The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 37

Chapter 37

The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 37

Under the purple glow of the evening sky, Martha stood with her mouth firmly closed.

After standing as still as a stone statue, until complete darkness surrounded them, she finally raised her head slowly.

“I shouldn’t have lost.”

Martha clenched her fist. Her grip was so tight that her blood vessels were clearly visible.

“I shouldn’t have lost to anyone until I found my mother…”

Despite resolving to never lose until she achieved her goal, she ended up losing. And it was an extremely disgraceful defeat on top of that.

She’d twisted her own personality, became foul-mouthed and kept her distance from other people. But it was all pointless now that she lost with such an overwhelming difference.

“Damn it!”

Her foster father, Denier Zieghart, adopted her into the house Zieghart because he’d recognized her talent.

And yet, she lost to Raon Zieghart— a collateral that was one year younger than her. She couldn’t predict the kind of measures her father would take as a result.

Denier was a kind person, but that might’ve been an act. She needed to take into consideration the possibility of getting chased out.

‘No, I can never let that happen.’

If she got chased out, she’d lose her last hope of finding her mother. She had to beg for that to not happen, even if she had to cling to his leg.


“My lady.”

Martha was extremely nervous, to the extent that she didn’t even turn back when her butler Camel called out to her.

“It’s a letter from Sir Denier.”

Martha finally turned around upon hearing that Denier Zieghart had sent her a letter. Her black pupils swayed like a wave.

“Here it is.”

Martha swallowed and opened the letter.

Martha, congratulations on your first defeat. Don’t worry too much, as one defeat will not gain you the label of a loser. However, reflect countless times on why you lost, and how you lost. That self-examination will become the basis for your future growth. I wanted to visit you personally and comfort you, but my mission is taking longer than I thought. I’m sorry I can’t be with you.

It wasn’t blame or mockery. It was a letter sent from a father who was worried about his daughter from the bottom of his heart.

I’m still investigating your birth mother. Since I still haven’t given up on it, you shall not give up either.

Martha folded the letter with trembling hands and put it in her pocket. She tried pressing the pocket, as if she were checking her wallet.



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