SWORDMASTER’S YOUNGEST SON Chapter 327: What Punishment (3)

What Punishment (3)

“Has the disciplinary meeting ended?”

Tellot nodded with an expressionless face.

“May I ask what decision was made? A three-year prohibition from leaving the premises, I suppose? Surely such an unreasonable disciplinary measure couldn’t have been confirmed without the involvement of the interested party.”

“Do you think it’s an absurd punishment?”

“Yes, I do.”

“In what sense?”

“Because it’s a disciplinary measure that has never occurred in the history of the Runcandel Family. The prohibition from leaving the premises literally means taking away one’s physical freedom, which is unacceptable for a Runcandel Flagbearer like me. If the fact that I am under a prohibition becomes known to the outside world, the image of Runcandel will also be tarnished.”

As Jin spoke calmly, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Tellot’s lips.

It was a smile that was hard to decipher.

“You’re right. But the punishment you received has not changed. Three years of prohibition from leaving the premises.”

“Are the Elders still inside?”

“Do you plan to go in and argue with them?”


“Do you think the Elders will lift the punishment just because you argue?”

“I appreciate your concern, but I tend to have a special ability to make things happen even if it doesn’t work.”

Jin looked into Tellot’s eyes as he spoke.

A few seconds of silence passed.

Just as Jin was about to leave without expecting a response, Tellot lightly grabbed Jin’s shoulder.

“I’ve suspended your punishment. So stop.”

Jin’s pupils dilated.

“You’ve suspended my punishment…? Chief of the Civil Guards?”

“That’s right.”

Suspending the punishment was undoubtedly an act of assistance from Tellot.

Then Jin remembered a truth that most people in the world knew.

Unprovoked kindness doesn’t exist.

“It’s impossible for him to show me kindness for no reason. Chief of the Civil Guards… I only remember that he tried and failed to occupy the Colonn Ruins long before I was born.”

Tellot Runcandel.

Jin didn’t know who he really was.

It was natural, as it was impossible for him to have any connection with the Council of Elders in his past life.

Therefore, Jin couldn’t think of any reason why Tellot would approach him.

“Chief of the Civil Guards, what do you want from me?”

Tellot chuckled as Jin asked him directly.

“Well, you certainly have a way with words. What do you say? Are you going to have a cup of tea with this old man? Or are you going to pick a fight with the Elders by rejecting even the suspension of your punishment?”

There was no need to hesitate.

The Council of Elders was made up of three organizations.

The Black Sword Association.

The Law Guard.

And the Civil Guard.

Although the Civil Guard was the least influential among them, the Chief of the Civil Guard held undeniable sway compared to Jin.

If Tellot had decided on a suspension, it meant that the “maximum” outcome Jin could achieve was close to a suspension.

“Maybe even a suspension was difficult for me. After all, it wasn’t Joshua who proposed the deal, so my options were limited.”

The money that would start flowing in from the Golden Snow Tribe’s business in the future and the improvement of the Final Moves.

For now, Jin had only two bargaining chips with the Council of Elders.

Using them now wouldn’t be a bad idea, but it was better to save them.

It was a good strategy to be able to use them at a more decisive moment.

“I prefer tea.”

“Good choice. Then follow me to my secret hideout. But… Jin.”

“Please, speak.”

“Did you really intend to attend the disciplinary meeting in that state?”

“Yes. It’s embarrassing to be asked that when we meet at the door.”

“Haha. I’m glad I had a different opinion than the other Elders. I can’t even imagine how furious the Chief of the Black Sword Association would have been if you had entered as you were.”

Tellot ordered his assistant to bring his private carriage.

The two of them boarded the carriage side by side and began heading towards their hideout.

A secret hideout?

Step, step…

Inside the carriage, Tellot remained silent.

Jin made no effort to show curiosity or initiate a conversation, but Tellot seemed to find that attitude quite pleasant.

“It’s been a while since I brought someone from Runcandel here.”

Instead of taking Jin to his private villa within the Garden of Swords, Tellot deliberately took him to a different place.

The place they arrived at was an alley on the outskirts of Kalon.

Kalon, as a city with the Garden of Swords, was virtually the heart of the Hufester Alliance.

There was no city in the Hufester Alliance more developed than Kalon.

That’s why even the residents of Kalon, though commoners, were mostly individuals who had accumulated considerable wealth.

But here, too, there was a slum.

Although it was subtly outside the administrative area.

Tellot’s secret hideout was here.

“I expected a grand space for a secret hideout, but it’s a hovel,” Jin thought.

The alley was too narrow for the carriage to enter.

They walked for about thirty minutes through a few muddy, beggar-filled alleys.

During their walk, beggars or homeless people looked cautiously at the two men.

But no one dared to beg.

If they’re willing to have a residence in a hovel like this, they must want to revitalize this place.

“But the way he looks at them is harsh,” Jin thought.

Tellot showed no sympathy for the destitute.

No, it went beyond not showing sympathy; he seemed to despise them.

Tellot’s pupils filled with disdain as he looked at them.

“The alley is quite long, isn’t it?”


“Most people in the world wouldn’t have any idea that such a slum exists in the very heart of this city, which is the center of the Hufester Alliance. When you arrive through the main gates, all you see are gleaming buildings and well-kept streets.”

Jin gradually understood Tellot’s intention.


Tellot opened the old, or rather, almost rotten wooden door.

This narrow, dirty, roughly constructed house made of layers of fabric was Tellot’s secret hideout.

As soon as the door opened, an animal smell wafted out.

“Woof! Woof!”


“Meow, meow!”

Tellot distributed food among the animals with a kind look.

The animals flocked to Tellot, leaving marks on his shiny armor.

Jin had been silently watching him as he distributed the food.

“Do you understand why I brought you here?”

“You want the slum to disappear. It seems you realize that my company can bring you wealth.”

“If I wanted to, I could make it disappear right now. I could send the Guardian Knights to kill all the useless humans outside and order the laborers to demolish the slum and build new buildings. It would be easier than snapping my fingers.”

Tellot gently pushed the animals aside with his hands.

“But that wouldn’t be natural. Also, Runcandel doesn’t get rid of this slum because it doesn’t have excess wealth. There’s no need to spend money on unnecessary places, no matter how much money you have.”

As the animals separated and stuck to him again, Tellot smiled with satisfaction.

“While you judge the destitute as useless humans, you show indulgence to the animals,” Jin commented.

“These animals are innocent, aren’t they? Beggars are perfectly capable of working, but they choose to beg, so they deserve to die. I don’t let them live out of compassion. It’s simply because there’s no need to kill them.”

“I see.”

“Do you know? In Drakka, the central city of the Lutero Magical Federation, there isn’t a single slum like this.”

“I know. Not only in Drakka, but in a score of neighboring cities, there are no slums.”

“It’s not because Zipple puts a lot of effort into helping the slums of the central cities. It’s just a natural result of Zipple’s excessive wealth flowing downward. To the point where you’ll be left astounded.”

Tellot’s words were true.

With its financial power alone, Runcandel competed for the second or third place globally with Vermont.

However, Zipple, being the first, possessed much greater wealth than the combined funds of the two forces.

“I believe the business you’ve launched can narrow the gap between Zipple and our financial power. If that happens, this slum will transform into a prosperous area without much effort.”

“Are you suggesting I contribute a portion of the business profits to the Garden of Swords?”

“That’s right.”

“If that were the case, even if you left it alone, it would naturally contribute to some extent.”

“Nonsense. From what I’ve observed, you’re the kind of person who never shares what’s his with others.”

“What portion of the profits do you want?”

Tellot’s pupils narrowed.


Jin was secretly amazed.

If it were any other elder, they would have demanded a much larger share in the same situation.

“Indeed, you hit the mark. If you had asked for more than that, I would have never agreed.”

“With no deceit, if you faithfully contribute 20% each month, I’ll do my best to assist your business. It’s not impossible to completely eliminate the disciplinary measures that have been suspended.”

Anyway, Jin had already prepared himself to collect more than 20 percent. Jin had contemplated up to 50%, but since Tellot presented himself this way, it was a concern he didn’t have to worry about.

“But I can’t provide 20% just for the disciplinary measures. It seems what I earn is somewhat insufficient.”

However, if he could secure something extra, it would be even better.

“What else do you want?”

“Please, tell me about the relationship between the Council President and the Second Flagbearer.”

Jordan Runcandel.

Undoubtedly, he was Rosa’s person, but Jin learned a new piece of information from his conversation with Joshua.

Joshua can’t ‘completely’ control the Council of Elders.

‘Joshua subtly hoped that this disciplinary action against me would be shelved.’

Tellot shrugged.

“You have a clever mind but show a careless appearance on an obvious problem. Isn’t it obvious? Jordan Runcandel, the Council President, and the Second Flagbearer have a relationship of mutual prosperity, not to mention competition.”

“You’re right about mutual prosperity, but I’ve never heard of the competition.”

Tellot’s eyes widened.

And after a few seconds, he nodded as if he understood.

“Ah, of course. Well, it makes sense. You are different from me, let alone the highest-ranked Flagbearer, so it’s understandable. Just remember one thing. The Council President has not given up on his dream of becoming the Patriarch.”

Most of those who had spent time with Jordan knew this information.

But Jin couldn’t help but not know it because he lived in a completely different era from them.

Everyone fell silent, so to speak.

-Your actions earlier were quite refreshing, but the Council President, Jordan, is a more formidable person than he appears. Despite his narrow-mindedness and outdated behavior, he is a very wicked and strong individual.

-I know. He survived in the hegemony battle against my father.

-Well… you could interpret it as the Patriarch simply letting him escape. Anyway, why did that guy, who seems to know everything, act like a crazed horse?

Suddenly, Jin remembered the conversation he had with Zed immediately after the Flagbearer Appointment Ceremony.

‘… I see why the Council President brought a super-strong disciplinary action, the three-year house arrest ban. He planned to use it as leverage to put a leash on me and rein in Joshua.’

Now he understood.

It was Jordan, not Joshua, who intended to propose a deal under the pretext of disciplinary measures.

A chill ran down his spine. It was a bewildering feeling.

If Jin had known that Jordan was “Joshua’s ally,” he would have responded accordingly in the future.

“From your expression, it seems I have negotiated the value properly.”

“It’s been a satisfactory conversation.”

“Very well, now I take my leave. I will have someone send the contract for this deal to your room. But remember, even though I offer you my protection, your business will not be completely secure.”

“I would appreciate at least some shelter.”

Tellot spent some time interacting with the slum’s animals.

Jin watched his actions for a while from the outside and thought to himself.

“Chief of the Civil Guard, you are truly an eccentric person.”

On the other hand, Tellot had another thought as he looked at the path where Jin had departed.

‘I wonder if the Twelfth Flagbearer will bring new changes to the Runcandel Family. I’m looking forward to it.’


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