The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Chapter 20


Rimmer reflexively covered his mouth with his hand, but he couldn’t hide his wide-open mouth.

‘What’s this now?’

The duel between Raon and Burren was something he had originally planned.

He expected that Burren would object when Raon took first place, which would be solved with their duel.

Rimmer wanted to teach the overconfident Burren a lesson, and display Raon’s excellence to everyone.

However, Raon had changed everything.

In fact, the outline was the same, but the details were too shocking.

Instead of using his strength, agility, and skill to defeat Burren, he sent him flying using the essence of Void Tiger Art.

‘This doesn’t make any sense…’

Despite not using any aura, Burren’s Void Tiger Art was by no means weak, thanks to his talent.

However, Raon saw through the flow of Burren’s fist and reversed its flow right back at him.

If a drunkard claimed a child that had never learned martial arts was capable of such a thing, he would’ve been slapped across the face for spouting such nonsense.


Rimmer swallowed and looked around. Just like him, everyone around them was shocked as they stared blankly at them.

‘Even the head of house is surprised.’

Glenn, who had been as expressionless as a statue, was now frowning in surprise.


Rimmer swallowed again and approached Raon.

“Yes, instructor?”

“What did you just do?”

There were many meanings to that simple question. He was asking whether he really copied the Void Tiger First from watching it, or if he learned it from somebody, or if it was a completely different technique.

“I saw the rotation of Burren’s fist. It was spiraling like a tornado.”

That was true, since the Void Tiger Fist’s particularity is the spiral rotation.

“The rotation was fast enough to push back my defense, hand and fist alike. So, I figured I shouldn’t keep fighting normally.”

Rimmer nodded. He’d planned the duel because he wanted to see how he would overcome that, so he obviously realized that.

“Since I’m confident in my stamina, I considered running around. But as I watched Burren’s fist, I could feel something.”

“You could feel?”

“Yes. The flow created by his fist was clearly visible. It somehow felt like I could do the same thing, so I reversed the rotation to cancel out Burren’s.”


Rimmer unconsciously exclaimed.

‘This guy is the real deal!’

His heart pounded like a drum. Someone capable of understanding the flow of a martial art just by observing was clearly a genius.

However, Raon was even more excellent.

He managed to use the opponent’s flow as if it were his own. It was an endless talent that he had never seen before.


Burren’s father—Glenn’s second son—Karoon Zieghart stood up. Dark flame was burning in his eyes.

“No matter how sloppy Burren is, it’s not humanly possible to understand the Void Tiger Fist at a glance!”

“But he did.”

Rimmer shrugged, pointing at Raon.

“He must have learned it from peeping at Burren’s training! That, or he was taught by someone else!”

Karoon’s savage gaze turned towards Sylvia and Raon.

“Well, I’m too lazy to teach something like that, and who would’ve bothered going to the annex building to teach him the Void Tiger Fist? It doesn’t really make any sense. And Burren isn’t the type of person to let others steal his technique.”


He notably grimaced. He looked like he wanted to say something but couldn’t, as Glenn was watching.

“So, is there anyone else who wants to challenge Raon?”

Rimmer raised his head, looking at the children. No one raised their hand after what had just happened.



Runaan shook her head. She went next to Raon and started to copy the reversed Void Tiger Fist that he had performed.


Rimmer smirked and turned away. The situation was different from his expectations, but the end result was way better.

“Raon, it’s your victory.”

“Thank you.”

Rimmer smiled and Raon bowed lightly.

“There’s nothing to thank me for, it was all you. As for issuing the bronze tablet, the head of house will take care of it.”


Rimmer glanced through Raon as he responded. He was double checking, just to be sure, and Raon certainly did not have any aura.

‘This is so ridiculous.’

He sighed and turned around.

“My lord, the event is over.”

Glenn nodded, then stood up. After briefly looking around the children—including Raon, Burren, and Runaan—he left the training ground.

“He could’ve given a piece of advice before he left.”

Rimmer licked his lips and called out to the children.

“Those who’ve passed shall return here next Monday, after resting for the rest of the week. Those who failed shouldn’t be too disappointed, as there will be another chance for you. Now, dismissed! Have a nice time with your family.”

Rimmer clapped his hands and left the training ground by jumping over the wall.


“Young master Raon!”

As soon as he left, Sylvia and Helen ran up to Raon and hugged him.

“Wh-what happened while you were gone?!”

“Young master, are you hurt anywhere?”

The two were the same as always. They didn’t ask how he did what he did, instead worrying about his body over and over.

“I’m completely fine.”

Raon smiled and shook his hand.

“Let’s go back home now. I miss eating stew!”

“Stew? A-alright! Let’s go!”

“I’ll return first and prepare it!”

Helen trotted out of the training ground, and Raon followed her while holding Sylvia’s hand.


“What the hell happened during the last six months?”

“Raon Zieghart…”

“I never thought that kind of talent existed…”

The people remaining at the training ground just stared at Raon and Sylvia’s backs with blank expressions.


No one was paying attention to Burren, who was just staring at the ground, biting his lip until they bled.

* * *

* * *

At the border of the training ground’s exterior wall, on top of a wall so thin that it could barely fit a bird, five people—men and women alike—stood watching the scene below.

“What do you think?”

The long-haired man sitting in the first row spoke up.

“He is a genius. There’s nothing else to say.”

“If that wasn’t fake, then he must be more talented than him.”

“Copying after reading the flow, that’s ridiculous.”


The four people replied honestly with their impressions.

“We came to watch Runaan and Burren, but that was so worth it.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“As you know, the Red Cloud has suffered many losses recently. You can have Burren or Runaan, and I’ll take Raon…”

“Do you wanna die?”

“You will shamelessly take that endless talent with you!?’

“Think before you speak, if you don’t want to shed blood.”


The atmosphere suddenly turned chilly. The four people looked like they were about to draw their swords.

“I… I’m joking. It’s a joke.’

The long-haired man shook his hand with a hollow smile.

“Anyway, that child will bring about many changes.”


The four people stood in silent agreement as they watched Raon leave the training ground.

The core of Zieghart’s military power were the different divisions, and they had noticed Raon.


Rimmer followed Glenn into the lord’s manor after entrusting the aftermath to the instructors.

“Why did you test them yourself, despite getting weaker and weaker?”

Glenn frowned, sitting on the throne.

“I’m still the head instructor, so I should do my job.”

“Sir Rimmer.”

The butler, Roenn, handed him a cup of tea.

“It’s been a while, Roenn.”


Roenn looked older on the outside, but Rimmer was actually way older than him, so Rimmer spoke casually to him.

“What were you even thinking?”

Glenn asked, supporting his chin with the golden armrest.

“Why did you create a match between Raon and Burren?”

“Well, it just happened…”

“It just happened? Despite it going exactly as you’d planned?”

“Wow, I really can’t fool my lord!”

Rimmer awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

“Burren’s talent is exceptional, but he is narrow minded. Raon has a special something, but it is unknown. I wanted them to have a match to benefit them both.”


“As you’ve seen, coldness is still prevailing over Raon’s body. However, his willpower alone is comparable to an accomplished warrior.”

“I already know that.”

“But there’s one thing you didn’t know, and I didn’t either.”

Rimmer lifted his index finger and continued.

“It’s that he is a genius. I wanted to see his willpower. I looked forward to seeing how he dealt with Burren, who has already learned powerful martial arts.”

Rimmer’s eyes shone like stars in the sky.

“But what he showed us this time wasn’t his willpower, but talent. And an endless talent at that! He managed to counterattack using a flow he understood at a glance! Does that even make sense? I have been on countless battlefields, yet this is my first time seeing such talent!”

“A bum said something like that before. That a child born with Curse of Frost also has exceptional talent.”

“By bum, do you mean the Ragged Saint?”


Glenn nodded and continued.

“They either have an exceptional talent in ice magic or aura or end up becoming a great beauty.”

“That’s it!”

Rimmer stomped the ground.

“It’s the manifestation of that talent! He was born with an absolute talent in martial arts!”


“Burren, Runaan, and your other grandsons and granddaughters are also special, but Raon is even more so. He has the disposition of someone who can become the continent’s absolute best!”

Despite Rimmer’s excitement, Glenn’s expression remained composed.

“It was my first time seeing anything like that. I’m sure the division leaders have never seen such a talent before, either.”

Roenn, who watched the duel along with Glenn, exclaimed his surprise.

“We must train him perfectly. Raon got a bronze tablet, but if we reward him with something better than a silver tablet…”

“That won’t happen.”

Glenn firmly shook his head.

“I ended up rewarding him because of your silly plan, but it would be unreasonable to increase the reward.”

“Eek! But…”

“You shouldn’t favor him either. Treat everyone equally.”

“You are really heartless… ugh!”

Glenn glared at him coldly, making Rimmer flinch and close his mouth.

“Anyway, Raon is the real deal. He shouldn’t just be protected because of his weak body, but he should be properly trained instead. He is probably better than your second grandson, who is called a genius only seen every hundred years, or the first offspring of the Sullion family. You must consider this.”

“You are speaking a lot.”

“Because I saw the real deal.”

“Regardless, there won’t be any special attention unless he contributes to the family’s fame.”

“Huh. He should be given the best elixir or cultivation technique, at least, to help him ease his coldness…”

Rimmer closed his mouth when Glenn raised his hand.

“The bum said that it’s not a good idea to use more fire-attribute elixir. He said Raon needs to overcome it himself.’

“Wow! You pretended to be uninterested in him, yet you looked into it already!”

“Nonsense. He loves to talk, so he just kept babbling.”



Rimmer and Roenn stared at him mischievously.


Glenn clicked his tongue and flicked his finger. Along with a golden flame, the metal door leading to the Zieghart’s treasury appeared behind him.

“I’m going to organize the treasury, so you should leave.”

Glenn spoke before he entered the treasury.

Rimmer and Roenn, who were left in the lord’s manner, looked at each other and grinned. He certainly didn’t go there to organize out of nowhere.

“He really isn’t honest.”


Raon returned to the annex building and spent time with Sylvia.

He didn’t talk a lot, but because there were many things Sylvia was curious about, the conversation kept going.

They only returned to their respective rooms after talking for over six hours.

‘I’m tired.’

Raon sighed as he closed the door. Time spent with Sylvia was comfortable, but it was also more exhausting than training.

Ahem. Finally, a satisfying meal after such a long time. From now on, you should eat here every day.

Wrath wasn’t angry for once. It looked like he was satisfied with the annex building’s food and dessert.

The meals at the training ground were like dog food. I can’t even stand the sight of it anymore.

“I’m sorry to break it to you, but we have to keep eating it.”

Since he’d become an official trainee, he had to stay there for years.

Damn it!

Wrath ground his teeth. He was a parasitic demon king that wanted tasty food. It was ridiculous.

Anyway, I had something to ask you.

“Ask me?”

Raon Zieghart, who the hell are you?

Wrath, who was hanging on his wrist, returned to his blue flame form.

The King of Essence has seen countless humans, and also lived as a human for hundreds of years. However, the King of Essence has never seen anyone like you.

Wrath’s flame burned up explosively. It was even more fierce than the first time they’d met.

The King of Essence could feel it. You are hiding something special. Now tell me your true identity…

“Hey, Wrath.”

A mere human shouldn’t dare call the King of Essence by name!

“There’s something more important than my identity or your name.”


“Your memory is worse than I thought.”

The corners of Raon’s lips lifted as he looked down on Wrath.

“Our bet is over. Stop saying silly things and give me my reward.”



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