SSS-Class Suicide Hunter – Chapter 259: Seal the Dragon(龍封) (2)

Seal the Dragon(龍封) (2)

Chapter 259.



[Energy Dragon that Dwells in the Deep Sea falls asleep.]

The giant turtle slowly slammed his head into the dense forest.


Gritty dust scattered among the palm trees that the giant felled.

[Energy Dragon that Dwells in the Deep Sea falls into a deep sleep.]

The Energy Dragon’s back continuously moved up and down gently. It began to breathe comfortably. Fwooooh, the sound of its breathing was great…and every time the Energy Dragon’s breath flowed in and out and out of its nose, the vegetation in the forest shook as if caught in a gale.


Beneath the palm trees swaying beneath the dragon’s breath, a person shook their wings.

-We selected only the most elite dream demon unit at handling, leading, and guiding in our race. There is no need to worry.

It was a vampire race executive.

The executive didn’t blink a single time while talking. Their posture was strange, and their language pronunciation was clumsy and awkward as if they were using a translator.

This was natural.

This vampire was a kind of connection window. They had been completely possessed by the dream demon race and their memory, mind and even body had been completely taken over.


In front of them, Ubukra had a somewhat perplexed expression.

“I’m sorry but, what is your name…?”

-[We] do not have a name.(TL: We are Legion)

The handsome vampire said expressionlessly.

-We are we(us).

“That assertion is as useless as [Daddy is crazy].”

-We do not have ‘you’ nor ‘I’. Just a dream. In that dream, anyone can be ‘you’ and anyone can be ‘I’. Therefore, we are we(us).

Uburka shrugged.

“Ah, well, I’ll understand it as you just have a lot of pages. Is that okay?”


“Since you’re not saying anything, I’ll take it that you don’t mind. Ugor. So, dream demon gentleman, no, gentlemen. How long will the Energy Dragon be asleep?”

Raising his hand, Uburka pointed towards the monster.

The Energy Dragon was unimaginably huge. It would not be wrong to call it an island. Every twenty minutes or so, the peerless island breathed in, then twenty minutes after, it breathed out.

A true heaving mountain.

-Now! Quickly finish the construction, Rime!

Snails climbed along the sides of this very mountain.

-All tasks must be completed before the dragon wakes up!

-Cover the entire body in supports! We have to create enough space so that as many people as possible can gather and train. Rimu. This guy’s body is constantly moving, so take that into account as well!

-Finish the construction in one day, today!

They were the members of the snail race who were in charge of the construction in this operation.

As many as 4,000 snails climbed onto the monster’s body. Unlike most races, who had to stick to walking on the ground, members of the snail race could walk on walls through the use of their sticky mucus.

It was the same now. The heaving mountainside was nothing more than a light picnic course for the snail race. With their four or five tentacles gripping various tools and pieces of lumber. From a distance, they looked like the tiny lilliputians climbing the giant body of Gulliver.

“Those kids shouldn’t get hurt during the construction.”

Uburka spoke.

“At this very moment, hundreds of thousands of people are coming from all over the continent. Perhaps even over a million. I wonder what that dragon will do when it wakes up and finds everyone stuck to it and sucking its aura.”

-7 days.

The dream demon possessed vampire said.

The cheeky expression on Uburka’s face was instantly erased, and he turned to look at the vampire with a serious expression.

“7 days? Can you really make it sleep for 7 days? Ugor. That’s amazing…”

-If we were to classify the number of our dream demon race according to your standards, it would amount to 800,000 people. As many as 800,000 dream demons are working together to imitate the sea, use illusions to display the cool texture of the waves, and show the Energy Dragon whatever it wants to see, from illusions of simply killing the impure, to illusions of tearing them apart and torturing them. 800,000 individuals.


-We are satisfying the Energy Dragon’s happiness, comforting its unhappiness, encouraging it to overcome its trauma by leading it to the root of its unhappiness, questioning why it exists, and what is the purpose of its existence. That is what 800,000 dream demons are doing together.

The vampire let out a small sigh.

-In any case, until the 7th day, we will let that monster sleep so soundly it won’t even snore. It will depend on how much of that monster’s aura in those 7 days. If possible, it would be good if we can absorb enough aura so that it would become shriveled like a puppet.

As if that was all it had to say, the vampire flapped its wings.

Suddenly, Uburka reached out and grabbed the vampire’s leg. Flap, flap, the sound of flapping wings continued, but the vampire was unable to fly into the sky.

-What is it?

The vampire— dream demons, asked as if dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry but, ugo. I still have something to ask you.”


“As far as I know, from hundreds of years ago, when my daddy went to your dream world or whatever it’s called and came back, weren’t you guys just a bunch of selfish bastards?”


“As long as it was to expand your world of dreams, you didn’t care if a mermaid, goblin, or any other race, died or not. You were happy to just live in dreams forever and enjoy endless performances. So why would you cooperate in such a major event that will put the fate of your species at stake, because of a change of heart?”

Silence fell for a moment.

-It seems you don’t believe in the good intentions of people, Chairman of the Fire River Council.

“Unfortunately, I only believe in my own good intentions.”

-You are half right and half wrong.


Uburka tilted his head to the side.

Looking down at the largest goblin in history, the corners of the dream demons’ lips rose slightly.

-You not only believe in your good intentions, but also the good intentions of your father.


-Tell your father. Next time he visits our world, it won’t be as easy as [last time]. Even the creator of the continent was put into such a state by us. Your daddy, who you worship as a god will be no different!

For the first time, the dream demons let out a laugh. And when Uburka’s grip loosened, they pulled away their foot and flew into the sky without regret.


As the single dream demon flew away, hundreds, thousands of vampires flew after it. It was as if they had been waiting in the shadows of the forest for the conversation to end. Countless vampires flapped their spread wings, covering the sky like the leaves of a palm tree.

And they soon disappeared.


Uburka smiled wryly.

“Daddy, you’re catching people regardless of their race. What a sinful human.”

Clang! Clang!

In the middle of the forest, the sound of the snails swinging their tools echoed.


“Amazing! Wonderful!”

In the dropout waiting room, we watched everything happen.

The snails finished their construction in one day. The wooden beams and steps were in geometrical harmony such that anyone could easily climb onto the monster’s body. The Heretic Questioner praised the architectural work in the hologram with glistening eyes.

“It seems the architectural knowledge that I taught them still remains! Even after the empire fell and they were forced to live away from their home for hundreds of years! Ahaha! Knowing that my children didn’t forget my teaching is more pleasant than I expected!”

“Do you only treat them as your children at times like this…”

“What are you talking about, Death King? I have always considered the snails as my children! I’m confident that I took care of them dearly.”

Right. It reminded me of a loving parent giving gifts to their children on Christmas, saying, ‘Guys, this year I got you an oni slave as a gift! Abuse it carefully so you don’t break it!’.

“…it truly is spectacular.”

The Black Dragon Master beside the sofa muttered.

“Almost every snail, goblin and oni have already arrived. The other races are gathering one by one… It might really be possible to clear the stage without taking any damage.”

In the hologram, the scene of the various races from all over the continent gathering was displayed.

Many of them were capable of using aura. With the warriors in the lead wielding their swords, the wild trees in the dense forest fell like stalks of sorghum. The place where the trees were cut naturally became a road. In this way, roads and alleys appeared throughout the forest like hundreds of thinly spread veins, and the various tribes walked on them without hesitation.

Without a doubt, [every race] was pulsating in that jungle at that moment.

-The aura inhalation route is this way.

The elves set up stalls to welcome visitors. Where people gathered, money could be found, and where money could be found, elves could be found.

Unfortunately, in this world, the elves were that race.

-Are you tired of absorbing aura? Well, surprisingly, this place is filled with white ginseng, which is famous for its ability to recover fatigue! What accumulating aura, it’s accumulating fatigue. A true master is not someone who has only accumulated aura, but someone that can enjoy life! Drink a bowl of white ginseng soup and keep going!

-It’s not good to skip sleep and sit in the lotus position all the time! You need at least seven hours of sleep every day! There are many bugs in this place, and the leaves are uncomfortable to lay on, which makes it hard to sleep well. But fear not! A cozy hammock is ready here for everyone!

-Buy insect repellant! If you apply it to your body, you won’t get bitten! Buy insect repellant!

No, they seemed a bit too vigorous.

Did they go there to suck aura or make money?

We all turned to look at the Count in amazement.

“Mm? Why are you looking at me?”

Still in the form of a cat, the Count leisurely scratched her chin.

“In the first place, you should always makes money whenever you can. Money is like a tide, so whenever it’s fortunate enough to come, you must grab it quickly. In that regard, I think I raised those kids well. If I could, I even want to send some of my subordinates from the Sangryun and let them learn from them.”

“Count… no, never mind. I hope you remain the same forever…”

The Crusader pet the cat’s back with a sigh. Meow, as if enjoying it, the Count sat on the Crusader’s lap.

In contrast to the relaxed atmosphere in the dropout waiting room, the characters in the waiting room moved busily.

-000000! It’s time!

-Ahh, leave it to us! FFFFFF!

256 oni climbed onto the Energy Dragon’s back and sat in lotus position at the same time.


Then, each of the oni released a bright aura and demonstrated the Great Suction Method(吸星大法).

The so-called 256 True Color Oni Squadron.

They were the legacy left behind by the Venomous Snake, and were the main culprits that made our hearts ache in real time. What the hell was the codename. Was that really the best thing you could think of, Chun Mu-mun Master…?

“Will all 256 of them be the Venomous Snake?”

The Black Dragon Master said tiredly.

“No. The Chun Mu-mun Master should only be one of them. The rest are probably the favorite disciples that the Venomous Snake raised or their descendants.”

“How do you know that? I can’t tell the difference from here….”

“I don’t really know.”

I smiled bitterly.

‘Because we became rivals after all.’

In particular, there was a person surrounded by intertwined gray and purple. The codename probably corresponded to that gray in some way or the other.

Around that aura, brilliant colors shined brilliantly like a rainbow.

It seemed that while staying in the 36th to 38th Floors, the Venomous Snake had created the [Chun Mu-mun] in this world.

“In any case, the fact that there is a chance to catch that monster in something judged as [unclearable], is more important.”

I smiled.

‘Go on, kids.’

Then I cheered in my heart.

‘Suck it all till not even the bone broth is left behind.’

Not only the rainbow colored oni, but also the goblins, and even humans. Warriors and workers from every race arrived non-stop, gathering together around the [Energy Dragon that Dwells in the Deep Sea] and sitting in the lotus position.

Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5…

In no time, the forest became a sea of people.

The warriors approached and patiently guided those who did not know how to absorb aura. A ‘goblin’ mother held a child’s hand and climbed up the stairs made by the ‘snails’. None of them seemed compelled to show hostility towards each other.

Something which was unimaginable thousands of years ago.

However, in the advent of the [Energy Dragon that Dwells in the Deep Sea], the races united as one.

‘Go on.’

I clenched my fists.

‘It’s not the gods who arrived in this world that will break through this 38th floor.’

Although it was night, the forest was as bright as the galaxy.

The auras of countless children, which burned red, green, blue, and every other color, were filled with their image.

Under the colors produced by these races, the night sky was polished like silk.

‘You guys. You guys are the ones who will break through this quest!’


The father’s support, without a doubt, reached the children.

[The goblin race is experiencing an evolution!]



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