The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 258

Chapter 258

Raon tried to calm Wrath down for a while as he rampaged inside Lohengreen’s laboratory. It was so bad that Dorian even hid under his desk, asking whether Mister Ghost had gone out of control.

‘Have you finally calmed down?’


Wrath frowned, but he wasn’t swearing anymore. The promise Raon made about giving him shrimp pizza and pineapple pizza at the same time once they returned was apparently effective.

Raon chuckled, loading the messages back up since he hadn’t managed to read them properly.

‘So, Water Affinity must be different from Water Resistance.’

The affinity trait he had gotten seemed to be more focused on offense, unlike the resistance he had before.

It’s exactly what the name implies.

Wrath frowned. He still seemed to be displeased about the situation.

While Water Resistance can block the coldness attacking you from the outside, Water Affinity can enhance the coldness inside you.


Indeed. The power, speed, range, and intensity of your coldness are all going to be stronger than before. Ah…

His hands started to tremble as he interrupted himself.

‘What’s the matter? Are you sick or something?’

I just thought about it, and it made me angry again! I can’t stand it anymore!

Wrath started to rampage for the second time, but he fortunately calmed down faster than the first time.

Haa! Haa!


Wrath breathed heavily, as if he had just finished sprinting. Raon licked his lips while watching him.

‘I should avoid talking about this for a while.’

He had the feeling that Wrath would start rampaging if he showed him the message, so he turned his body around to prevent Wrath from seeing the message.

‘Lohengreen’s knowledge…’

Lohengreen’s knowledge about Glacier, as mentioned in the second message, signified the knowledge Lohengreen had from researching and using Glacier.

‘I can’t remember all of it.’

He could remember the basics, but details were blurry. It seemed to be happening because he suddenly inherited someone else’s knowledge.

‘But this is already pretty decent.’

He would likely be able to remember other theories as time passed, but the theories and knowledge he already knew seemed to be enough to increase Glacier’s power and intensity already.

Raon smiled, certain that he could improve Frost Pond and Blue Rain even further.

‘My stats have also increased.’

He checked the last message about the increase in stats. Raon could guess that he got all of the energy that Lohengreen had left in him when he left, since he had received six whole points from him. Raon was extremely thankful to him.


Of course, the biggest harvest was the artificial energy center and the Elixir of Eternal Flow.

He didn’t know whether Rimmer would decide to switch to the artificial energy center after breaking his current one, or to simply recover his mana circuits with the Elixir of Eternal Flow, but he should be able to return to how he used to be either way. Raon finally felt relieved.

‘I came here for the sake of the squad leader, but I’ve gained even more for myself.’

Raon smiled while patting the Blade of Requiem. Since the stats he would receive once the Blade of Requiem finished purifying the bloody energy was bound to be larger than the ones that he received from Lohengreen, he couldn’t suppress his smile.

Damn it…

Wrath frowned heavily. He must’ve realized the same thing.

‘By the way, why are you so bad at remembering people’s names?’

What do you mean?

‘Why do you keep calling Merlin by strange names like melon and mellow?’

Hmph, why would the King of Essence ever need to remember the name of some shitter?

‘But you also met the witch wearing Merlin’s mask when you were with me. Even though she wasn’t Merlin herself…’

He had encountered the old woman from Eden wearing Merlin’s mask, first at Habun Castle and again when he was saving the Saint.

The King of Essence has never seen the real one before, so there’s no way he would recognize her.

‘How did you not even see her when Sir Lohengreen was fighting against her all along?’

There’s no fun in watching some inferior fight like that. Enjoying the wrath coming from him was the whole point.


Raon narrowed his eyes.

‘He’s not the type of person to do that though.’

Raon was sure of it, as he had seen the way he sent Lohengreen off. Wrath was the type of person who took care of and protected whoever he decided was one of his people. There was no way he wouldn’t have watched the fight just because it was a fight between weaklings.

‘Ah! No way…’

Was he like a nervous parent?

Back when he was a trainee, parents were sometimes allowed to observe the tests. Some of the parents would close their eyes or go outside to pray because they couldn’t bear watching their children.

Of course, it wasn’t because they hated their children. It was because they loved them too much and hoped for the best, which made it difficult for them to watch.

Raon thought that Wrath must’ve been the same.

‘By any chance…’


‘Did you actually avoid watching Sir Lohengreen’s fight because you were nervous? That would explain why you can’t even remember her name…’

Wh-What kind of bullshit is that!

Wrath’s ears were shivering violently.

Why would the King of Essence care so much about someone like him?! He was simply not interested in it!


His hypersensitive reaction confirmed Raon’s suspicion. He must’ve been unable to watch his servant’s fight because he was too nervous about the outcome.

I’m telling you it’s not true!

‘Okay, okay.’

Hey, you bastard! You are wrong! You are seriously wrong!

Raon chuckled and shook his hand. He was almost jealous of how much Wrath and Lohengreen were meant for each other.

“Is Mister Ghost gone now?”

While Wrath was shouting at him, Dorian walked up to him.

“How did you know?”

“The atmosphere, maybe? I felt like this space became warmer and colder at the same time.”

“Warmer and colder at the same time?”

“I know it sounds strange, but it feels somewhat lonely, even though the temperature has risen.”

Even though they’d been together for a short time, Dorian had noticed Lohengreen’s disappearance.

“Yes, he’s gone to a better place.”

“Hmm, thank you for everything so far.”

Dorian finally returned the white wood desk to his belly pocket, then bowed at Lohengreen’s skeleton.

‘What do you want to do? Shall I gather his remains…’

You don’t need to.

Wrath shook his hand.

He’s always been a homebody who didn’t like going outside. He would feel more comfortable here.

‘So you’ve been properly watching over him after all.’

Th-That’s not true!

‘I know.’

Raon smiled faintly and straightened Lohengreen’s clothes.

“Let’s wrap it up now.”

Raon clapped his hands and turned to look at Dorian.

“Dorian, pack up all of the books and items here!”

“A-All of them?”


“Hell yeah!”

Dorian cheerfully bounced up, then started pouring all of the books from the bookshelves into his belly pocket. The fact that he looked so happy about it made Raon think that Dorian had the perfect personality to be in charge of supplies.

Wh-Why are you taking them now? They belong to Lohenyellow!

‘Sir Lohengreen would be glad that we’re going to make good use of them. He even gave his permission earlier.’

Raon wasn’t just saying that. Lohengreen had nodded with a gentle smile on his face when Raon had mentioned that he would take all of the relics.

But he didn’t actually respond! Stop that mutt already!

He was grumpy. Wrath was just trying to bother him even though he was perfectly aware that Lohengreen would’ve allowed him to take them.

‘In that case, I have a solution.’


‘Wait a moment.’

Raon gathered his hands and closed his eyes. He stayed like that for a while before he opened his eyes and nodded.

‘Hmm, alright.’

Wh-What? What did you do just now?

Wrath’s eyes were trembling in anxiety.

‘I talked it out with the owner.’

Talk it out? With the owner?

‘Yes. Sir Lohengreen told me to take them.’

Wh-What madness are you spoutin…

‘I asked him just now when I was praying.’

Raon grinned while pointing towards the sky.

You evil bastard!

* * *

* * *


Inside the wavering darkness, the space split open and the Evil Goat Demon entered. He was wearing knight armor on his upper body, goat armor on his lower body, and a goat helmet on his head.

Someone’s blood was dripping from the dark greatsword he was carrying on his back.

As the Evil Goat Demon was about to walk inside, the space opened up on his left and a white hand appeared from it.

“It’s been a while.”

A long nose, pitted with pockmarks, appeared after the hand. It was Merlin, who was wearing an ugly old woman’s mask.

“Ah, indeed. We haven’t seen each other since we went to that forest together, right? What was the name again…?”

The Evil Goat Demon chuckled with his arms crossed.

“Why did you come so late, even though I kept calling you?”

Merlin’s voice was gentle, but a scary amount of coldness was coming from her as she spoke.

“I’ve been busy, of course. I still need to move in order to reach anywhere because I’m in the realm of humans. Please forgive me.”

The Evil Goat Demon gathered his hands and smiled inside his helmet.

“Yes, that’s understandable. However…”

Merlin’s old woman mask floated in front of the Evil Goat Demon.

“Why did you let Raon go in that situation?”

“I let him go? Why would I even do that?”

The Evil Goat Demon shook his head in complete denial.

“I’m glad that you think highly of my abilities, but the Saint was with him back then. I had to suggest that bet because it would’ve been dangerous if they attacked me together.”

“Are you saying that you would’ve lost? Seriously?”

Merlin snorted coldly.

“Even if the Saint were in his best condition, they would’ve been no match for your sword. Raon becoming a Master doesn’t change that fact. I’m sure you could kill them in a single strike, or even capture them. Why did you release them instead?

“I’m telling you that’s not true. Moreover, I was only supposed to block the passage. Your accusation makes me sad when I even risked my life to block that passage.”

The Evil Goat Demon tilted his head. He was still smiling, but a heavy pressure started to come from him.

“You must’ve seen something in that boy, just like I did.”

Merlin smiled while raising the chin of her mask.

“I guess it’s natural, since he’s a special boy.”


The Evil Goat Demon stared at Merlin without responding.

“I decided to prepare properly myself thanks to you.”

“Did you just say you are going to prepare yourself?”


Merlin took a hexagonal box from her robe. It looked like a wooden box that usually contained an elixir, but strange horns were drawn all over its surface and a dark air was slowly rising from it.


The Evil Goat Demon exclaimed, losing his smile for the first time.

“Isn’t that a relic that can only be used once?”

“It is.”

“Don’t tell me you are planning to use it on Raon.”

“Of course I am.”

Merlin immediately nodded, implying that it was such an obvious question.

“What part of Raon even made you decide to use the Spirit Orb?”

“I knew your opinion about him differed from mine.”


“I also thought in the beginning that he would be extremely helpful for our goal, and nothing more. I wanted to have him at all costs because he managed to injure me.”

She slowly smoothed down her face inside the mask.

“However, I was mistaken about him. Raon is a real deal. No one in this place can replace him.”

Merlin spread her hand to point at the entirety of Eden’s headquarters.

“That much…?”

“I don’t think you realized what kind of power dwells within that boy.”

She squeezed tightly her neck. She smiled brightly while cutting off her own breath.

‘I’m the only one who realized it.’

* * *

The master of the Shadow Agents, Chad, was hurriedly running through the corridor of the lord’s manor. He never would have done that normally, but he had no choice because of the urgency of the matter.

Slam! Slam!

He knocked on the door with his fist to urge them to open it once he reached the audience chamber. Roenn opened the door before the loud sound finished echoing through the floor.

“The master of the Shadow Agents?”

“It’s an emergency. Is the head of house…?”

“He’s inside. Please enter.”

Roenn nodded and opened the door.

“Thank you.”

The Shadow Agents master entered quickly after thanking him.

Glenn Zieghart was looking down on the lord’s manor—or, rather, the entire world—while sitting on his throne on the platform.

“Greetings, my lord!”

The Shadow Agents master knelt on the ground with trembling lips. Since he had only recently become a master of the Shadow Agents, he was extremely nervous whenever he faced Glenn’s powerful pressure.

“What is wrong?”

He asked him to go straight into business, as he’d heard his conversation with Roenn before he entered.

“The Light Wind Squad has clashed against the South-North Union at the Gazel River.”


“The Light Wind’s third team leader, Burren, has reported in at a branch. They clashed against Tyler, the disciple of the South-North Union’s leader.”

The Shadow Agents master took out a document from his inner pocket.

“What happened with the Blue Lughs was…”

He told Glenn what happened in Doran Village and at the Gazel River while looking at the document he had personally compiled based on Burren’s story.

“How serious is Rimmer’s injury?”

“The fight itself hardly gave him any injuries, but his energy center and mana circuits were heavily damaged from the recoil of increasing his output beyond his limits. Even though he’s probably not going to die any time soon, his lifespan has decreased, and he might never be able to use aura ever again…”

The Shadow Agents master bit his lip, as if it were his mistake.

“Seriously, that idiot… Rimmer…”

Glenn frowned.

“He wasn’t even facing the union’s leader. He’s still so weak, collapsing after taking three hits from the Axe King. “

The Heavenly Blade division leader clicked her tongue. She’s been listening to them while leaning her back towards a pillar.


The eyes of the Shadow Agents master turned round.

‘Wh-What’s going on?’

Rimmer was one of Glenn’s closest subordinates, yet the news about his injury didn’t create any reaction from Glenn and Sheryl. She actually sounded like she was laughing at him instead of worrying about him.

“Is Burren still at the branch?”

“Yes. He’s been on standby. And…”


“He requested an elixir to save the Light Wind squad leader. And if there’s any problem…”

The Shadow Agents master took out a golden tablet from his inner pocket.

“He asked to use this golden tablet to give him an elixir capable of recovering an energy center or mana circuit.”

“What is that golden tablet?”

“It’s Raon Zieghart’s tablet, the vice leader of Light Wind squad. It was sent through transmission.”

He swallowed nervously while holding the golden tablet tightly.

“Even though Rimmer is the leader of his squad, he decided to use his golden tablet without any hesitation. The vice squad leader Raon truly deserves his nickname, the Sword of Valor. I’m impressed.”

He was honestly flabbergasted when the golden tablet had arrived through transmission.


Glenn covered his mouth with his hand upon hearing that it was Raon’s tablet. His eyes, which were turning slightly round, must’ve been a result of trying to suppress his smile.



Sheryl and Roenn smiled in satisfaction while watching Glenn’s expression.

‘Wh-What’s going on?’

Is Sir Glenn really smiling?

He’d lived in Zieghart his entire life, but he’d never seen Glenn Zieghart’s smile before. He couldn’t believe that he was smiling from an incident like that.

“The golden tablet is unnecessary.”

Glenn snapped his fingers and the space opened up in the shape of a plus sign. A rectangular wooden box came out of the dimension that was filled with golden flames.

“This is the Tear of Shetty. It is extremely effective at stabilizing damaged mana circuits. Send this and the golden tablet back to him.”

Glenn waved his hand and the wooden box slowly floated and fell into the Shadow Agents’ hand.

“Ah, there’s another serious matter besides the Light Wind squad leader getting injured.”

“A serious matter?”


The Shadow Agents master nodded. He’d only said one of the two issues because he figured it would be better to focus on one before dealing with the other.

“At the end of the incident, the Axe King from the Misfortune…”

He told Glenn about Raon promising to fight the Axe King to the death in three years.

“In my opinion, we need to talk to the South-North Union’s leader… Ack!”

The Shadow Agents master swallowed nervously and interrupted himself. Actually, it was more correct to say that he couldn’t finish his sentence because of the terrifying pressure bursting from the top of the platform, capable of crushing the entire world.

“Shadow Agents master.”


He barely managed to answer by mustering all of his power.

“Did you determine the location of the South-North Union?”

“W-We have a rough estimation. With a little bit more time, we can…”

“Keep investigating it to determine the exact location. Heavenly Blade division leader.”

Glenn narrowed his eyes and turned his head.

“Can you attack the South-North Union?”

“Of course.”

Sheryl bowed without any hesitation. Her eyes were burning with anger, despite the way she was laughing at Rimmer a moment ago.

“I’ll shred all of those shabby bandits to pieces.”

“I’ll take care of the Union’s leader. I need to cut his hand off before anything, since he didn’t properly teach his subordinate.”

“In that case, I’ll cut off the Axe King’s head. He dared to target someone he shouldn’t have, after all.”

Glenn and Sheryl smiled towards each other, burning fiercely with murderous intent. They looked like they would start attacking the South-North Union at any time.


The powerful pressure surging from them created a tremor in the audience chamber.

‘Wh-What is wrong with these people?!’

The Shadow Agents master’s teeth clattered.

‘This is a war! A war!’

It was not a game!

Moreover, the opponent wasn’t some random group—they were the South-North Union from the Five Demons, who were rumored to be the strongest in the mountains and rivers. The two most influential people in Zieghart suddenly intended to declare war in the South-North Union’s headquarters.

‘A-Are they insane?’

It was a completely different reaction from when she had laughed at the squad leader Rimmer, calling him incapable of killing a mere Axe King. The difference was enough to make Rimmer wake up from his coma to complain.

“P-Please think about it before…”

“You are both too excited. Please calm down for now.”

As he was trying to stop them, Roenn stepped up before him.

“H-He is right. We need to be calm.”

The Shadow Agents master immediately nodded.

‘This is my chance.’

He figured he could support Roenn’s argument to stop them, since he was the only one maintaining his calm.

“As far as I know, young master Raon has always gotten stronger whenever he overcomes a crisis. Since he has three years this time, I’m sure he will grow up splendidly.”


The Shadow Agents master’s eyes widened as he turned his head towards Roenn.

‘H-He’s the same!’

Roenn wasn’t trying to stop the war. He was just suggesting that they leave them alone to help Raon’s growth.

“But the Axe King is a Grandmaster. It can’t be compared to the crises he had before, as it’s impossible for Raon to become a Grandmaster in three years.”

Sheryl slowly shook her head.

“I agree with that, but I’m sure it will allow him to grow up a lot in those three years. And if the worst comes to worse…”

The Shadow Agents master stared at Roenn’s mouth while clenching his fist. He was hoping that he wouldn’t suggest anything ridiculous like a war, but what Roenn ended up saying was beyond his imagination.

“I’ll take care of him. One night is enough for an Axe King, after all.”

He gestured with his hand to cut his neck.

“What? But I want to kill the Axe King myself.”

“Haha! It’s faster and easier to assassinate him. The Heavenly Blade division leader can take care of the aftermath.”

“I guess our casualties will be drastically reduced if we attack the South-North Union after killing the Axe King. I’ll be the vanguard.”

Sheryl nodded while licking her lips.

“Not bad.”

Glenn nodded in satisfaction.



The Shadow Agents master’s teeth clattered as he observed Glenn, Sheryl, and Roenn’s scary smiles.

‘Wh-What’s wrong with them!? I’m scared!’


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