The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 67

Chapter 67

The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 67

Inside an old-fashioned room filled with black, hardwood furniture—including a bookshelf, desk, and a table—the rustling sound of writing could be heard.

The sound was coming from the desk.

A handsome middle-aged man with long silver hair glittering like a snowfield was drawing an unknown symbol in a book full of blank pages.

Mysteriously, the symbol he drew disappeared shortly after, and the book still looked as if nothing was written in it.

The middle-aged man was restlessly drawing symbols.


A drop of blood dripped down from the open wound on his right hand and seeped into the book.

The middle-aged man stopped his hand for the first time, his gaze directed to the stain of blood coloring the white paper red.


The silver-haired middle-aged man, and the ruler of the south, the Sky Sword Saint Derus Robert clicked his tongue.

‘It still hasn’t healed up.’

The injury he’d received on his hand seventeen years ago, when he killed a hunting dog called Raon, still hadn’t disappeared.

He tried using high quality elixirs, and asking famous healers or priests, but no one was capable of removing the sword wound.

‘The wound didn’t open up, though.’

The wound didn’t get better or worse.

As if it was telling him to remember, it was mysteriously keeping its initial form.

“Are you asking me to remember a ghost?”

Derus Robert snickered and stroked the wound on the back of his hand. The blood spilling out slowly started to subside.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t look back. I only keep advancing forward.”

He picked up the fountain pen once again and started drawing the symbol into the book.

Until the sun that was in the middle of the sky set then rose once again, Derus kept drawing the symbols non-stop, without moving from his chair.

When Derus finally turned the last page, the black dragon drawn on the book cover was visible. It was drawn vividly, as if it was alive.

“It’s done.”

Derus Robert smiled in satisfaction, looking at the completed book.

‘There’s not much left until the grand plan now.’

When he put his hand on the book, the eyes of the black dragon on the cover sparkled.


The new year had begun.

Raon was now fifteen years old, and his appearance was the definition of the word elegant. He was sitting down where the charcoal kiln used to be with his eyes closed.

The red haze kept shimmering on his shoulders endlessly, and frost kept emanating from his pores.

With the heat and frost meeting each other, the misty gray haze was filling his surroundings.

As if Raon wasn’t aware of the mysterious phenomenon, he didn’t open his eyes until the sun set under the western mountain.

Raon, who looked like he had become a stone statue, finally started changing when the moon started rising.

The red haze shimmering on his shoulders became a red flame, and the steam coming from his skin pores became frost.


The moment the flame and the frost collided with each other and created a spark.

Raon opened his eyes. His red eyes looked like they were struck by lightning as they pierced through the dark night.

He clenched his fist and breathed out in excitement.


Translucent messages appeared above as his voice completely cracked.

[One strand of the Curse of Frost has disappeared.]

[‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’ has reached Three-Stars.]

[‘Coldness of the Frost’ has reached Three-Stars.]

[‘Perception of the Snow Flower’ has reached Three-Stars.]

[‘Fire Resistance’ has reached Three-Stars.]

[You have reached the level of Sword Expert – Beginner.]

[Your aura cultivation speed grows faster.]

[All stats have increased greatly.]

[Swordsmanship proficiency has increased.]

[Footwork proficiency has increased.]

The messages appeared one after another.

“I’ve finally reached the level of an Expert.”

Raon checked the messages and nodded in satisfaction.

Thanks to having trained continuously despite various incidents, he managed to reach the level of an Expert one month after the new year had begun.

He was only at the beginner level, which was worse than the apprentice level, but the feeling of achievement made him smile naturally.

Expert? Even a Sword Master is an insignificant insect, yet you are seriously rejoicing that you became a mere Expert?

Wrath snorted in dissatisfaction.

“It’s rare to become an Expert at the age of fifteen.”

Expert was indeed an excellent level, but it could hardly be called powerful on the continent’s scale.

However, if one reached that level at the age of fifteen, it was an achievement that could shock not only regular Houses and kingdoms, but also the Six Kings and Five Demons.

Age? Only idiots count ages on a battlefield. A weakling is just a weakling, no matter how old they are.

“That’s not wrong. No one would be dumb enough to go easy on someone on a battlefield just because they were young.”

He snickered while nodding.

“However, I have no intention of stopping just because I became an Expert.”

Raon pushed away Wrath—who was provoking him—then stood up.

‘It’s light.’

Probably because one strand of the shackle of ice that always pressured him had disappeared, his body felt as light as a leaf and was full of energy.

“Status window.”

Raon opened up the status window after trying to move his body a little.

Status Window

Name: Raon Zieghart.

Title: First Victory.

State: Curse of Frost (Five Strands)

Trait: Wrath, Ring of Fire (Four-Stars), Water Resistance (Four-Stars), Perception of the Snow Flower (Three-Stars), Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation (Three-Stars), Coldness of the Frost (Three-Stars), Fire Resistance (Three-Stars), Bleeding Curse (One-Stars).

Strength: 55

Agility: 56

Stamina: 57

Energy: 40

Perception: 62

As soon as he saw the status window, the corners of his lips raised. The ‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’, the ‘Coldness of the Frost’ and the ‘Fire Resistance’ had leveled up, and his stats had also increased significantly.

It wasn’t just the numbers. His mana circuit had also expanded, increasing the amount and speed of the aura he could control.

‘I’m at the beginner level of Expert, but I should be on par with someone at the apprentice level.’

The thought of possessing a might stronger than the level or number that was displayed made him unconsciously clench his fists.

How pathetic. You are at a level that can’t even handle one finger, no, not even a fingernail of the King of the Essence.

“Well, that’s true.”

Raon smiled.

But why are you smiling?

“Because you wouldn’t even have said it was a fingernail before. Wasn’t that your way of acknowledging my growth?”

There’s no way the King of Essence would acknowledge a mere human!

“I must be right since your voice is trembling slightly. Since we’ve been together for a long time, I can tell what you are thinking to some extent.”

A human that tries to read the King of Essence’s mind deserves to be crunched to the bones!

Wrath’s coldness burst out like a tidal wave.


Raon used the ‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’, which had reached three stars, to completely melt Wrath’s coldness.

“Is that all? If you don’t recover your strength soon, I’m going to eat you.”

Hmph! Listening to your nonsense reminds me of the old days. Back in devildom, the King of Essence had demon visitors that tried picking a fi…

“Ah, I should go warm up.”

Where are you going? Listen to the King of Essence!

* * *

* * *

“Training is finished.”

“Thank you for your effort.”

At Rimmer’s voice, Raon lowered his head while breathing heavily.

“Thank you for your effort!”

The trainees also repeated their thanks after Raon.

“You are welcome.”

Rimmer waved his hand while grinning. It looked like a halfhearted response stemming from his laziness, but it was actually his way of greeting.

‘It looks like everyone’s gotten used to it now.’

Raon nodded slightly, watching Rimmer, the instructors, and the trainees.

After spending over three years together, everyone had gotten pretty close.

Even Burren and Martha, who hated him the most, now realized what kind of person Rimmer was and were softer towards him.

“Instructor. Since you were twenty minutes late today, shouldn’t you train us twenty minutes longer?”

Of course, he still didn’t compromise on his tardiness.

“Let’s do that tomorrow. We’ve done enough for today.”

Rimmer smiled awkwardly and went down from the platform. Judging from the way he was stepping backwards, he was about to run away after changing the subject.

“The ones on duty should start cleaning up the training ground.”

Raon murmured that he was always the same and turned around to give the cleanup orders.


Dorian, who was on duty, energetically nodded and ran to the corner that the cleaning materials had been placed.


While opening the toolbox, he noticed who was standing next to him and screamed.

“What? Do you have a problem with me being on duty?”

Martha, whose black hair was flowing down her shoulders, furrowed her brows.

“N-not at all. I’m absolutely! Honored…”


She clicked her tongue and took the equipment for hardening the training ground’s floor, starting her work before Dorian.

The Martha from before would’ve left the chores to the collaterals or the recommended children and headed over to the direct line training herself. However, she couldn’t escape the cleanup duty anymore because of Raon’s orders.

“What are you watching? I have to clean up, so disappear somewhere else!”



Martha stomped her feet and the ground trembled. The trainees that were staring at her in a daze hurriedly ran to the exit.


Dorian, who was standing next to her, collapsed on the ground in shock.

“She’s still the same. It seems you are the only one she is acting differently towards.”

Raon turned his head to the voice behind him. Rimmer was approaching him with a silly snicker.

“Didn’t you run away because of Burren’s scolding?”

“Ah, I came back since there’s something I forgot.”


“Attention, everyone!”

When Rimmer clapped his hands, the trainees, who were running away from Martha’s shout, all stopped to listen to him.

“I have something to tell you.”

When the trainees came near him, Rimmer went up onto the platform once again.

“I forgot something really important.”

He smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head.

“What is it again?”

“Ah, you’ve got a second mission.”

The whole training ground fell silent in an instant.


“How can you forget about that?”

“That guy is serious…?”

Since they couldn’t imagine he could forget about a mission, the trainees ground their teeth.

“Mission, huh…”

Raon closed his eyes.

‘It took longer than I thought.’

Since they had successfully completed their first mission, he thought they were going to get their second mission sooner. However, over a half a year had passed since then.

It looked like the missions weren’t that frequent for the trainees.

‘It’s either the way Zieghart is raising their children is softer than I thought, or the mission is incredibly difficult.’

It was one of the two, but he personally hoped for the latter. That would allow him to grow up faster.

“It seems orcs have appeared near Cebu village, located in the southeast of Zieghart.”

Rimmer pointed towards Cebu village in the air. It was obvious that he didn’t bring a map because he was too lazy.

“Getting rid of the orcs that are threatening people at Cebu village, and protecting the village is your mission. In short, it’s a village protection and monster extermination mission.”


“It’s monster extermination!”

Monster extermination was the easiest and simplest mission compared to escort or dungeon exploration missions. Since it was easier than their first mission, the bandit extermination, the trainees cheered out loud.

“You are stupid for being happy about a mission.”

Rimmer clicked his tongue and continued.

“Unlike the first mission, the instructors won’t come along. You guys will be the only ones going to Cebu village. Thinking and making decisions by yourselves from the beginning to the end isn’t going to be as easy as you think.”

“I have a question.”

Burren raised his hand.

“What were you even thinking, to actually forget to tell us about a mission that we will be doing by ourselves?”

“Hmm… That’s not a question, but a reprimand.”

Rimmer broke out into a cold sweat.


Burren’s face wrinkled like tree bark, and he sighed heavily.

“Then I will ask the real question. Since you said we will be the only ones moving out, what shall we do if we meet a critical situation we can’t handle by ourselves?

“Recognizing that is also your job. If the mission is deemed impossible, giving up on it and deciding to return is also your ability. Therefore…”

Rimmer’s gaze glanced around the trainees, then stopped at Raon.

“The leader’s ability is important once again. You have to decide whether you have to break through with power, devise a strategy, or run away without looking back upon facing a critical situation.”

“I-isn’t it going to be a problem if we run away from a mission?”

Dorian raised his hand this time.

“It depends. If you run away from goblins, you will lose points and be disgraced. If you manage to run away from one of the Five Demons, then you deserve to be praised.”


Dorian exclaimed, hearing that he was allowed to run away. His cowardly personality remained the same in the new year.


Burren eventually looked at Raon. With his eyes slightly shining, his expression was that of acknowledgement and slight envy.

“You will be departing the daybreak after tomorrow. You shall rest for today and tomorrow while thoroughly preparing for the mission.”

“W-w-wait! In two days?”

Dorian’s eyes flicked left and right like a grasshopper.

“Yes. In two days.”

“Why is it at such short notice?! That’s way too early! Since today is almost over, we’ve only got one day left!”

“Monster extermination is an urgent mission compared to escorts or dungeon explorations. If you end up being late, Cebu village will be the one suffering casualties.”

“Then you should have told us earlier!”

Burren exploded again and stomped the ground.


“The day after tomorrow…”


Raon’s low voice pierced through the center of the training ground.

“The instructor told us before. You can’t predict when and what kind of mission you will get. Instead of being flustered and criticizing him about it, you should be preparing for the mission. The more you criticize, the more you will be played by the instructors’ hands.”


“That’s right.”

“Yes. Let’s make our move for now.”

The trainees that were angry like Burren nodded, and Rimmer smiled in satisfaction.

“I’m going to pluck off those ears one day.”

Martha murmured something Wrath had already said before and ground her teeth.

Runaan looked like none of it mattered as she stood blankly, licking her lips. She seemed to be thinking about the ice cream she would eat once she returned home.

“A wild orc is fiercer and sturdier than the orc you faced during battle training.”

“Since they are also bigger in numbers, it will be a fight of one versus many. Since we’ve learned footwork, it will be more advantageous for us to focus on evading rather than blocking. Make your equipment as light as possible and gather here at daybreak in two days.”

After saying that, Raon turned around.



Runaan nodded like a baby bird and Martha clicked her tongue, then left the training ground.


The trainees that followed Raon answered loud and clear, then ran towards the dormitory.


Burren glared at the instructors for a moment, but he turned around without saying anything. The collaterals followed him towards the main building.

“He really looks like a leader now.”

Rimmer grinned with his arms crossed. Of course, he was saying that looking while at Raon’s back.

“I know, right?”

“I never imagined he would change that much.”

“He is also open-minded, probably because he started from rock bottom.”

“I’ve seen many children so far, but it’s my first time seeing a top trainee that managed to make the others follow him based on his efforts, rather than his position or talent.”

The instructors approached Rimmer and nodded. All of them also acknowledged Raon.

“Hmm, I should prepare as well. I need to start moving before the children.”

The youngest instructor licked his lips while watching the children walk away.

They used to really send the trainees on a mission on their own, but ever since Glenn broke through the demonic wall, the second mission’s rules included having instructors tag along secretly.


Rimmer tapped the youngest instructor’s shoulder, then shook his head.

“I’ll be going.”



“A-are you serious?”

The instructors’ eyes widened. They couldn’t believe the man that found teaching them bothersome was volunteering to follow them on a mission.


“But head instructor, if you don’t get there in time when the children are in danger because you were napping…”

“Eep! Who do you think I am? Don’t you trust me?”

Rimmer flapped his hand, but the instructors didn’t respond. That was because they could count on their fingers the number of times Rimmer wasn’t late to a training period.

“Anyway! I’ll be going, so you can rest easy.”

Rimmer turned around after saying that. They could hear him murmur that he was going to have a great nap as he left the training ground.

“He should sleep here if he wants to sleep. Why does he even want to follow them on a mission…?”

“I guess he’s leaving since the head of house and the other division leaders will bother him if he stays here.”


The instructors snorted, realizing Rimmer’s plans.

“His laziness is really amazing.”


Even though the mission was going to start in two days, Raon returned to the dormitory after finishing up his night training.

A backpack with lightweight magic cast on it was placed in front of the room. It seemed to be a bag prepared for the mission.

‘He is really being obvious that he doesn’t care.’

That kind of bag was normally handed down personally, but putting it in front of the room was his way of telling him to take care of his own business since he didn’t care.

“That’s fine.”

Raon snickered and entered the room holding the bag. It didn’t matter whether the instructors followed or not. He just needed to complete the mission perfectly, regardless of what it was.

Such arrogance. Do you believe everything in the world will go your way? There are countless unexpected circumstances that can happen against you.

‘Well, that’s true.’

Raon nodded. Just as Wrath said, anything could happen at any time. However, since he could handle most problems by himself, he couldn’t relate to that too much.

‘You’re telling me that something unexpected can happen, like how you lost to me.’

I really want to tear your mouth off.

‘That’s an impossible wish.’

Raon snickered and started to pack his bag. Since he was given a light bag, packing up wasn’t really difficult.

Knock knock.

As he was in the middle of packing up, a knocking sound could be heard.

‘Who is it?’

He opened the door, thinking that it was strange since everyone should’ve been busy preparing for departure.


Raon’s jaw dropped with his eyes widened. There were the only two people in the world that could fluster him. Sylvia and Helen were standing there, faces turning red.

“Raon! If you are going on a mission, you should return to the annex building and tell Mom about it!”

“How did you know that? No way, was it Dorian again?”

“Sir Rimmer told us!”

Putting her hands on her hips, Sylvia frowned.

‘That elf, seriously…’

He secretly sighed. He came to the dormitory on purpose to prevent Sylvia and Helen from worrying. He didn’t think he would visit them personally to tell them about it.

“I’m sorry.”

It would’ve been a different story if he could have kept it a secret, but since they had already realized, he didn’t need to make up an excuse. It was a fact that he was avoiding them since it could get awkward if he told them he was going on a mission without an instructor, despite having time to visit them.


Sylvia pouted without saying anything and wrinkled her nose. As he was about to close his eyes in preparation for her long preaching, he heard her voice.



“The top trainee isn’t only supposed to greet others. It’s a position that should lead the other trainees in a better direction.”

Sylvia’s eyes were full of unusual seriousness.

“Not just yourself, but you should think about everyone before you act. The children’s lives are at stake based on your decisions.”

“Ah, okay.”

Raon nodded with a bewildered expression.

‘I didn’t expect her to say something like this…’

He thought he would get scolded and preached at. He didn’t expect her to give such advice.

“Monster extermination might look easy, but it’s actually a difficult mission. Make sure to wipe them out completely so that the villagers won’t suffer any more.”

Sylvia was correct. Since the monsters multiplied very quickly, it was important to completely root them out when he was at it.

“Always keep in mind that the moment you are on a mission, you aren’t a trainee anymore but a Zieghart swordsman.”

She lowered her body to meet his eyes. Her eyes were shining like stars.

“Mom told you before, right? The first Zieghart knew honor and shame, and was the kind of person that pointed his sword at the strong in order to protect the weak. Mom wants Raon to act like that Zieghart ancestor.”

Sylvia smiled, gently caressing Raon’s shoulder.

“Aren’t you angry?”

“I’m angry! And I’m worried! I feel so frustrated! However!”

Her expression changed in an instant. She pouted once again.

“It’s not the right time to scold you. Be ready for some preaching once you return.”


Raon smiled lightly and nodded. Since Sylvia had also lived as a swordsman, she was well aware that now wasn’t the right time to scold him.

“I’m glad that you became happier after starting to train, but I can’t stop worrying about you.”

Sylvia hugged Raon tightly. He could feel her worries in her trembling hands.

She returned after giving him a few more pieces of advice. She didn’t take as much of his time as he had expected, and she didn’t scold him either.

While worrying about her son, she hoped he would complete the mission properly as a swordsman.

That’s why her voice and her words touched him deep in his heart.

While packing up his bag, he looked out the window. The moonlight was permeating the room, as if it were jealous


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