SSS-Class Suicide Hunter – Chapter 216: Someone’s Lord (3)

Someone's Lord (3)

Chapter 216.

Translator: Seven Editor: Sasha


This was where the trauma would be reenacted.

Viscount Ja Soo-jung, who was walking in front of my eyes, was like a character in a dream, so to speak. I’ve experienced quite a few nightmares, but Ja Soo-jung was the first person to be [aware] that she was a character in a trauma.

“Don’t you feel strange or upset?”


“Well, that. That means that you don’t really exist. This is a trauma created by my skill…”

“Not really? The only thing this one feels strange about is the fact Kim Gong-ja is speaking in your own way with Adviser Gu Won-ha’s face and voice. That is strange.”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung giggled.

“Is Kim Gong-ja a man or a woman? Considering the naming conventions of the Spire World, I think you might be a man.”

“Ah, yes. I’m a man.”

“As expected. Then, as a present, I will give you a mirror.”

With a soft ‘yap’, Viscount Ja Soo-jung took a hand mirror out of her bosom. And aimed it to my face.

On the surface of the mirror, I saw the reflection of the person I was possessing, Baron Gu Won-ha.

“How is it?”


“Not half bad, right? I know. Naturally, it looks good. After all, it’s this one’s advisor.”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung muttered jokingly.

However, Baron Gu Won-ha’s face was no joke.


Dark hair that was around shoulder length. Even in the light, the hair didn’t shine with oil. It was just black. As if it would not let any light through, Baron Gu Won-ha’s short hair was pure black.

“Wa… um. Umm.”

In contrast to the dark hair, the skin was white. There was the expression ‘face as white as blank paper’, but this person seemed to be covered in white sheets. It was a person with only two shades, black and white.


“How does it feel to become a woman, Kim Gong-ja? Does it make your heart pound? This one would like you to surprise me with the cliche of saying [I really became a girl!] while holding your breasts with both hands.” (TL: Welp, Wrong again. I thought Gu Won-ha might be a female because of the name, but chose to use male pronouns because it was KGJ’s perspective and I didn’t consider the option of him possessing a female. ED: TL hell x_x)

“Why did I possess this body…?”

I tried to cast information magic on myself.

Soon, Baron Gu Won-ha’s description appeared.


[Gu Won-ha]

Identity: Noble. Baron.

Relationship: Ja Soo-jung’s Advisor.

Danger Rating: Black.

Remarks: Head of the Guwon Baron Family. When she was young, her uncle, the family head of the previous generation, participated in the War of Black and White and was accused of rebellion. Her father, the next family head, associated with heretics and was purged together with them when the purging took place. As all of the elders of her family were dead, Gu Won-ha had no choice but to take over as family head.

It was an era of rebellions and purges.

During this period, Marquis Si Bang-pae approached. He asked her to take care of the child of a rebel leader. Baron Gu Won-ha accepted the rebel leader’s daughter and raised her as her daughter without knowing.

The daughter secretly organized an army with Marquis Si Bang-pae. When this army was discovered, the kingdom issued a suppression order and swept it away. Marquis Si Bang-pae was executed because of this.

Baron Gu Won-ha was deposed and demoted to the status of free citizen. Although she was a 4th Circle Wizard, she was also expelled from the Magic Tower.

She was kidnapped by the terrorist organization [Red Nails] off the street when she had nothing. Afterward, she was imprisoned and abused in the Red Nails for more than 9 years.


She met the Viscount.

Strengths: [Level-headed Judgement], [Power of Execution], [2nd Stage Ascendant]

Weaknesses: [Successor of Rebels], [Rebel Origins], [Rebel Associate], [Family of Rebels], [Viscount Ja Soo-jung], [Daughter]


This person had also lived a turbulent life.

“She was originally from a noble family but three people were involved in rebellion…?”

“Ah. You must be looking at the information book that the Advisor made. Yes, that’s right. Uncle, Father, Daughter. All three of them were involved in a rebellion. It’s funny that they were all different revolts, but do you know what’s funnier?”


“Does the information say the advisor has a daughter? Originally, she was the daughter of a rebel leader, but she was forced to accept her at Marquis Si Bang-pae’s request. That child eventually grew up to lead a rebel army.”

“The fuck?”

“The expression ‘house of dogs’ fits perfectly in this situation. I’ve never heard of a family like that before. It’s like the entire family has a rebel fetish.”

“If her father was a rebel, her daughter was a rebel, and even she herself was involved in a rebellion, how can she still keep her noble status?”

“Are you surprised?”

“It doesn’t make sense!”

“Ou. Kim Gong-ja, there are only two people in the world who think what doesn’t make sense makes sense. One, are fools, and two, are the powerful. Because this one is powerful, I could offer a noble title to Viscount Ja Soo-jung.”


“Understand?” (*: Konglish)

“Viscount, you can speak english…”

“Yes. I can roughly speak German, English, French, Korean, and Japanese. In the outside world, the custom of going to another world is a trend, isn’t it? Conversely, in this world, the trend is to accept people from other worlds. I learned a few languages from foreign tutors.”

“Oh. Then French and English people are living in this world?”



Viscount Ja Soo-jung closed her hand mirror.

At the same time, the letters fluttering in front of my eyes disappeared.

“They’re all dead. Except for one.”


“The moment you have fun and jump on the trend saying [I’m going to adventure in another world], you realize that whichever world you go to is still a world, and death is still death. Outsiders from another world. If that is known, they will be imprisoned or killed, wouldn’t they? There are so many things that this one has to protect.”


“Well, let’s stop talking about the dark stuff. Yap.”

Instead of putting her hand mirror away, Viscount Ja Soo-jung took out a cup instead. Where did it come from? I couldn’t help but wonder what were the laws of physics of the space in Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s bosom.

“Kim Gong-ja, please spread your arms for a moment. I would like to look at your body.”

“L-, like this?”

“Yes. Now, this isn’t a regular cup, but a cup made out of Medicinal Stone. That’s why it can do something like this.”

For some reason, Viscount Ja Soo-jung pushed the cup into my body.


The cup went into me.



Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s cup stirred around inside me. After a while, Viscount Ja Soo-jung pulled the cup out, and it was filled with water.


“How is it? Don’t you feel refreshed?”

“Th-, this, this… What, what is this……!”

“By the way, it’s incredibly delicious. This water. It’s so refreshing that I could slap myself on the cheeks.”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung drank the water that came out of my body. Oh my God. My brain was broken by the incomprehensible scene that I witnessed.

“Puhaha… how cool. This is why this one couldn’t help but bring the Advisor.”

“Advisor Gu Won-ha is an Ascendant. Ascendant. In this world, there is something called the law of Ascension. Whoever can overcome the trial, can become [A human who can do a bit more]. More importantly, they receive the grace that [If they die once, they won’t die].”

“If they die once, they won’t die?…What does that mean?”

“Literally that. If an Ascendant dies, they get smaller. If they die one more time in that state, then they will really die. There will be no more miracles, and they will die like a normal person.”


“However, to the kingdom’s surprise! There is Ascension beyond Ascension. A sky beyond the sky. There are only a few people who have stepped into the second sky!”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung grabbed my hand in a playful manner.

“And that’s you, Baron Gu Won-ha! In this vast world, you are Baron Gu Won-ha, a 2nd Stage Ascendant Wizard, the number of which doesn’t exceed twelve!”

“…I understand that she is a great human. But why, when you push a cup into my body, water flows out?”

“2nd Stage Ascendants gradually escape the limits of humanity. You can even say that they are closer to divine beings. For example, this one’s First Advisor has a core of [Fire], so if he wanted to, he could burn an entire city like a phoenix. On the other hand, this one’s Second Advisor’s core is [Water]. It is also very clean and very cool water ”

Ja Soo-jun patted my cheek with her index finger as she continued.

“The two staffs that support this one are fire and water. Wasn’t this one born with a blessed life?”

Ja Soo-jung rubbed water from her fingertips onto her lips.

My water dripped from her pink lips, making them glossy.


“This one’s personal lip balm. This one’s personal washroom. This one’s personal sink. Baron Gu Won-ha followed this one so that this one could keep my fresh scent as if I always just stepped out of water. Unfortunately, this one won’t be able to use the bathtub today. Because of Kim Gong-ja.”

That’s right.

I definitely understood.

‘Baron Gu Won-ha is Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s vassal, advisor, and a 2nd Stage Ascendant of which there were no more than twelve in the world. Although she was a member of a vicious family that rebelled against the kingdom for four generations.’

Gu Won-ha loved Ja Soo-jung.

‘The water that makes up my body is only used to please and comfort Ja Soo-jung’

In other words, the owner of Baron Gu Won-ha was Viscount Ja Soo-jung.

I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing for Gu Won-ha, but there were countless other people who served Viscount Ja Soo-jung as their master.

As soon as we entered the lounge, a large crowd of nobles, and servants who served nobles, came to us.

“Your Excellency, Viscount Ja Soo-jung!”

“About the votes in favor of the last agenda…”

“How can the Royal Family do this when the situation is already so difficult for Baron Si No-ah…”

“By your order, we have secured a large amount of meat in cooperation with the Royal Palace. You said it wouldn’t matter if the meat was spoiled, so there was no difficulty in securing the right quantity. Your Excellency, where should we…”


The group chattered as if everything that happened in the world required the input of Viscount Ja Soo-jung.

Ja Soo-jung responded with a small smile.

“Yes, this one is here.”

“We will not just send a new lord to Baron Si No-ah. The kingdom is deeply interested in the territory and the empty areas around it. Support will be provided at the top level, so there is no need to worry too much.”

“Well done. Move the meat straight to the Royal Family as it is. Don’t take it inside, instead, keep it in a nearby place, so that you can bring it to the conference hall at any time. This one has already told you what to do. If you go there, The royal courtiers and attendants will assist you.”

All of the petitioners said ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m sorry’, and then ran elsewhere.

“Viscount Ja Soo-jung is busy saving the kingdom today again. Amazing. Anyone seeing this would think you are a Duke, not a Viscount. You care so much about people with a compassionate heart…”

“Your excellency Count Ah Ru-ho.”

Before I knew it, Viscount Sun Heuk-sin was back in the lounge. Dozens of nobles sat down around Viscount Sun Heuk-sin and drank tea. They were [Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s Faction].

“No matter what anyone says, Viscount Ja Soo-jung is the noble who has attained the most splendid achievements this year. She deserves the compensation and treatment that goes with that.”

“In a warzone, the person who kills the best is the best. Don’t nobles know even that?”

“Ha. Since the leader is shallow, those below are shallow as well. How dare you interrupt the Count’s words when he is talking to Viscount Ja Soo-jung?”

“What? Do you want to duel? Is that it?”

I checked the information of everyone in Ja Soo-jung’s faction that opened their mouths.

“I waded around for 13 hours in that meeting room. 13 hours. You’re tired, I’m tired, we’re all tired, so why are you aiming for our party leader who’s having an even harder time? Do you want to get hit?”


[Dae Ha-ran]

Identity: Noble. Viscount.

Relationship: Ja Soo-jung’s disciple.

Danger Rating: White.

Remarks: Former Platinum General of the Royal Army. Sixty years ago, when a major rebellion broke out, they led the army to suppress the rebels. At that time, the death toll was 60,000. When the civilian deaths were included, the number reached as high as 210,000. However, when it was discovered that the rebellion was actually contrived by the Royal Family, the Royal Army was disbanded, and Dae Ha-ran became unemployed.

Dae Ha-ran argued that it wouldn’t make sense that there wasn’t a Royal Army in the kingdom, and that if the security of the kingdom was left solely to the armies of nobles, only doom would await.

Viscount Ja Soo-jung accepted Dae ha-ran as her youngest disciple, but he is suffering because he cannot understand her words.


Can kill.

Strengths: [Survival], [Martial Arts], [Combat], [Warfare]

Weaknesses: [Butcher], [Plunderer], [Impatient], [Stupid apart from Warfare]

Notes: Scavenging off of Marquis Baek Seol-to.



I slowly started to notice.

“What, you want to hit me? Come on then, fish egg bastard. Today I will teach you bastards…”

“Wait. Isn’t everyone too hotheaded?”

With a sharp sound, a gentle-looking noble ripped a musical instrument apart.

“Today is the first day in 60 years that His Majesty has personally attended a council meeting. If it is known that nobles dueled in the lounge on this day, what would that do to His Majesty’s honor? Even if you don’t care about that, Ja Soo-jung will be sad.”


[Hae Meong-sum]

Identity: Noble. Baron.

Relationship: Ja Soo-jung’s Associate.

Danger Rating: Blue.

Remark: Former Master of Ocean Sound Gate. Ocean Sound Gate was an elite group with very few members. They mainly carried out special operations like assassination, base destruction, arson, and farm poisoning, and had a high reputation backed by outstanding performance. They were one of the six major mercenary groups in the kingdom, called the Six Heavenly Gates, in the past.

When Viscount Ja Soo-jung devoured the Six Heavenly Gates, he followed her and was made a Baron.


Can kill.

Strengths: [Survival], [Speed], [Defends without fail], [Ascendant]

Weaknesses: [Arsonist], [Poisoner], [Wanderlust]

Notes: Starting to regard Viscount Ja Soo-jung as a special person.


After gathering so much information, it was hard not to see.

The ‘common point’ of all the people who loved Ja Soo-jung as their master.

Every person who spoke in the lounge, regardless of their different appearances, lives or personalities, had a strong unerasable red line.

“Um. I’m a rookie who only received my Baron title today, so if you want to fight, send me instead. The rumors will end as a bunch of newcomers being rude to each other.”

Baron Gu Se-ju. The Viscount’s slave.

He became the right hand of the rebel leader and directly killed and tortured hundreds of people.

“Is it really necessary to fight? I think the reason Count Ah Ru-ho is like that is because he feels that he can’t do anything and is getting pushed back by Teacher. So if he just accepts the loss, it won’t be a problem. I heard you are very loyal to the king, so wouldn’t it be better to let teacher and the king win?”

Former Viscount Se Ah-gwi. The Viscount’s disciple

Like Viscount Sun Heuk-sin, he had also been captured by the Red Nails. At that time, he also learned the ‘Ritual of Darkness’ and continued the ritual even after safely arriving at the capital.

Together with his nobles, he ate thousands of people.


Even the young Marquis Baek Seol-to had a criminal record of whipping a commoner child to death.

“Kim Gong-ja?”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung, who had been watching the war of words between factions, turned towards me. Despite having to deal with numerous complaints on the spot, she showed no signs of exhaustion. Instead, she was smiling brightly.

“No. I should call you Advisor Gu Won-ha. Right. Advisor Gu Won-ha, is there something strange on this one’s face? Or perhaps…”

In other words.

Everyone who loved Ja Soo-jung.

“Have you learned what you wish?”


Or butcher.

“Do you know a little bit about this one now?”


Chapter 216: Someone’s Lord (3)

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