SSS-Class Suicide Hunter – Chapter 174: My Son is too Strong (1)

My Son is too Strong

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter – Chapter 174: My Son is too Strong (1)

-What do you think about our offer? Comrades!

The leader of the goblin race, Uburka, laughed loudly.

-I think it’s the perfect solution!


-It’s so perfect that everyone appears to be at a loss for words. Ugor. I understand! Whenever someone is fixated upon a task, their vision becomes so narrow that they can’t think of a proper solution. But luckily for you! We came here to present you with a fresh solution!

It was fresh, it was so fresh that it gave everyone who heard it a stomach ache.

The two opposing groups, the allied army and the snails, both had expressions as if they had eaten something disgusting. The sprite commander of the allied army pointed at him and muttered with a dumbfounded expression.

-Crazy. What the hell is this mold bastard talking about….

-It’s fine. We understand your hesitation.

Chairman Uburka nodded solemnly.

-No matter how perfect a solution might be, it’s impossible for everyone to accept it easily. You will feel like you’ve lost something, and you’ll feel like you’ve given in. Every being hates to lose, or to be precise, every being hates the feeling of losing. You poor things.


-That’s why we will defeat you completely and overwhelmingly!

The Chairman stretched his hand out. Then, a goblin warrior stepped forward and handed him a spear.

Uburka closed his eyes and slowly took a ready stance.


He opened his eyes.

The Chairman’s arm muscles trembled and swelled.


A beam of light shot forward.

That was the only way to describe it. A red beam of light.

A spear wrapped in red aura was thrown— No, it was more accurate to say it was fired.



Uburka’s posture was as elegant as an Olympic athlete, but the power of his throw was anything but elegant. Instead, it could only be described as savage and destructive. With a loud cry, the spear fell towards the allied army.

A huge dust cloud appeared in the middle of the allied camp and the soldiers screamed, but no one was injured. The soldiers had just been bowled over and tossed around, causing a ruckus.

That wasn’t the end.


Chairman Uburka lifted another spear. This time, he aimed it at Rimepolis and the snail camp. A red streak of light shot across the plain before hitting the wall of Rimepolis with a loud ‘Boom!’. When the dust cleared, only the quivering tail of the spear could be seen sticking out of the wall.


The sprite commander who had pointed at him was as stiff as a log.


The snail soldiers were also dumbfounded.

-I have been given the title of Strongest Chairman in the 600 year history of the Fire River Council.

Chairman Uburka, who silenced both armies, smiled fiercely, revealing his fangs.

-In the history of our race, there has never been a goblin stronger than I am. When it comes to military matters, I have no equal. My official record is 260 wins out of 261 fights, and after I became an adult, I never lost to anyone. Warriors who were born in the same era as me. Lament! Your shibal will begin because of my existence.

-Shibal! Shibal! Shibal!

-As you can see, the warriors of my goblin race have already been quite considerate towards you!

Chairman Uburka folded his arms.

-When the next full moon rises, the leaders of the allied army and the representatives of the snail race will gather here. We will come together and hold a meeting. Our goblin race will ensure the safety of both sides. This isn’t a proposal, this is a threat! If you don’t agree to join us, I will blow you away with a javelin.

It was more than just a threat.

-At that time, there is no guarantee where my spear will go. I don’t know, you don’t know, and maybe even Kekerkker doesn’t know! It could hit your gates, or it could blow off the head of your commander. Comrades, please don’t force me into the situation I just mentioned. Even I am afraid of my own strength…

After saying that, the Chairman picked up his ax with an ‘Ugor’.

-We will continue to accept duels until the night of the full moon. Feel free to jump at us and relieve your anger to your hearts’ content. If you want, you can even attack with an army. If you’re confident that you can bear the losses of course!

Then I heard the Tower’s voice in my head.

[The seven races fear a single warrior.]

[The leader of the race you guide has become a Hegemon!]

[Amazing achievement!]

[You have received 900 race points.]

[You currently have 900 race points.]

My little boy had become so awesome.

We roamed around the army camp and collected more information. There was useful information and useless information, but when it came to the goblins, the information we gathered could be summarised into a small phrase.

[World class nutjobs].

Even I felt the same way.

According to what we heard from the chatting soldiers, the goblins usually lived their lives quietly in their territory. But whenever a [world crisis] occurred, they appeared out of nowhere.

A hundred years after the Great Escape, it was the goblins who blocked the Snail Empire when it tried to launch a massive war of conquest.

‘Don’t races like this only appear in legends?’

But these were my kids.

“Hey, I think that guy might be able to fight us if he keeps going at that rate….”

The Venomous Snake was looking at the goblin camp from the corner of his eyes.

Duels were still occurring on the plains. Uburka didn’t participate in any. Instead, he simply watched from the side with his arms folded. However, even that alone gave off enormous pressure. Aura continually bloomed all over his body.

“Uhh. It’s not just fight. If you make a mistake, you might just get beat, you know?”

I nailed the truth.

“You heard what he said earlier. He is the strongest warrior in the history of the goblin race. In terms of talent, he has one of the greatest that I’ve ever seen, he might even have higher potential than us.”

“Hey, hey. We’re still guardian gods to them! If we get beat up by the kids, it would be shameful!”

“What’s wrong with that? We’re not guardian gods because we’re stronger than them….”

“You’re only that relaxed because it’s your race!”


While thinking about that child, I said.

“In any case, there must be a reason why this period was chosen for this stage. The quest didn’t pop up, so we’ll have to figure out the conditions to clear on our own… Perhaps, other than the snail race, another race could be [in danger of collapse].”


The Black Dragon Master nodded.

“Right. I think so too. It’s possible that one or more races are in danger of collapse. Just like the last stage was [either the other six races or the snail race].”

“Indeed. Maybe at least one race will be eliminated per stage….”

“Mhm. And the hunters who lead that race will also be eliminated.”

The Crusader stroked her chin.

“That makes sense. So which race is the closest to collapse?”

“First of all, it’s definitely not the snails.”

The Count folded her fan.

“The snails were eliminated from the 32nd floor.”

“It’s probably not the goblins. As much as I wish it were….”

“No, that’s not true. Crusader.”


The Crusader tilted her head to the side.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s actually the opposite. I’m guessing that the goblin race is the one that is in danger of collapse.”

Everyone blinked.

“The goblins? Those muscle-headed guys?”

“No way.”

“Listen to me first.”

The Count patted her palm with her folded fan.

“The goblins will probably achieve the [peaceful negotiations] that they’re aiming for. Not only are they strong, but it would also be difficult for the snails and the allied army to attack them since they would have to pay attention to their opponents as well. However, what about after the agreement has been signed?”

The Count narrowed her cat-like eyes.

“Until now, the various races must have been united as one against the snail race. This unity was achieved because they had a common enemy. But after the forced peace negotiation, the common enemy would inevitably change. Think about it. Who would that enemy be?”

I opened my mouth.

“…the target would shift from the snails to the goblins.”

I furrowed my eyebrows.

“The goblins are too strong. The leaders of the various races have no choice but to be wary of them. They would either break up the alliance and acknowledge the supremacy of the goblins, or strengthen their alliance and engage in full out war with the goblins.”

“Ohhh. You speak my language.”

The Count smiled gently.

“I think so too. And unless they are incredibly dumb, it’s impossible for the alliance to voluntarily break apart. There’s a high probability that they decide something like [the Goblin King is too strong, let’s wait till he dies] or something like that.”



My fellow hunters were lost in thought.

“The goblin race is definitely strong now. But there is no guarantee that the next generation will be strong, or the generation after that, or the generation after that. Didn’t the big musclehead say it before? There has never been a goblin in history as strong as he is. It is much harder to maintain a hegemony than it is to obtain it.”


I knew that [at least one race would be eliminated] because I’d read the guide before returning. The Count listened to my hint and pointed out that it was the goblins who were in danger this time.

‘Right. These are the colleagues I need.’

Each one complemented the other.

With joy in my heart, I asked.

“What should I do? Count?”

“That’s simple. Death King. Just use a trick to maintain your supremacy.”

The Count smiled like a cat.

“It’s clear that the goblins don’t have very high political power. They have the force, but they don’t have the direction. Force without direction is not power, it’s violence. I think there are some who want to get their hands on this power.”

“What do you mean?”

“Huu. Do you remember how the guild leaders treated you at first?”

The Count tapped my shoulder with the tip of her fan.

“You were an unprecedented rookie. We could have been afraid of you. We could have been vigilant and wary. But what did we do?”

I tapped my chin.

“You used me. Or to be precise, you bought my name for a price. Instead of just cooperating, I asked to be treated like an equal.”

“Right. It was a win-win situation. It’s obvious that the goblins have the potential to have great power. So if the other races see that power as [beneficial to us], the goblin race will not collapse.”


“Do you have an idea of what to do?”


I nodded my head.

“I have an idea.”

I taught the goblins how to endure the world.

Now, it was time for me to teach them how to give to the world.

[Purchased ‘Dream Appearance’.]

[100 points have been deducted!]

[You currently have 800 race points.]

That night.

I immediately used the item I purchased and entered the dreams of Uburka, the goblin Chairman.

If the peace negotiations were to continue like this, the goblins would be in danger. So I had to let him know that while he might be recognized as a hegemon currently, they could be facing a crisis in the future.


In his dream, I found Chairman Uburka sitting cross-legged in the middle of a mud pond. It was the lotus position. His posture was perfect, like a monk who had been eating temple rice for a long time.

‘Oh my God. Is he meditating?’

The River Crossing Technique. No, this would probably be called the River Sitting Technique, right? Uburka skillfully used his aura to sit perfectly on the surface of the pond without sinking to the bottom.

‘If teacher saw this, a river would probably flow out of his mouth….’

As I got closer, Uburka suddenly spoke.

-Who is it?

Uburka had his eyes closed. This meant that he’d sense me with nothing but his senses and aura.

-My muscles are wriggling. I don’t feel any hostility from you, but I feel a strange energy.

“Do you usually use your muscles to detect hostility…?”

-우고르. It’s called mind and body as one. When a person is angry, their facial muscles are the first to move. Emotions communicate with your muscles and are transmitted through your muscles. That is what allows me to sense hostility. (TL: Muscles!)


What the hell… This guy…

He didn’t only have a talent for martial arts, but also a talent for talking bullshit?

“Uburka. Uburka. Listen carefully. I am the one you call a bad friend, Kekerkker.”


Uburka finally opened his eyes.

His bright red eyes locked onto my face.

-You are Kekerkker?

“That’s right, Chairman of the Goblin Race. I am the one who helped you escape the primeval forest, and the one who helped you when you want to get out of Rimepolis.”


With an ‘ugor, ugor’, the Chairman laughed.

-According to the story passed down from generation to generation, the old apostle, Gorke, also met Kekerkker in a dream. He said that he looked like a human and called himself Kekerkker. Whenever he met him, he beat him up! Did you also come here to beat me up?

“No…. child. I don’t see a need to beat you up. In fact, I’m not even certain whether I could defeat you….”

Uburka frowned.

-If not for a duel, then why did you come here?

“I came to warn you that you might be in danger.”

Then I told him the Count’s reasoning. The reasoning was plausible, and I myself agreed with it, so I was able to talk smoothly.


At first, Uburka looked at me with an amused expression, but as my speech progressed, he gradually became more serious.

-So you’re saying that we will be destroyed because we’re too strong?

“Not to the point of extinction. However, it is highly likely that the race will decline. No matter how strong you are, it is not possible to take on six races on your own.”

-Mmm. indeed…..

“So this is my advice to you, Uburka. Don’t blindly force the peace negotiations. You should give the other races some form of benefit as well. In my opinion ….”



Uburka raised his left arm.

-Stop talking.


-I know that you feel no malice towards me. My chest and arm muscles are calm. If you had said a single lie, your muscles would have wobbled and they would have felt it.

What kind of horror was that?

Was this ego muscle that surpassed ego sword?

-However, whether or not I listen to your advice is a different matter. We, I, do not listen to the advice of someone weaker than me.


-In other words, only those who are stronger have the right to interfere with others.

Chairman Uburka uncrossed his legs and slowly stood to his feet. Unsurprisingly, his aura output remained perfect and he didn’t even waver. As he stood up, there was only a small ripple in the mud pond.

-Come at me!

Uburka gestured with an index finger.

-If you beat me up, I’ll listen to your advice!


While I was still speechless because of the sudden change, Uburka took a step forward.

-If you don’t come to me, I will go to you!

“Wa-, wait a minute. Am I not your guardian god? Your eternal friend? Do you want to attack me even though I’m like a father to you?”

-If you are the real Kekerkker, then to you, Gorke is like your child. Fathers are bound to be paid back for the things they did to their children. Even if you hit me, I won’t say anything about Kekerkker!


Was the right?

-Get ready! Man who might be my father!

While spitting out a line I never expected to hear, the greatest musclehead of all time rushed towards me.



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