Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 85

Chapter 85


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Chapter 85

At first, Joo Eunji was proud of what she thought was a success. But as time went by, she felt anxious.

‘Why isn’t he contacting me?’

If someone falls under her Enchantment spell, they should naturally reach out first.

So far, everyone under her Enchantment has done exactly that.

Even with the Sword King, though the process of Enchantmenting him was tough, everything proceeded smoothly afterwards…

“Did my Enchantment weaken…?”

Considering there was no contact from the other party in the past two days, Joo Eunji could nearly confirm her suspicions.

Particularly with the younger man who seemed restless without contacting her.

In cases like Barren, whom she briefly enchanted from the Daegi Guild, he had managed to send her long English texts from the US. How did he even get her number?

But no messages from Seong Jihan?

This could only mean that the effect of the Enchantment had almost faded.

‘Sigh… This is tricky.’

Joo Eunji bit her lip.

If the Enchantment was entirely dispelled, then he’s a truly annoying opponent.

Considering the precious Akashic Page she had used, the only surefire way to lure Seong Jihan was with her main body.

‘But because of Sword King, I can’t bring my main body…’

If Sword King had been under the status ailments ‘Submission’ and ‘Blind Devotion’, she could have left him for a few days.

But due to the Twin Sword Gift he possesses, those ailments couldn’t be applied.

Instead, she used ‘Obsession’ and ‘Dependency,’ which meant she couldn’t leave Sword King casually.

If she did, their relationship would deteriorate rapidly.

‘But I could bring him just to Tokyo.’

It would be okay to be apart from Sword King for a few hours.

‘This time, maybe I should go all out and use several at once.’

Joo Eunji thought of Takeda.

He had a useful support artifact in his possession.

If he were to use the Akashic Page, it would have some effect on Seong Jihan.

‘If he can resist the Enchantment himself, a drawn-out battle is no good. I need to settle this quickly.’

True to her expertise in Enchantment, Joo Eunji analyzed the situation and texted Seong Jihan.

[Owner~ Are you free today by any chance?]

This time, she was armed with three Akashic Pages.

‘Sigh. It cost me over 100 billion yen…’

Even for Ito Shizuru, who was secretly called a goddess in Japan’s political and financial circles and firmly positioned as a behind-the-scenes ruler, using four Akashic Pages was a significant expense.

“Seong Jihan… You won’t be getting a salary.”

I’ll have to make him work for his keep, even if it means feeding him just once a day.

Joo Eunji gritted her teeth.

* * * * *


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* * * * *

In the penthouse of Sword Palace, the training room.

“Wow, uncle, look at this!”

After finishing her intense training, Yoon Seah laughed while watching her edited video on her smartphone.

[The secret to +7 Stamina… An in-depth look at Yoon Seah’s stat increase!]

Without investing any leftover points, just through training alone, Yoon Seah achieved a +7 in Stamina.

While the most viewed video was Seong Jihan’s training video, Yoon Seah’s training became the biggest topic among the videos uploaded to the guild channel.

“Wow… I look so ugly! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Seeing her face scrunching up while doing deadlifts in the video, Yoon Seah laughed out loud.

“I did tell you. Your face gets distorted when you exercise.”

“Hehe… I didn’t realize it was this bad. It’s so terrible.”

Though she said she didn’t like it, Yoon Seah was actually enjoying the attention.

“But the comments have become friendlier because of how bad I look.”

Up until now, there were many negative comments about Yoon Seah.

But after showing her intense training and proving her achievements in such a short time, public opinion became much more favorable.

That’s why Yoon Seah wore a bright smile.

“Uncle, what class should I choose?”

For a while, Yoon Seah, who had been looking at the video comments, asked Seong Jihan if she had seen a comment about her job.

“Do you have something in mind?”

“I was thinking of either Warrior or Archer…”

“Why those two?”

“I was interested in the Warrior because of Ito. As for the Archer, I trained variously at the academy… I realized I have a knack for accuracy.”

Yoon Seah chuckled, mimicking the pose of shooting an arrow.

“But isn’t our national team for archers in Korea exceptionally strong? If you choose to be an Archer, it might be hard to compete against Ito, who naturalized in Japan.”

Perhaps it’s because Korea is renowned for its archery skills.

Among the Archer class players in Korea, only the top tier, or S-grade, had the ultimate talent.

However, the foundational skills were so exceptional that Korean Archers were known to be formidable.

“Then you should be a Warrior. The national team for Warriors is a bit more relaxed, right?”

“That’s true.”

Yoon Seah sneakily glanced at Seong Jihan and muttered.

“But if I become a Warrior, I don’t think I can surpass uncle. I don’t think I can be the best.”

Seong Jihan chuckled hearing that.

“If you choose Archer, the process to be selected for the national team will be hard. But being the best as a Warrior would also be challenging, right?”

“Yeah, because Uncle is like a monster in strength!”

Seong Jihan looked at Yoon Seah with a sense of pride.

To outsiders, it might sound like she’s overly concerned about national team selection and becoming the best player despite being at a beginner’s level.

But Seong Jihan thought, ‘With Seah’s potential, she has every right to say so.’

In his past life, didn’t Xin Youhwa of China, who also had potential, quickly rise to the world ranking of 2nd place?

Yoon Seah could surely do as much, if not more.

In fact, she had awoken faster than Xin Youhwa, so she would have more time to grow.

Whether as a Warrior or an Archer, she can aim for the top.

While Seong Jihan was proud of his niece’s clear ambition, he remarked,

“That decision… is quite accurate.”

He felt the need to state the obvious.

“Seah, as long as I’m here, you won’t be the best Warrior. I’ll be the best Warrior in Korea, no, on Earth.”

“Wow… that’s unfortunate.”

“It’s the truth.”

Family or not, it’s essential to be honest, right?

Shrugging his shoulders, Seong Jihan advised Yoon Seah.

“If you want to be the best in a class, I recommend Archer.”

“Because you’ll be the best Warrior?”

“Yes, I won’t step down from the top.”

He declared confidently that he would eventually be the world’s best Warrior.

This wasn’t baseless arrogance.

Even without his powers in his past life, Seong Jihan was the top Warrior.

While there were some strong competitors, the previously renowned Warrior, the Sword King, disappeared without a trace.

All the Warriors that emerged after him either fell in ranking or died.

Xin Youhwa from China was an Archer.

Xin Youhwa, with her unique talent, climbed to the world ranking of 2nd place as an Archer.

Given his experience from his past life, Seong Jihan advised her to become an Archer if she wanted to be the best.

“I understand. I was leaning towards Archer anyway. But since you confirmed that you won’t be stepping down, I’ve made up my mind.”

“To become an Archer?”

“Yes, if I’m doing it, I might as well aim for the top.”

Having made her decision, Yoon Seah chose the Archer class.

“Now, shall we resume the weight training?”

“Well… now that I’m becoming an Archer, isn’t this kind of brute training unnecessary?”

“Brute training? An archer needs strength. Plus, you haven’t fully converted your stamina yet.”

Currently, Yoon Seah’s stamina is at +7.

She only needs three more to reach +10, so it was time to intensify her training.

“Ugh, you devil…”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

Thump! Thump!

Seong Jihan floated the plates in the air and inserted them on both sides of the barbell.

As 10 kilograms were added more than before, Yoon Seah deeply sighed and stood up.

‘Even if I become an archer, there’s no end to this hellish training.’


At that moment,

A vibration rang out from the smartphone that had been left on one side of the training room.

[Owner~ I was wondering if you’re available today?]

It had been two days since Seong Jihan pretended to be enchanted, and this text was from Joo Eunji.

Seeing the message, Seong Jihan realized he might have made a mistake.

‘Should…should I have texted her first?’

He was the one who had pretended to be enchanted, so he should’ve shown her that he was interested.

He took her number, but let her be the first to contact him.

‘Damn… I never lived like this before, so I forgot.’

Including his previous life, Seong Jihan had never been the one to contact the opposite sex first.

Even though he pretended to be enchanted perfectly in front of her, he lacked the follow-up actions.

Taking a deep breath, Seong Jihan decided to ask his niece for advice.

“Seah, I have a question about male-female relationships.”

“Relationships? Wouldn’t you, who just graduated from high school, know more about that than me? Weren’t you… the master of women’s hearts?”

“I’m beginning to think that being a master is what ruined me. Let me give you an example.”

Seong Jihan explained the current situation to her, using Joo Eunji’s text as a reference.

“A man is totally into a woman.”


“But the man doesn’t contact her first.”


“So, out of frustration, the woman contacts him first. Who seems more desperate then?”

At Seong Jihan’s question, Yoon Seah looked at him incredulously.

“Is this story actually flipped? Is it the man who contacted first?”


“Then obviously… the one who contacted first is the desperate one. The woman contacted first. So she’s the desperate one.”

“That makes sense, right?”

“But is the man really into her? If he was, he should’ve contacted her first, right? When I first entered the academy, I thought my phone was on fire.”


“My seniors contacted me so much. It calmed down later when rumors spread about who my father is.”

As Yoon Seah bragged about her popularity when she first enrolled, Seong Jihan realized his mistake.

‘If she noticed, Joo Eunji probably picked up on my feelings…’

Being an expert in Enchantment, she wouldn’t have missed it.

‘She might be setting a trap for me.’

With this in mind, Seong Jihan sent a text.

[Yes, I’m available. Shall we meet today?]



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