SSS-Class Suicide Hunter – Chapter 189: Prima Donna (1)

Prima Donna (1)

Chapter 189. < Prima Donna (1) >

Translator: Seven


-Sold out! All seats were sold out again!

The reaction to the dance plays was explosive.

-First the legendary Fire Sword Dance that was so realistic that even the security force was called! Followed by the Burning Grave! And even Demon King Estelle! The legend of all seats being sold out continues!

-The dance plays unfold with the actors expressions and dance moves!

-Everyone should also get on board with the new trend!

The size of the Dog Sound Theater Company grew rapidly.

We hired separate ticket clerks and also increased the number of actors.

Nevertheless, it still wasn’t enough to keep up with the demand.


[Current heretic erosion rate is 44%.]

-A stage where every hand gesture causes excitement and every arm gesture caused temptation!

-Where every life becomes a dance!

[Current heretic erosion rate is 32%.]

-Look at the flames of aura and cheer!

I trained the actors even more passionately.

“Keep your chin up! Your body should always be relaxed and ready. When you’re angry, you clench your fists. If you see something you don’t like, you frown. Your body has to react to your emotions. The more your emotions and bodies connect, the more natural the aura you create! Now!”


When I clapped my hands, the members of the theater company began to move in unison.

“Good! Next!”


The actors moved their limbs according to the choreography I created. Huff, their hot breath flew across the stage. Huff, drops of sweat fell from their foreheads.


Body movements that the goblins performed in the primitive era.

The basic movements that the Infernal Heavens Demonic Art had accumulated over the years.

Mixing the two together, I taught the actors the choreography.

“Okay! Next!”


With the most primitive rhythm, the deadliest gestures, the hobgoblins moved their feet.

The three original members were at the head, and the newly joined actors supported them. A total of 24 members danced together in perfect timing.

[Current heretic erosion rate is 28%.]

I smiled.

“Good job. Get some rest.”


-I really thought I was going to die!

-So tired… the junior’s training is too hard….

The hobgoblin actors all collapsed. There were complaints coming from all over, but the actor’s faces didn’t match their words.

Their expressions seemed to say that they were happily letting the sweat flow.


I wondered if this was enough.

‘I think I should retire soon.’


Ssonia turned to look at me in surprise.

After being possessed by me, Ssonia had become a mental body and wandered around all day. He was made happy every day as he watched his body become a famous great actor.

-Lord Kekekker? R-, retirement?

‘I meant retire from your body. I came down to this era to handle a certain mission. I think the mission will be completed soon. I’ll have to give you your body back.’

-You can’t! No, you can’t!

Ssonia jumped up.

-You made it this far and now you’re going to retire?! It doesn’t make sense! They’re now called Kekerkker the greatest actor in Guru…! The Prima Donna, the greatest actor in the history of the goblin race and the first elf to experience such success in Fire Plays! You can’t retire! It’s impossible!

‘It’s a good thing.’

I laughed softly.

‘Didn’t you say that it was your dream to become a successful actor? Now, you’ve succeeded. You can enjoy a life of success.’

-B-, but!

‘Are you scared?’


Ssonia immediately shut up.

I shrugged.

‘You’re scared. Even though this is what you wanted, it was all done on my own, without your skills. You’re wondering what will happen if I leave now. Aren’t you?’

-Uk… guk….

‘You can retire too.’

I gave him the simplest option.

‘The legendary actor appeared like a comet and disappeared like a comet! If you say [I’m not interested in being the top], it will only cause a ripple. In fact, they might admire you even more.’


‘Isn’t that cool?’

At least on the surface.

‘If you don’t go on the stage, no one will know you changed. I also made a lot of money. Your reputation has skyrocketed. You would enjoy a splendid retirement life.’

-I… would.

Ssonia pursed his lips.

-However…. Kekerkker is right. I guess I was just thinking too much.

‘Huh. Then it’s fine if I invite your parents to the next concert?’

-Huh? …Huh?

‘I’m talking about your family. To show them that even after they kicked you out of the house, you became this successful without their help. It’s to brag, show off. They said that one of the best feelings in the world is showing off to your family.’


‘Why? You don’t want to show off to your parents?’

-N-, no. That’s not… it at all….

‘Then I’ll invite them.’

I took out an invitation and handed it to a nearby ticket clerk. This ticket clerk was also a young elf. When elves reached adulthood and entered society, they would usually run around looking for a job to make money.

“Please deliver this to the three story green roofed building built on fallen leaf hillside.”

-Chief choreographer.

The young elf, a newbie to society, had a pale face.

-I’m sorry, but I”m not an errand boy. I am a ticket clerk for the Dog Sound Theater Company. I don’t know about others, but I’m proud of my job and my company.

“That’s cool. How about one gold coin for your pride?”

-You said it was fallen leaf hill? I’ll be right back!

The elf quickly ran away with the invitation and the gold coin.


Ssonia made a soft ‘ah’ sound.

That was all.

Ssonia raised his arm awkwardly. It was as if even he didn’t know why he was lifting his arm.

‘I gave them invitations for special seats. The price will be equal to the food you had before you left the house. It’s a price with symbolic meaning. What do you think?’

-…Yes. I think that’s fine….

Ssonia looked in the direction the ticket clerk ran off in.

And time passed.

[The Black Dragon Master has successfully completed the quest!]

News of my companions, who had been silent for a while, finally came in.

Unlike the previous stage, we were required to complete a quest for this stage.

‘The Black Dragon Master was the first to beat it.’

Although she had been pushed out of her rank by me, she was still the hunter who reigned on top of the top guild.

‘She has the experience.’

I couldn’t help but admire inwardly.

The very next day, a well dressed vampire came to visit.


I was practicing with the members as usual.

The theater should have been closed because it was practice time, but somehow the old vampire was able to enter. He smiled when he saw me.

‘Is he a crazy fan?’

Something like this had also occurred some time ago.

However, the old vampire’s outfit was very grandiose. He stood out too much to be a crazy fan. A black suit. Leather boots. He even had a gold tipped cane and a silver ring on the hand holding it.

“Uh, customer. I’m sorry but it’s not yet time for the performance. If you want to see the actors’ training, you need to make a separate reservation with the owner first….”


A long grunt came out of the old man’s mouth.

“With our relationship, I still need a reservation to meet you. I didn’t know that. Should I apologize now?”


His voice was low and carried an old fashioned, but why was speech… so familiar?


Subconsciously, I called on my aura and wrapped it around the old man. However, with a ‘tuk!’ my aura stopped as if it had collided with an invisible barrier.

This was impossible if the other’s aura hadn’t reached a mature level.

Black aura flowed gently out of the old man’s cane.

“Erk, wait a minute. No way….”


An old man with an unfamiliar face let out a familiar sound.

I opened my mouth and thoughtlessly pointed at the old man with my finger.

“Black Dragon Master…!?”

“As expected. I knew it was you.”

The vampire laughed like a little kid who had successfully played a prank.

“No, why? Why do you look like….”

“It definitely is you. People will definitely be interested to know that the Death King possessed an elf.”

The members who were focused on practice turned to look at them. I thought it would be dangerous. I took the vampire to a dark corner of the theater.

“H-, how did you know it was me? Also, didn’t you complete your quest already?”

“Yeah. I cleared the quest but I haven’t declared stage clear yet. If I go out of the stage now, I’ll have nothing to do but to wait until you guys are finished. I thought that would be too boring so I decided to see what the others are doing.”


Amazed, I couldn’t help but look at the vampire, no, the Black Dragon Master.

For some reason, even though I thought this outfit was flashy before, I felt that it suited the Black Dragon Master.

“You look awesome….”


The Black Dragon Master smiled brightly.

It was a smile that looked exactly like the one I was taught.

“If you took a picture and showed it to the Duke, I’m sure she would like it.”

“I miss Raviel so much these days I feel like I’m going to die….”

“Someone would think differently if they heard ‘these days’. Ah. By the way, the way I knew it was you was simple. After moving to the largest goblin city, I simply asked if there was any name that was always popping up lately.”

“And you were able to infer it was me from just that?”

“I just wondered who it would be if not you, Death King. You’re the type who takes over all the craziness that happens in the world, aren’t you?”

“Those words will get an innocent man in trouble.”

“In any case, I came to see you.”

The Black Dragon Master peeped out and looked at the stage.

“Heh. You really became the leader of a theater company. Dancing?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I never knew you were good at dancing.”

“It’s only a dance in name, it’s more like a martial dance. I copied the moves from martial arts to make the choreography. It’s a bit difficult, but I can hold on with aura.”

“Your humility….”

The Black Dragon Master spoke while watching the members practice.

“I missed it.”

The vampire’s eyes twinkled with curiosity.

“Is this a Fire Play?”

“Yeah. There are a lot of rumors around the city. I wonder how amazing it is to drive the entire city crazy. When is the next concert?”

“I haven’t scheduled it yet….”


“We have quite a few in our repertoire. Mm. This is a bit embarrassing. Would you like to watch the first part of a play called [Burning Grave]? We made the Tower’s tenth floor as the background.”

“I’d be more than happy to.”

“Okay. Sit wherever you like.”

I went onto the stage and clapped my hands.

The hobgoblins who were practicing the choreography turned to me.

“Now then. Let’s begin the final practice for the day. We’ll do the group choreography at the beginning of Burning Grave. Did anyone forget it? Good. Begin when I start the music.”

I slowly started the background music with my music.

The members started displaying the movements of the choreography they were familiar with.

The children playing in the Burning Grave, in other words, the [Fiery Mansion].

Sometimes flashy.

But their movements were unique to the goblin race.

The beginning of the Fire Play ended with the children running away in order to avoid being caught by slave traders.

“Great job everyone! You’re dismissed! You guys can stay in the theater and practice on your own. Let me know which members want to practice. Yes yes, thank you for your hard work. Yes. See you tomorrow!”

I said goodbye to each member before heading towards the seats.

In the middle sat the Black Dragon Master in the shape of an old vampire.

“How was it?”


The Black Dragon Master was speechless.

She was lost in thought.

With her hand on her chin, her gaze was locked on the now empty stage.

“……it’s amazing. Why did no one think of this before?”


“I’ll come back tomorrow.”

The Black Dragon Master jumped to her feet.

“Black Dragon Master?”

“Wait. Death King. Even if you complete the quest, don’t declare clear! No matter what! Oh, if possible, sleep here tonight. It would be annoying if I came back here for nothing… Transfer!”

The Black Dragon Master disappeared. I felt the presence above me, and when I looked up, I could see the Black Dragon Master’s figure appear for a moment before disappearing again.

I was suddenly left alone.

“What the hell was that…?”

The answer was revealed the next day.

[The Crusader has successfully completed the quest!]

About thirty minutes after I heard the Tower’s voice.


The signature of Black Dragon Master’s teleportation appeared once again.

And the scene that unfolded before me was surreal.

“You! Why did you move so quickly!”


A strange sound appeared in a theater made of mud, stone and wood. The sound of water. Splash. And in the place where the water sound was coming from… was a bathtub.

As in bathtub you used to take a bath.

“The mermaid race loses energy without water! How many times have I told you that?! If you put me in a fishbowl and transfer…!”

A mermaid covered in gills was splashing around in the bathtub. The Black Dragon Master was comforting the mermaid in the bathtub by saying ‘yes, I’m sorry, I was wrong.’, with a very not sorry expression.

A mermaid.


By chance.



The mermaid slowly turned her head and we made eye contact.

“Huh. Crusader, is that really you?”


The mermaid’s tail swayed restlessly in the water.

Since it was the water in a bathtub, I was able to see everything.

The mermaid’s tail, which was fluttering helplessly… right. It reminded me of a flatfish swimming around helplessly in the aquarium of a sushi restaurant.


While a heavy silence descended upon the theater, the Black Dragon Master spoke casually.

“I know you don’t want the others to see you like this, but there’s something I wanted to show you. You’ll probably wonder why you didn’t think of this in the first place. Crusader, you went to a music school. Out of all of us, you are the expert….”

“Black Dragon Master.”




In an instant, the Black Dragon Master was splashed with bathwater.



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