The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 92

Chapter 92

The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 92

Sylvia was cleaning up the garden that she didn’t finish the day before.

She was skillfully transforming the messy grass into a round shape, like a fluffy cushion.

“Fortunately, they aren’t too badly ruined.”

Helen, who was helping her from behind, came up next to her.

“You are right. It might become better than before after a little bit more work.”

Sylvia used her scissors while smiling lightly. She cleaned up the messy places, as if she was trying to erase all traces of Raden’s violence.

“My lady.”


“Is it okay to leave the young master like that?”

Helen’s face was ashen gray. It looked like she had been too worried to sleep properly, and the same went for the other maids, as they kept blinking their eyes.

“Shouldn’t we stop the Sword Duel at any cost…?”

“That’s what I thought in the beginning.”

Sylvia nodded while handing over the scissors.

“I thought I needed to stop it at all costs, and not let the Sword Duel happen no matter what. I was about to visit my father right away.”

“Then why…?”

“Because Raon, that little boy, had the face of a real swordsman.”


“There was something I told him before he left on his first mission. I told him to live proudly, like the Zieghart swordsmen in the past.”

She turned around to meet Helen’s eyes and smiled at the maids.

“Raon is way prouder and more awesome than what I told him. So much so that I’m even ashamed of my current self.”

“My lady…”

“Since my child can make that kind of expression, I have to trust him as his mother. And…”

Sylvia smiled slightly, looking towards the back of the annex building, where Raon should have been training.

“Just as you felt, I had a feeling that everything was going to be okay when Raon said it would be alright. Our job now is to trust him and wait with a smile.”


Raon burned the paper containing Raden’s information that Judiel gave him after memorizing everything.

Despite having never witnessed Raden’s flexible swordsmanship, he felt like he could draw it in his head thanks to the detailed information he’d been given.

‘It should be enough to just keep training like this.’

Since his goal was to overwhelm Raden using the ‘Star Connecting Sword’ and the ‘River Footwork’, which were common techniques, the information allowed him to prepare for the duel a lot more easily.

He modified the footwork and the swordsmanship’s flow slightly using Judiel’s information and started training once again.

His movements became a lot more systematic as he imagined the enemy’s movement while swinging his sword and using his footwork.


While he was fully focused on his training, a thin coldness came out from the ice flower bracelet.

This is so sad.

Wrath laughed at him while clicking his tongue.

It’s so pathetic that you need to make so much effort to fight garbage like him. The King of Essence would’ve been able to freeze him to the bones with breath alone.

“I can easily win against him in my current state.”

Raon pushed away Wrath, who was breathing at him.

“But the important part is to achieve an overwhelming victory, where his sword doesn’t even get close to reaching my body.”

I don’t understand. Isn’t winning enough?


Raon shook his head. If it was a simple match, it didn’t matter how he won. However, this case was different.

“Me and the annex building became the target of the direct line and their followers when I offended Raden. Even if the True Martial Palace can’t threaten us anymore after my victory, there are probably going to be others targeting us instead.”

Every house had a high and thick wall between the direct line and the collaterals. And the wall’s thickness was impenetrable when it concerned a prestigious family like Zieghart.

The direct line and their followers didn’t want the collaterals to reach the same rank as them, even if they were people who used to be a part of the direct line.

‘That’s why I need to show them.’

It was necessary to carve the fact that he was more useful than the direct line into Glenn’s memory.

Ever since ancient times, humans have always been quibbling over lineage, and the density of the lineage on top of it, even though blood is red regardless of that. Who do they think they are, vampires? It’s really an unsightly and nasty tradition.

“I agree with you for the first time.”

Raon showed a bitter smile at the fact that he was agreeing with a devil that got angry at anything and everything.

Do your best, since everything you possess will become mine eventually.

Wrath returned to the bracelet after saying that.

“Wow, it’s amazing how he can be so annoying with a single word.”

Raon stood up while laughing coldly. As he was about to resume his training, he felt the presence of somebody approaching.

‘It’s not Judiel.’

It wasn’t Sylvia or Helen, but it was a very familiar presence. A small shape appeared as he stood still, waiting.


Blank eyes, fluttering silver hair, snow white skin. Runaan was approaching the open area.



Runaan was walking with soft steps like a cat, hugging a package wrapped in a cloth. Upon arriving next to him, she sat down next to the tree.

“Why are you…”


It looked like Runaan was also aware of Raon’s fight against Raden. It wasn’t a simple fight though—it was a Sword Duel.

“So I came here.”

She started unwrapping the cloth she brought, her small fingers fidgeting.


Raon felt numerous gazes on them while watching Runaan and raised his head. Behind the walls, the rocks, and the trees, Sylvia, Helen, and the maids were watching them.

‘Seriously, these people.’

He thought they’d become serious for once, but they had returned to being easy-going already. They really were strange.

“It’s done.”

He turned around upon hearing Runaan’s voice. The package contained the ice cream box she carried around like a treasure.


Runaan opened the box, revealing five bead ice creams. They were bigger and shinier than before, and white steam could be seen rising from them.


Raon stayed still, and Runaan started waving her hand in front of his eyes. Looking at her eyes, he thought he needed to eat something at least. However, he needed to choose something other than Runaan’s favorite pink ice cream.

What are you doing?! Eat it already!

Wrath, who had returned to the bracelet earlier, popped back out like a mole.

The King of Essence likes that green one! Eat the green ice cream with chocolate on it! Hurry up!

Because Raon wasn’t touching the ice cream, Wrath grew anxious and started spreading coldness everywhere.

‘You are so noisy.’

Raon frowned. He didn’t even look at the green ice cream Wrath wanted. As he was licking his lips, thinking about what to pick, Runaan’s hand came towards his head.


He wondered whether he should avoid her hand or not, but she didn’t have any murderous intent nor animosity. Raon prepared to move any time it was necessary, by warming up the muscles in his entire body.

Tap tap.

Runaan’s hand lightly tapped his head twice, rendering his anxiety pointless.


Raon’s lips parted as he looked around. Runaan nodded while visibly raising the corners of her mouth and caressed his head once again.

“It’s alright.”

Looking at her gently shining silver eyes and hearing her calm voice, his heart tingled.

That girl had visited the annex building in order to return the favor of telling her it was alright back when she fought against the orc.


Raon smirked. It was funny that such a small child was worried about him once again.

However, it didn’t feel that bad. He wasn’t too sure, but it felt like some emotion was making his heart swell.

“Why are you smiling?”

“It’s nothing.”

He shook his head, taking the black bead ice cream from the box and put it in his mouth. His mouth was filled with a sugary, bitter taste, just like the emotion he was feeling.

Oh! Chocolate! It looks like it’s been fermented for a long time after adding sugar and coffee into the chocolate. Back in devildom, the King of Essence liked coffee… Wh-what are you doing!

‘Shut up.’

Raon forced Wrath back into the bracelet to avoid his long-winded speech.

“Is it delicious?”

“It is. Thank you.”

“Eat more.”

“No, that’s enough.”

It really was enough. Rather than his belly being filled, it felt like his heart was full. He didn’t need it anymore.

“I see.”

Runaan swallowed the red bead ice cream on the right side, then stood up.

“I’m leaving.”

Then she left. It looked like she was telling him she wasn’t going to disturb his training since she finished what she came to do.


Raon smiled, looking at Runaan’s light steps. Just looking at her back was enough to make him smile now.


As soon as Runaan left, Sylvia, who was hiding behind a tree, approached him.

“You mom thinks you are closer than simple friends. That’s not an average ice cream. It’s a very expensive snack.”

“I’m also curious. From the look of it, it’s not the first time you’ve received ice cream from her.”

“Raon, Mom wants to talk to her…”

“Stop talking, both of you.”

Raon shook his hand. He didn’t want them to be depressed, but he hated their playful gazes even more.


* * *

* * *

The next day, there was a second visitor to the annex building.


Raon narrowed his eyes, looking at the guest that looked grumpy as he walked.

Honestly, he thought Runaan might visit him again since she liked following after him or learning his training methods.

However, that guy was really unexpected.


Raon tilted his head, looking at Burren as he walked elegantly towards him like a noble. He seriously couldn’t figure out why he was visiting him.

“I heard you are going to have a Sword Duel against Raden.”

Burren pouted and stopped walking.

“Did you also hear about it?”

“The rumor is spreading throughout the entire house. They say that you arrogantly got into big trouble.”

“Big trouble…”

“You attacked a member of the direct line despite being a collateral and requested the Sword Duel despite not being a qualified swordsman. Of course the higher ups wouldn’t like that.”

Burren looked down at the seated Raon and snorted. As Raon was about to ask him whether he came to make fun of him, Burren opened his mouth once again.

“However, I think you did a great job. I like it.”


Raon’s jaw dropped after hearing something he never expected Burren to say.

“Raden is a piece of trash that keeps tarnishing Zieghart’s name despite being a member of the direct line. He is strong, but he doesn’t have any honor or conviction.”

His voice was boiling with anger.

“As soon as I heard there was an issue between you and Raden, I immediately guessed that the damn bastard picked a fight first. And my expectations were correct.”


Burren’s word signified that he actually trusted Raon, which was rather unexpected of him.

“Take this.”

Burren took out a box from his pocket at the size of a palm and handed it over.

“What is this?”

“It’s medicine to apply on your injury. It’s too cheap for me to use, but I brought it here as I figured it would be suitable for you.”


“Take it. Quickly!”

Burren forced him to take the medicine and turned around.

“You are the fifth training ground’s top trainee. Take that responsibility and don’t lose, no matter what.”

After saying that, he returned the same way he came there. Interestingly, he was walking faster and faster. Judging from his red earlobes, he was being shy.


Raon opened the lid of the box in his hand. The clear smell of the medicine came from it.

He took a small amount of the medicine and spread it on his injured wrist, and the pain subsided along with a warm energy.

‘Is he telling me this is cheap?’

The clear smell and the medicine’s color told him that it was definitely not a cheap one. When he looked behind the lid, it said Saiman.

Saiman was a guild famous for the efficiency of its medicines. It was a rare item, one that was difficult to obtain with money.

“What’s happening?”

Raon shook his head and put the medicine in his pocket.

“Raon, when did you become close to Burren…”

“Young master, another friend…”

Since Burren was gone, Sylvia and Helen, who were spectating them, approached him with a smile.

“Stop coming here!”


Unlike the busy annex building where Raon was training every day, the True Martial Palace remained silent.

It looked like they didn’t even care about the Sword Duel against Raon, since they were certain about their victory.

Going along with that atmosphere, Raden wasn’t doing any training and stayed even relaxed more than usual.

“Young master.”

The butler Merkin bowed to Raden.


Raden, who was lying in bed with a red-haired maid, turned his head.

“Shouldn’t you start training a little now? There’s not much time left until the Sword Duel.”

“Training? Did you just say that to me?”

Raden chuckled and raised his body.

“Why would I need to train to fight a weakling like that? If I had used the flexible sword back then, he would’ve been six feet under by now—in pieces.”

“B-but his movements were rather extraordinary. I managed to predict his sword and blocked it, but I didn’t even manage to see his fist properly.”

Merkin rubbed the place Raon had hit him.

“Don’t think I’m the same as you! Grr!”

Raden threw the wine glass from the table. As the glass containing red wine broke, red liquid spread across the floor like blood.

“I know the techniques he uses! It’s the ‘Star Connecting Sword’ and the ‘River Footwork’ that I’ve also learned. I can shred him apart with my eyes closed if I use the flexible sword!”


“You should be the one training. You fucking fainted at the most important moment!”

“Please, excuse me.”

“Get out of my sight!”

Raden shouted, then laid down on the bed once again. Merkin bowed then left Raden’s room.

‘It’s over.’

Merkin shook his head, looking at Raden’s room where a giggling sound could be heard.

It looked like he had no intention of training because of the humiliation he felt from losing to Raon.

He must’ve been trying to protect his ego by showing that he could defeat him without training.

‘Raon Zieghart.’

However, he had obtained information that Raon was training every day, to the best of his abilities, from the annex building.

‘That guy is really outstanding.’

Raon’s movements were enigmatic. It was difficult to read his presence or movement, much like an assassin.


Merkin sighed. He felt like he could already see the result of the Sword Duel.


Martha was sitting on a tree at the entrance of North Grave Mountain where she could see the open area in the annex building.


She clicked her tongue, wrapping the black hair that was touching her cheek around her finger.

“He is annoyingly popular. Why are there so many people visiting him?”

Martha was looking at Raon, who was sitting in the open area and talking with the fifth training ground trainees. While she had been watching him, she had already seen seven trainees visiting Raon.

She couldn’t hear them exactly, but they looked like they were cheering for his victory.

“Hmph, since when did they become friends?”

Looking at the trainees that were pretending to be his friends after the last mission, despite the fact that they had never cared about him in the training ground, Martha felt irritated.

“They are all so pathetic…”

“Why don’t you try visiting him, too?”


Hearing a voice from behind, Martha screamed and fell from the tree.

“Wow, it feels great to tease you.”

When she raised her head, Rimmer was giggling while swinging his feet in the air.

“Raon’s no fun since he doesn’t get surprised with something like this.”

“You damned elf…”

Martha ground her teeth and raised her body. As her black eyes were about to be dyed into red, Rimmer shook his hand.

“Is that really okay? He already noticed.”

She turned around following Rimmer’s chin gesture, and Raon was looking at them from the open area.

“Ugh, you must’ve done this on purpose…”

“If you come to visit him, you should go see him and cheer him up.”

“I didn’t come here to cheer him up!”

“Huh? Then what are those things in your pocket? Are they for me?”

“Ah, it’s because he saved me during the mission…”

Martha put her hand in her coat pocket and wrinkled her nose.

“Cheer him up. It’s going to help him.”

Rimmer smiled and pointed at the open area. Raon was still looking at them.

“Damn it…”

Martha bit her lip and went down the mountain.


Rimmer started humming, lying on the branch Martha fell from.

“She’s so naive. I guess that’s the privilege of children.”


Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched Martha walk down from the North Grave Mountain. He had already realized she was up there, but he wasn’t expecting her to come down. It seemed Rimmer had played a prank on her.


Martha threw a small glass bottle and a square box wrapped in cloth at him.


Raon caught the box and the bottle flying towards his chest.

“I’m returning the favor for that time. Consume them before the Sword Duel starts.”


“It’s not poison. That’s mind-clearing water that recovers your willpower, so you can drink it or throw it away if you want.”

As he stared at the glass bottle, Martha took a step closer to him and frowned.

“Thank you.”

Raon put the glass bottle in his pocket.

“I was going to trample on that son of a monkey because he kept being annoying, but you beat me to it. Make sure to leave him half dead since you’re fighting him, that way he won’t be able to act rude against your mom ever again.”


“I’m canceling my promise with you if you lose to that son of a monkey.”

Raon just nodded and Martha turned around, fluttering her black hair, which reached under her shoulders now.

“I’m leaving.”

She left the open area without even looking back.

“Why did she not say anything about this one?”

Raon tilted his head and opened the box Martha gave him.


Beef was inside the box, and its quality seemed to be much higher than the usual meat he had in the annex building.

‘It was her doing.’

Sylvia had mentioned a high-quality beef was left in front of the annex building occasionally, and it ended up being Martha’s gift.

Are you telling me that black-eyes was the one that provided that tasty beef?


Hmm, Fine. The King of Essence is a generous monarch. I’m going to call the black-eyes the beef girl from now on.


Ignoring Wrath’s useless chatter, Raon took the beef. It was at that moment that Sylvia and Helen burst out from the bush like moles coming out of their holes.

“Beef and mind-clearing water? She is full of consideration for you, Raon.”

“Indeed. Beef is great but presenting something as expensive as mind-clearing water means you aren’t just friends.”

“Raon, invite Martha to a meal next time…”

“Ah, please go away!”

Raon shook his head. They quickly retreated into the bush, then went back to the annex building.


It was only a few days ago that he was worried about them because of how depressed they were, but their lightheartedness was now getting out of control.

‘Well, I guess this is better.’

Sylvia and Helen were showing that cheerful attitude because they trusted him and didn’t want to make him worry.

They were cheerful people to begin with. Raon needed to keep the harmful people from even touching their shadows in order to protect their smiles.

Raon slowly caught his breath, then stood up to resume his training.

The training continued day and night, and the day of the Sword Duel finally came.


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