The Great Mage Season 2 Chapter 210

Season 2: Chapter 210

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR) – Season 2 Chapter 210

Editors: Ana_Banana, Sei

Lukas was lost in thought for a while.

He understood that Sedi was in danger, but there was one thing that he didn’t quite understand.

There were a total of four Absolutes currently in this world.

Kasajin, Nodiesop, Letip, and of course, Lukas.

Naturally, all of them were beings that ordinary mortals could never hope to compare to.


Like Lukas, all of the Absolutes would have been subjected to several powerful restrictions.

The game pursued fairness, and fights were no exception.

If it wasn’t for the restrictions that enforced this fairness, then let alone the Heavenly Realm, this entire planet would have been completely destroyed by now.

A single planet was entirely too small of a battlefield when the combatants were four Absolutes.

On the other hand, Sedi was a fallen Absolute.

It was highly likely that she hadn’t been subjected to any restrictions, and if she had, they would certainly be weaker than the ones placed on Lukas.

Could an Absolute with limited power really be a threat to Sedi’s life?

‘The other Absolutes should have cleared the tutorial as well.’

In other words, their entry times should have been similar to Lukas. With only a few months difference at best.

Was it possible for them to regain even a tenth of their strength in such a short time?

Lukas looked at Arid.

“Do you know which Absolute is there?”

“…I’m sorry. I can’t figure out who it is.”

Even Arid’s power of communication couldn’t reveal who it was.

This confirmed that it really was an Absolute.

“Joining Sedi is the top priority.”

“I think so too.”

He’d heard that Death Island was incredibly large, but if there were two beings with incredible power on it, they would inevitably clash one day. In addition, with Sedi’s personality, it was unlikely that she would sit in one spot and wait for Lukas to come to her.

“I came all the way here because I felt that I should tell you this.”

“Thank you.”

“No, I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.”

Lukas thought for a moment and said.

“Ha-rin is too far away. Otherwise, she would have been happy to see you.”

“…I would have liked to see her as well, but…”

Arid let out a bitter laugh.

“My goal was to meet Master. I wasn’t allowed any more time.”


If Arid wanted, Lukas could give him his freedom by subduing the Priests of East and West.

But it seemed that Arid didn’t regard Dragon God Island as an enemy.

Ten years was not a short time.

By now, Arid had probably overcome the mental hurdles that he’d had when he last saw him.

‘The Goddess acted as a guide for Arid.’

Although it felt like he’d been deprived of his role as Master, more than that, he felt that it was fortunate.

If Arid had been left to wander alone for 10 years without any guidance, then it was possible that he might have gone down the wrong path.

Arid was pure and blemishless, but the purer something was, the easier it was for it to be dyed by the various colors it encountered.

“Nevertheless, please say hello to senior sister Min for me. She seems to get easily worried about others.”

Lukas nodded at Arid, who was talking to him with a bashful smile on his face.

After that, he continued to have a somewhat frivolous conversation with Arid.

Arid had become quite talkative. Perhaps it was because of the pleasure of meeting Lukas after so long. His mouth constantly moved as he talked about everything that happened to him over the past 10 years, including the trivial things that occurred on Dragon God Island. Sometimes there were some things he couldn’t say, but from his words, Lukas was able to learn a lot about Dragon God Island, which had always been a mystery.

‘…Dragon God Island.’

Lukas had a feeling that if he met the Goddess, he would be able to solve many of his remaining questions.

Around the time when the conversation was reaching its end, Arid pulled something out of his pocket.

“You’ll need this.”

It was a square plaque.

It looked like it was made of wood, and on it was an elaborate carving of a Dragon that almost seemed alive.

“What’s this?”

“This is the Dragon Plaque which is required to enter Death Island. And this is a map of the parts of Death Island that have been explored so far.”

This time he took out a piece of rolled parchment.

When he opened it slightly, Lukas saw a fairly detailed map of Death Island.

Not only did it display the general shape and topography of Death Island, but it also showed how to get there.

“What are these green markings on the map?”

“Those are the places where Dragonmen live.”

“Dragonmen? Wasn’t it said that no Dragonmen live on Death Island?”

“There are a few. But compared to the actual size of the Island, it’s basically nothing. The Dragonmen who live there are ferocious and barbaric, and most importantly, they are incredibly powerful. Most Dragonmen don’t consider them to be civilised. To survive in the harsh environment they live in, they had to change both mentally and physically.”


“It would be best to avoid meeting them unless there is absolutely no choice. Like running out of food or water, or because of a life-threatening injury.”

This meant that every meeting with them was half a gamble.

Lukas nodded.

“There are several ways to enter Death Island, but the fastest and safest way is through a small island called Temple Island. Going through the sea instead of that island would be much more dangerous.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Yeah. And finally, you will need special equipment to block the demonic energy on Death Island.”

…As expected, there was a reason why it was called Death Island.

There were a lot more things that he needed to prepare than he thought.

“Originally, I was going to introduce you to a blacksmith from Death Island, but there is no need for that now.”

When Lukas tilted his head to the side, Arid explained.

“I heard that Miss Nekdu is in Lirua right now.”


“With her skills, it won’t be difficult to make you a good set of equipment.”

“Do you know Nekdu?”

Arid nodded.

“Yes. Miss Nekdu is from Dragon God Island.”


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