The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 119

Chapter 119

The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 119

“Wh-who are you…?”

Raon turned around, leaving the bewildered Radin behind.


Five shark moles split the ground and came out from it, as if they’d been waiting for that moment.


The shark mole closest to him opened its mouth wide and struck him with it, trying to swallow him whole.

“Too simple.”

The shark mole’s simple attack was fast and powerful, but Raon could only see it as slow since his perception was wide open.

Raon bent his body backward. The moment the shark mole’s head stopped midair, he drew a half moon with his sword.


The shark mole was split diagonally, spurting red blood.



The four remaining shark moles didn’t attack him rashly after witnessing the first one’s death. They lowered their postures and exposed their claws.

“Defending, huh…?”

Raon moved ahead, stepping on the frozen ground. He swirled his sword and spread his murderous intent.

“It will be pointless.”

He kicked the ground and dashed towards the shark moles, at which point they attacked with their claws—as if they’d been waiting for that moment.

‘I knew it.’

Even if they were trying to defend, they were just monsters following their instincts. He’d expected them to make their move first.

Raon slightly twisted his shoulder to dodge the shark moles’ attacks, thrusting his sword.


The blade, heated and red, ripped the shark mole on the right in half.


The shark moles felt the danger and pounced at him from three sides. They snapped their teeth and thrust their claws.


Raon turned his ankle three times, and that was enough to avert the shark moles’ attacks like water.

‘What is this?’

His perception was sensitive, as if his skin had been extended. He could feel the shark moles’ muscles move, their claws’ paths, and the amount of strength in their chins as if everything was within the palm of his hand.

‘Is this the true power of Glacier?’

It felt like the entire space was his skin. It seemed Glacier’s true utility wasn’t just scouting but enhancing the senses during a battle.



Raon dodged the shark moles attacks, which were rushing at him, with a paper-thin difference before thrusting his sword. The crimson flower blossomed, blooming from the blade and ending the shark mole’s life.


As he pierced through the heart of the fourth shark mole that was rushing at him like a bull, the last one turned its back and went back to the hole it came from.


It started running towards the northern sea, straightening its fin.

“You aren’t going anywhere.”

Raon put down his sword and drew the Blade of Requiem that he had equipped around his waist. He grabbed the blade with his thumb and index finger, then used the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to the limit.

He closed his eyes and opened the ocean of his perception once again. The sound of the fleeing shark mole’s breathing was resounding inside his ear.

He felt like he could see the terrified shark mole floundering its limbs. Estimating the direction and the distance, he used the Flying Sword technique, Shadow Assault.


The Blade of Requiem drew a red line of ghastly energy as it flew, splitting the ground before it pierced the shark mole’s head.

Red blood gushed out from the hole that the Blade of Requiem had created.

‘It’s over.’

Raon went to the location that the last shark mole had died and pulled out the Blade of Requiem.


The Blade of Requiem resonated, asking for a compliment.

‘Yes, you did great.’

Raon snickered and wiped the blood from the blade.

What was so great about that? It was the minimum it could do to prove its worth.

Wrath bluntly said that it wasn’t anything surprising.


The Blade of Requiem vibrated at Wrath, as if it were snickering.

What? Are you telling me the King of Essence can’t do it? A mere, insignificant creature dares!

Wrath, who managed to decipher the Blade of Requiem’s actions, started boiling in anger.

‘No, that’s not true.’

Raon calmed the vibrating Blade of Requiem and Wrath, who was spreading frost.

‘You were really helpful when I killed the last shark mole.’


‘The Glacier you taught me, I sharpened my senses with it to estimate the shark mole’s location. I managed to get a clean kill thanks to that.’


Wrath grinned and looked down on the Blade of Requiem.

Did you hear that just now? Your inferior self was just used as the King of Essence’s arrow.

He laughed at the Blade of Requiem and created a circular coldness.

‘It really is an amazing ability, but it’s also pretty difficult to use. I don’t think I would’ve gotten it if it was a bit further away.’

Don’t worry about it! You are amazing enough to be able to use it when you only learned about it today. The King of Essence will keep teaching you.


The Blade of Requiem resonated once again. It looked like it was telling him to stop listening to Wrath, since it would teach him more about the ghastly energy.

Hey! An insignificant creature should stay away over there. The King of Essence will personally teach you the quintessence of Glacier, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Ghastly energy is just an evil trick.

Wrath blabbered at him, telling him not to listen to the Blade of Requiem since he would teach him other combat techniques in addition to Glacier.

‘He completely forgot about the bet.’

Giving him the carrot and the stick in his competition with the Blade of Requiem was enough to make him forget about the bet, declaring he would teach him the quintessence of Glacier.

He wasn’t just a doormat at that point, and Raon was unsure of what he should be calling him.

Raon snickered and turned around.



“I-is this a dream?”

“D-did he kill six shark moles on his own?”

The scouts that came out in their combat equipment dropped their jaws, not noticing as their bolts fell to the ground.

“Phew, I’m glad it ended without a fight.”

Dorian was the only person breathing a sigh of relief.

* * *

* * *

Radin halted the scouting as soon as the sun rose. They would’ve normally moved around for two more days, but he ordered them to return, saying that they needed to report the shark moles leaving their territories to head towards Stallin Mountain.

“What’s your identity? I mean, can you please tell me?”

“Have you ever fought against shark moles before? You were dodging everything!”

“I thought you couldn’t even use aura!”

“The flower of flame blooming from your sword was your aura, right?”

The scouts stuck right next to Raon to keep asking him questions. They were rejoicing over the fact that a new powerhouse had arrived at Habun Castle.

“Ahem, please step back! It’s rude to ask a warrior about his abilities!”

Dorian shook his head, wearing thick glasses that he’d taken out at some point.

“I can’t tell you our personal information, but our names are Raon and Dorian, and I can guarantee we belong to the third scouting party together. Don’t worry.”

“Wow, I just got moved to tears.”

“My heart throbbed when I heard ‘we belong to the third scouting party together’.”


The scouts grinned, saying all those things half-jokingly.

“Hey, leader! The leader should also say something!”

“That’s right. We all owe him our lives.”

“Huh, is that guy sulking again?”

Radin didn’t look back even though the scouts kept talking. He just kept walking towards Habun Castle.

Raon nodded, looking at Radin’s straight back as he walked.

‘I guess he can’t say anything.’

Since his mistrust in a recruit resulted in putting everyone in danger, he had no excuses even if he wanted to say something.

‘It can’t be helped.’

It was the first time such a thing had ever happened around there, and the recruit was the one telling him about it. Even if Raon was in Radin’s place, he wouldn’t have believed it. There was a part of him that could understand Radin’s behavior.


Radin, who’d been walking restlessly, finally stood still upon reaching Habun Castle. He turned around and stood in front of Raon with composed eyes.

“Hey, leader! What are you planning to do?”

“Don’t do anything strange…”

As the scouts were trying to stop him, Radin leaned forward and bowed.

“Thank you, I managed to survive thanks to you.”

Radin expressed his gratitude with a trembling voice.

“And I apologize. We were in danger because I didn’t believe you. I’m not going to blame it on my experience or the fact that it was the first time it ever happened. I’m just sorry and grateful to you.”

He didn’t raise his head until he finished saying all that. Raon could hear his sincerity in his voice and see it in the shivering of his shoulders.

I thought he was just an idiot, but he isn’t that bad.

‘I know, right?’

It wasn’t easy for a senior to acknowledge his mistake and beg for forgiveness from a recruit. There was a good reason the scouts looked up to Radin.

“Anyone would’ve thought like you in that situation. It’s alright.”

Raon smiled lightly and made Radin stand. His eyes were filled with surprise as he raised his head.


“People wouldn’t usually believe in a recruit’s babbling. I would’ve been the same, so I understand.”


Radin’ jaw dropped and stared at Raon in a daze.

“You weren’t a weird guy.”


“An angel! You were the angel that came down to save us!”

He murmured some incomprehensible stuff and clenched his fist.

“I’ll buy for you to commemorate this day we survived thanks to the angel! Gather at the Branch of Frost, everyone!”



“What’s the matter with that penny pincher?”

“Let’s drink until we pass out!”

The scouts shouted, running towards Habun Castle.


Dorian came up next to him and shook his head.

“They are seriously weird.”

As he said that, he was holding a yellow apple that only grew in the southern region.

“Eat this one, young master.”

He gave him the apple, saying that it was healthy to eat fruit during the day.

Raon accepted the apple and sighed.

‘You are the weirdest one here…’

* * *

Raon caught his breath after unpacking his luggage in his room, then headed towards the pub called ‘Branch of Frost’, where the scouts were supposed to meet.

A pub located at the edge of the continent, how romantic. The King of Essence is looking forward to the food.

‘Their circumstances aren’t that great, so don’t have too many expectations for the taste.’

The pub probably only had one purpose, which was to relieve the soldiers’ stress. Expecting tasty food would result in disappointment.

You never know. There might be a new sensation like mint chocolate waiting for me.

‘Ah, that’s a bit… hmm?’

He could feel people’s gazes as he frowned.

“Is that him? The recruit that killed six shark moles on his own?”

“His pressure doesn’t feel that strong, though.”

“His eyes are ordinary, too.”

“But I still want to try fighting him.”

“I wonder what swordsmanship he uses.”

Surprise and curiosity. The probing gazes were following his back. He could understand what happened from listening to the whispers.

‘The rumor has already spread.’

The scouts must’ve been spreading the rumor about the recruit that killed six shark moles on his own.

“Wherever you go, your name spreads so quickly.”

“I know, right?”

Raon snickered. Considering the people’s gazes and the circumstances, it seemed something interesting was going to happen soon.

“I think it’s here.”

Dorian pointed at an old building near the entrance of Habun Castle. ‘Branch of Frost’ was written on a partially detached signboard.

They opened the door and entered, and they could see the scout soldiers at the table in the center.

“He was really awesome! He said to trust his sword and turned around to slash the shark mole in a single strike. The crimson blade looked like it was splitting the night sky apart.”

The scout poured the beer in his mouth, then continued.

“At the end, he threw his dagger to smash the head of the shark mole that was running away. I’ve also learned some dagger techniques, but it was my first time witnessing such power and precision. Moreover… Huh? He’s here! The recruit that saved our lives is here!”

He pointed at Raon standing at the entrance, and all gazes inside the pub were directed at him.

“He is so young, though.”

“Are you serious?”

“That kid killed six shark moles?”


“It’s true! Despite how he looks, he is extremely strong!”

Raon sighed and walked towards the table in the center.

“What are you doing right now?”

“I’m spreading the rumor about my junior’s great deeds.”

“It’s normal to share the story after returning from a mission. That’s what allows us to survive the next time.”

The scout that was sitting down grinned and tapped his shoulder.

“Sit down, sit down.”

He pointed at the seat right next to him.

“You are obviously going to leave soon. I’m just bragging about my junior before he leaves, so don’t mind it so much.”

“That’s right. You will be assigned to another group very soon.”

“Let us brag about our great junior.”

The scouts looked at Raon and Dorian with slightly regretful expressions.

“Let’s talk about this later. Let’s eat! The leader’s going to be here soon as well.”


“Owner! Bring the food we ordered!”

It seemed they’d already finished ordering the food, as the food came out immediately. Warm stew, roasted pig, pizza, and fried chicken were brought out to the table.

‘They look delicious for some reason.’

The place can grant a taste. Go ahead and eat it. The King of Essence wants that pizza.


It was when Raon was about to eat the stew, ignoring Wrath, that it happened.

The pub’s door slammed open and people wearing armor with a gray wolf emblem swarmed inside.

Without even looking at the empty seats, they came up to the table in the center.

“Are you Raon?”

The large swordsman with spiky hair stood in front of Raon.

“Yes, I am.”

“I heard you killed six shark moles on your own. I would like to witness your sword.”

His yellow eyes were filled with a clear fighting spirit. He wasn’t looking at him as a praiseworthy young swordsman, but a worthy opponent instead.

‘There are always these types of people on the battlefield.’

The demons of the battlefield; starving for battle, disinterested in money, honor, and belief. Raon could tell with confidence upon seeing his insane eyes. They were the people that were living there in order to fight.

“What do you think you are doing? He is a recruit that joined us only recently!”

“Go away! There’s no place for yo…”

“It’s alright.”

Raon shook his head at the scout seniors that were trying to stop the fight and stood up.

You don’t bother even a Cerberus when they’re eating, yet these worms dare!

‘This is a good opportunity.’

He needed to experience many battles in order to complete the Fangs of Insanity. He was glad that humans were picking a fight with him instead of monsters.

With a scary smile, Raon tapped his sheath.

“My sword is slightly fierce. Is that okay?”

“The fiercer it is, the better.”

Red and yellow eyes met, and the blue flame started screaming in the middle.

Just take a bite of that pizza first, please…


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