Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 81

Chapter 81


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Chapter 81

– What? It ends here?

– How does a game end this quickly? I wanted to see more of Jihan ㅠㅠ.

Some viewers complained while looking at the bland ending of ‘Lone Bridge’.

– Gold Rank did well just to last until here.

– Right, getting annihilated by flying ghost troops and Bijang breaking the bridge is the usual. How is Gold Rank going to stop the 1st wave? It’s basically a survival game to see who survives against the ghost troops.

Because the map was used from Gold League to all the way up to Diamond League, it was quite difficult for those at Gold rank.

At the Gold Rank, the main objective isn’t to stop the enemy but to survive within the top 50%.

Some even argued that this map should be included in the survival category.

– But what Jihan did was quite innovative. He stopped the 1st wave like that?

– Right, but that’s a strategy only Jihan can use. Others would get taken out in one minute. Who else can block the Death Knight squad in place of Bijang? Not a single person in Gold can.

– But… that… Silver… pulled it off… ㅋ_ㅋ

While telling Bijang to intercept the aerial enemies, Jihan completely changed the course of the game.

Had the Gold in the rear not died so disappointingly, a new aspect of ‘Lone Bridge’ might have emerged.

– These players are really no help ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Getting blown away by wind pressure, is that for real?

– From now on, Jihan should match with Platinum…

– Isn’t the power level too unrealistic? He’s way too strong!

– Even Platinum would struggle fighting the Death Knight squad alone. Probably needs to be at least Level 150?

– Let’s look at the status window!! Hurry up and press the subscribe button!!!

– Yes~ everyone please subscribe~~ Time to promote~~~

Before they knew it, Jihan’s subscriber count had surpassed 700,000.

The growth was incredible, but to the viewers wanting to see the status window, it felt agonizingly slow.

On the other hand, Jihan was disappointed in Gold.

‘Is Gold’s level only this much?’

He hadn’t expected much, but not being able to block even the wind attack from afar was too much.

If things continued this way, even if he did well in the 1st wave, he would be wiped out in the event before the 2nd wave started.

‘Being by the cliff would make it hard to get Bijang’s recognition.’

Even if he summoned Ariel to protect the players, it wouldn’t be possible to cover that wide range.

‘As expected of an Epic Quest, it doesn’t let you complete it easily.’

Jihan thought so, looking at the system message.

[You have recorded 1st place in the Defense game.]

[For participating in the higher league, your experience and GP gain rate increase by 50%.]

[1st place reward, experience and GP gain rate increase by 50%.]

[Your level has increased by 3.]

[You have gained 50,000 GP.]

‘I’ve leveled up by 3 levels…?’

3 levels up.

Even at Silver, it wasn’t easy to level up by one just by winning a game.

Being Silver but ranking 1st in a game with Golds, the rewards were massive.

At this point, it felt like the system was urging him to quickly move up to Gold.


The following message seemed to reinforce that notion.

[You have achieved the Hidden Quest, ‘League Transcendence’.]

[You have received 30,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[You have cleared the Hidden Quest, ‘Achieve 1st place in the higher league’.]

[You have received 50,000 achievement points as a reward.]

The achievement point rewards were even more astounding, gaining more points than what he’d get from completing an epic quest.

“With this, the achievement points I’ve obtained now are…”

Seong Jihan invested all the 3 additional points he earned into Martial Power and checked his status window.

Name: Seong Jihan

Level: 43

Affiliation: Silver League – Gangnam 1 Area

Martial Power: 58

Force: 58

Shadow Sword: 23

Class – Support

Class – Mage

Class – Warrior

Gift – Shadow of the Sun (Rank SS)

Title – King Among Kings – Bronze

Ruler of the Bronze League

Achievement Points – 185,300

The status window had noticeably grown compared to before.

Seong Jihan looked over his attributes.

“The growth rate increase buff is definitely useful.”

He hadn’t been running his guild for a long time, but in his spare time, he was always engrossed in training.

As a result, his Martial Power and Force increased by 1, and Sahdow Sword increased by 2.

With these abilities, he was unmatched not just in silver, but also in gold leagues.

“At this rate, I might be able to compete even in platinum.”

Considering the combined effects of Martial Power and Force, he felt confident that he could suppress those starting at level 100 in the Platinum League.

A battle against those starting at level 200 in the Diamond League might still be tough, but it wouldn’t be a walkover for them.

‘If I continue to grow like this, I could become a national representative before reaching the Diamond League.’

Seong Jihan thought about this while considering where to spend his achievement points.

‘The cost for adding a class was 250,000.’

Excluding Archer, he had already acquired every class. If he purchased an additional class and obtained the Archer profession, he would have all classes.

“There must be something more.”

Without concrete evidence, Seong Jihan had a strange conviction.

If he got all classes, he didn’t think the status window would just list 4 classes like that.

Even in the past, when he had spent all his achievement points, he hadn’t considered adding a class because he felt it was too extravagant to spend 250,000 on a mere hunch.

“I earn achievement points faster than I thought.”

He already had 185,000. With this, he felt it was worth trying to gather another 70,000 and challenge the class addition.

“Alright. My next goal is to add a class.”

To do so, he would have to complete a significant achievement quest.

“I can’t just break through the epic quest alone.”

No matter how hard he tried alone, it was meaningless.

His teammates were being swept away easily.

Therefore, there was something else he needed to tackle right now.

“The linked quest of the Invasion map.”

The quest to capture Viscount Naseed.

When he first received that quest, he was too overwhelmed to attempt it, but now things were different.

“I need to find out the strategy.”

* * * * *


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* * * * *

Neo Defence Force, Korean branch office.

Joo Eunji, dressed in tracksuits, was drinking beer in front of her computer, watching a video on Seong Jihan’s channel.

“Wow… He’s really insane.”

She was munching on squid legs when she saw Seong Jihan facing off against the Death Knight squad and was left with her mouth wide open.

The squid she was chewing fell onto the keyboard.

“Take it away, Takeda.”

“Yes, Goddess!”

She casually threw it behind her chair and continued watching the awe-inspiring show of Seong Jihan’s prowess.

“He’s definitely stronger now than when the Sword King was at Silver rank.”

“That’s right, Goddess. It’s the first time in BattleNet history that a Silver Rank is playing with the Gold Rank.”


‘Did I need to come in person?’ Joo Eunji briefly pondered.

‘No. Securing the Sword King is the priority.’

She thought of the Sword King, whom she hadn’t yet fully grasped, and shook her head.

The reason Japan continuously ranked first was solely due to the Sword King.

As important as the future prospects were, a player who could produce immediate results was even more essential.

‘I need to find a way to connect with him somehow…’

If she could only come into contact with Seong Jihan once, she was confident she could entice him.

However, since the unprecedented message appeared, the situation had not been favorable.

‘It feels like I need to increase contact with him somehow.’

‘He doesn’t come down from the penthouse… What a pain.’

It seemed Seong Jihan lived almost exclusively in his penthouse, only occasionally coming down for guild-related reports.

Rumors had it that he trained there obsessively.

That’s why Joo Eunji, contrary to her initial plan, had been editing constantly since joining the guild.

“It’s not easy to get into the penthouse.”

Joo Eunji sipped her beer and made the comment.

Kneeling behind her, Takeda cautiously raised his head.

“How about getting close to Yoon Seah? Become close friends and get invited to the penthouse…”

“I can’t exert my powers on Seong Jihan, so I can’t waste them on other players either. My avatar’s power isn’t that abundant.”


Pondering Joo Eunji’s words, Takeda suddenly clapped his hands in realization.

“Ah! I’ve thought of a good way!”

“What is it?”

As Joo Eunji asked with a sullen face, Takeda passionately began to explain.

“You just need to get to the penthouse, right? Then…!”

* * * * *

Guild office.

“…You want to film the training sessions of the Owner and Seah?”

“Yes! Not just them, but if there are others training, it would be great to film and upload it.”

Guild Master Lee Hayeon considered Joo Eunji’s proposal.

‘That’s a good idea.’

Indeed, since Seong Jihan’s last advertisement shoot, the guild channel had been devoid of any special content.

‘She’s already swamped with video editing, but she’s suggesting more work for herself…’

Lee Hayeon looked at Joo Eunji with warm eyes.

Unlike other editors who preferred working from home, Joo Eunji kept regular hours and produced high-quality content.

And on top of that, she was suggesting ideas that would increase her workload for the sake of the guild.

‘I have to keep such an employee.’

How many employees treat the company’s business as their own?

Joo Eunji looked particularly appealing to Lee Hayeon at that moment.

“Thank you for the great idea. I’ll ask about it.”

“Yes, understood.”

Joo Eunji bowed 90 degrees and left the Guild Master’s office.

Watching her leave, Lee Hayeon, with a satisfied expression, immediately contacted Seong Jihan.

“Film the training process?”

[Yes. I was thinking it might be good to show it as guild content. If there’s any sensitive part, we can omit that.]

“There’s nothing particularly sensitive.”

Seong Jihan looked to the side while on the call.

In the penthouse’s training room.

Yoon Seah was doing squats with a barbell fully loaded with weight plates.

“Hu~ Hoo~”

She was catching her breath.

Her face, flushed red and drenched in sweat, Yoon Seah strained with every movement.

“Grr… Grrr!”

As she continued her sets, Seah’s face contorted more and more with the effort.

Seong Jihan shook his head slightly.

“However, Seah’s face gets really distorted during training… That’s a bit of a concern.”

“Ah, uncle! What do you mean my face gets distorted! I want to do it!”

Having put the barbell back on the squat rack, Yoon Seah hurriedly approached to protest.

“You just don’t see it because you close your eyes. It was a sight by the end.”

“Wow~ Uncle, that’s too much! I’m going to do it, definitely!”

‘Why is she so enthusiastic?’

When Seong Jihan looked at her in bewilderment, Yoon Seah grinned.

“People keep asking how my stats increase so quickly… and they keep leaving hateful comments saying I only got better due to gifts. I wanted to show them the training.”

“…They leave hate comments over that?”

‘Such idle people…’

Soon, Seong Jihan nodded.

“Alright. Let’s film it.”

Once they see the intensity of her training, those hate comments will likely stop.

“Did you hear that, Hayeon? We’ll do it.”

[Yes. When would be a good time?]

“I don’t mind anytime. You can come right up.”

[Got it. We’ll prepare immediately~!]

With that, Seong Jihan accepted Lee Hayeon’s proposal.



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