The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 235

Chapter 235

“I want you to become my subordinate.”

Raon nonchalantly declared his wish for completing the Promise of Three.


Probably because no one had expected such a wish, the nervous gulping sounds were all that could be heard, even though there were more than ten people around.



Dorian caught his dropping jaw with both hands, and Rimmer dropped the gold coins he was hiding in surprise.



The Gambling Monster’s underlings were chewing on their fingernails while looking at the Gambling Monster with completely terrified eyes.


The Gambling Monster was frozen stiff, his hand extended towards Raon. His complexion had turned pale, suggesting that the wish was completely unexpected for him as well. He looked like he would collapse if someone gave him a little push.

“Wh-What did you just say?”

“I said that I want you to become my subordinate.”

“Are you telling me, the Gambling Monster, to become your servant?”

“That’s not the case.”

Raon slowly shook his head. Everyone was agitated, but he was the only one that was keeping his composure after making such a suggestion.

“It’s not a servant. I want you to be my subordinate.”


The Gambling Monster rotated his neck while exhaling a hot breath. The ferocity in his eyes suggested that he would start a second match at any time.

“Do you really believe I would grant you a wish like that?”

“You said it yourself. ‘As the first winner of the Promise of Three, tell me your wish. I’ll grant anything you say.’ Wasn’t that what you said?”

Raon maintained his smile, repeating exactly what the Gambling Monster had said before.

“Please don’t tell me that you already forgot what you said.”


The Gambling Monster wrinkled his nose, suppressing the pressure that was boiling like magma.

“I didn’t think the continent’s celebrity, the Gambling Monster, would attempt to go back on his word.”


He could only bite his lip, once again unable to find a way to refute him. He couldn’t do anything, just like a trapped rat, because of his fame and what he’d said already.

“But that’s…”

“I guess it wouldn’t look great in many ways, since you are much older than me and you are famous throughout the continent.”

Raon raised the pitch of his voice a little, scratching his chin.

“Th-That’s right. Despite how I look, I’m as old as the head of house! It will be too humiliating to become your subordinate!”

“Then I’ll make another wish. Can you grant it this time?”

“Of course! Just say it!”

The Gambling Monster clenched his fist, showing his willingness to do anything as long as he wouldn’t become his subordinate.

“Our Light Wind Squad has lots of shortages because we are a new organization. For instance, we need an instructor that can systematically and efficiently teach the members instead of me and the squad leader.”

“Hmm, instructor!”

The Gambling Monster gave a big nod, as he figured that an instructor would be alright. However, Raon’s wish wasn’t over yet.

“Other than the instructor, we also need a manager. I’ve been in charge of it so far, but we need someone to systematically deal with accounting, supply, and human resource management.”

“Ahem, the squad’s administrative officer…”

“And since we are a new organization, we also need more money. We need an independent financial officer that has means to acquire money on their own.”

“F-Financial officer…”

“And since I’m often away on missions, I’d like to have someone who can follow my instructions and act in the annex building and the fifth training ground.”

Raon calmly continued while looking at the Gambling Monster, who was breaking out in cold sweat.

“I’d like Sir Gambling Monster to do those things.”

“Ah, are you telling me to do everything you mentioned just now?”


Raon firmly nodded.

“Uh, so. Instructing, accounting, supplying, human resource management…”

“He also mentioned financing and dealing with his personal matters.”

Dorian and Rimmer dropped their jaws after counting how many things Raon had mentioned with their fingers.

‘Isn’t he pretty much his servant if he does all those?’

‘There’s no difference at all!’

They swallowed their thoughts and blankly stared at Raon. Their eyes were trembling violently.

“How about it? You can do this much, can’t you? Hmm, since you have to manage various matters, your position will be a general administrator, and you will be affiliated with the annex building.”

Raon even created his position, without waiting for his answer. He was nailing down the agreement so that the Gambling Monster couldn’t refuse.

“H-How is that any different from the first suggestion?”

The Gambling Monster asked, while tightly gripping his wrist. His hoarse voice sounded like he had caught a cold.

“You are getting the nice title of a general administrator. You are also affiliated to the annex building instead of me. Ah, you are also getting some freedom as well.”

Raon nodded, saying that it was good enough.

“I’ve backed down a lot, so I believe you aren’t going to refuse this second wish as well.”


The Gambling Monster hung his head while biting his lip. His trembling chin revealed his extremely turbulent emotions.

“Ah, and one more thing.”

Raon raised his hand.

“You only need to listen to me, Sir General Administrator. You don’t need to obey the squad leader.”

“Hey! What are you talking about? He obviously has to obey me, since he’s a general administrator!”

Rimmer’s eyes widened even though he had been grinning until a moment ago.

“He’s the annex building’s general administrator, not the Light Wind Squad’s general administrator. Since he’s just helping the Light Wind, it’s natural that he only listens to me. After all, he’d gamble all day long if I let the squad leader order him around.”


Rimmer couldn’t close his mouth as he groaned, because Raon hit the nail on the head.

“Haa, that’s the only part I like about the suggestion.”

The Gambling Monster sighed, the sound as sticky and deep as a swamp. He raised his head to glare at Raon.

“It’s really shitty to admit it.”

Even though he was not entirely part of the house, asking an elder from the house like him to become his subordinate was a type of madness that he’d never expected him to spout. He was honestly wondering how someone could be so crazy.

‘He’s not crazy. He thoroughly planned everything.’

Raon had started strong by asking him to become his subordinate, so that he could turn him into his general administrator. The Gambling Monster was now given a hellish choice, where he had to become a general administrator in order to avoid becoming a subordinate. Moreover, Raon even gave him a small freedom in the end by telling him he didn’t need to obey Rimmer’s orders, all to make him feel slightly better.

Considering his scheming ability from the beginning to the end, he should’ve gotten a dirty nickname like the Gambling Demon or Plotting Demon instead of a cool nickname Frostfire Sword of Valor.

“Damn it!”

He couldn’t find any way to escape the situation, since he was the one who first told him he would grant any wish.

“Thank you for ‘voluntarily’ becoming my general administrator.”

Raon bowed at the Gambling Monster, who was swearing.

“V-Voluntarily? Did you just say it was voluntary?”

“It was your choice when you were given two different choices. Therefore, it was voluntary.”

“Do you even know what the word voluntary mea…?”

“I’m looking forward to your cooperation.”

Raon interrupted the Gambling Monster, who was about to explode in anger, and bowed once again.

“Damn it!”

The Gambling Monster ground his teeth so hard that they were close to breaking before turning around. He looked like he was about to leave immediately.

“Ah, please wait.”

Raon walked up behind the Gambling Monster and smiled brilliantly.

“Since regular training starts tomorrow, please come to the fifth training ground before sunrise.”


The Gambling Monster’s scream shook the ground as substitution for his answer when he left.

“He answered so loud and clear.”

Tsk, tsk.

Wrath wriggled up to the bracelet and clicked his tongue.

He gave you all of that money, ruined his liver, and even turned into a slave. He really is the worst doormat.

‘I wonder.’

Raon snickered. It was funny that Wrath was judging others when he was the biggest doormat in the world.

“We should also return.”

He turned around to gesture for Rimmer and Dorian to come before returning to the gambling house.


“Raon! Raon! Raon!”

“Frostfire Sword of Valor! Frostfire Sword of Valor!”

“The Gambling Monster has been defeated for the first time! He’s completed the Promise of Three!”

“He was acknowledged in gambling, drinking, and martial arts. This is a new legend!”

The people who stayed inside the gambling house burst into cheers while shouting Raon’s name. They were excited by the story of a newcomer defeating someone who was standing at the top.

“I thought you were a stubborn nerd who did nothing but train, but I’m seeing you in a different light!”

“I’ll keep cheering for you, so have a match with me next time! Drinking and gambling are both fine!”

“Please become the head of house and build a large casino in Zieghart!”

“Tell us about the wish you made to the Gambling Monster!”

Everyone was smiling. He had apparently gained their favor through the incident.

“Thank you for supporting me.”

Raon waved his hand at the cheering people, then left the gambling house.

“Ah, I actually have something to do. You should go ahead and head back!”

Rimmer suddenly stopped following them and went to the gambling house’s counter. He was so fast that his feet weren’t even touching the ground. Soon after, his shout could be heard from inside, saying, “I’m rich again!”


Raon’s eyes turned serious, just like when he was targeting the Gambling Monster.

“I wonder if you can really become rich.”

* * *

* * *

Since there was regular training the next day, the fifth training ground was already filled with the Light Wind swordsmen at daybreak.

When everyone settled in front of the platform, the training ground’s door smoothly opened, and Raon entered while wearing the dark red formalwear and coat.


“Why is he wearing formalwear…?”

“Weren’t we supposed to have regular training today?”

The swordsmen tilted their heads upon seeing Raon, who was wearing formalwear instead of a training outfit.

“I have someone to introduce. Silence.”

Raon shook his hand, then went up on the platform.

“You must be already aware of this fact, but the Light Wind Squad is inadequate in many aspects because it is a new armed organization.”

He continued while facing the curious gazes.

“We don’t have an instructor, we don’t have enough training materials or equipment, and the management staff and funds are also insufficient.”

Since everyone knew about that already, they just nodded their heads.

“Since we can’t leave the shortages forever, I’ve brought a special guest to fill what our squad is lacking.”

“A special guest?”

“We did need someone for sure.”

“You are right. We don’t have enough personnel nor funds compared to other organizations.”

“And what we need the most right now is an excellent instructor.”

All of the swordsmen nodded in agreement.

“Welcome him with a round of applause, everyone.”

Raon raised his hand to point at the door, and Dorian opened the double doors. A large, black-haired man wearing the Light Wind uniform entered with a frown on his face.

“Who is that person?”

“I’ve never seen him before…”

“H-He is really tall.”

“He looks more like a thug than an instructor…”

The swordsmen applauded at him with doubtful gazes.

“Huh? W-Wait!”

Krein suddenly stood up in surprise.

“I-I saw him coming out from the gambling house before! He’s the Gambling Monster!”




The swordsmen widened their mouths upon hearing that he was the Gambling Monster.


The Gambling Monster ground his teeth, regardless of what swordsmen were saying, and went up onto the platform.

“He’s the Gambling Monster, Sir Herrian Zieghart, who is going to oversee our training, manage the training ground, take care of the accounting, manage the human resources, and even the finances for us. Give him another round of applause!”


Raon started clapping his hands, and the swordsmen followed him with bewildered eyes, but the sound of their clapping was dull.


The wrinkles on the Gambling Monster’s forehead increased in number each time he heard the clapping sound. Although one day had already passed, he didn’t seem to have accepted reality yet.

“His name is Herrian Zieghart. He’s newly appointed as the general administrator to the annex building, but he ‘voluntarily’ decided to help the Light Wind’s affairs.”

Raon stepped up and smiled.


The Gambling Monster convulsed slightly upon hearing the word ‘voluntary’.

“If you are having trouble while learning martial arts, or if there’s anything you’d like to learn, you should ask him without reserve. He’s going to teach you very kindly. Am I right, Sir General Administrator?”

“He. Is. Right.”

The Gambling Monster was grinding his teeth. His face didn’t look kind at all.

“If you need some training tools or equipment, you should also look for him. The general administrator is going to win the money—I mean, supply the money in order to fill the coffers that our squad is lacking. You shouldn’t worry about it, just comfortably ask him whatever you need. Do you agree, Sir General Administrator?”

Raon smiled, while making a pose to worship the Gambling Monster.


The Gambling Monster’s ears were turning red as he hung his head.

“Sir General Administrator ‘voluntarily’ came to support the Light Wind squad. He said that he would do everything for free, and just win the money by himself, I mean, earn the money! Send a big round of applause and cheer for him once again, everyone!”

Raon pointed at the Gambling Monster and opened his hands wide to applaud loudly.


The swordsmen also applauded respectfully by clapping their hands. Their faces stiffened in bewilderment as they watched the Gambling Monster bite his lip.

‘Are you sure about this?’

‘I-I’m thankful for his support, but…’

‘Isn’t this strange?’

They swallowed nervously, watching Raon’s grin and the Gambling Monster, who looked like he was about to kill someone.

‘What did he do now? Seriously!’

* * *


By the time Raon finished introducing every member of Light Wind squad one by one to the Gambling Monster, Rimmer entered.

Unlike his miserable appearance from the day before, he was wearing luxurious clothes and shining shoes, with a golden ring around his finger.

“Oh, everyone’s here.”

“You are late! Something important happened today!”

Burren walked up to Rimmer while frowning.

“I’m sorry. I was a bit busy yesterday.”

Rimmer tapped Burren’s shoulder with an easygoing expression and went to the platform.

“Wow, old man. The clothes look so good on you!”

He giggled, while looking at the Gambling Monster wearing the Light Wind squad’s uniform.


The Gambling Monster’s trembling fists looked like they could explode at any time, as he was trying to stop his rage.

“Ah, squad leader. I have something to tell you.”

Raon came down from the platform and walked up to Rimmer.

“Something to tell me?”

“You should return the money you borrowed yesterday.”

“B-Borrowed money? What are you talking about…?”

“When Dorian was taking the gold coins from the table…”

“Ah! Aah!”

Rimmer quickly interrupted Raon and violently nodded.

“Th-That’s true! I borrowed some money. Yes, indeed!”

Since he didn’t want to reveal his shameful side to everyone, he easily took the bait.


Raon smiled faintly.

‘As expected.’

Rimmer seemed to believe that acknowledging that he ‘borrowed’ the money would allow him to escape the situation, but it was a trap. He should’ve never acknowledged it.

“Are you returning it, then?”

“Oh, of course I will. How much was it? 100 coins?”

“372 gold coins total.”


“It was precisely 372 coins.”

Because Raon’s response was so firm, Rimmer turned stiff while bringing his hand in his pocket.

“Th-Three hundred…”

“That is exact. Dorian.”

“Yes! I checked the pocket yesterday, and there were 5628 gold coins. Which means that you borrowed 372 coins, just like he said.”

Dorian came up next to him and nodded. It was pretty amazing that Rimmer had actually managed to put almost 400 gold coins in his pants during that short time period.

“Hmm, I see. I’ll give it back.”

Rimmer swallowed nervously before entering the squad leader’s room. After rustling around for a while, he brought out a big pouch containing gold coins.

“Here you go, 372 gold coins!”

He threw the pouch at him so that Raon wouldn’t talk about it anymore.

Raon accepted the gold pouch, but he simply smiled instead of going away.

“Wh-What’s wrong with that expression? I returned all the money!”

“You also have to give me the interest.”

“Interest? What interest?”

“There is obviously interest if you borrow money.”


Rimmer’s jaw dropped.

“I-I only borrowed it for a day. Who would even charge interest for it?”

“I would.”

Raon proudly straightened his back.

“Haa! Alright, how much is the interest?”

Rimmer flicked his fingers, urging him to continue.

“372 gold coins.”

“Huh? Whaat?”

Rimmer’s jaw was trembling, on the verge of falling down.

“Who the hell charges the same amount as the principal as interest after a single day?”

“I do.”

“You are a demon! Even loan sharks aren’t as bad as you!”

“I don’t know about them. Just give me the interest.”

“I won’t! Kill me if you will!”

Rimmer placed his body flat on the ground, telling him that he would never give him all of that money.


Raon turned his head to look at the Gambling Monster.

“Sir General Administrator. I’ve got my first request.”

“F-First request?”

The Gambling Monster’s eyes were shivering violently in anxiety.

“Please take the Light Wind squad’s management fund from our leader.”

“M-Management fund?”

“Did you just say management fund?”

Rimmer and the Gambling Monster raised their voices at the same time.


Raon smiled innocently. Even if Rimmer had money, he would spend everything on something useless. It was much better to use that money to buy one more training sword for the squad.

“I was planning to use the squad leader’s interest as a management fund to buy equipment for the squad, since I can’t burden you too much so soon after you were appointed as the general administrator.”

Raon created the situation where Rimmer and the Gambling Monster had to clash against each other, then stepped back.

‘It must be an interesting suggestion.’

The Gambling Monster should be trying to save money, since he lost 6,000 gold from his previous gamble, and Rimmer should be trying to keep his money, since he was originally crazy for money.

The clash between the two was inevitable.

“Ah, the money is buried under the right pillar of the squad leader’s room.”

Raon told him the position of Rimmer’s coffers, which he saw with the Evil Eye of Wrath.

“Kuah! How do you even know about that?”

Raon simply shrugged at Rimmer’s astonishment.

“I’ll leave it to you, then.”

Raon smiled cheerfully, then withdrew next to the Light Wind members.

“You have a damn amazing student.”

The Gambling Monster tightly bit his lip, then placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“I know, right? I didn’t know that he was so damn excellent either.”

Rimmer tapped his hilt with a fierce look in his eyes.

“Give me the money.”

“But you heard him, old man. How can he ask for 100% interest after a single day?”

“That’s up to the money’s original owner!”

“Actually, I didn’t even borrow the money! It’s that demon playing a trick!”

“He’s an evil demon who even managed to trick me. An idiot like you is pretty much in the palm of his hand! Give it to me already!”

The Gambling Monster drew his sword and aimed it at Rimmer.

“I won’t! This is the last hope I have!”

Rimmer also raised his sword around the height of his waist.


The Gambling Monster and Rimmer glared at each other for a while, before kicking the ground at the same time.


The clash between the tremendous energies emanating from the two blades created an explosive sound, as if the sky were collapsing.

“Watch them well.”

Raon signaled for the Light Wind members to watch the battle between the two.

“It’s extremely rare to be able to witness an all-out fight between warriors at that level.”

By taking money from Rimmer to add to the Light Wind’s management fund, he was even able to show the Gambling Monster’s prowess in order to help the members increase their knowledge. Raon broke into a smile, because he was catching three birds with one stone.

“Good job, Sir General Administrator!”

Raon waved his fist to cheer for the Gambling Monster.



Rimmer, the Gambling Monster, and every swordsman who heard his voice thought the same thing.

‘What a demonic bastard…’

And the real demon in the room said…

I knew you didn’t belong to this place. Come to Devildom with the King of Essence!

He was trying to recruit him.


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