Martial God Regressed to Level 2 Chapter 95

Chapter 95


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Chapter 95


Yielded by Seong Jihan’s pressure and accepting the Akashic Page, Lee Hayeon’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“My Gift’s grade has increased!”

In her excitement, she displayed her Gift window to Seong Jihan.

[Gift – Nurturing (Grade: S)]

[It’s a supporting Gift. Assists other players to grow quickly.

Can grant ‘Focused Growth’ to 3 players.

When using ‘Focused Growth’, the original growth rate bonus is doubled.]

The ‘Nurturing’ Gift used to have just one line of description.

But now, with an upgrade to S-grade, ‘Focused Growth’ was added.

‘Last time Ariel told me that the ability of supporting Gifts temporarily increases… but this time the grade itself has increased,’ Seong Jihan looked at the newly added Gift description with slight surprise.

“Focused Growth…”

An ability to double the growth rate bonus for three players.

Lee Hayeon wore a mixed expression.

“By using the Akashic page, I can offer a doubled ability to three people… did I do well?”

She knew Seong Jihan valued growth rates. But considering she used the precious Akashic page, wasn’t the efficiency a bit low?

She looked unsure, but Seong Jihan, smiling contentedly, said, “It’s an excellent result. Use it on me and Seah. As for the third person, do as you see fit.”

‘I indeed made the right choice in appointing Lee Hayeon as the guild master.’

The efficiency achieved with just one Akashic page!

Although the value of that single page was astronomical.

If sold, it could have generated a tremendous amount of money by the end of the tutorial. Maybe then they could have afforded to buy three, even five pages.

Still, ‘The present moment is the most crucial.’

Back in his days as the 7th world ranker, money was abundant.

It just didn’t have many uses.

Most items sold in the battle market became obsolete once you reached a certain level.

Investing in growth rates to increase even a single attribute was more beneficial than hoarding money.

That’s what Seong Jihan believed, so he checked the guild buff to see if there were any changes.

As expected, due to the increased grade, there were modifications.

“The guild’s buff effects have also generally improved.”


The effect of Lee Hayeon’s ‘Nurturing’ doubled the guild’s growth buff.

With the Gift grade now at S, the 2 times rate had been upgraded to 2.5 times.

Along with an additional 10% increase in experience gain from last time…

[Your growth rate has increased. Current Growth Rate – 275%.]

[Your experience gain has increased by 40%.]

“I think we need to charge more for rent.”

At that, Lee Hayeon’s eyes sparkled.

“You’re right, owner. With increased buff effects, we should be charging those who rent more.”

That would justify using the Akashic page. Seong Jihan hadn’t said it with much intent, but Lee Hayeon took it very seriously, as if it were a task given to her.

“Also, for Focused Growth… we should auction off the remaining spot and charge one of the top 5 players an additional fee!”

“……Is that so?”

From Seong Jihan’s perspective, he had assumed that Lee Hayeon would naturally favor her bodyguard, Lim Gayeong, with intensive growth. However, it was surprising to see her decide to auction it.

“Yes! I need to somehow make up for the 300 billion won!”

Her eyes were blazing with the determination to pay off her debt.

Seong Jihan tilted his head.

“Ms. Hayeon, why do you want to repay it?”

“Of course…… I’ve received such a valuable thing, I have to repay it!”

“What I did was merely an investment. It’s enough for me to take charge of two of the intensive growths. You can take all the income from the remaining one.”


She didn’t really have to pay for the Akashic Page?

Lee Hayeon was wide-eyed in surprise.

“Hmm. But if this ability becomes known, people from everywhere might rush to scout you.”

“What? No way.”

“No, they definitely will.”

At first, many were puzzled as to why Lee Hayeon became a guild master.

But thanks to Seong Jihan drawing all the attention with major news, the interest in her abilities had faded.

However, if she starts showing something like intensive growth, the faded interest might be rekindled.

‘Lee Hayeon’s gift is now the core of the Daegi Guild. It can’t be taken away by other guilds.’

Seong Jihan stretched out his finger.

“Five months. Please grant intensive growth to Ms. Gayeong for just five months. Then I’ll consider the debt for the Akashic Page settled.”

“Ah…… to Gayeong?”

“Yes. Because Ms. Gayeong is tight-lipped.”

At that, Lim Gayeong, who had been standing silently behind Lee Hayeon, quickly spoke.

“Yes. I keep my mouth shut. It never opens.”

“Is that so?”

“Sigh… Alright. Gayeong, you made a good choice following me to the Daegi Guild, right?”

“Yes. There are times when I feel grateful to the young lady…… I’m truly thankful.”

“Should I not give you the buff?”

“I love you, sister.”

“You only call me sister at times like this?”

Lee Hayeon rolled her eyes at Lim Gayeong.

“Alright. I’ll use the intensive growth on Gayeong for 5 months.”

“Yes. And please keep this ability a secret during that time.”

“Of course!”

Lee Hayeon, as if asking for trust, puffed out her chest.

* * * * *


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* * * * *

The next day.

Seong Jihan and four players formed a guild party at the appointed time.

Players from the Daegi Guild were invited one by one to the party chat.

The first to join was Sophia.

[Sophia: Wow. A party was really created? Nice to meet you~ Jihan!]

The party chat automatically translates.

Sophia couldn’t hide her surprise.

[Barren: How did this kid create a party?]

Barren, who had shown off during the last broadcast with a super chat, joined next.

It seemed he had decided to be completely uninhibited.

[Wang Lin: It’s truly possible, amazing……]

[Mikhail: Hello.]

Two more players quickly joined the party.

Soon, the party was full with 5 members.

‘A party was actually formed…’

Originally, forming a guild party was only possible among guild members of the same league.

‘I didn’t know that the ‘League Transcendence’ achievement would benefit me like this.’

[Seong Jihan: Hello everyone. Today’s goal is the Valley of the End map’s Count Naseed. We’ll keep forming a party like this until we get this map.]

Even though they formed a party, which game they’d get was random, so Seong Jihan informed his party members in advance.

[Barren: I hope we get it right away. It’s bothersome.]

[Sophia: I hope we don’t get it continuously~ I want to keep partying with Jihan! Oh, right. After defeating Count Naseed, can we still continue to party?]

[Wang Lin: I’d like to party together whenever the time is right.]

[Barren: I’m good.]

Unlike Barren, who seemed to be always displeased, the other party members were cooperative.

It was a given since partying with Seong Jihan, who always ranks first, means certain victory.

[Mikhail: But there’s a problem. I believe Count Naseed doesn’t appear in silver maps.]

[Seong Jihan: I have a way to summon Count Naseed. Everyone is familiar with the strategy, right?]

[Sophia: Yes~~]

[Barren: Obviously.]

[Seong Jihan: Then I will start the game right away.]

From the party window, Seong Jihan launched the game.


[The average power of the party is excessively high. You are matched with the New York Area 1 Gold League map.]

[Would you like to start the game?]

‘Gold map?’

Seong Jihan frowned.

This was unexpected.

However, it seemed plausible given the party’s average power was too high.

Seong Jihan himself was a League Transcendence player.

Weren’t the rest of the players also top performers in their respective leagues?

There are two with SSS-rank gifts, and including Seong Jihan, three with SS-rank.

Even without the guild’s stat buff, they are the ones who consistently rank 1st or 2nd in their home leagues.

It only made sense that a party with all these strong members wouldn’t be matched with silver.

[Sophia: Oh? We’re doing the Gold League map?]

[Barren: The party’s power is freakishly unparalleled.]

[Wang Lin: I don’t mind. I want to face Gold Ranks.]

[Mikhail: It’s even better for me. We’ll get more attention this way.]

Wang Lin, who had the SSS-rank Gift ‘Heavenly Demon Body’, was confident, and Mikhail seemed excited.


Seong Jihan was reluctant about playing in the higher league.

‘We shouldn’t play in the Gold League.’

Because there was a note in the last part of the linked quest to defeat Count Naseed.

[Warning: If you get promoted from the Silver League, this quest will disappear.]

A linked quest that disappears if you advance from the Silver League.

If they were matched with the Invasion map used by the Gold League, it was unclear whether the quest would disappear or remain.

He couldn’t risk uncertainty.

‘I need to lower the party level.’

To do that, he would first have to remove one of the four and bring a bronze in their place.

[Seong Jihan: The Count Naseed raid is only possible in the Silver League map. It seems we need to replace one of the four party members with a member from the Bronze League.]

[Sophia: Oh, is that so? Being too strong is a problem too :(]

[Barren: Hmph. It’s not possible in the Gold map. How trivial.]

[Wang Lin: Then among the four of us, who should leave…]

[Mikhail: Hmm.]

As everyone gathered for the Count Naseed raid, no one wanted to be the one to leave, so they were all just looking around.

‘This won’t do.’

There was no time to waste like this.

Seong Jihan typed in the chat.

[Seong Jihan: If no one volunteers to leave, we’ll draw lots.]

* * * * *

At the mention of drawing lots to choose one party member, the chat went wild.

[Sophia: Drawing lots? I’m… Isn’t a supporter necessary? It’s essential in party play! Please don’t exclude me!]

[Barren: You say it’s a draw, but you’re not trying to kick me out, right? Are you worried I’ll steal your spotlight?]

[Mikhail: Ahh, I’m so unlucky with things like this. Always the one chosen… Even with dice, I always roll a 1…]

Among them, Wang Lin, who had remained silent, took the lead.

[Wang Lin: If it comes down to drawing lots… I’ll leave.]

[Seong Jihan: Would you? Thank you very much.]

[Wang Lin: Yes. But in return, may I ask a favor of Mr. Seong Jihan?]

[Seong Jihan: Please, tell me.]

[Wang Lin: I’d like to duel with you later.]

Wang Lin, possessing the SSS-tier Gift, ‘Heavenly Demon Body’.

Although he was a Warrior class in silver, he was renowned for having the special class ‘Descendant of the Heavenly Demon’.

‘He was known as the continent’s best warrior.’

Heavenly Demon Wang Lin.

In the future, he was a warrior who clashed significantly with Seong Jihan.

In his past life, Wang Lin faced defeat against the apocalypse apostle that appeared in China, but thanks to his sacrifice, China was able to defeat the apocalypse apostle.

[Seong Jihan: Agreed.]

[Wang Lin: Then… I wish you good luck.]

After Wang Lin left the party,

Seong Jihan contacted someone to fill the empty spot.

And the person who was invited to the party was…

[Masied: Greetings.]

It was the God of Soccer, Diego Masied.



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