The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 223

Chapter 223

“My childhood?”

Raon frowned, meeting Federick’s awkward gaze. He couldn’t even begin to guess what he was about to tell him.

“What do you mean…?”

“Let me explain. I was wondering how long I needed to hide this, but this is a good occasion.”

Federick gestured for him to sit down. Raon sat down opposite him.

“You must remember me visiting you when you were four or five years old, but I actually visited you six times in total.”


Raon briefly licked his lips.

‘I remember all of them.’

Since he was capable of thinking from the moment he was born, he remembered every single instance of Federick’s visits. He’d seen him for the first time when he was one hundred days old, and Federick visited every year after that until he was five years old to treat him and give him an elixir.

“I went to Zieghart on my own accord to check on your condition when you were between the ages of one and five, but the first instance wasn’t of my own volition… And it wasn’t a coincidence, either.”


The first time was shortly after he’d received his name from Glenn.

“I told Sylvia that I dropped by because I heard the news that she had a baby, but…”

Federick let out a small sigh and lowered his head. It looked like he was still hesitating, as he kept sighing.

“Sir Saint.”

“Alright, I need to put an end to this, since I’ve already started. I actually went to the annex building at someone’s request.”


“They asked me to come to Zieghart immediately to check on your condition, and to find an appropriate treatment. It was almost an order at that point.”

He chuckled, saying that it was the first time someone had made such an unreasonable request.

“Who was it?”

“I wouldn’t have said ‘someone’ if I was going to disclose their identity.”

Federick smiled faintly. His smile felt like he was telling him he should know who it was.

“I told them that you had the Curse of Frost, which had no proper cure. Once I mentioned it was necessary to warm your body up with an elixir, ‘that person’ took out a fire attribute elixir and asked me to hand it over to Sylvia.”


Raon’s lips parted.

‘The elixir from back then?’

He swallowed nervously as he learned that the elixir Sylvia warmed up in a bowl for him wasn’t from the Saint, but from ‘that person’.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you before. I had no choice, since they asked me to keep it a secret no matter what.”

“…You don’t need to feel sorry.”

He just felt thankful that he was telling him the story that should’ve been kept a secret.

“That’s why I’m apologizing to you. You risked your life to save me, but I’m not actually the person who helped you back then.”

“Please don’t say that.”

Raon shook his head firmly.

“I’m thankful to you.”

The Saint was an extraordinary person that many people wanted to serve but were unable to. Even though his first visit was due to a request, it was extremely unlikely that anyone would visit Zieghart five more times after that to treat him and give him the elixirs. Even though Federick told him the truth, Raon still didn’t have any regrets for saving him.

“Thank you for saying that. I feel like I’m now indebted to you.”

Federick laughed softly while stroking his beard.

“I’ll do my best and research what you’ve requested in order to repay that debt.”

“You shouldn’t consider it a debt. Please don’t feel obligated.”

“That makes me feel even more obligated, boy!”

Raon and Federick looked at each other warmly and laughed.

“So, did you figure out who called me back then?”


Raon closed his eyes.

“There’s no way I wouldn’t realize.”

The person called for the Ragged Saint Federick, immediately gave him three high grade elixirs, and discovered his negative symptoms. If he was still unable to figure out who it was, he would’ve been better off biting his tongue to kill himself.

Who is that? Who the hell wasted those elixirs on you?

Wrath tilted his head, unable to figure out who it was.

‘Glenn Zieghart.’


‘The head of house called for the Saint.’

It was unimaginable, but there was no mistake. The head of house, Glenn Zieghart, called for the Saint back then.

‘So, he knew about my condition all along.’

Glenn must’ve realized when he named Raon that he was suffering from the Coldness of the Frost.

‘Then… Why?’

Raon couldn’t understand why he feigned ignorance, as if he weren’t interested in him.

‘I thought he disliked me.’

The fact that he let the direct lines and even the collaterals humiliate him and his request to the Saint were contradictory.


Federick’s mouth twitched as he watched Raon contemplating that knowledge with lowered eyebrows.

‘He must’ve realized it was Glenn’s doing.’

Federick thought Raon must’ve figured out it was Glenn before he got all the hints, since he was a smart boy.

‘I’m sorry, iron mask.’

Federick secretly apologized to Glenn, who shouldn’t have been aware of the situation at all.

‘However, I still kept it a secret that you visited Raon every day to pour aura into him, and even used the tablet.’

Glenn cherished Raon more than anyone else. He had visited him every day to push out the coldness and had used the godly tablet in order to call Federick, which could only be used once in a lifetime.

‘Stop being stupid now, get along in the future.’

A small smile appeared on Federick’s face as he wished for the awkward grandfather and grandson to become more intimate, since their relationship looked as apathetic as the one between a cow and a chicken on the outside.

“Sir Saint.”

Raon looked like he had many questions to ask.

“Other than the first time, did you visit me without him making a request?”

“Correct. He didn’t say anything to me.”

“In that case, can I ask you a question?”

Federick gave a big nod, telling him to ask whatever he wanted.

“The first time was because of a request, but why did you visit me every year for the next five years? It must’ve been difficult for you to come to Zieghart, since you travel throughout the continent to treat people.”

Federick always traveled throughout the continent in order to treat people, rather than staying in one place. It was really exceptional that he visited him every year to treat him despite that.

“It was because of your eyes.”


“How shall I say it…?”

He scratched his head as he chose his words.

“You weren’t crying or laughing even though you were just a newborn baby. Your eyes were as calm and composed as an adult’s. I might sound crazy, but your eyes felt like you were determined to stand alone, as if you’d gone through long years of difficulties.”


Raon averted his eyes and chewed his lip.

‘That’s exactly it.’

Because he was betrayed in his previous life, he was planning to grow up without accepting anyone’s help in Zieghart before leaving.

However, he changed his mind after he associated with many people, starting with Sylvia and Helen.

“I wanted to change those eyes. I wanted to teach you that there are people in this world who help and love others without anything in return, and to see your smile. Though, you wouldn’t have been able to understand that at your age, not back then.”

Federick awkwardly scratched the back of his head.


Raon clenched his fist. Federick’s sincere feelings tugged at his heartstrings.

“Since you asked me a question, let me make a request.”

“Please do.”

“Are you going to grant it?”


Since Federick had just displayed his sincerity, there was no way he could refuse.

“Then, try smiling for once.”


Because it was a completely unexpected request, his eyes rounded like the moon.

“I told you I wanted to see your smile. Since I’ve never saw you smiling in your childhood, you should try smiling now.”


“Didn’t you say just now that you’d grant any of my requests?”


Raon covered his cheeks with his hands and frowned.

“I didn’t ask you to frown. I asked you to smile.”

“I-Isn’t there anything else I can do for you?”

It would’ve been better if he was asked to fight Eden one more time. Suddenly being asked to smile made his cheeks feel hot in embarrassment.


Federick loudly cleared his throat, urging him to do it.


Raon sighed deeply. When he thought about it, he had never smiled before while Federick was treating him.

“Please wait a moment.”

Raon pinched his cheeks to stretch them before turning his head around. He smiled as naturally as possible in order to meet Federick’s expectations.

It was extremely embarrassing, but he maintained the smile until the end in order to return his feelings.


Federick nodded and smiled softly.

“Just like Encia said, you look so damn handsome.”

* * *

* * *


Raon sighed, left alone in the room.

‘I don’t understand him.’

He could understand why Glenn called for Federick. Since his grandson was sick, calling an excellent healer to check his condition was a natural course of action.

‘But why did he hide it?’

He couldn’t understand why he hid everything after calling for the Saint, the best healer ever, and gave away three whole elixirs.

‘Was he trying to avoid the attention of direct lines and collaterals?’

That was also unlikely. Glenn held absolute power in Zieghart. Since his influence covered the entirety of Zieghart, a single word would’ve been enough to stop the palace masters from messing around with the annex building.

‘It’s difficult to say that he cherishes me.’

Glenn never gave him anything for no reason. The Judgment Ceremony was the only time he’d met Glenn until he was twelve years old, and he’d never received any gifts from him. Since he’d always rewarded him according to his achievements, he’d never had the thought that Glenn might cherish him.

‘No, he was a bit different when he taught me the Supreme Harmony Steps.’

Instead of telling him the Supreme Harmony Steps’ principles or giving him a book, he personally demonstrated it for him. Now that he thought about it, Glenn looked different back then.

‘I don’t get it.’

Raon pulled on his hair. It felt more mysterious the more he thought about it.

Tsk, it’s obvious.

Wrath came up on the bracelet and clicked his tongue.


Yes. He’s trying to use you.


Since you are the King of Essence’s vessel, you must’ve been extraordinary from birth. That old man must’ve realized your talent, and he must be trying to bring fame to the house by using you.

He murmured that the human realm was the exact same as Devildom.

‘Shut up.’

Raon frowned. Naturally, he’d considered that possibility, but Wrath telling him about it irritated him.

‘I need to check the head of house’s reaction once we return.’

He figured he needed to check that in order to find out his intention. Since he was thoroughly used in his previous life, he was certain he would be able to recognize if Glenn was really trying to use him.

Knock Knock.

Once Raon finished sorting through his thoughts, a small knocking sound could be heard from the door. It was a familiar sound, since he’d heard it multiple times in the city.

“You can enter.”

The door opened as soon as he answered, a boy with composed eyes despite his slightly arrogant appearance entered. He was Yulius, the one who had escaped alongside the Saint.


Yulius bowed politely.

“Hello. You aren’t hurt, are you?”

Raon smiled gently and nodded. Ever since he woke up, Yulius had been visiting him almost every day to greet him politely. His actions were completely different from his appearance.

“You don’t need to keep visiting me. You shouldn’t feel obligated just because I saved you.”

Just like Federick’s act of kindness when he was a baby, he didn’t want anything from Yulius in return either. He just wished for him to grow up well without being traumatized by the incident.

“Ah, I…”

Yulius hesitantly bit his lips. He looked different from his usual smart appearance.

“You can tell me anything you want. It’s okay.”

“Would you mind me going with you?”


“I’d like to go with you, Sir Swordsman.”

Yulius made the request with a straight gaze. His determination could be felt from his unwavering eyes.

“Why would you do that all of the sudden?”

“It’s not sudden. I’ve been thinking about it ever since you saved me and the Saint. I heard you were leaving in two days, and I thought now would be the only time to ask you.”

Raon already had the feeling that his speech was well balanced, despite his young age. He must’ve been properly educated in courtesy.

“What about your family?”

“I don’t have any. I’ve been alone ever since my grandfather perished.”


His nonchalant voice surprised Raon.

‘I see.’

Judging from the situation, the war over Yulius must’ve happened after his grandfather’s death.

Raon controlled his aura perception while looking into Yulius’s firm and composed eyes.

‘His body is sturdy and flexible. His mana circuit is… huh?’

He thought Yulius was in a pretty good physical condition as he examined inside him before his jaw dropped.

‘How is a kid’s mana circuit…?’

His mana circuit was even thicker and wider than a decent swordsman at a Sword User’s level. The interior was clean, and the energy center was also bigger and sturdier than others. He should’ve been able to gather aura faster than anyone else if he learned how to cultivate it.

‘This is why everyone was crazy over him.’

His physical condition was pretty good, but his insides were the real deal. Yulius had an amazing talent to reach higher.

However, what Raon liked the most wasn’t those conditions.

He liked the calm and mature mentality he had, which were rare for children of his age.

“It’s not difficult to take you with us, but this is your hometown. Are you really fine leaving it?”

“It’s not like I can never return here, and I think it’s fine to keep my hometown in mind.”

Yulius’ eyes sparkled, once more sounding older than his young years.

“Alright. I’ll tell the Heavenly Blade leader about it, since it’s not a difficult request.”

Raon smiled faintly and nodded.

“But why did you come to me? It would’ve been easier if you went to the Heavenly Blade leader in the first place.”

“Because you are the one who made me want to go to Zieghart, Sir Swordsman.”


Raon could guess what the kid was thinking. He must’ve been mistaking him for a hero that came to save him.

“Then you should change your mind. It’s not a good idea to come to Zieghart just because of me.”


Yulius quickly shook his head.

“It wasn’t a simple decision at all. I felt a human’s fragrance from Sir Swordsman, rather than a hero.”

“A human’s fragrance?”

“I want to become a swordsman that can carry through my goal, with a strong resolution even if I’m not strong enough. I really thought deeply about it, so please accept me.”

The words ‘human’s fragrance’ and ‘one who can carry through his goal’ left a strong impression on Raon.

‘Is that how he saw me…?’

He wasn’t sure what part of Raon made Yulius describe him as such, but it wasn’t a bad feeling.

“Alright. We will be leaving in two days, so don’t be late.”

“Thank you!”

Yulius bowed deeply before leaving the room.


Wrath licked his lips while staring at Yulius’ back.

Why does this guy get all those…?


Raon looked down at Wrath.

‘Is there something special about that kid?’

No idea!

Wrath returned to the bracelet, showing that he had no intention of telling him.

‘I need to check…’

* * *

Two days later.

Raon left the mansion he was staying in, ready to leave Retran. Everyone had already finished their preparations and were waiting in front of Encia’s carriage.

“You are too late, just because you are the protagonist.”

Sheryl frowned, leaning her back against the carriage.

“It’s not the appointed time for departure yet, though.”

“You have to win all arguments, don’t you?”

Raon pointed at the sky, and Sheryl chuckled before going to the front of the carriage.

“Sir Raon?”

The carriage’s window opened, and Encia came out. With her swelling having died out, her refreshing appearance was shining brilliantly under the sunlight.

“Sir Raon!”

It wasn’t just her face—her entire upper body came out of the window as she waved her hand.

“Woaah! You are so freaking handsome today as well! It’s the best so far! You look even more handsome now that I can open my eyes wide!”

“My lady!”

“Please, stop!”

Encia barely avoided falling out from the carriage’s window thanks to the maids grabbing her.

‘She’s even more excited.’

Raon scratched his chin. Encia was rampaging even more now, shouting about his handsomeness, because her pain had disappeared.

“Do you feel any discomfort?”

“My back used to hurt a bit, but it doesn’t anymore! Sir Raon’s face is my medicine, and his face is my food!”


Dealing with her felt uncomfortable, but he at least felt relieved from how much brighter she’d gotten compared to when she used to suffer so much from the pain.

“I thought my impression would change when the pain faded away, but not at all! He’s just soo handsome! He’s a good person even though he’s handsome, he’s smart even though he’s handsome, and he’s even a Master on top of being handsome!”

Encia was almost praising his handsomeness even after she got dragged back into the carriage by her maids.

“Haa, she got even worse…”

“The ugly ones are just so sad.”

“I want to die…”

“You can’t do that yet. The river is cold.”

“I’m ugly, stupid, and still an Expert!”

The Heavenly Blade members and the Light Wind members standing around the carriage started screaming while grasping their heads.



Federick giggled as he watched them, and Yulius just stared blankly at them.

“Mhm, damn handsome, freaking handsome. A Master on top of being handsome…”

Runaan nodded, repeating Encia’s words several times. She was apparently trying to remember them.

“Get ready if you are done playing around!”


Raon followed Sheryl’s order and mounted his horse. The other swordsmen also got into positions in front of the horses and the carriage, waiting for the order to leave.

“Our destination is House Yonaan! The mission isn’t over! Never let your guard down!”



Just like last time, Sheryl rode her horse in the front row, and everyone else followed.

As they slowly followed the main street on their horses, people swarmed around them from both sides.


“Zieghart’s swordsmen! Thank you for saving us!”

“Thank you very much!”

The citizens were waving their hands to cheer for all of the swordsmen. Their clear eyes expressed their thanks after having overcome their sadness.

“I’m definitely going to repay the favor of saving my life!”

“Please call me anytime you need me!”

“I’ll go anywhere to help!”

The surviving swordsmen from Houses Basin and Trian were saluting with their swords, holding their swords down vertically. It was an expression of their resolution to repay the great debt they’d received.

“That’s enough. You should return and start training.”

Sheryl shook her hand at the swordsmen with a faint smile on her face.


“Sir Raon!”

“The Frostfire Sword of Valor!”

“We will be looking forward to hearing from you! Frostfire Sword of Valor!”

When Raon passed by them, they cheered louder than all the other times combined. Everyone’s eyes widened at the ear-splitting sound.

“Frostfire Sword of Valor?”

Raon tilted his head, since it was his first time hearing about it.

“They are talking about you.”

Burren came up next to him and pointed at him with his chin.


“It’s a new nickname for Raon Zieghart, an honorable swordsman who ran into Eden’s trap without hesitation in order to repay his gratitude from his childhood, only to slay the Blood Raving Demon, the Red Wolf Demon, and the Black Winged Demon.”

He smiled happily as if it were his own matter.

“And the best part is the single strike match against the Evil Goat Demon. The entire continent was deeply impressed by the fact that you didn’t lower your sword until the very end in order to protect the Saint and the boy.”

Dorian frowned, saying that it was a shame he didn’t witness that scene directly.

“But why the Frostfire Sword of Valor…?”

“It must mean that you are a valiant swordsman who can use ice and fire at the same time, while also meaning flower* at the same time. Anyway, it’s a really nice title!”

“I also want a nickname like that…”

Krein came up next to him and nodded, saying that he was jealous.

Raon waved his hand at the people who were smiling brightly while calling his name and nickname. Their cheers became even louder, to the point where his hearing grew muffled, and his heart started pounding.

After what happened at Habun Castle, he realized once again that he felt a strange excitement from people cheering for his name and creating a nickname for him.

Rosy and the other priests came to them from the castle gate and bowed. Once they raised their hands towards the sky, a white light surged to surround everyone in the party.

“May the blessings be with the heroes.”

Rosy and the priests raised their heads and smiled gently.

“May the blessings be with you.”

Raon bowed to the priests after Sheryl’s greeting, before leaving Retran. Even though they were outside the city, they could still hear the people’s cheers.

“I thought I was going to die from my heart pounding so hard.”

“I know, right? My heart is still pounding.”

Dorian and Krein were blushing with awkward smiles on their faces.

“Tsk, that wasn’t even a big deal.”

“Get a grip!”

Despite what they said, Martha and Burren’s faces also looked excited.


Runaan was the most composed among them, eyes as blank as the horses’.

Raon smiled faintly at them before looking at the sky. Since their job was over, there was just one thing left to do.

‘Rewards after completing the mission.’

It was already decided.

Mere artifacts weren’t what he wanted from House Yonaan.

* T/N: Fire and Flower use the same characters. It’s also why the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation has flower petals made of fire.


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