The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 225

Chapter 225

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the box with red and blue dragons embedded on it.

‘Is this really a legendary artifact?’

Michelle had taken the box from among lumps of junk instead of a separate location. The way she gave it to him looked like she picked up a pebble on the ground, yet she was—surprisingly—telling him it was a legendary artifact.

‘I guess that’s how she stores all of her artifacts.’

The high-grade artifacts he’d returned earlier were also scattered around on the ground. It just seemed to be her personality that meant she never organized anything.

“Try opening it.”


Raon opened the box, after facing Michelle’s anticipatory gaze.

‘A ring?’

There was a ring inside the box, and it had a peculiar shape. It was a strange figure, resembling red and blue dragons biting each other’s tails.

‘What amazing craftsmanship…’

The two dragons forming the rings were so nicely made that everything from their facial features to every single scale looked alive. Only famous artisans should’ve been able to engrave so many details into such a small ring.

“This artifact is called the Blue and Red Ring. That ring should be helpful for Sir Raon, since you can use both fire and water attributes.”

“Fire and water attributes?”

“Yes. It has the ability to amplify the power of fire and water attribute mana and absorb the impact inside your body.”


Raon’s lips parted as he looked at the Blue and Red Ring. If it was truly capable of enhancing the two attributes’ aura and reducing internal injury, it was a perfect artifact for him.

‘Did she prepare this in advance for me?’

Michelle must’ve picked the artifact he needed the most after hearing the story of his battle.

“I was planning to keep it to commemorate the moment instead of selling it, but it found the right owner in the end.”

Michelle’s eyes seemed sentimental as she looked at the Blue and Red Ring. There must’ve been a story behind it.

“Is it really okay for me to accept this?”

Raon licked his lips while caressing the box that contained the Blue and Red Ring. Since the pre-exclusive rights were already a huge reward for him, he felt uncomfortable about receiving such a ring in addition.

Moreover, he felt especially reluctant because the mission was about saving someone’s life.

“Of course. This artifact’s creator is also going to be glad if Sir Raon accepts it.”



Michelle looked aside while laughing lightly.

“Sir Raon is so damn handsome, whether you are under the natural light or indoor lighting.”

Encia was grinning there like a fool while staring at Raon, who was holding the Blue and Red Ring.

“By any chance…?”

“That’s right. The Blue and Red Ring is the first legendary artifact crafted by Encia. Though, we couldn’t even advertise it because her illness appeared right after she made it.”


Raon gasped at Encia.

‘How is this possible?’

Encia looked in her early- to mid-twenties at most. Since she had collapsed two years ago, that meant that she managed to create a legendary artifact at around twenty years of age. Raon couldn’t close his mouth at how ridiculous it was.

“She is another genius who will cause an uproar throughout the continent.”

“I’ve never heard of anyone crafting a legendary artifact in their twenties…”

Sheryl and Federick’s eyes widened, also surprised by the fact that Encia had made the Blue and Red Ring.


The genius herself was just smiling like a fool while watching Raon, not even realizing that she was being complimented.


“He’s so freaking handsome.”


“I’ll never get bored of watching… Ack!”

Focus finally returned to Encia’s eyes after Michelle smacked her back.

“Encia, is it okay if we give the Blue and Red Ring to Sir Raon?”

“Of course. A piece of work is only completed upon meeting a good master, after all.”

Encia’s ocean blue eyes glowed with wisdom. It seemed to be the true appearance of the artisan who created a legendary artifact in her twenties.

“Actually, that ring has one more effect.”

“Is there another effect on top of mana enhancement and internal injury reduction?”


Encia nodded while radiating confidence with her entire body.

‘She really is extraordinary.’

There was no way the successor candidate of House Yonaan, who created a legendary artifact in her twenties, would be an idiot who only cared about appearance.

“Then, what’s the last ability?”

Raon was filled with anticipation as he opened his mouth, just like when he met Encia the first time.

“I didn’t expect it to have that ability either, but it makes your skin smoother and brighter.”


Raon tilted his chin as he heard a completely unexpected ability.

“In short, it’s a cosmetic ability! I’m looking forward to how much more handsome you are going to become once you wear it, Sir Raon!”

Encia stuck out her face while rubbing her hands. It looked like she was going to drool from her open mouth like that.

“Try wearing it already!”

She broadly swayed her hand, urging him to wear the Blue and Red Ring.


Raon swallowed nervously.

‘It was my mistake.’

The way she only cared about appearance was her true form, and the mysterious atmosphere she had earlier must’ve been fake.

“Hurry up!”

“Hmm, alright.”

He let out a small sigh and put on the Blue and Red Ring. He expected it to be rough, but his finger fit into the ring smoothly instead.


The moment he completely equipped the Blue and Red Ring, blue and red lights radiated from the two dragons’ eyes, and energy pierced into his mana circuit like a thread to harmonize with the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier in his energy center.


The energies of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier, which activated by themselves, had a completely different sturdiness and size than before. The mana enhancement effect of the Blue and Red Ring was bigger and faster than he’d thought.

‘I can also understand how it protects my insides.’

Countless mana particles, which were soft and small at the same time, were spread out inside his body. They seemed to be the ones reducing the impact on his system.


Raon’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the Blue and Red Ring. It was a legendary artifact for a good reason, since he could immediately feel the aura enhancement and the internal injury reduction effects.

What the hellll?!

Wrath came up on the bracelet, his nose wrinkled.

Why are there so many pushovers in the world? Why does everyone crave giving you all the good stuff?

He screamed, saying that he couldn’t possibly get so many rewards from a single mission. He must’ve been irritated because Raon got all those rewards after getting so many stats from him.

Stupid pushovers!

Raon snickered while watching Wrath breath out cold steam over his head.

‘And you are the biggest one of them all.’

Since he shouldn’t cut the giving tree, he didn’t tell Wrath that he was also one of those pushovers.

“This is amazing.”

Raon smiled in excitement while lifting the Blue and Red Ring.


However, the other people weren’t looking at the Blue and Red Ring, but at Raon’s face instead—their eyes wide.


“H-His face is really shining…”

“He became twice as handsome! His face is literally filled with handsomeness!”

Michelle and Federick gasped, and Encia’s eyes became so big that they could pop out.

“Th-That ring is pretty effective. I can feel your spirit from your face.”

Even Sheryl stuttered, even though she didn’t normally care about appearances.


Raon took off the Blue and Red Ring from his finger, sighing briefly.

‘I think I should only wear this ring during fights.’

* * *

* * *

Daybreak, Three Days Later.

Raon and the Zieghart swordsmen relieved their fatigue and finished their preparations to return.

The swordsmen were wearing new accessories on their wrists and fingers, which were all gifts from Encia.

“Prepare to leave. Double check that you haven’t left anything behind.”

Like always, Sheryl came out before anyone else to check on the condition of the swordsmen.


Raon and the swordsmen nodded, checking their equipment and bags once again.

“I’m really sad that I can’t see Sir Raon anymore for a while.”

Encia covered her mouth and frowned, bags under her eyes. She looked like she couldn’t sleep at all the night before.

“I almost want to fall sick once again. I’m not even joking.”

Her completely unwavering eyes were telling him she was serious. Raon started to feel a bit afraid of her.

“Damn, and freaking handsome over and over again, I’m so tired of it.”

“But today is the last time we have to see that self-esteem thief. Be patient.”

Dorian and Krein shook their heads while staying away from Encia.

“What do you mean? I’m the one who will visit Zieghart in the future for exclusive trades! I’m looking forward to seeing you again, so thank you in advance for your cooperation!”

Encia looked around at them and smiled brightly.

“That self-esteem demon is coming. She’s following us to Zieghart…”




“Let’s die.”


Krein and Dorian’s faces twisted as they sank to the ground.

“Lady Encia.”

Burren went to Encia while touching the turquoise necklace around his neck.

“Is it really okay for me to have something like this?”

“I agree. We barely did anything compared to Raon.”

Martha also frowned while looking at the brown bracelet around her wrist. She must’ve also felt uncomfortable about it.

“Of course, it is. You’ve defended me against the assassins’ attack, and also saved Retran. Please feel free to keep them.”

Encia nodded with a refreshing smile on her face.

“Moreover, Yonaan and Zieghart are going to advance together in the future. You can consider it a gift and a bribe to remember that contract.”

She joked while shaking her hand in order to relieve their pressure.

“Hmm, I’ll gladly accept it in that case.”

Burren politely bowed. Martha also nodded to express her thanks.

‘Even her personality is nice.’

Raon smiled faintly while watching Encia greet the swordsmen. She had many considerations on top of her excellent abilities. He could understand why everyone in House Yonaan cherished her so much.

“Sir Raon! Can’t you just stay and live here? I’m almost addicted to your face! It’s a drug!”

It would’ve been great if she didn’t have that aspect to her…

Raon sighed and turned around.

“Sir Raon.”

Michelle walked up to him with a small smile.

“I’d like to have a word with you. Is that okay?”

“Of course.”

Raon nodded and followed Michelle.

“I should’ve said this before, but I only managed to bring this up now.”

She stopped at the garden entrance, where two trees entwined with each other.

“Do you have a marriage partner by any chance?”


Raon’s eyes widened. He thought she would talk about business, but Michelle was talking about marriage, which was completely unexpected for him.

“Judging from your expression, you must not have one.”

“Th-That’s true.”

“Then, what do you think about my daughter as your spouse?”

Michelle looked at Encia, who was holding Runaan’s hands to teach her strange words.

“I’m not saying this because she’s my daughter. I think she objectively has a pretty good personality, appearance, and ability. Not to mention, our house is remarkable enough as well.”

She continued while smiling faintly.

“Since she loves Sir Raon a lot, can you give it a thought?”

Michelle’s tone was completely calm. That meant that she was serious, with no jokes involved.


Raon briefly exhaled.

‘I haven’t really thought about that.’

The first objective for his new life was revenge, and the second objective was Sylvia and the annex building occupants’ happiness.

After that, he started many troubles, and the number of enemies increased even further.

It was impossible to shove Derus into the gutter without risking his life. Since he could die at any moment, he never thought about his own future. He’d been only focusing on getting stronger.

“I’m sorry, but I never thought about that. I don’t have any room for that, either.”

Raon lowered his head and expressed his refusal in a roundabout way.

“I see.”

Michelle nodded, as if she expected that answer.

“Do you remember when I mentioned your eyes made me trust you, Sir Raon?”


“It’s true that I saw sincerity in your serious eyes, but I couldn’t see any rest nor anticipation in them either. I’d like you to take care of yourself a bit more.”

She smiled softly while meeting his eyes.


Raon swallowed nervously. Just like all the streams that met with each other to become one in the ocean, the masters—regardless of their craft—seemed to have an extraordinary perception.


He thought it might not be a bad idea to think about his future a little, since he might still be alive after he finished everything, even though the chances were extremely small.

“Thank you for your advice.”

Raon bowed politely.

“But it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t serious about my suggestion earlier.”


“Please consider taking Encia as your partner in that future.”

“I’m still a collateral now. You should choose her partner from the direct line…”

“Considering you said ‘still’, you must be confident that it will change in the future. I’ll be waiting.”

Michelle waved her hand in a circle before going to Sheryl.


Raon turned his head towards the hearty laughter. Federick was smiling there while coming out of the mansion.

“You must feel defeated.”


Raon scratched his red cheek. None of the people who’d reached the position of the head of house were easy to deal with.

“Were you checking on that maid?”

Considering the amount of fatigue covering Federick’s face, he must’ve examined the maid’s condition all night long. She was the maid who had injected the hell worm into Encia.

“The brainwashing was stronger than I thought. I guess it’s only natural since she’s been constantly brainwashed over a long period of time.”

He was exactly right. Just like his previous life, that maid’s head must’ve been engraved with fear and brainwashing since her childhood.

“But don’t worry about it. I called someone who is extremely knowledgeable in this field, so we should be able to find a way to treat her, even though it might take some time.”

“I believe in you.”

Raon nodded. Since Federick was the most trustworthy person for that matter, trusting and waiting was the best thing he could do.

“Are you really not coming with us? It’s okay to delay the brainwashing treatment…”

“Brainwashing is one thing, but I also have the homework you gave me, and the patients that Temas was treating before. I’m going to be too busy for that.”

He shrugged, telling him that he had too much work to do.

“It can’t be helped.”

Raon straightened up and bowed.

“Thank you for everything so far.”

“I should be the one to thank you, boy!”

Federick chuckled, tapping Raon’s shoulder.

“I’ll be speechless if you thank me after saving my life! Are you trying to boast?”

“There’s no way I would do that.”

Raon shook his head with a faint smile on his face.

“I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done, from my childhood to now.”


Federick’s mouth curved into a smooth smile. He apparently didn’t dislike the thanks coming from the bottom of Raon’s heart.

“Please stay healthy.”

“Ah, wait!”

As Raon was about to return after bowing to him, Federick grabbed his shoulder.

“If you ever want to learn about his true feelings, do that thing you did before…”

He told him a method to find out Glenn’s true feelings before returning to the mansion.

I don’t think that’s going to work at all.

‘I agree.’

Raon furrowed his brows as he watched Federick return to the mansion.

* * *

The long mission finally ended. They went to Retran City from House Yonaan, only to return afterward. The swordsmen—including Raon—finally arrived at Zieghart’s main gate.

The extremely tall silver gate and the perpetual snow around it always ignited a swordsman’s ambition whenever they saw them.

“The Heavenly Blade division and Light Wind squad have returned after completing a mission from the head of house.”

Sheryl walked up to the gate and announced their return.

“Greeting the Heavenly Blade division leader!”

“Great job on your mission!”

The swordsmen guarding the door called for the door to open. They weren’t looking at Sheryl, but Raon, who was standing behind her.

‘Did the rumor already spread all the way here?’

Raon licked his lips as he felt the gatekeepers and the swordsmen on top of the castle walls looking at him. Considering the way everyone kept staring at him, the rumor about him becoming a Master must’ve reached Zieghart already.

“All the attention you are going to get is going to give you a hard time.”

Ekan came up next to him and chuckled.

“You should be more careful with your behavior from now on. More people in the upper echelon are going to try finding fault in you.”

Since they got close to each other during the mission, his advice was filled with warmth.

“I’ll remember it.”

Raon nodded while looking at the opening gate. A high position came with responsibility and attention. He was ready to take on everything, whether it was attention, jealousy, or a challenge.


The huge gate opened wide. As Raon was wondering what Glenn would tell him while watching that majestic sight, a red-haired man came out.

“Raon! Boys and girls! Welcome back!”

It was Rimmer. He ran towards them with widespread arms to welcome them.


Raon narrowed his eyes while watching the approaching Rimmer.

‘How did he become penniless again?’


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