The Great Mage Season 2 Chapter 148

Season 2: Chapter 148

Season 2 Chapter 148

Lukas found that the cave was in the middle of the mountain. That was why he was able to see the other side from the cliff.

The view before his eyes was unlike anything he’d ever seen before.

A forest made of large, majestic trees, a crystal clear river which shined like a jewel in the sunlight…

Lukas suddenly wondered where the river on this floating island in the sky came from. With that thought in his mind, he decided to climb down and walk along the river.

Villages and cities were usually built in places where freshwater was easily accessible. So following the river had the highest probability of allowing him to encounter people.

Of course, this was just an optimistic thought.

After all.

There was no guarantee that there’d be intelligent lifeforms in the Heavenly Realm.

‘This might get annoying.’

The lack of people to communicate with meant that it would be relatively difficult to gather any information.

However, judging from the keyword ‘statue’, Lukas assumed that there was at least one race in this world intelligent enough to practice carving or sculpting.

Lukas decided to stop thinking about it. This was because, at the present, any speculation beyond this would just be a waste of time.

Instead, it would be much wiser for him to check his physical condition first.

‘I can’t use any spell beyond 7 stars.’

His power had been restricted. Nevertheless, this situation was very similar to what he experienced back in the outside world.

However, there were a few positives.

The tolerance of this created world was beyond imagination. So as long as he was able to regain his power as an Absolute, Lukas would be able to exert his full strength without having to worry about any consequences.

‘Of course, it probably won’t be the same as usual.’

He wouldn’t be able to increase the mana he could utilise simply by training. Lukas’ magical power hadn’t disappeared, it had only been restrained by invisible chains.

Perhaps, as the voice said, the only things that would be to break through these chains were the ‘items’ scattered around the world.

He couldn’t use his divine magic power, endtongue, or even his external force.

The same went for his Demigod abilities and other high-level spells.

Lukas Trowman had truly become a ‘7 star Wizard’.

This reminded him of the old days.

At that time when he’d suddenly opened his eyes and realised that he’d exited the abyss, and now possessed the body of ‘Frey Blake’.

At that time, Lukas had been able to reach 5 stars in an instant by relying on the residual energy trapped within that body.

‘Is this better than back then?’

After all, he was two levels higher than he was at that time.

Nevertheless, Lukas decided to shake these unnecessary thoughts out of his head.

There was a lot of work to be done.

His ultimate goal was to obtain the four statues and win this game.

But before that, he had to go find his other team members who had scattered to different places, and if he could afford to, get an item or two that would help them.


Lukas stopped walking.

Similar to his expectations, there was a city sitting at the edge of the river.

Tall, clean white walls wrapped around this city and the buildings that could be seen above it had a certain architectural beauty that showed they weren’t built by clumsy hands.

As he slowly approached, he spotted a figure sitting beside the river.

It was a skinny, middle-aged man. His reddish skin and mismatched clothing caused Lukas to almost mistake him for a scarecrow.

Nevertheless, a heavy-looking club hung from his waist, and he held a fishing rod in his hands, its hook floating in the river.

The man didn’t seem to care about Lukas’ presence, but when he narrowed the distance to three feet, the man finally looked up at him.

His eyes were bright yellow, and his pupils were slit like a cat.

‘He isn’t human.’

Just as Lukas had this thought, the man rose up from his seat.

“What are you doing here?”

His voice was cold and sharp.

In his expression, there seemed to be a mixture of vigilance and hostility.

“You aren’t from the Heavenly Realm. Are you from the Thunder Archipelago?”


The man’s voice was indifferent, but Lukas could feel the undertones of disdain contained within it.

Lukas simply responded without hesitation.

“Where is the Thunder Archipelago that you mentioned?”

“Quit pretending. Right. I don’t know how you got into the Heavenly Realm, but I can’t let a guy like you roam around as he pleases.”

As the man said that, he removed the club from his waist. It was literally a club. It was a thick stick with a blunt end that exuded an aura of primitive violence.

The hostility in the man’s expression was clear. There was no way for him to avoid this fight.


So Lukas also called upon his mana.

He had been weakened to a ridiculous level, there was no way for him to know just how strong his opponent was, and death here would probably lead to complete soul annihilation.

But there wasn’t even the slightest hint of tension on Lukas’ face.

* * *

“…I lost.”

The man lowered his head in despair.

His voice and attitude both showed that he had completely lost his will to fight.

Lukas was certain that the man wasn’t playing any tricks. He’d realised it as he fought. This man in front of him wasn’t the wicked or treacherous type. Rather, he seemed to be the type to prefer fair duels.

Lukas slowly calmed his man before looking at the man whose head was still bowed.

‘This is a good world to use magic.’

That was because mana could be found everywhere in this world. Even if he were to use the same spell, the one he cast here would be twice as strong as the one cast on Earth, and the channeling time would also be much faster.

‘It’ll be fine to use a staff before reaching 9 stars.’

Staffs and wands increased the efficiency of spell casting and mana concentration. They were weapons that Lukas didn’t usually need, but it would be a great help for the 7 star Lukas Trowman.

Lukas turned to the man once again.

This man, who continued to look at the ground with a defeated expression, was by no means weak.

His use of the club and mysterious martial art together with his combat experiences gave him the ability to win even if he met opponents stronger than himself.

It was just that his opponent this time was too strong.

His martial arts hadn’t been enough to shock Lukas, and no matter how deep his combat experience was, it would always be shallow when compared to an Absolute like Lukas.

“…you are very talented at sorcery. So you really were a Lightningman from the Thunder Archipelago.”

“I’m not.”

“It doesn’t matter, in the end, I still lost.”

The man shook his head as if he didn’t believe him, then his voice became firm.

“Kill me.”


“Do you intend to do it with your hands instead of sorcery? I’d rather not die by strangulation, but… I suppose the loser doesn’t have a choice. I’ll have to accept it.”

It was only then that Lukas realised what the man was talking about.

“I have no intention of killing you.”

“What are you talking about…?”

The man’s eyes went wide.

“Don’t all outsiders kill us Dragonmen? There’s no way… You are really not from the Thunder Archipelago, are you?”

“Haven’t I already told you that many times?”

Lukas’ voice carried a hint of aggravation.


The man lowered his head in thought for a while before finally speaking.

“I see. Since you don’t want to kill me then there’s no helping it.”


The man suddenly fell down to one knee and bowed his head.

“I hereby swear allegiance to you. My Lord.”


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