The Great Mage Season 2 Chapter 204

Season 2: Chapter 204

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR) – Season 2 Chapter 204

Editors: Ana_Banana, Sei

Lukas looked at Bargan for a moment.

“What is it?”

Bargan knelt on both knees and pounded his forehead against the ground.

“…Thank you!”

In that instant, the voice sounded in Lukas’ ears again.

[The loyalty of Wandering Dragonman Warrior, Bargan, has greatly increased because of your overwhelming achievements.]

[Bargan’s loyalty has reached the maximum. His very soul now regards you as his true master.]

[This Dragonman is willing to carry out any order you give him, even if it means risking life and limb.]

[You have perfectly completed the quest related to Bargan.]

[From now on, you can partially view a target’s status window regardless of the target’s favorability, loyalty, or hostility.]

[Versus Points(VP) have been unlocked!]

[VP can be obtained by accomplishing great achievements, making special discoveries, or completing high-level quests.]

[You have earned 5 VP.]


Lukas turned back to Bargan.

[Wandering Dragonman Fighter Bargan]

[Level: 60]

[Titles: Headsmasher Bargan, The One Who Does Not Compromise]

[Occupation: Fighter]

[Race: Dragonman]

[Skills: Swordsmanship(Lv.8), Malice(Lv.7), Survival Skills(Lv.7), Untamed Sword(Lv.5)]

[Loyalty: 100(MAX)]

[Difficulty: Clear]

[Feelings towards Participant: Trust more than that of family, Admiration as if seeing a hero of legend, Loyalty to the point of giving up his soul]

The difficulty level had disappeared, and instead, it was replaced by the word ‘Clear’.

In addition, his level and skill levels had increased from the last time he’d viewed the window, and his feelings had become more detailed.

Lukas looked down at him and said.

“You can thank me later. For now, I think there is something else that you want to tell me.”


Bargan’s voice was hoarse as he spoke.

“I think it is too early to announce Kangki’s death.”


Even though he was visibly shaking from fatigue, Bargan’s voice remained calm.

“He was skilled at capturing the hearts of the people. That is part of the reason why he frequently appeared in the arena to host exhibition matches or to be the referee.”

Lukas nodded at that.

Kangki didn’t focus on just governing the city or dealing with internal matters like the other Major City Lords.

Instead, he often appeared in the arena during the most crowded events, imprinting his face into the minds of his citizens and giving them the showmanship that they were extremely enthusiastic about.

Thanks to that, the level of anticipation and admiration the citizens had towards Kangki far surpassed that of the Champion, Samash.

“You can make use of the influence Kangki had while he was alive.”


“…fortunately, very few people know who Kangki really is.”

As he said this, Bargan turned to look at Kangki.

No, he turned to look at the [Creed of Kamesh].

* * *

An arena located in the major city [Kisura], located in the northern part of Combat Island.

At that moment, this super-sized arena, which was much larger than the one in Lirua which had grown explosively in a short time, was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.



This wasn’t because it was empty.

Far from it in fact. Every seat in the arena was filled, and there were even some spectators who were standing.

And yet, no one made a single sound.

Even Hankur, the Major City Lord, was the same.

No one could believe the scene that had just unfolded before their eyes.

…Shivar, the proud Champion of Kisura, who was ranked second on the Championship ranking list that had been created after dozens of arena experts debated for weeks,

Had lost… Had died.

It wasn’t even a close match.

From the start, he didn’t even have a chance.

As soon as the fight began, his head was blown off. Shivar hadn’t even realised how he’d died.

What’s more, his opponent wasn’t even a famous Fighter with a reputation similar to his own. Instead, he was just a raw rookie who had entered the arena only a few weeks before.

Of course, even if he had achieved a monstrous win rate and showed off skills that allowed him to have a match with Shivar…

“I can’t believe it even though I saw it with my own eyes.”

Hankur muttered softly before letting out a sigh that was a mixture of dejection and excitement.

It was certainly painful that Shikar had died.

But more than that, he was glad that the man who’d defeated him so easily was also a part of the Kisura Arena.

They were on completely different levels.

Just where had such a monster come from?

‘…an outsider.’

On Combat Island, there was a strong tendency to look down on outsiders, and Hankur was no different.

But at that moment, Hankur’s prejudice against outsiders had completely disappeared.

“‘Kran’, huh…?”

Hankur let out a laugh.

“Grand Champion Kran…”

Hankur was sure that this title would soon spread across the entire island.

* * *

The next day.

There was an incident that completely overturned the major city, Lirua.

Newspapers sold all over the city, including the large Paigwam Square, all had a special article that covered both sides of the first page.

[Upheaval in the Lirua Arena!]

[A massive rearrangement of the ranked Fighters, including the Champion!]

Naturally, when they saw this, the Dragonmen’s first reaction was confusion.

“What’s going on?”

“Is this some kind of joke?”

Although they said this, their eyes continued to scan the article. However, the more they read, the more confused they became.

To briefly summarise what it said, according to the article, hidden tests had been held over the past month or so, and in the process, the ranking in the arena, including that of the Champion, Samash, had been rearranged.

In addition, it was written that the matches were all fair and were carried out with the consent of both sides.

“What is this bullshit!?”

“Samash, Usa, and Padudu were all changed?”

Naturally, it was hard for people to understand.

They knew how strong the Fighters at the top of the rankings in the arena were. They had the firm belief that even if they were to compete in other arenas, they wouldn’t be lacking, but would instead be at an advantage.

This belief in their Fighters was something the citizens in most cities had. Nevertheless, that wasn’t the reason for their dissatisfaction.

Their dissatisfaction came from the fact that they were not able to see the tests with their own eyes. Even if there were hundreds of test matches, there was no reason for them to be completely hidden.

But most of all, they would not be convinced by a new Champion without seeing him defeat the current Champion.

That was when they saw the name of the new Champion.

[The New Champion of the Lirua Arena!]

[Dragon Hunter Lukas crushes Samash with overwhelming momentum!]

“Lukas? What Lukas?”

“Are they talking about that coward from before?”

“How could that bastard become the Champion!?”

A Fighter who had never won a match and had even disappeared after setting an unprecedented record of 12 straight losses.

No, it was too embarrassing to call Lukas, that outsider, a Fighter.

Naturally, the people’s complaints reached the sky. Most of them spat out curses and some even went so far as to say that they wouldn’t go close to the arena until they got their rankers back.

…About a month before the Championship.

The City of Lirua was heating up, and not in a good way.

(TL: I really want to see how Lukas will play this.)


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