The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 67

Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2

The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 67

Despite being called a jungle, it looked more like a forest. Moreover, the forest paths were well-made and flat, making them somewhat like a well-maintained park’s walkway.

The problem was that gigantic monsters were stationed all over it, and Silver players, who had a max level of 50, didn’t dare pass through.


As soon as he entered the jungle area, JiHan was greeted by a giant wolf with two heads.

The giant wolf, called a ‘two-headed wolf’ and considered one of the jungle’s weakest monsters, charged at him.

Since it was level 65, it would have normally taken three party members cooperating to kill it, but…

Nameless Divine Arts Three Talents Technique: Mount Tai Crush.

The Phoenix Arrow drew a vertical line, and the charging wolf was split in half. Compared to how ferocious it acted, it was quite a disappointing ending.

Soon after…


Gray smoke poured from the wolf into JiHan’s body.

[You’ve absorbed the energy of a two-headed wolf.]

[All of your stats have been increased by 5%.]

Jungle monsters gave a stat enhancement blessing, and while the level of the monster determined the degree of enhancement, at least 5% was guaranteed.

If you killed jungle monsters quickly, you could stack buffs faster than by killing 50 minions.

[You’ve cleared the achievement ‘Silver League Jungler (1)’.]

[You’ve earned 1,000 achievement points.]

‘1,000… Not bad,’ he thought.

‘Silver League’ was probably attached to the achievement because it wasn’t something a Silver player should be able to do.

‘First of all, let’s quickly clear out our jungle.’

Nameless Divine Arts Footwork Technique: Lightning Thunder Step.

JiHan’s turned into a bolt of lightning and vanished, and the jungle area between the mid and top lanes was quickly cleared.

– All with a single attack?

– Why don’t you do jungling? He’s duplicating the buffs, hahaha.

– Maybe he’s actually hiding his real strength? Maybe he’s, in reality, a Platinum or Diamond?

– He’s simply strong~

– Is JiHan going to monopolize the jungle all to himself?

– A monopoly, awesome.

From his viewers’ perspectives, the screen was moving so fast that it was dizzying.


He sped through the forest, and the Phoenix Arrow would move once whenever a monster crossed his path.


Every monster died in a single blow and surrendered their buff to him, and whenever he obtained a buff, he would start to move again at high speed with the Lightning Thunder Step.

That’s how he killed all five jungle monsters in the northwest jungle area in just a few minutes.

There was still some time before the monsters respawned, and he thought, ‘I should get some kills now.’

He also had to get the first kill before he went to the next jungle area.

Although the enemy players in the top lane were hiding, the ones in the middle and bottom lanes would probably still be fiercely fighting.

‘There’s nothing as effective as a quick gank.’

Just as JiHan was about to gank the mid-lane…

[You’ve achieved the 1st kill.]

[You’ve earned 100 achievement points.]

A message saying he got the ‘1st kill’ achievement appeared.


He hadn’t seen any enemy players while jungling, so why had he gotten a kill?

‘Don’t tell me…’

He thought back to when he had summoned Ariel.

* * *

After JiHan left the top lane, the Warrior, who was left with the small dark elf, made up her mind.

‘I’m sure Mr. Sung’s summon won’t be that strong, so I have to do my job properly.’

It seemed like the members of the other team thought the same thing. The two cautiously left their tower and began approaching slowly along with angel minions.

“Haa~ Why’s JiHan so strong?” one said.

“What a shitty game. There’s really no balance,” the second one replied.

“Tsk… Let’s push forward while that guy’s gone.”

The angel side’s tower had already lost half of its durability, so they had to do their best to equalize things while JiHan was absent.

Both began to take a more aggressive attitude.

“Watch out, dark elf!” The Warrior on Ariel’s side yelled.

“Lowest species, are you telling me to be careful?”

“Huh? You speak Korean? That’s right, you should be careful. Don’t be too aggressive.”

“Ahh…” Ariel sighed. To think that the avatar of a constellation like her would have someone from a lowest race feeling concerned for her.

It was a humiliating situation.

Rather than dodging the approaching angel minions, Ariel walked toward them and stretched out her hand.

“Rise, shadows,” she said, and the angels’ shadows started to shift.

Soon, just like in the ‘Top 100’, the shadows near their heads turned into small swords and stabbed the minions in their backs.


* * *

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Translator – SCM

Proofreader – ilafy

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* * *

The angels didn’t seem to care and just kept advancing.

“The swords… are they too small?” she said. The swords had only been the size of human fingers.

“Ugh, damn it. It’s because I don’t have much power left!”

“Isn’t it because you used it on ten of them at once? Maybe you should take them down one by one,” the Warrior suggested.


That was even more humiliating, but the Warrior was correct. It only made sense that she had to manage her strength more carefully when her power was running out.

Ariel followed the Warrior’s suggestion and began killing the enemies one by one.

When the enemy players saw her killing them, they became more cautious.

“That one seems pretty strong,” one said.

“You saw her on the stream, right? She’s no joke. Keep checking our shadows, just in case.”

At first, the frontline fighting was intense, but Ariel slowly got stronger and stronger.

“You seem to have grown a bit…” the Warrior said to her.

“The lower species that went to the jungle got stronger.”

Ariel was getting stronger with JiHan as he collected buffs from the jungle monsters. At the same time, the number of shadow swords suppressing the minions also increased by one.

“Woah. Is that summon… getting stronger?” One of the enemy players asked the other.

“We have to take her down quickly.”

“I agree… If she becomes any stronger, we won’t be able to handle this lane.”

The enemy players felt alarmed by Ariel’s growth and decided to eliminate her first. They made their move as they pretended to clash with some of the imps.

“Fireball!” the enemy mage suddenly shouted as they launched the spell at Ariel.

“Hmm…!” Ariel quickly tried to dodge it, but…

“Charge!” The enemy Warrior used their gap-closing skill first and closed in on her.


Ariel was pushed back, and the Warrior’s combo unfolded in an instant.

“Nice!” he cheered. It was easier than he expected.

The Warrior and the Mage sighed in relief after seeing the shattered dark elf.

‘If we hadn’t dealt with her so quickly, we would have been pushed back,’ they thought.

They thought they had really made the right decision by prioritizing her.

There was something they were wrong about, though…


A sword suddenly pierced through the angel side’s Warrior, bypassing his armor and precisely targeting his heart.

“H-how…?” the Warrior mumbled before collapsing on the ground, turning to smoke, and vanishing.


A shadow began to move where the Warrior had been killed, and Ariel rose while making a blank expression.

“So you really die if your heart is pierced… You’re all really a lowest species…”

‘Are they called humans?’ she thought to herself as she saw just how frail and full of weaknesses people were. ‘As expected, the main body made a poor choice.’

Sure, JiHan had perfectly controlled Eclipse earlier, but…

‘No matter how talented he is, with such a poor foundation…’

Just how much would it take to reach the top if you started from the bottom?

‘But… what’s this phenomenon?’ Ariel thought as she looked at her own body. She’d taken some damage from the enemy players and thought she would shrink, but she wasn’t affected much for some reason.

“You became taller,” the Warrior observed.

Rather than shrinking, her body was growing even more. Originally, she should have disappeared after seven minutes, but that didn’t seem like it was about to happen.


She could summon more than three shadow swords with her strength rising so rapidly.

“Woah. How come the summon is getting so strong?! This damn game…!” The fleeing Mage yelled as he was sent back to the angel base with the Warrior.

“Uhm… I think we can destroy the tower by ourselves,” the Warrior on her side said with shock after they saw the enemy Mage die.

She already knew of JiHan’s strength, but how could his summon also be so strong?

“Let’s do it,” Ariel suggested.

“Okay!” The Warrior nodded and looked at the minions following them.

Ariel tilted her head in confusion. “What are you doing? Aren’t you going to attack?” she asked.

“I’m a melee class, so I’ll die if I go in too close and get hit.”


Ariel narrowed her eyes as the Warrior pointed to the light coming out of the tower.

“You shouldn’t be proud of that, lowest species.” Despite saying that, Ariel also didn’t approach the tower.

* * *


[You’ve cleared the achievement ‘Silver League Jungler (2)’.]

[You’ve earned 1,000 achievement points.]

JiHan had swept through the jungles in the demon territory and was crossing the stream located in the center of the canyon.

‘If I sweep up all the jungle monsters in the angel area, I will probably clear a hidden achievement.’

Killing all of the jungle monsters on the map was something he could do because he was in Silver, a League where they didn’t use junglers.

His prediction was just on the mark.

[You’ve cleared the hidden quest ‘First Jungle Conquest’.]

[You’ve earned 10,000 achievement points.]

“Good. Now I should end this game.”

He didn’t think the jungle had any other achievements for him, and he considered returning to his originally assigned top lane but turned his attention elsewhere.

‘Ariel seems to be doing well, so I should push to the middle lane.’

He exited the jungle and followed the stream that led to the center.

As he reached the middle of the map, he saw a steep valley on his left where violet-colored water gathered as if it were a lake.

“A boss monster appears there in the Upper-League versions of this map,” he muttered.

Was it called Baron Nasid?

As JiHan looked away to head back to the middle lane…

[You’ve unlocked the chain quest ‘Trace of the Apostle (1)’.]

A quest suddenly popped up.



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