The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR) – Season 2 Chapter 255

Season 2: Chapter 255

After Arid left the room, Leo walked in. It appeared to Lukas like his disciples all wanted to have a one on one conversation with him. But they didn’t seem to be following any particular order.

“Before, I wasn’t able to properly greet you because it wasn’t the best time. Master. I’m really glad you’re alright.”

As Leo Freeman said this, he bowed deeply towards his Master. Lukas looked at him as if he was seeing him for the first time.

Gone was the boy who had a hint of shyness hidden in his eyes. In his place, was a young man who gave an impression of reliability to anyone who saw him.

The changes to his body were obvious, but the things that Lukas paid most attention to were the changes to his gaze and his attitude.

Prudence and depth were reflected in every movement and tone of speech. This wasn’t something that could be copied or faked after a few days of practice.

He couldn’t help but wonder what the boy had experienced in order for him to become such a young man.

“You’ve grown.”

“Thank you.”

“We didn’t have the chance to talk before. I heard you were on Desire Island, but I wasn’t able to go look for you right away. I’m sorry.”

“I already heard everything. It’s natural that Miss Sedi took priority. I believe that Master made a rational decision.”


Hearing that reminded him of the Priestess’ suggestion. Lukas shook his head. He had no intention of accepting it.

“I wonder what you’ve been through.”

“There are many things I want to tell you.”

“Tell me them.”

A slight hint of hesitation appeared on Leo’s face at that moment.

“Are you sure it’s okay? It won’t be a short story. You should probably get some more rest…”

“I’ve rested enough already. I’ve rested so much that I probably don’t need to close my eyes for a week. It’s fine. So tell me.”


Leo smiled faintly for a moment. Then he began to describe everything he’d experienced so far.

Desire Island.

The cities on this island were all dens filled with trash where the words safety and security didn’t exist.

Rotten smells seemed to be soaked into the very streets, and fogs of cigarette smoke filled the air.

Leo first appeared in the center of one such city. Naturally, he had been unable to adapt to such an environment and acted naively and foolishly. Such a clumsy little boy was the perfect prey.

Firstly, he was an outsider, something that was very rarely seen in the Heavenly Realm, and usually never so young. And secondly, despite being of a different race, his appearance was very appealing.

For the Dragonmen living on Desire Island, it was akin to a lump of gold falling from the sky.

“I had nowhere to go and no money, so I didn’t eat anything for four days. Whenever I lifted my head, it felt like the sky was spinning. At that point, I even began to seriously contemplate whether I could chew rocks or not.”

That was the first time Leo had realised being hungry could be so painful.

“On the fifth day, a Dragonman approached me and gave me a loaf of bread. But after taking a couple of bites, I fell asleep. He’d soaked the entire loaf in sleeping medicine. When I finally woke up, it was like I was in prison. My hands and legs were all bound in chains.”

Leo’s voice as he told his story was calm, without the slightest waver.

“They tried to sell me as a male prostitute or a toy boy. In fact, they were just about to cut the tendons in my hands and feet before I opened my eyes. If I had woken up even a moment later, I would have been in a very miserable situation.”


“I was somehow able to escape from that place, but I was still betrayed countless times after that. It got to the point where I began to doubt every favor I received, and I began checking behind me to see if someone was approaching even while smiling at the ones in front of me. The way I looked at the world completely changed.”

Leo let out a bitter laugh.

“I grew tired of the race called Dragonmen. It was the first time that I ever thought there was a race as disgusting as the Demons. The malice they had within them was terrifying.”

He slowly lifted his hand and rubbed his fingers against his face.

“This face… I don’t know how many times I thought about destroying it with fire.”

“Why didn’t you?”

Considering what Leo had to experience because of his face, no one would have been surprised if he truly had done something like that.

“I felt like that would be admitting defeat. I felt that if I was stronger, I wouldn’t have to worry even if my face was even better looking. It made me want to bloom.”

Then he smiled faintly.

“I also didn’t want to mistreat the body my parents gave to me.”


Leo had grown stronger.

Not just in swordsmanship or physical ability. Instead, it was his inner growth that stood out the most.

He’d matured greatly.

Gone was the boy who trembled because of his trauma. He was no longer someone who needed his comfort.

Instead, Leo had become someone who could support others.

Nevertheless, Lukas noticed the bitterness hidden in his tone.

As a child, Leo had experienced things that most adults would not be able to handle. At his age, he could still be considered more of a boy than a man, but even the slightest bit of innocence had been stripped away from him.

Spending five years on Desire Island, which was infested with the ugliest malice, had covered him in all kinds of filth. After experiencing the sweetness and bitterness of the world, even the word ‘seasoned’ might not be enough to describe him.

“…Arid told us everything.”

Leo’s voice became serious.

“Master, please rest. This time, we will be the ones to protect you. There will be no need for you to risk your life.”


“I took longer than I intended to. Senior sister Min is still waiting outside…”

Leo suddenly went silent.

Then he let out a deep breath and looked at Lukas.

“Master, this might just be a useless concern on my part, but I think… senior sister Min seems to be very worried.”


“It would be good if it was just my imagination.”

“…I understand. I’ll talk to her.”

“Thank you.”

Leo nodded and left the room.

Then Min Ha-rin entered the room as though they were taking turns.

“Master, are you feeling better now?”

“I’m feeling much better. At least I won’t be fainting anymore.”

“I’m really glad.”

Min Ha-rin rubbed her chest slightly.

Lukas stared at her as he recalled Leo’s words.

Seemed anxious? He couldn’t tell yet. He couldn’t find anything out of the usual.

But at that moment, Lukas recalled the moment when he’d gotten a strange feeling from her.

…When Lee Jong-hak’s death had been mentioned.

“I heard about Lee Jong-hak.”


“I’m sorry, if I had come back in time, that wouldn’t have happened.”

“It’s fine. It’s already in the past.”

He received a calm reply. He still couldn’t find anything wrong.

Maybe he’d been wrong.

“I know that Nodiesop will attack Dragon God Island in four days.”

“Right. Don’t worry about it too much. I’ll think of something.”

“It’s fine. We’ll protect you, so please rest.”

“That would be best. But it’s not like I can’t do anything. I can still fight.”

“You’re still not in your best condition. So please, just rest.”

“Even if I’m in this state, there are things I can-”

“Master, please rest.”


It was a soft voice.

Like the soft whisper of a Goddess, gentle and pure.

Nevertheless, Lukas felt a strong sense of incompatibility when he heard this voice that was completely different from before.

“Don’t move. I heard that it’s dangerous to move in your condition. Both Arid and the Priestess said so. They said that if you move too much, you will die. So Master cannot move. You have to rest until you’re fully recovered.”


“Master, you can’t.”

Her voice rose an octave as she continued.

“You can’t die before me. Of course, I don’t think you will. Because Master is strong. Master is stronger than anyone else. I’ll definitely kill that trash, Nodiesop. I won’t even let him touch a hair on Master’s body. So please tell me. No, please promise me.”

For a moment, Lukas forgot how to speak. When he lifted his head, his gaze found black eyes that seemed to have lost all their light.

Min Ha-rin came forward and held his hands in her own.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but Master would definitely not abandon me. Master won’t suddenly die or disappear.”


The strength of her grip increased.

“Promise me.”


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