The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2

The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 58

“Hahaha. Mr. Sung, it’s been a while. Do you remember me? We’ve met each other before, right? When I came to see the Sword King.”

Kim NamTae, Battle Net Administration’s General Manager, extended his hand as soon as he entered the penthouse.

“Long time, no see.”

“Hello, General Manager.”

“Yes, yes. Sae-ah, you’ve grown beautifully. Let’s go in and talk.”

NamTae smiled as he looked at Sae-ah and walked past them into the living room.

Manager Park, who was following behind, gave a slight nod to JiHan.

“I watched your performance. You’re indeed amazing.”

“Thank you, but the game just ended. I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon. What brings you here?”

“Ah, the General Manager said there’s something important he had to discuss today.”

The General Manager himself?

“Haa, this home is truly the best!”

JiHan frowned at Kim NamTae, who was acting like it was his house. What could that typical bully who was strong against the weak and weak against the strong want?

“To think you’d donate this house. Amazing.” The General Manager, who was seated at the table in the living room, beckoned them over.

JiHan became more irritated at his condescending attitude, but…

“Ahh. I’m sorry about the General Manager’s attitude. I hope you understand.”

“Alright…” JiHan relaxed thanks to Yoon-sik and took a seat.

“Hmm. I’m kind of thirsty after coming all this way. Do you have anything to drink?”

“Ah, General Manager, would you like some orange juice or coffee?”

“Ah, Sae-ah. Could you give me some orange juice with some ice? It’s been too hot recently. Hahaha.”

“Okay. Would anyone else like anything?”

“I’m okay, thanks.”

“I’m also okay.”

The General Manager was the only one who decided to have anything to drink. JiHan, Sae-ah, NamTae, and Yoon-sik sat around the table, facing each other.

Gulp, gulp-

After leisurely taking a sip of orange juice, NamTae opened his mouth. “Mr. Sung, you did an amazing job this time. The country was depressed after the departure of the Sword King. Although you’re Bronze, the fact that you made it to the ‘Top 100’ promotion match and won has made the citizens very happy.”

NamTae seemed to emphasize ‘Bronze’ for some reason, but praise was praise.

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“That’s why I have some good news for you.”

“What news…?”

“The Battle Net Administration has decided to give you an award for your outstanding performance.”

“…” JiHan was dumbfounded. An award for outstanding performance?

‘Did he come all this way just to give such a thing to me?’

It wasn’t even GP, just a piece of paper.

JiHan was thinking about not accepting it, but he nodded, thinking that it was better to receive it since they were giving it to him.

“An award… thanks.”

“Hahaha. Yes. Giving an award to a player who’s just gotten to Silver is unprecedented. It’s quite honorable.” NamTae made a huge deal about a useless award that couldn’t even be sold.

His speech made both Yoon-sik and JiHan uncomfortable.

“There’s something else as well.” He suddenly changed the topic. “There’s an issue with giving you the award.”

“An issue, you say?”

“Yes, I heard you had some troubles with the Korea Daily.” NamTae kept talking while making a sly smile. “Shouldn’t you smooth things over with them? After all, the family behind the Korea Daily is one of our most influential families.”

As he said that, NamTae recalled events from a few days prior.

* * *

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* * *

– General Manager! My son was assaulted by JiHan!

NamTae was invited to a reception hosted by the CEO of an advertising agency affiliated with the Korea Daily family.

As the alcohol flowed and the atmosphere became heated, the CEO appeared before NamTae.

– Assault? What do you mean?

– My son’s a Silver-rank Warrior. I’m not sure what he did, but my son’s legs are completely broken. They say that it will take a couple of months for rehabilitation alone. I want to press charges, but…

The CEO sighed.

– JiHan has gained quite a reputation as a rising star. I’m concerned that if we get into a legal battle with someone like him, it would be bad for our company’s image.

– Hmm… that could certainly happen.

– That’s why I wondered if we could get JiHan to settle things amicably…

NamTae’s eyes narrowed upon hearing those words.

– What are you talking about? Even if there was an assault case, trying to use that as an excuse to manage a player like JiHan is a bit…

NamTae was committed to defending JiHan at the time. After all, he was a player who’d never missed 1st place since he started Battle Net. He had the potential to become a star player.

In other words, he was a golden goose.

Was the Korea Daily family trying to win him over with a dinner like that?

From NamTae’s perspective, it was ridiculous and impossible, but…

– Of course, we aren’t asking you to help us for free.

– Hmm… then…?

– We’ll share the profits with you.

If that were the case, the story completely changed.

‘JiHan is a clueless guy.’

He’d seen JiHan before when he went to meet the Sword King, Yoon Sae-jin. To him, he was just a young man who was living off the glow of the Sword King.

‘A guy like that will naturally listen if an adult talks.’

NamTae was confident that he’d be able to convince JiHan, and he became especially sure after hearing something from the advertising agency’s CEO.

– Uhm… I’m telling you this because it might help you persuade him. You’ve heard of Sae-ah, right? I heard that the Gift she got wasn’t good. It’s to the point that she can’t even become a player.

* * *

“The people of the Korea Daily are victims of assault. Despite that, they’re making you a generous offer. They’ll manage you for five years and handle all of your advertising. You know the influence of the Korea Daily, right? Believing in them would make it a win-win situation.”

“The Korea Daily…”

“Yes. You broke the legs of a member of that family, right? Still, they want to settle things by managing your advertising! Aren’t they generous?”

“Haha…” JiHan laughed in disbelief. He couldn’t believe he’d wasted so much time because of some company he had no recollection of while in the United States.

‘It’s better this way.’ JiHan decided to throw formality out the window.

“Hey, could you stop talking nonsense?”

“What…?” NamTae blinked in surprise. He was confused due to the sudden change in circumstances.

Putting aside JiHan’s rude way of speaking for a moment, NamTae had never experienced such a contemptuous gaze since taking up his position as General Manager.

“What did you say…?”

“I was planning to deal with you politely, but you’ve crossed the line.”


“Let’s skip the small talk. How much money did the Korea Daily pay you?”

He was caught off guard by JiHan’s sudden change in attitude. NamTae quickly regained his composure and became visibly angry. “Y-you disrespectful brat!”

“You’re the disrespectful one. I don’t want to see your face, so get out of here.”

NamTae’s face turned red at JiHan’s reply.

‘How dare a mere Silver be so rude to me, the General Manager of the Battle Net Administration?’

“Y-you bastard! I was putting aside processing the donation of the Sword Palace out of consideration!” NamTae said while puffing his cheeks in anger.

“Yeah, sure. Are you planning to shake me with that?”

“Yes. Leave this house right now!”

NamTae thought he’d made an effective threat, but JiHan’s reply was surprisingly calm.

“I was already planning to leave. Don’t be childish.”

“H-how dare you act all high and mighty just because you got a bit of attention in Bronze?!”

“How did someone who isn’t even a Bronze become the General Manager? If you’ve been appointed as a puppet, act like one and shut up. I don’t even want to talk to you anymore.”

“You!!!” NamTae couldn’t contain his anger anymore and picked up the glass of orange juice, but…



Before he could throw the glass at JiHan, the juice moved on its own and splashed onto NamTae’s face.

“Calm down.” JiHan kindly expressed concern for NamTae’s condition.

“You crazy bastard! How dare you use your ability?!”

“Ability? What are you talking about? I’m just a Silver.”

“Ha! I was even going to keep the rumor about Sae-ah’s messed-up Gift a secret!”

“Huh…?” JiHan looked confused for a moment. He turned to Sae-ah and chuckled. “Sae-ah, did you fail?”

“No. I got a great Gift.”

“Stop lying! Didn’t she say that she failed and had to take university entrance exams?!”

Thanks to that, JiHan got a rough idea of where he’d gotten the information. Had they interrogated the security guard from that night?

“Don’t worry about her. Why don’t you just leave now?”


As JiHan moved his hand, NamTae started to float in the air.

“H… Huh?! Let me go!”

Park Yoon-sik quickly stood up. “I… I’ll escort him out!”

“Park Yoon-sik! What are you doing?! Are you scared of that guy?!”

“General Manager! We should leave for now…!”

“Ugh!” Yoon-sik quickly bowed, trying to ensure NamTae didn’t notice, and hurriedly left the penthouse with him.

Sae-ah gave JiHan a worried expression. “Uncle… didn’t you cause a huge problem?”

“Me? How?”

“You picked up a fight with the Battle Net Administration’s General Manager. He’s basically the person in charge of the industry…”

“There’s no way a guy like that’s the one who’s really in charge.” JiHan smirked. “That person isn’t even a player. He’s just someone who a politician appointed.”

“Is that so…? Still, isn’t being on his bad side problematic?”

“Well, that would’ve been the case in the old days.”

That would’ve been the case in the world where the Battle Net still hadn’t arrived. Money and authority used to be the main means of control. Things had changed, though. Players were the main agents shaping the world.

It was just that some of the older generation couldn’t accept it. They couldn’t go against the massive trend of Battle Net, so their compromise was to make an ‘Association’.

‘Anyway, now the newspapers will probably publish a story about Sae-ah.’

They were probably going to write that Sae-ah’s Gift was useless based on what the security guard said. He had to find a way to act first and prevent any misunderstanding.



“I think we should do an interview on my channel.”

“Ah~ You want to reveal my Gift before the article comes out?”


“Come on, that’s something only losers do.” Sae-ah began to smile. “Let’s reveal my Gift after the article comes out. It will be more fun that way.”

“Hmm. Aren’t you worried that the article might stress you out?”

JiHan was concerned about her being the object of ridicule and criticism.

“Uncle? Don’t you know that sweetness tastes better after bitterness?” She smirked.

Sae-ah was gradually becoming more like JiHan.



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