SWORDMASTER’S YOUNGEST SON Chapter 106: Tragedy of Kollon (5)

Tragedy of Kollon (5)

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“Do you not like the plan? There’s not a single guard or magician in there. As long as I can divert his attention, sneaking a peek in the basement would be easy as pie.”

“Nah. Let’s say that you do distract him. We go check the basement and see there really are living golem experiments. Then we can guarantee some evidence of the experiments. We can’t guarantee your safety after that.”

“Can’t I just deal with him while he drinks and then slowly withdraw? After you all escape the basement, that is.”

“It seems you don’t know a lot about magicians. How many security spells do you think are in there? The moment we approach the basement, Myuron will definitely find out. Then you’re dead.”

“I didn’t come here without knowing the possibility of death.”

“Sometimes there is a difference between courage and foolishness, my journalist friend. There’s no point in dying before you even start the revolution.”

Jin didn’t want to use Dino like a disposable card. This brave journalist had all rights for a prolonged life.

And if Dino died, then all of his precious progress would be lost.

“Let’s do this instead. With your introduction, we also become Myuron’s drinking buddies.”


“Let’s go drink together. We’ll pretend to be stranded soldiers and storytellers. Our story is that we just met you coincidentally and you brought us to him because you thought we were cool.”

“You think Myuron will believe that? I’m sure he’ll be suspicious.”

Jin sighed and grinned.

“From your experience, what kind of person is he?”

“A lunatic. A sadist who feels refreshment from others’ misfortune and pain… Something like that.”

“That’s right. But is that all? Even though he’s living each day like that, he’s the Zipfels’ sixth son. I’m sure he already knows who you are.”

Dino quickly waved his hands in front, denying that fact.

“No way. If he knew, then he wouldn’t have kept me alive.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t know your exact identity. But read your journal again. Every single native you interviewed had been dragged into the basement. What would this mean?”

Dino had thought that the order of Myuron’s experimental subjects were random and not at all related to his own actions because the Zipfel wasn’t harming the journalist in any way. However, following basic logic, a person of power wouldn’t let someone undermine their plans.

The misconception impaired Dino’s thought process, even though he had recorded that every single native he talked with had been dragged into the basement within a week.

“And a drinking buddy… You think Myuron is really keeping you around because he’s lonely? There’s no way. He had been observing a rat trapped in a cage. You.”

“What do you… A rat in a cage… Me…”

“Yeah. Maybe he got a little curious. ‘Why is this kid so courageous for no reason? Why is this kid not realizing that I’m dragging natives each time he talks to them?’ Thinking something like that.”

“There’s… no way. What would he gain from doing that?”

“You said it yourself. He’s a lunatic who enjoys others’ suffering. Then, he’d be feeling great watching you, right?”

Instantaneously, Dino started stumbling backwards.

He thought that Jin’s theory was a stretch. However, there was no way to refute it; the logic was flawless. And if it were true, he didn’t know how to compensate for the natives whom he indirectly killed.

“So even if we all go together, he won’t be cautious. He would welcome us as if you were a cute rat bringing new rat friends. In his perspective, he’s just getting more toys.”

Jin was saying this so confidently for three reasons.

First, excluding Tika, every native who came in contact with Dino was dragged into the basement.

Second, the stories he heard about Myuron Zipfel before his regression. The rambunctious Tona twins could be considered angels compared to him.

Third, the last conversation he had with Beradin at the Cosmos Arena. They exchanged many words that night, but in one of their conversations, Beradin mentioned that he despised Myuron.

—Elder Brother Myuron is a handful. You can’t even compare him to old hag, fossil-face Andrei. Just thinking about him makes me puke while I sleep. I have no idea why the elders let him be the Pillar of the Seventh Tower of Magicians.

—Huh, you despise him that much? What kind of person is this man?

—Dante, a nice guy like you could never conceive the level of that sadistic, psychopathic monster.

Jin found it weird that he firmly trusted Beradin’s evaluation of Myuron. He also kind of missed Dante and Beradin for a second.

“All of that… What if it’s wrong? If y-you read the journal, then one native is still alive even after making contact with me.”

“Latika Tika Mamutika.”

“Yes, she is…”

Dino stopped, then gritted his teeth.

“I truly wish your theory is wrong. If it is as you expected, then I think I know why Myuron let Tika live…”

“Let’s go check it out later. I don’t know if my imagination is vivid, or Myuron is hot garbage.”

“Hey, kiddo. This is cool and all, but what’re you gonna do when you meet Myuron?”

“What am I gonna do? I’m going to play along with him and strike him when the time is right. Hearing what Dino said, if we just kill him, then it’s over.”

Understanding Jin’s intent, Kashimir nodded and confirmed.

“Playing along with him while he drinks must be to distract him. Surely, he does not know how strong we are. We can also check for traps or something.”

“That’s right. While drinking and talking with him, wouldn’t there be a chance to strike when his guard is down? I mean, even though my plan may be flawed, a battle is imminent.”

The four gathered and planned their roles.

Each of them selected a fake name and occupation. They planned scripts and coordinated conversations just in case.

“If we somehow get inside, we must find the natives. Once a battle starts, our priority is to protect Dino and the natives.”

“And if any of us senses that Myuron lowered his guard, execute him immediately.”

Dino then summarized all he knew about the Kollon Ruins in five minutes.

“The central basement is where everyone goes. But I will say this one more time: there are no guards or magicians. Since I can’t engage in battle, I can only wish you the best of luck.”

After organizing their raid, they began to walk down the path to Myuron. Dino led the way, and the other three followed. Jin took off Myulta’s Rune, and Kashimir and Murakan removed their masks.

Myuron—who had been talking to himself—sensed their footsteps and waved at Dino.

“Oh! I was waiting for you, Dino. Hehe, I can’t talk with these uncivilized fellas here… And you brought friends today?”

As soon as he saw Myuron’s smile, Dino could only feel goosebumps crawling up his back.

‘As the kid said… he’s welcoming us.’

Dino barely managed to maintain composure. He lowered his head.

“I apologize for bringing people without permission, Sir Myuron. I met them coincidentally, and I thought you’d get sick of talking to me… If I went overboard, I apologize.”

“It’s okay, no worries. Where did you meet them?”

Myuron looked over to the campfire and spoke.

It looked as if he wanted to hide his grin.

“I met them while plowing for herbs in the Peylon Kingdom. They were soldiers in the kingdom’s northern region, but it seems they were returning home for vacation.”

“I am honored to meet you, Sir Myuron Zipfel.”

“I am honored—”

“Enough, enough. I don’t need self-introductions. Get those pointless greetings out of here. Hey! Bring more glasses!”

A Kollon native ran over with more goblets and distributed them.


Myuron poorly filled their goblets. They overflowed with wine, dark purple splattering everyone.

“Dino… Dino Zeglun.”

Throwing the glass bottle away, Myuron made a strange smile. Then squinted his eyes, staring into the fire.

“Yes, Sir Myuron?”

“Two weeks ago, I really wanted to know who you were. A commoner who comes into the Zipfels’ restricted area without remorse. People like that don’t exist.”

“I apologize.”

“Ah, hehe. I’m not trying to blame or flame you. Anyways, from then on, you got on my nerves… Especially when you met the natives without my knowing! I thought you were a bad supervisor that my father stuck onto me. He has his ways, you see. Hehe, hehe, hehehehe.”

Myuron chuckled. Dino didn’t know what to do, so he just waited for Myuron’s next words.

The visitors were hypersensitive. They felt that the situation was unraveling faster than expected.

“And now you bring friends into the restricted area without my permission…? Aaah! Oh heavens. My Dino, what is wrong with you? How could you be so fearless? I can’t understand you. I’m about to get goosebumps!”

Myuron burst into hysterical, maniacal laughter. His body quaked from it. He shook so much that he would’ve stuffed his head into the fire if he wasn’t careful.



Myuron immediately stopped laughing and sipped some wine.

“But now I know. Why your liver’s so big and swollen.”

“I don’t know what that means…”

“The Garden of Swords. The ones behind you are from there.”


Jin swung his sword first. Simultaneously, Kashimir stabbed Myuron’s back, and Murakan conjured a force field around Dino.


Something deflected the two swords.

It was a force field from condensed mana that was hidden by the fire.

‘I couldn’t detect this much mana? He had his face up close to the fire because of this?’

Murakan was shocked.

Even though Myuron was not a spiritual energy user, he could completely conceal his mana usage.

“Jin Runcandel! It seems the runaway prophet begged at your feet!”

“It seems you know my face. I thought we planned it out pretty well, but now our fake identities weren’t even used.”

Jin stepped back, clicked his tongue, and fixed his stance.



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