on him?’

She is a player called ‘Goddess’ in Japan.

To find a way to contact Seong Jihan, she successfully infiltrated the guild under the name Joo Eunji.

Making skin contact and getting his autograph was a success.

But then,

[Access Denied.]

This message, which had never appeared while using her gift, popped up.

‘My ability doesn’t work at all… this is the first time.’

Thinking the opponent was just silver-tier and hence insignificant, should she have come in her main form instead of her avatar?

‘Does the ability not work on SSS-grade Gifts?’

Joo Eunji naturally assumed that Seong Jihan would have an SSS-tier gift.

She spotted Barren, who was confidently leaving the director’s office.

‘He’s also SSS-grade, right?’

Barren Williams.

Before Seong Jihan rose to prominence, he was Joo Eunji’s next target.

She determined Barren’s route, then got up from her seat with a bundle of documents, intending to bump into him deliberately.

“Be careful…!”

Sophia, who was following Barren, warned quickly.




Joo Eunji collided with Barren and was thrown back.

“What the fuck…”

“Ouch… … sorry… … Oh, I’m sorry… … .”

Barren, about to curse at the person he bumped into, paused when he saw Joo Eunji apologizing in awkward English.

“Barren. You should apologize too. You need to watch where you’re going!”


Barren, as if not hearing Sophia’s comment, stared intently at Joo Eunji’s face.

“I’m sorry…”

He apologized with words, but his eyes continued to follow her.

“Oh. I’m okay. Sorry. Sorry…!”

Joo Eunji quickly gathered her documents and left.

Barren stared blankly at her retreating figure.

What is this feeling…?

‘Why am I feeling this way towards such a plain-looking Asian?’

“What are you doing?”

“… Nothing. Let’s go.”

Barren, heading to the elevator after Sophia’s remark, frequently glanced back.

Joo Eunji pretended not to notice and immersed herself in work.

‘Hmm… it works.’

A smirk crossed her lips.

It seems not working on an SSS-grade isn’t the issue.

‘So, does Seong Jihan have another special ability? Still… I’ll make you mine soon.’

Though she failed once,

Joo Eunji was confident.



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