The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 69

Chapter 69

Chapter 69 – The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2

The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 69

An extremely powerful dark magic was entering Eclipse, and it was very similar to the power that the Shadow Queen used.

‘It can’t be compared to my main body’s in quantity… But the quality is similar…’ Ariel thought, unable to believe it.

The Shadow Queen specialized in the ‘Dark’ attribute of shadow magic power.

‘Did he imitate Eclipse’s magic power based on what he sensed?’

If that was the case, then the dark magic coming from JiHan was purer than the dark magic from the Eclipse.

‘How could that be possible?’ Ariel thought, confused.


Eclipse, which had transformed into a huge tornado, sucked up everything in front of the light barrier, and the Archangel’s Sword even started to disintegrate within the swirling darkness.

Flash! Flash-!

It tried to resist, but unlike when it reflected the basic Three Talents, its blessing didn’t work.

[The archangel has used a secret technique to prevent the Sanctuary’s humiliation.]

[The Archangel’s Sword has divided and strengthened the barrier.]


Behind the barrier, the Archangel’s sword split into two, with one part integrating itself with the barrier that looked to be on the verge of shattering.


A brilliant light shone from the barrier as the dark vortex continued to assault it.

Upon seeing that, Ariel let out a sigh. The archangel’s secret technique was very powerful, and JiHan’s technique stopped working against the barrier.

[So this is as far as it goes… It’s too bad that it wasn’t enough,] she said, surprised that she was feeling more regret than him.

The dark magic was so pure that she almost mistook it for her constellation’s. The only problem was that there wasn’t enough of it.

Of course, by a Silver’s standards, it was outrageous, but it clearly wasn’t enough to overcome the Archangel’s Sword.

“Ah, the vortex…!” she exclaimed. As she expected, the black vortex started to shrink.

The hierarchy of power was clearly visible, and the angel faction players let out collective sighs of relief.

“How reliable! As expected of the barrier!”

“Let’s move back. If we die here, it’s game over.”

They thought they were about to die when JiHan started pulling them in with Force, but thanks to the Archangel’s Sword, they managed to survive. They tried to hide behind it for protection.

If they held out for a little longer, the base would get destroyed and they could avoid a pentakill.


The dark vortex shrank and started to slowly take on a different shape.

A player from the angel faction frowned.

“A drill…?”

Eclipse had stretched out in a spiral and was pitifully small compared to the giant vortex it initially exploded into, but…

As Eclipse’s rotating form touched the barrier…


It pierced through. Though the space was as small as a fingernail…


Once again, the five players felt JiHan’s Force pulling them out.

“Aah! We’re getting pulled again!”

“Hold on! Hold the hell on!”

Since the vortex was smaller, its suction was much more powerful.

‘So the vortex didn’t become smaller because it got weaker…!’ one of the players realized.


The Archangel’s Sword tried to reflect the power of the vortex, but that only made it easier for JiHan to kill the players.

They got caught between the power of the vortex and the Archangel’s Sword trying to reflect the attack.

What happened next would have been easy for anyone to predict.

The players were minced into pieces and vanished without even having a chance to scream.

A message appeared in front of everyone on the map.


[Player ‘Sung JiHan’ has achieved a pentakill!]

* * *

JiHan’s power exceeded his viewers’ expectations. Who would have thought that someone who initially looked like a newbie to the map could achieve such results in just a few dozen minutes?

– Woah!!! Penta!!!!

– Pond Pentakill, hahaha. That’s insane.

– Nothing seems to work…

His opponents were players who were nearly at level 50, and the map was the Valley of the Apocalypse, a map used up to the Platinum League.

Despite that, JiHan had completely crushed it at level 30.

Korean and American viewers felt the same emotions.

– When did Battle Net become a single-player game?

– ‘Only Sung JiHan levels up’.

– AF! Pay more money! 500 million!

– If the AF doesn’t recruit him, how about the U.S.?

– Who will pay for it?

– The government.

The American viewers, who initially thought the $300 million signing bonus offered by the America First Guild was excessive, began thinking it might not have been enough.

There was a good reason for that.


[R.E.Gates has donated 100,000 GP.]

[Player Sung, congratulations on your new power.]

JiHan, who was already strong, had shown a new shadow-controlling ability that allowed him to use shadows as swords or summons.

The games became more complex and harder as you progressed in the Leagues, so it seemed like a useful ability.


[R.E.Gates has donated 100,000 GP.]

[I will send you a blank check. Write down however much you want.]

Robert Gates was saying he would effectively pay an unlimited amount for JiHan.

“Mr. Gates, thanks for your donation. I’ll give you my answer later,” JiHan politely replied to Robert, ending the stream.

Baron, America First’s top prospect, threw his glass down.


“Shit!” he screamed.

Battle Tube automatically translated things for the user. He didn’t care what the Koreans were talking about on JiHan’s channel, but he was shocked by how the Americans said they should offer 500 million for him.

“Damn it…” he muttered.

Before the ‘Top’ 100 match, he was the world’s best prospect, but after he died in such a pathetic way, people didn’t cheer for him as much as they had before.

Instead, many of his supporters ended up going to JiHan.

“Do you think I won’t be able to do that…?” he asked out loud, grinding his teeth.

Why were people making a fuss about jungling? It wasn’t like it was hard to do.

A pentakill by wiping out some people who were hanging around in the pond? He could obviously do that.

“I’m going to show everyone that the last game was just a mistake…!” he said with firm determination.

Gulp, gulp-

Then, he drank all of the whiskey on his desk and staggered toward his Battle Net connector.

‘Sung JiHan… I’ll use your method to clear the valley map faster than you!’

* * *

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Translator – SCM

Proofreader – ilafy

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* * *

Baron was confident in himself as he went into the game.



[Player ‘Baron’ has died.]

[He’ll revive in 1 minute.]

The jungle monsters were stronger than he expected them to be.

“There’s no way…! This must be a mistake!” he yelled.

[Player ‘Baron’ has died.]

[He’ll revive in 1 minute.]

He died to jungle monsters again, and his teammates couldn’t take it anymore.

[Baron! Come back to your senses!]

[Who jungles in Silver?!]

“Ugh…” He relented and eventually had to return to the lane due to his teammates.

As a Mage capable of using Force, Baron easily led his team to victory and took 1st place in the overall score, but…

– Why did Baron go to the jungle?

– JiHan went to the jungle and even got a pentakill. It seems like he saw that stream.

– Woah… So JiHan can do it, but Baron can’t?

– There’s no way! I can’t believe it! I’ll have to watch that stream.

Baron’s channel was already on fire with talks related to JiHan.

Upon hearing that JiHan had cleared the jungle and gotten a pentakill, Baron’s viewers left his channel to watch JiHan’s video.

“AAGGHH!” Baron screamed in rage as he exited his connector.

He’d died twice to jungle monsters. What kind of humiliation was that?

“Damn it…!” Baron spat out curses while glaring at the whiskey on his desk.

Right… He’d only died because he drank before the game. If it weren’t for that alcohol…!


Baron groaned and shattered the innocent bottle.

* * *

[You’ve cleared the hidden quest ‘Pentakill’.]

[You’ve earned 10,000 achievement points.]

[You’ve cleared the hidden quest ‘Pentakill at the Sanctuary’.]

[You’ve earned 20,000 achievement points.]

‘Not a bad harvest at all for it being my first invasion map,’ JiHan thought to himself, smiling as he looked at his reward after the game.

He’d gained more achievement points from the achievement than he had earned upon finishing ‘Trace of the Apostle (1)’.

Although he could only get achievement points from hidden quests once, he was more than satisfied with the 30,000 points.

[You finished 1st in an invasion game.]

[Your level has increased by 1.]

[As a bonus for finishing 1st, experience and GP gained will be increased by 50%.]

[You’ve earned 15,000 GP.]

Of course, he’d also ranked 1st place. He was delighted when he saw his level increase after a single game. He didn’t think he’d level so fast after level 30.

‘I can feel the difference that the titles and the guild make,’ he thought.

If he continued at that rate, he thought he might be able to aim for the September promotion match.

[You’ve obtained a fragment of the Archangel’s Sword.]

[As a quest item, it will be automatically stored in your inventory.]

He’d pierced a bit of the barrier the Archangel’s Sword had combined itself with, so a fragment of it was added to his inventory, and he completed his original goal.

His first game ended in undeniable success.


Ariel emerged from his left arm.

“Lower species.”

“Lower species? When did I level up?” he asked.

Although JiHan was laughing, Ariel was serious.

“What was that power earlier?” she asked.

“Are you talking about the Shadow Secret Technique?”

“Yes. That power was similar to the one my main body uses, which is a dark magic power brought about with only the purest darkness you can find among demonic energy… The power of your technique was almost similar.”

“You’re saying that power resembled the Shadow Queen’s?” he asked, tilting his head in confusion.

The Shadow Secret Technique was one of the three higher techniques of Nameless Divine Arts. It was a martial arts technique that used the energy of darkness.

Thanks to its name, he thought it would somehow be related to the strength of shadows, but he never thought it would be related to the Shadow Queen, a constellation.

“I also have no idea,” he admitted

“How did you get that strength?” she asked back.

“I can’t give you the details.”

How could he say that he’d learned it in his previous life?

Ariel bit her lips after seeing he had no intention of answering and said, “Lower species, I will officially acknowledge you as my master, but I would like to ask you something…”

“What is it?”

“Is that strength related to the Wandering Martial God?” She asked, seeming to already know the answer.

‘I guess I can answer this much,’ he thought.

He nodded.

“As I thought…” Ariel said to herself at his affirmation.

“Does it remind you of anyone in particular?” he asked.



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