The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 50

Chapter 50

The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 50

“Please make it stronger for that arrogant girl.”

Rimmer pointed at Martha, who confidently stepped forward.


Jake nodded and summoned an orc. It was bigger and looked even more violent than the one that fought Burren.

“Loop strength, loop agility…”

Using a bit more mana than with Burren, Jake increased the orc’s strength and agility, then released its control.


The orc roared and pounced on her like a bull.

“A mere monster!”

Martha clenched her teeth and kicked off from the ground. She struck with her sword, aiming at the orc coming at her.


The orc also swung its greatsword at a comparable speed.

Slam! Slaam!

Along with the thunderous noise of a boulder being split apart, the swords crashed countless times.


Fully utilizing Titan’s aura, Martha twisted.


Deflecting the orc’s greatsword with the steel on her shoulder, she sliced with her sword.


A definite strike! Martha’s sword seized the opening and cut off the orc’s head in one fell swoop.


After glaring at the orc’s corpse collapsed on the ground, Martha straightened her back and breathed out.

“Did it really take you the whole day to kill something like that? Don’t tell anyone you are from the same place as me. You’re too low.”


Burren shut his mouth as he listened to the words Martha let fall as she went back. He couldn’t say anything after seeing the way she broke through the orc with her strength and ended its life in an instant.


Raon called out to Martha as she walked to the back.

“Go get your shoulder treated after training. There might be aftereffects.”


Martha pouted and turned her head. He did give his share of advice as the top trainee, so the rest was up to her. Raon also turned his head.


The orc’s corpse disappeared at Jake’s gesture, but the red pool of blood was seeping into the ground and the stench spread throughout the training ground.


Runaan’s trembling was getting worse and worse. Her pink lips were turning completely pale.

Why aren’t you doing anything if you are going to break her curse?

‘Because it’s not the right time.’

In order to heal a deep scar, it was necessary to let it fester until it rotted. Only then could the scar be completely removed.

Raon tapped his finger, watching Jake summon the third orc.

It wasn’t the right time to pop the bloated blister yet.


The fight to death between trainees and monsters continued.

Thanks to Burren and Martha’s great opening, the trainees didn’t run away despite being nervous.

It took a while for some of them, but they all managed to finish off their orc after aiming for its head, heart, or through a desperate fight.

Raon watched the arena as the sun began to set. Dorian was using his footwork while screaming.


The orc followed him with a horrible roar, but it couldn’t catch Dorian because his feet were simply too fast.


Shouting that he was scared, Dorian swung his sword. The orc’s back was cut instead of its neck.



Dorian was even more surprised than the injured orc and started running away. The orc was infuriated and pounced at him with a dreadful shriek.

“What is that?”

“Wh-when is it ending?”

“It’s already been thirty minutes. Thirty minutes!”

“His stamina and speed are great, at least.

“There’s only Raon and Runaan left. They will finish even faster.”

The trainees sighed and watched the chase between Dorian and the orc.

Raon licked his lips while watching Dorian’s feet.

‘If only he had a bit more guts…’

Dorian was nimble on his feet and his sword technique was sharp, but he was too cowardly. If only he could fix his scaredy cat nature, he could be ranked right after Martha, Runaan, and Burren.


He turned around at the sand’s crumbling sound. Runaan was grasping the sand tightly, to the point that her fingernails were bleeding.


Her face was completely pale, her lips were covered in bruises after being bitten countless times, and her hands and feet were trembling as if there was an earthquake.

It was a typical appearance of a person who wasn’t simply scared, but completely terrified.

Rimmer, who was on the platform, furrowed his brows and looked at Runaan. He must’ve been wondering whether he should send her back.

‘That won’t do.’

After all, it was the best moment to pop the blister that had completely matured.

Raon stood up and went next to Runaan, making her shivering ease slightly.

“You must be scared.”


Runaan didn’t turn around or respond.

“Blood is scary for everyone. A trainee who’s using the sword for the first time, and an experienced swordsman who has gone through hundreds of battlefields, must feel the same way about that.”

Runaan’s chin turned slightly.

“Same goes for me. Dorian, who is fighting right now, and those who’ve fought before are all scared.”


Runaan spoke with a dried-out voice.

“Yes. However, do you know what’s even more scary than that?’

She slowly shook her head.

“Being too terrified to do anything.”

Raon’s eyes glowed viciously. The nature of assassin Raon, rather than Raon Zieghart, was leaking from him.

“If I just stand still because I’m too scared or afraid, nothing will change. Nothing will be solved like that.”

He was actually afraid.

He was afraid that his desire for revenge against Derus Robert would subside because he was satisfied with his current life.

He was also afraid that his revenge, his actions, would bring undesirable consequences on Sylvia and the maids in the annex building.

He was scared and afraid, but he didn’t intend to give up on any of them.

He was going to take his revenge against Derus no matter what, and find a way for Sylvia and maids to live on happily.

Resolving himself once again, Raon turned around to Runaan.

“You must also have something like that.”

Raon chewed his thumb to create a wound.


As the red blood gathered on his thumb fell on the ground, Runaan stepped back and her teeth chattered.


“Don’t run away. You won’t be able to overcome it if you don’t do it now.”

“R-Raon. Raon!”

“Blood is scary. However.”

Raon approached Runaan and grabbed her hand. She had stepped back to the point that she was almost lying down. The blood flowing out of his finger colored her white hand in red.

“It’s also nothing special. The blood won’t harm you in any way.”


Runaan’s eyes widened, seeing the drops of blood flowing down from her hand. She looked flustered, realizing that the blood wasn’t hurtful, saddening, or heavy.

“I don’t know exactly what your older brother did to you. However, the more you are afraid, the more his shadow will be cast over you.”


The trembling on Runaan’s hand started to visibly subside.

“If you keep running away because you are scared, you will have no choice but to be dragged around for your entire life. Runaan Sullion, you are the one who can protect yourself and your family.”

That was Raon’s heartfelt advice. Runaan looked like the Raon from his previous life, when he was dragged around by Derus Robert.

“Argggh! I thought I was going to die!”

Dorian, who returned after barely managing to cut the orc’s head off, sank to his knees.

“It was really difficult. I almost died. Sniff!”

He murmured while wiping his tears away with his sleeve.

“Do you have a squirrel?”

Raon looked at Dorian while standing up.

“A squirrel? Even I don’t have everything. Wait, I have one.”

Murmuring ‘why do I have this?’, Dorian took out the wooden squirrel sculpture from his belly pocket. It was a cute squirrel with impressive red eyes.

“Take this.”

He gave the squirrel that Dorian gave him to Runaan. She accepted the squirrel with trembling hands.

“That’s it for my advice. I’ll tell you the rest with my sword.”

After saying that, Raon walked towards the arena.

* * *

* * *

It’s so unusual for you to step up.

Wrath sneered, murmuring that he didn’t even know his place.

‘You can think like that.’

Raon nodded. It was just like Wrath said. It was unusual for him to step up like that.

It was because she was the first stranger in his life that was considerate towards him, but that wasn’t the only reason.

She reminded him of his previous life.

Because she looked similar to himself in his previous life, where he’d been brainwashed by Derus Robert, he unconsciously spoke and acted.

‘This is the last time.’

He already finished explaining with words, and he was about to show her with his sword. If she couldn’t free herself from the brainwashing of that blood despite all that, then that was her limit.

You idiot. Worry about yourself first. It’s pretty obvious you will struggle just like the other worms.


Listening to Wrath, he had a great idea.

‘Then shall we make a bet?’


‘Yes, and it will be very advantageous for you.’

What is it?

‘If I can’t cut down the orc in a single strike, I’ll take your wrath. A single strike.’

A single strike? Are you serious?

‘Of course.’

After giving some advice you read in a book, you are now looking down on killing.

Wrath giggled and vibrated the bracelet.

Alright, it’s a single strike. Two strikes and it will be your loss.

The message appeared as he stopped laughing.

[‘Wrath’ proposes the third bet.]

Condition: Cut off the strengthened orc’s neck in a single strike.

Upon Success: All stats +2, a random trait.

Upon Failure: Creation of 10 points of ‘Wrath’.

‘I accept.’

He expected Wrath to take this bet, since he didn’t know he was an assassin in his previous life.

‘The doormat is here once again.’

Secretly smiling about Wrath, Raon went to the arena.

“Oh, you aren’t the last person this time.”

Rimmer whistled. His eyes were wavering like he was having fun. He must’ve heard everything he told Runaan.

“He is the strongest one here. Please take out the strongest orc you have.”


Jake firmly shut his mouth. Nodding with a determined expression, he chanted the spell.


Along with an outbreak of a blue magic circle on the floor, a new orc appeared. Its shape was similar to the other orcs, but its muscles were more distinct, with its body was full of scars.


Although it was unable to move its body due to the magic circle, it was still expressing its ferocious instinct.


Green, red, and blue magic circles covered the orc’s upper body, and its pressure increased exponentially.


When Jake extended his hand, the orc’s appearance changed into a rough man.

“Be ready for the match.”

Raon nodded. He was about to warm up his right wrist after lightly spinning his left wrist.


Jake’s magic circle broke like glass, and the orc broke out.


Rushing while screeching, it struck down with its bloodstained ax. Its power and speed were on a completely different level from the other orcs.


“Stop it!”


Everyone panicked, but Raon’s eyes were even calmer.

‘It’s because I knew about it all along.’

He’d expected this would happen the moment he saw Jake’s excited eyes.


Raon unsheathed his sword from his waist. One flower blossomed on top of the blade. The golden flower shimmered like a haze upon receiving the evening glow.

The ‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’, First Flame.

Flame Spirit.

The flower petals fluttered and cut through the ground.

Under the evening glow, another evening glow was drawn, and the orc’s movement stopped.


Without being able to swing his lifted axe, its head fell to the ground.


Red blood gushed out under the overlapping evening glows, and the orc’s heavy body collapsed.

Cruelly beautiful, it was a spectacle that would make the best painter in the continent snap their brush.

The instructors that were running towards them to stop the orc, the trainees that stood up in surprise, and even Jake—who was controlling the orc—were at a loss for words.

Using the expertise from his previous life, he suppressed Jake. Facing an assassin’s pressure, one whose life was all about killing people, Jake grabbed his neck and sank to his knees.


His eyes turned inside out. He wanted to continue, but Runaan’s turn was after his. After threatening him moderately, he removed his pressure.


Shaking off the blood from his sword, he turned around.



Burren ground his teeth so hard that the sound could be heard, and Martha twisted her lips with furrowed brows. They both looked extremely frustrated.



The trainees’ mouths were so wide open that bugs could go inside. They were trembling violently, as if they were hit by a sea wave.


“What technique was that?”

“A-a single strike…”

The instructors were standing dumbfounded.

After taking a glance at everyone, he looked at Runaan, who was at the very back.

Her eyes were no longer soaked in darkness. He nodded to her.

‘It’s your turn now.’


Watching Raon, who went into the arena, Runaan hugged the squirrel sculpture.

‘Does he know everything?’

She purposefully avoided talking about it to avoid harming Raon. She relaxed her eyes, pretending it was nothing. It turned out alright, she thought that was the end of the matter.

However, he talked to her like he knew everything.

Raon’s calm voice felt like it slowly untied the hand that was squeezing her heart.

When he extended his bleeding hand, she was scared. She wanted to run away immediately.


When she grabbed that hand, even though her hand was soaked in that blood, she wasn’t scared or afraid. It simply felt warm, like a small fire.

That was when she finally realized. The blood itself wasn’t scary. It felt like the black shadow tying up her heart had become more sparse.

Runaan looked at Raon, who stood in the arena with a calm breath. His back was small, but for some reason it looked wider than anyone else.


While she was nervously watching that back, the orc’s magic circle suddenly disappeared.


The orc pounced at Raon with a fierce roar.


The moment she stood up with a trembling chin, Raon unsheathed his sword.

A golden flower blossomed on top of the silver blade. A beautifully radiating flower drew a line, following the evening glow.

The moment the two evening glows overlapped with each other, blood gushed from the orc’s neck like a fountain.


The blood she’d been scared and afraid of since childhood, the drops of blood that shouldn’t have ever looked like that, beautifully embroidered the space.

Raon shook off his sword and turned around. His eyes spoke to her.

‘It’s your turn now.’


Runaan stood up. Her hands were no longer trembling.


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