SWORDMASTER’S YOUNGEST SON Chapter 120: Forces That Destroy the World, Forces That Save the World (4)

Forces That Destroy the World, Forces That Save the World (4)

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Evacuating everyone to the prepared ships took an hour.

The ships quickly cruised through the water towards Tikan. Thirty Kollon natives stared into the distance.

Ten thousand years had passed after the ancient god, Kullam, ordered them to protect the mirror.

The people who were once the rulers of the world became a minority tribe under the Zipfel Clan and was subjected to slavery.

In the continued history of oppression and deprivation, it was hard to determine how many of them died unfairly.

“…However, if I never met you, we would’ve ended our lives and civilization without fulfilling our god’s orders. I am thankful that the mirror got into safe hands.”

Tika approached Jin and bowed.

“I believe that it was the natives’ indomitable resilience that prevented the Zipfels from obtaining such an item. Who knows what those crazy fools would have done with such a powerful artifact.”

Jin already knew what they would have done with the mirror.

‘I thought they only produced 7-star magicians. But according to Kullam, continuously producing them means that the Zipfels would’ve ended the world.’

As more and more people increased their mana through the mirror, Solderet’s seal became weaker.

And breaking the seal would destroy the entire world.

“Ultimately, meeting me and fulfilling the order was thanks to the natives’ endurance. No need to feel any self-remorse, and just think of the bright future. We will make sure to allocate refuge for the Kollon natives.”

“Are you not a provisional flag-bearer? I thought Runcandel provisional flag-bearers were prohibited from receiving any assistance from the clan.”

Dino questioned him, and Jin smiled.

“Journalist Dino. Don’t worry about that bit of detail. Just work on your article about the Kollon Ruins.”

Jin also began to write a letter to his Eldest Sister, Luna Runcandel. He planned on sending the Kollon natives to her private land. He really wanted to ensure their safety.

Of course, sending a letter to Luna would also be breaking the rules as a provisional flag-bearer. Well, Jin never cared about such rules in the first place.

“When we arrive in Tikan, the Seven-Colored Peacock will plan out your transportation. Show this to Eldest Sister Luna, you understand?”

“…Thank you, Lord Jin.”

“If you’re thankful, then write your article. Expose everything you saw and discovered at the Kollon Ruins. All of it.”

“Since we have tangible evidence, publishing such an article wouldn’t be that hard. I’m only worried about their censorship.”

Jin smirked.

“You think you’re the only one who hates the Zipfels? If you make the first move, the Runcandel Clan and its allies will join you to rip the clan of magicians apart like dogs on a corpse. As long as the evidence is solid, the public will follow.”

As Jin said, as long as the evidence was there, the enemies of the Zipfel Clan would protect Dino at all costs and start a movement.

At that point, the Zipfels wouldn’t dare do anything to the journalist. The ones symbolizing good and justice couldn’t just assassinate a brave man.

“Ah… That’s a good point. I didn’t think of that.”

“You’ll become a star. I’ll give you my preemptive congratulations, Dino Zeglun. After publishing that article, many institutions will try to recruit you. Pick whichever you like.”

Dino becoming a well-known journalist was bound to happen. A brave soul exposing the Zipfels—of all clans—in an article was very rare.

“I’m sure you didn’t forget about removing my and my companions’ names?”

“Of course. Saving the Kollon Ruins was just a passerby… A nameless hero. I shall write it like that. No one will believe it, but they would think it would be you guys.”

Jin nodded.

“After the publications start rolling in, almost all misdoings in the world will be pointed towards the Zipfels’ selfish goals.”

“Indeed. I concur with that prediction.”

“When the time comes, drop the remnants of the Kozak. The symbol of their omnipotence is destroyed, so force their dirty hands back in their cave.”

However, even if they do that, the citizens of the Zipfels would still pledge their allegiance to their clan. They would just pour more money into the Lutero Magic Federation in order to keep their bellies happy and shift their attention away from the controversy.

Expecting the failed result, Dino made a bitter smile, and Jin patted him on the back.

“You’ve done enough. If we give them a nice punch in the gut every now and then, it might make a chance to take them down.”

“Until then, as a journalist and a friend of the Kollon natives, I give all my contributions to this mission. Lord Jin, when you rise to power in the Runcandel Clan, please feel free to utilize my efforts.”

“I look forward to our partnership.”

Tika and Dino then walked away, and Jin went to Talaris. She was waiting on the deck, chatting with Murakan.

“I apologize for my belated greetings, Madame Talaris.”

“No need for introductions, youngest baby of Runcandel. It seems you’re committing some serious crimes.”

“I didn’t know they would actually send the Twilight Magicians and the Kozak. I’m worried that the Hidden Palace would now become one of the Zipfel Clan’s targets.”

“Hmph, I doubt it. Kelliark would think that I got stronger and treat the Hidden Palace with more caution. It’s kind of hard to tell whether it was me who took down the ship or if it was that unnamed god.”

The destruction of the Kozak as well as the mana overflow of the Twilight Magicians were all due to Kullam’s ability to control all mana.

“The Twilight Magicians fainted as soon as the ancient god descended. Which is why they could think it was me.”

“In that case, I am relieved.”

“And I did all this because of a request. Thankfully, I met such a handsome gentleman from it.”

Talaris giggled while pointing at Murakan.

“I was going to take some extra compensation… But since I found out that the youngest son of the Runcandel Clan was Solderet’s contractor and a magic swordsman, I’ll let you pass on paying the price.”

It was hard to tell Talaris’s true intent when she was laughing.

‘Thankfully, there’s no hostility. But the Hidden Palace found out about my identity so soon…’

Someday, the entire world would find out about Jin’s powers. However, he had to hide it as much as possible. If Talaris used this secret to blackmail him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything but to accept her terms.

‘Receiving threats before even becoming the patriarch won’t bode well.’

She was currently acting nice, but any change in her behavior wouldn’t be uncalled for at all considering that the Runcandel Clan and the Hidden Palace didn’t have a formal alliance.

While Jin hid his anxiety, Talaris was thinking about something completely different.

‘He’s the perfect spouse for my Syris. Hmph. Well, he’s the youngest anyways, so this baby can never rise to the top… Maybe I can talk to Cyron about the arrangement.’

In the fierce competition between the Runcandel children, instead of wasting his youth and failing to become the patriarch, it was better for Jin to come to the Hidden Palace, become Talaris’s henchman, and lead the West Sea.

That’s what the Master of the Hidden Palace thought, a smirk growing on her face.

Jin saw her grin and felt a chill climb up his back.

“Well, let’s go back now. Make sure to come over with your handsome friend here.”


A white dimensional portal opened, and Mort was summoned onto the starboard. It had bags under its eyes from all of the dimensional jumping it had been doing recently.

Talaris and Syris hopped on the toad, and Jin bowed.

“When I get back, I’ll send Kashimir over to Tikan. I put him in jail because I thought he had something up his sleeve.”

“Oh, please do.”

“Jin Runcandel.”

Jin looked at Syris.

“I hope we can find the true victor the next time we meet. Don’t think about going easy on me.”

“Oh, sorry, sorry. My daughter is still in puberty. See you later!”

Mort hopped into the portal, and the ships continued to sail toward the Free City.

* * *

Reaper Scans

* * *

It took them ten days to arrive. To prevent the Zipfels from tracking their position, they didn’t use any transfer gates and instead used trading routes while carrying fake cargo.

“Young Master Jin!”

Kashimir ran out to Jin with tears in his eyes.

“I thought something would happen to you without me. I was worried sick. I heard through Lucas that you escaped the Kollon Ruins safely, but now that I see you in person, I am truly relieved.”

“Sir Kashimir, you have been stuck in a jail cell at the Hidden Palace in exchange for Madame Talaris’s assistance. You served your time and did your job well.”

“I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope. Good thing you returned safely today, but I can’t get rid of the worry in my heart. Why did you keep it a secret?”

“Huh? Gilly, what secret is he talking about?”

“That you were going out with the daughter of the Hidden Palace. I heard it from Sir Kashimir, and I was saddened by it.”

Jin tilted his head at the unheard news, and everyone else looked very confused.

“Uh… Are you not…?”

“What do you mean, I’m dating Syris?”

“Sir Kashimir said… He heard it from the Master of the Hidden Palace.”

All eyes went to Kashimir.

“Oh. Uh… So basically, when I first met Madame Talaris, she said she wouldn’t help even after seeing the snow blossoms. However, when Lady Syris came over to give a second opinion…”

—Syris, this Jin Runcandel… Do you like this child?

—No, Mother.

—Then why must I use my aching joints and put myself in a fight with the Zipfels? It doesn’t matter if he dies. Are you dating him without my knowing?

—I’m not! Can’t we just go and help?

—No, I don’t want to. Let’s just let them die.

—Hah. Mother, I need to defeat him. Not the Zipfels.

—Admit it, then. That you like that boy.

—Argh! Alright! I admit it. Are you happy? Come on, let’s go!

That was the conversation between the mother and daughter before Kashimir was detained. Kashimir truly misunderstood the relationship between Jin and Syris because of it.

Initially, Talaris only did it to annoy and tease her daughter.

However, she was now serious about having Jin marry into the Hidden Palace. Nobody knew that she was planning to have some conversations with the Runcandels to fully execute her plans.





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