SWORDMASTER’S YOUNGEST SON Chapter 112: Reinforcements (2)

Reinforcements (2)

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The Hidden Palace.

The tower that stood alone in the western region of the continent.

To resolve the current conflict, Jin chose the Hidden Palace. Normal people couldn’t go near that place, but as someone who was operating a massive intelligence agency, Kashimir had connections.

And at his request, Alisa nodded.

“I’ll open a transfer gate to the western region’s Manji Island. Thankfully, there’s a Seven-Colored Peacock agent over there.”

Manji Island was the only island that led to the Hidden Palace. Attempting to enter the island any other way would be deemed as intrusion or invasion and was punishable by execution.

Of course, just because the visit was through Manji Island didn’t mean free entry to the Hidden Palace. Someone could only enter with enough trust accumulated through connections, like Kashimir, or enough payment.

“Three years ago, I stationed an agent there just in case. Good thing it’s paying off. I wonder if that fellow has made any contact with the Hidden Palace. His name was… Lucas?”

As much as the intelligence agent could open a pathway to the Hidden Palace, would the tower respond to the entry?

“We didn’t get any information about direct contact. We should at least get some confirmation from the higher-ups.”

“No, there’s no time. If the intelligence agent is doing nothing, maybe we should start talking smack about the Master of the Hidden Palace. Then, someone would come out, right?”

Alisa rushed to the transfer gate. In the meantime, Kashimir explained the situation to Gilly.

“You guys killed a pureblood Zipfel, and to face the repercussions, you are calling for reinforcements from the Hidden Palace? Ah… Young Master. Why is he always walking on a tightrope… I can’t even help because my aura is sealed.”

“The Jin kid knows this, but he doesn’t fear death. He flirts with it.”

“Miss Quikantel, I’m going crazy from his excessive confidence. What should we do? According to Sir Kashimir, the magicians will be arriving any time soon.”

Gilly bit at her nails. Enya, Lathry, and Euria patted her back in an attempt to comfort her.

“Either way, don’t fret, Gilly. Your Young Master doesn’t die that easily. And I’m here too. If the Master of the Hidden Palace or whatever doesn’t help, I can go and wipe them all out. Fuck it if I’ll get a bountry from the Zipfels with that.”

Although she spoke with bravado, Quikantel was still worried.

A horde of Zipfel magicians was inconceivable. And if she reveals her true form in front of the Zipfel Clan, Andrei and Vyuretta’s death would be reinvestigated.

“…Don’t worry, Gilly. I will convince the Master of the Hidden Palace and go help Young Master Jin and Sir Murakan!”

The transfer gate to the island was ready, and Kashimir set out for his quest.

* * *

Reaper Scans

* * *

Most people in the world died without visiting Manji Island.

However, those who did visit always wanted to go back.

A small, warm island with many wild animals frolicking in the meadows. Ten lucky people received explicit permission from the Hidden Palace to settle on the land where the vast ocean and the tower were visible in the distance.

Three years ago, Intelligence Agent Lucas Manfren was stationed on the said island. He was currently sitting on a hammock on the beach, rocking back and forth as he drank a cocktail and watched the romantic sunrise as it dyed the ocean orange. A loose shirt was draped over his tanned skin.

He looked more like a tourist than an intelligence agent.

“I never thought I’d enjoy this life on the continent. Fufu, there’s nothing as sweet as this.”

He would only make short contacts with headquarters every three months. The other leaders of the Seven-Colored Peacock used to call often, but they toned down because they didn’t want to anger the Master of the Hidden Palace.

Lucas’s identity was pretty publicized in the tower, so making secret calls would be suspicious.

“Lucas! Lucas Manfren!”

A familiar voice called his name. At the distant voice, Lucas set down his glass. He doubted his ears for two seconds before standing and greeting his leader.

“S-Sir Kashimir? Why at this time…?”

Meeting eyes with Kashimir, Lucas began to imagine many unfortunate things.

Being punished for his lazy attitude, detained, or in the worst case, being told to return to the main base, essentially ending his heavenly life at the island…

However, unlike all of his worries, Kashimir didn’t care about any of his work habits. Instead, he asked in a rushed voice.

“I must meet the Master of the Hidden Palace! Immediately! Did you manage to form a direct contact with the Hidden Palace? Please say that you have. I’m in a rush!”

A smile stretched across Lucas’s formerly worried face.

‘An opportunity for a raise! Or a promotion, even!’

The leader of the Seven-Colored Peacock requested him to establish direct contact with the tower.

And Lucas could reciprocate this request.

“Of course, Sir Kashimir. I could immediately escort you there.”

“Whoa… Really…!”

“Yes, I have spent so much time establishing this contact for the past three years… I’m thankful that it could be used in times of need.”

Lucas made up some words.

“I will never forget this favor. If things go well with the Master of the Hidden Palace, feel free to await for a massive reward.”

“I merely did my job as an intelligence agent. Then, please wait a moment. I will contact the Hidden Palace now.”


Boom, boom! Crackle!

Lucas shot firecrackers into the air.

“Fireworks? Is this a signal?”

“Yes, and do not be surprised. Something… big and warm will surround us, and once we open our eyes, we will be at the Hidden Palace.”

“What? What do you mean—Ah!”

Whoop, whap!

Just as Lucas said, a huge silhouette swallowed them whole. It looked like a mouth, but it was too fast for Kashimir to identify.

‘Something swallowed us… Huh?’


The mouth that ate them soon spat them out.

Kashimir then opened his eyes. The warm breeze of Manji Island was gone and had been replaced with cold wind blowing on his skin.

Blue white walls surrounded him. Even the floor was emitting cool air that was cold enough to make a person furiously shiver.

He then realized that they were inside the Hidden Palace.

‘What kind of entrance is this?!’

Kashimir suppressed his shock and looked around. Beside him was Lucas, and in front of them…

“You baby. I told you not to call me early in the morning.”

A strange sense of affection and coldness came from the woman’s voice. She lay on the bed with a cigar as she looked down at the two on the floor.

Her name was Talaris Endorma.

The 51st Master of the Hidden Palace with the alias ‘Abyssal Spider’. A 10-star knight, and a formidable presence in the world.

“And a guest without my permission… Fufu. My baby, you’ve gotten a lot slimmer since your last visit. Are you trying to prove that you’re not a baby anymore?”

Direct contact? A hotline?

Lucas definitely made a ‘hot’ line with Talaris Endorma.

“Honey… I’m sorry for suddenly contacting you and bringing an uninvited guest over. But see here, Sir Kashimir’s giving me a raise. He said he really wanted to see you.”

Seeing their relationship, Kashimir could only be shocked.

‘I knew that Talaris Endorma was good with men, but even our intelligence agent?! And this Lucas kid didn’t even report it to us?’

However, he could easily evaluate his situation.

Talaris and Lucas were not ‘lovers’. Lucas was one of Talaris’s playthings. Rumor has it that publicizing the relationship would result in a missing man.

“Hngggh… Sure, I’m sure you have your problems. You’re dismissed. Be prepared to be punished.”


Talaris waved her hand around, and the big mouth swallowed Lucas and disappeared.

The Ghostblade couldn’t even react to the speed even with his senses heightened for the tense situation. He and Talaris were now alone.

Lying down comfortably on the bed, Talaris’s natural intimidation almost matched that of Cyron Runcandel’s. Kashimir could feel it.

‘Think straight…! I’ve talked to Cyron Runcandel before!’

He gritted his teeth, and Talaris shook her head.

“Kashimir Vermont—Ah, you don’t use that name anymore. Either way, you already have a wife, and you aren’t my type anyways. So, what made you believe that I would listen to you?”

Kashimir flinched.

“…I apologize for the late introduction, 51st Master of the Hidden Palace. I am Kashimir, a knight serving the Free City of Tikan. I came to see you because—”

“Uh-uh, I don’t want to hear about your problems. Can you tell me the summary? Just answer my question. What did you believe and come to this place for.”

Talaris said the last few words with emphasis, and Kashimir’s eyes shook. She wasn’t even emitting her aura, yet the intimidation sent shocks through him.

‘I… can barely breathe. I guess this is the presence of a 10-star knight.’

There are these issues, so please help.

Explaining it like that wouldn’t help at all. Kashimir immediately pulled out the Hidden Palace’s snow blossoms.

“The person who received this flower from the Master of the Hidden Palace’s sole daughter is in grave danger.”


Talaris burst into laughter.

* * *

Three hours had passed since Myuron’s death.

And as Jin, Murakan, and the surviving Kollon natives waited for Kashimir…


Six dragons circled above the ruins, and the bright sky grew dark under their shadows.

Unfortunately, Jin, Dino, Murakan, and everyone else couldn’t escape the crime scene.

The natives already began the ritual to recover the divine relic. The land of their temple just had to be near Myuron’s corpse.

“The Kollon natives are doing some kind of ritual. They seemed to have disobeyed the pillar’s orders, vice pillar.”

“Find the pillar! And capture all of the humans in the area!”




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