The Great Mage Season 2 Chapter 152

Season 2 Chapter 152

Season 2 Chapter 152

After talking for a while, Lukas also told Min Ha-rin of his experience.

By comparing what they encountered, they were able to find a few discrepancies.

“I didn’t hear a voice… telling me about four statues.”


“Yeah. But I think I might have heard some information about one of them.”

As she said that, Min Ha-rin got up from her seat, then, she took a piece of dried parchment from a drawer in the corner and spread it on the table without bothering to close the drawer.

Drawn on this piece of parchment was a map. It appeared to be a map of the Heavenly Realm.

“This is Combat Island, where we are now.”

“To the extreme west.”

“Yeah. And this… is Dragon God Island.”

Min Ha-rin’s finger was now pointing at the very center of the map.

There, an island that was many times smaller than those around it, sat directly in the middle.

Unlike the other islands which were all large enough to be called continents in their own right, Dragon God Island was extremely small, comparable to an actual island.

“I’ve heard that there is a statue of the Dragon God here.”

“The Dragon God?”

“I’m not sure about the details. There’s also the possibility that it’s only a rumor. As far as I know, very few Dragonmen were actually able to enter Dragon God Island.”

After hearing those words, Lukas lowered his head and appeared lost in thought for a while.

Min Ha-rin glanced at his side profile for a bit before opening her mouth.

“Hey, Master, your power is limited right now, isn’t it? I remember you said you can only use up to 7-star magic.”

“That’s right.”

“…then, I’ll protect you from now on, Master.”


Lukas raised his head and looked at Min Ha-rin.

For some reason, she was puffing out her chest, and there was a confident expression on her face.

“I’ve grown much stronger in the past five years. Trust me.”

Lukas nodded inwardly.

She had the right to be confident.

Min Ha-rin had always been extremely talented. In the past five years, she had fought in countless life and death battles like during her time on Untamed Island or in the arena. And yet, she survived.

Those endless battles were the perfect opportunities which allowed her to grow explosively.

In fact, even Lukas wasn’t exactly sure just how strong she was at that moment.

“Then, shall we fight?”


“What’s wrong? I can only use 7-stars spell right now.”

She knew that. He’d already told her earlier.

Min Ha-rin’s expression was a bit strange.

“No. I mean… I think I’ve reached 7 stars.”

This was thanks to the special fruits and herbs that she’d eaten on Untamed Island. Of course, she didn’t know any relevant spells, but it was clear that she had at least stepped her foot into the realm of an Archmage.

“That’s something to celebrate.”


She wasn’t sure how to react.

Magic wasn’t Min Ha-rin’s only weapon. Her magical swordsmanship had almost reached a state of perfection through the countless battles she had experienced. At present, she was confident that she would be able to win even if she were to face several Fighters at her level in the arena.

It was only at that moment that Lukas realised what his student was thinking.

“I see. So you were worried about me.”

“U-, umm.”

Min Ha-rin coughed slightly as Lukas accurately hit the nail on the head.

In his current state, Lukas could only use 7-star spells at best.

In addition to 7-star spells and magical swordsmanship, Min Ha-rin had also learned several tricks over the years.

It wasn’t exactly unreasonable for her to be confident in her victory.

“It’s not a bad thing for you to worry about me, but I don’t think you’ve reached that stage yet.”


“Once you face me, you’ll understand.”

A gentle smile spread across Lukas’ lips at that moment.

“Why your Master is called the Great Mage.”

* * *

“By the way, Master, what exactly is your relationship with Bargan?”

“He calls me Lord.”


“We fought and I won.”


Min Ha-rin nodded in understanding.

“‘Headsmasher Bargan’ is one of the most famous Fighters in the region. I’ve heard that several Fighter teams in the arena invited him, but he ignored every one of them.”


Lukas frowned slightly, thinking about Bargan.

At first, he had been doubtful of Bargan allegiance. He found it very hard to believe and accept. But this was natural. After all, Lukas didn’t know how honest and honourable Dragonmen were.

In fact, the only real reason that he kept him at his side was to obtain information about the Heavenly Realm.

It was much more efficient to listen to an explanation given by someone else than to investigate on his own in a place he’d never been to before.

But Bargan’s loyalty was no joke, nor was it a trick. At first, Lukas felt that it was fortunate, but now, the situation had become a bit more ambiguous.

Because he’d met Min Ha-rin. After traveling around this region for five years, she would certainly have experienced many things by now. So even if he didn’t rely on Bargan, he could simply ask Min Ha-rin if he was curious about something.

“I wanted to let Bargan go, but I can’t seem to convince him.”

Lukas could feel the stubbornness within the Dragonman Fighter.

It was highly unlikely that Bargan would nod and say ‘yes’ if Lukas told him to leave.

“Master, did you fight a life and death battle with Bargan?”


“Mm… Then it’s possible that if you try to force him to leave, he will just kill himself.”

Naturally, Min Ha-rin knew that Lukas didn’t want him to die.

But they couldn’t exactly keep him with them either.

Lukas and Min Ha-rin hadn’t come to this world to play. They were participants of the ‘Qualifiers for the Great Game’. They were fundamentally different from the Dragonmen and other races that were native to this world.

There were times when they would have to talk about the ‘original world’, or ‘Rulers’, of the ‘Great Game’. And it wouldn’t be feasible for them to avoid Bargan at those times.

‘In all honesty, Bargan isn’t worth that much.’

Min Ha-rin knew.

Even if the ‘Heavenly Realm’ was only a part of the ‘Great World’, there were countless powerful beings with unfathomable strength.

Even if she had become stronger, Min Ha-rin wasn’t confident that she could win against them just yet.

‘If he was strong enough, it might be worth it to think of an alternative, but…’

After thinking for a while, Min Ha-rin finally spoke in a slightly subdued tone.

“I might have a few ways.”

“A few ways?”

“Yeah. One would be to simply order Bargan to stay put. A loyal Dragonman Fighter will obey their orders unconditionally, so he probably wouldn’t refuse.”


Lukas’ expression showed that he didn’t like this option.

That meant that even if Bargan wouldn’t be following them any longer, he would still be under Lukas’ command.

That wouldn’t be good for Bargan or Lukas.

Of course, Min Ha-rin expected such a response from her master.

“Another would be to make him return the favor he owes you, Master.”

“What do you mean?”

“Bargan has given his to you. Master didn’t take his life even though you won the fight. So in his eyes, he literally owes you his life. Bargan is a Dragonman, more specifically, he is a Red Skin. That means that his loyalty towards you will never waver until he thinks he has repaid his debt.”

Until he has repaid his debt.

Lukas understood what Min Ha-rin meant.

“So it’s just a matter of making Bargan think he has repaid his debt.”

“Right. In other words, if he believes he saved your life or did something comparable to that, we can make Bargan go back to his own life.”


Lukas lowered his head in thought.

Make Bargan think he saved his life.

Such a situation wouldn’t just happen suddenly.

This meant they would have to create a crisis, but that was a tiring and annoying endeavor.

Suddenly, a thought came to mind.

“What if we entrusted Bargan with the task of finding the other?”

Those words took Min Ha-rin by surprise.

“That could work!”

Such an order would mean that they wouldn’t have to keep Bargan with them, and at the same time, they would be able to receive clues or even directly find the rest of their companions. It would be a great help.

In addition, Bargan’s strength was around the top of the wandering Dragonmen. Although it wouldn’t be worth it to set their expectations too high, it was still possible for him to surprise them.

“Then we’ll let Bargan do that…”

Min Ha-rin’s voice trailed off after saying that.

She had her sword in one hand, and the other was held out with her palm facing upwards.

This was a stance that had been created from her five years of combat experience. Her ready stance.

“Do you really want to fight?”


Lukas nodded.

“I’ll let you make the first move.”

They were currently standing in the arena.

(TL: What a twist from the bonding scene in the last chapter.)


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