SWORDMASTER’S YOUNGEST SON Chapter 332: Record of the Past: Chief Steward, Leuth Damiro Yul (2)

Record of the Past: Chief Steward, Leuth Damiro Yul (2)


In the face of the transcendent and demonic power of the enemy, this hope was desperately needed.

Those gathered in the conference room stared in incomprehension at the words written on the floating window for a long while.

Meanwhile, the writings of the stewards and scholars continued to erase.

“Well done, chief steward! According to what’s written here, it seems that not even with their twisted ability to manipulate history can they erase our patriarch…!”

Diana grasped Lueth’s hand and spoke.

Elona Zipple, along with 3026 Magicians.


The significance of that number was none other than the total number of elite Magicians within Zipple, which Runcandel had already grasped, and it matched exactly.

Furthermore, Elona Zipple, despite not being the matriarch of the Zipple Family, was known as the strongest Magician within Zipple.

Numerous battles had been fought against her.

Temar and the Ten Great Knights had come to the conclusion that Elona represented more than half of Zipple’s overall power, so there could be no better explanation of her strength than that.

“Elona, that monstrous Magician, and all the elite Magicians had conspired against the Patriarch once before.”

Padler shivered.

He was recalling the memory of restraining Elona with the other Ten Great Knights last year.

The Ten Great Knights realized that on that day there was another person in the world who could be called a “monster” besides Temar.

“What the hell are they doing to manipulate history? Those damn bastards, it seems there’s some connection to the Tower of Tales…!”

Silderay erupted in anger.

As he had said, Runcandel still didn’t know exactly how Zipple manipulated history.

They only knew that manipulation occurred when Zipple’s Magicians gathered in large numbers at the Tower of Tales.

But that was nothing more than speculation.

There were several other places suspected of being where “history manipulation” occurred.

“Since the Patriarch had already decided to prioritize the destruction of Zipple’s Magic Towers, answers would soon be revealed.”

They still couldn’t attack the main house of the Lutero Magical Federation, Drakka.

It was because Elona constantly defended it.

Magic Towers were being destroyed without issues.

Except for the locations used by Zipple as their main strongholds, more than a hundred Magic Towers had already been destroyed.

“Lady Sarah Runcandel, one of the Ten Great Knights, has returned!”

A guardian knight rushed into the conference room and spoke.

Upon hearing that, Lueth and the Ten Great Knights simultaneously began to run to greet Sarah.

They had been waiting all this time for either Temar or Sarah to return.

The two were leading the other Ten Great Knights in the attack on Zipple’s Magic Towers.

Lueth and the Ten Great Knights were so eager that they didn’t even bother to shield themselves from the pouring rain as they ran to meet Sarah.


“Lady Sarah!”

“My, it seems you were all eagerly waiting for me. You’re not puppies, you know? It’s embarrassing to see you all running towards me like this.”

Sarah smiled as she looked at her approaching comrades.

Even in the pouring rain that seemed to have torn the sky apart, a strong smell of ash and burnt emanated from her.

It was a testament to how intense the battle she had just fought had been.

“Especially Padler, this weakling would catch a cold if he got wet. Haha.”

“What happened? Sarah, did you manage to destroy the enemy’s Magic Towers?”

“No, it wasn’t possible. If there were more Magicians like Elona, would you believe it? Silderay, as terrible as it was, I managed to destroy about fifty before giving up and returning.”

“What, are you serious?”

Only Silderay fell for Sarah’s feeble lie.

“Fooled again, Silderay. Haha! You’re letting yourself be deceived by my deception. It’s not easy for me to stop making jokes when you get fooled so easily.”

“What? Is it a lie again?”

“Yes. Do you think there would be another crazy monster like that in the world? Anyway, you have the nice side of being a fool.”

“I did it to ease the feeling of your blood drying up while waiting for me. That’s what older sisters do.”

“You’re five years younger than me, and yet you’re my older sister…”

The other comrades had already realized that Sarah’s mission had been successful at the point where she lied.

Whenever Sarah showed a playful mood, that’s how it was.

“Well, for now, we’ve destroyed all the Towers assigned to our side. Well, my brother, or rather, the Patriarch, had only a few more than us, but it seems I’ve turned about ten thousand Magicians into ashes.”

Indeed, Sarah was undoubtedly the strongest among the Ten Great Knights.

The number of Magicians she killed had no imaginary figures mixed in.

“The Patriarch must have finished on his part soon. But it’s strange. Although there are more towers to destroy on his side, I thought the patriarch would finish before us.”

The Towers the group of Sarah planned to destroy were twenty in total.

The Towers the group of Temar planned to destroy were forty.

Despite the double difference, Temar’s power was enough to compensate for that gap.

“Why does it feel strange? Did I really defeat the Patriarch after a long time? No, that’s not possible. Something can’t have happened on the Patriarch’s side, right?”

“We were constantly monitoring Elona’s location. So there shouldn’t be any problems on the Patriarch’s part. It’s probably because the secret movement of your magic sword is complete.”

“I knew it, didn’t I? Well, I finished off the last five towers completely. Zipple’s Magicians melted like butter.”

“Seriously, can’t you refrain from using expressions like ‘melted’ when referring to humans?”

Padler frowned and spoke, and Sarah shrugged.

“For me, ‘humans’ refers to those who are not enemies of Runcandel, weakling. You’re pretending to be surprised when you already know.”

“Still, it’s not good for your emotions.”

“Am I a teenager? Spend your time taking care of your health instead of worrying about my emotions.”

Sarah laughed, ruffling Padler’s hair.

With Sarah’s arrival, along with the hope brought by Lueth, the heavy expressions on the faces of the Ten Great Knights quickly eased.

“Lady Sarah, take a look at this.”

Lueth once again displayed a translucent window in front of her.

“Eh? What’s this, Lueth? Elona Zipple and 3026 Magicians… Oh! That’s very good news. My brother, no, the Patriarch, is really amazing, isn’t he?”

“Of course, we still can’t relax completely. Even though Elona Zipple and all the elite Magicians are included, the Patriarch and the second in command of Zipple were not.”

Zipple used the Patriarch and the second in command, as well as five hundred elite Magicians, to manipulate the history of the “Fairy” race.

This was also confirmed by Lueth’s recording (record) ability.

Naturally, one should not underestimate the power of the Patriarch and the second in command.

They may have been inferior to Elona, but they were individuals who had reached a transcendent realm in their own right.

That level of power was needed to erase the history of the Fairy Race, which spanned thousands of years.

The fact that, even with greater power, they couldn’t manipulate Temar’s history made Lueth feel fortunate and bitter at the same time.

Her own race was still being forgotten at this very moment.

Furthermore, it was sad to think that the thousands of years of time and history accumulated by her own race could be considered less valuable than a simple human named Temar.

The Power of Existence.

Lueth couldn’t exactly comprehend the meaning of what was written in the record window.

Sensing her thoughts, Sarah placed her hand on Lueth’s shoulder.

“Chief steward, I know what you’re thinking. But, it’s just my opinion; I believe this Power of Existence isn’t something simple. It’s about how much change a person brings to the world, that’s the norm. The reason why Zipple couldn’t manipulate the history of my brother Temar like they did with the Fairy Race is because he’s bringing significant changes to the world.”

“So, does Lady Sarah’s words mean that the more influential one’s existence is in changing the world, the harder it is for Zipple to manipulate their history?”

“Yes, Temar is completely reshaping the world right now, right? The Fairy Race, being observers and guardians of records, has the role of not actively changing the world.”

Lueth pondered for a moment.

“…It could be interpreted that way, Lady Sarah.”

“Of course, it’s just speculation to a certain extent. But it seems plausible. Honestly, I don’t think Temar’s value as an individual surpasses that of the entire Fairy Race. Among various beings, it’s difficult to definitively say which is superior.”

The other Ten Great Knights nodded.

When Lueth first brought the news, they were glad, but they also worried about Lueth, just like Sarah.

“Thank you for your concern.”

“Well, compared to what the Chief Steward does for us, it’s infinitely insufficient. Now, should we lend a hand to the Chief Steward and the scholars? The more help, the better, right?”

As Sarah leaned on Padler’s shoulder and spoke, Lueth’s pupils naturally widened as she had been staring at the recording window.

“Wait a moment. What is this…?”

In the face of Lueth’s newly alarmed voice, the Ten Great Knights couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

“Chief steward, what’s wrong, ha…?”

As Diana approached Lueth, she saw the recording window and fell silent.

Or rather, her words didn’t stop but she was rendered speechless.

Others who saw the recording window had similar reactions to Diana.

In the recording window, phrases were being generated that they couldn’t make sense of.

<...On March 3..., Temar Runcandel and the...Ten Great Knights...Zipple's Towers..., destroyed...>

<..., Temar Runcandel and......, ......, ......, .........>

They were disappearing.

These were records of Temar and the Ten Great Knights destroying “today” Zipple’s towers.

But the shock that Lueth and the Ten Great Knights would receive didn’t end there.

The contents of the recording window were continuously updating.

And the latest updated information consisted of records like this:


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