The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 93

Chapter 93

The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 93

The direct line and people who got the permission from division leaders or the head of house were the only people allowed to train in the Zieghart great training ground.

However, there were a few exceptions. The Sword Duel was one of them.

In case a Sword Duel happened where two swordsmen fought, putting their pride at stake, everyone that wanted to spectate was allowed to enter the great training ground.

There was more than an hour left until the start of the Sword Duel, but the great training ground’s seats were already full because of how famous the two participants were.

Those that didn’t manage to take a seat were busily moving around in order to find a decent spot on the outskirts.

The great training ground looked like the marketplace with so many people babbling around, but they were all pretty much talking about the same thing.

“This is a really peculiar Sword Duel, one that probably doesn’t even happen once every hundred years. Anyone who misses this duel will regret it for their entire life.”

“Indeed, a fight like this will never happen again.”

“I guess, since it’s between a swordsman from the direct line and a collateral trainee.”

“And they are the most rumored children nowadays.”

A duel between a swordsman from the direct line and a collateral trainee. And since it was a Sword Duel between two people that had recently performed great achievements for the house, people were extremely interested in the event.

“I wonder who is going to win between Raon and young master Raden. It’s not going to be fun if they are on a different level.”

“Hmm, even though it’s a peculiar Sword Duel, the result has already been decided.”

“It’s impossible for Raon to win, even if he is strong for his age.”

“But I heard he killed the Green War Demon…”

“Raon didn’t do that alone. He fought alongside the fifth training ground’s trainees.”

“On the other hand, young master Raden destroyed a White Blood Religion’s branch on his own. Even if it was a small branch, that’s not something easy to do.”

Since most of the swordsmen believed Raon’s rumor was exaggerated, they were sure that Raden was going to win.

“No way, Raon held his ground against the Blood Raving Demon, who is at Master’s level. You won’t know until they fight.”

“That’s just Rimmer spewing bullshit. It’s a lie.”

“No, I think he held his ground. For a few seconds.”

“I don’t like the young master Raden, and think it was his mistake this time, but it can’t be helped. He is already an intermediate level Expert, which is way stronger than Raon.”


“I guess…”

It looked like the public opinion had been decided, and the number of people expecting Raon to win kept decreasing.

The swordsmen in the great training ground could already imagine Raon’s loss in their heads.

“I think it would be great of him if Raon manages to make a stand for some time. If the head of house is satisfied with the fight, he might change the content of the bet…”

“You are babbling so much dogshit through that trap.”

“Who… ugh!”

The swordsmen turned their heads upon hearing a chilly voice from behind them. Martha Zieghart was standing there, wrinkling her lovely forehead.

“Bullshit? Lies?”

Martha leaned forward and snorted.

“If that was really a lie, do you think me or Burren would’ve done nothing about it? Is your head just a decoration? How about thinking from time to time, huh?”

Vulgar words came from her mouth despite her beautiful appearance.



The swordsmen turned while groaning instead of talking back to Martha. They had no choice, since they didn’t dare offend Denier Zieghart’s beloved daughter even though they were official swordsmen.

“Watch closely with those dead fisheyes of yours.”

Martha crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.

“Since something completely different from your expectations is about to happen.”


“Denier raised his daughter incorrectly.”

Balder, who was sitting on the platform, crossed his legs and smiled coldly.

“No, I guess he didn’t raise her incorrectly, but picked the wrong child.”

He murmured that there was no way she could be talented as she had peepholes for eyes.

However, he didn’t really care about how Martha rudely treated the swordsmen. That was the extent of the difference existing in the world between the direct lines and collaterals or people below them.

“The fight is already decided. I want the Sword Duel to be over already and hear that arrogant bastard’s scream.”

The result of the duel was as plain as day. No matter how talented Raon was, it was impossible for him to win against Raden, as he had never experienced fighting a flexible sword.

He smiled in anticipation, eager to watch Raon scream upon getting his energy center destroyed and his mana circuit ripped apart after the Sword Duel.

“Oh! It’s been a long time.”


Hearing a cheerful voice that didn’t match the platform’s solemn atmosphere, Balder’s head turned.


The red-haired elf was walking up to him while grinning like a fool.

“Why are you here?”

“Ah, I came to see you since I noticed you while passing by.”

“Then just keep passing by.”

“Ahaha! Nice joke.”

Even though he told him to go away, Rimmer didn’t get down from the platform, sticking next to Balder instead.

“Do you think we are close enough to joke around?”

“It’s because you said something funny.”


“You said the fight is already decided, what do you mean by that?”

“Your broken eyes should still be able to see it, the difference in pressure between Raden and the loser you’ve trained.”

“Hmm, there’s certainly a clear difference.”

Rimmer whistled, looking at Raon and Raden, who were standing on opposite sides of the great training ground.

“But the fight isn’t necessarily decided by pressure and might.”

“Hmph, that’s only true concerning the bugs. Once they are at the Expert level, it’s difficult to overcome the difference in level. Moreover, Raden is a flexible swordsman. Your student will be ripped apart with his flesh and bone torn off.”

“Then shall we make a bet?”


“If you are that confident, let’s make a bet.”

Rimmer smiled broadly and extended his hand.

“Is this another trick of yours, just like when you spread that false rumor about him fighting against the Blood Raving Demon?”

“There’s no way a trick would work when the head of house is going to witness the fight today.”


Balder’s pupils expanded. This was the reason that Rimmer was difficult to deal with. He was still meeting the head of house, his father, once in a while.

“Since you look so confident, let’s bet something. If you are scared, you can just withdraw…”

“Shut your mouth!”

Balder frowned, and the foothold under his feet was crushed.

“Ahaha! It was a joke.”

“What are you going to bet?”

“I’m betting this.”

A leaf-shaped dagger came out from Rimmer’s shirt. It was reflecting a mysterious light, and the clear scent of real leaves under the sunlight.

“This is…”

“I’m sure you recognize this.”

“Are you seriously putting this at stake for the bet?”

“Of course. The bet is all about all in! All in!”

“…Then what do you want? Do you want my Dragon’s Diamond Warblade or something?”

“No, I don’t need something like that.”

Rimmer shook his head and grinned. It was the same expression as when he was playing a prank on Burren or Raon.


* * *

* * *

Raon rolled his wrists and ankles to warm himself up. Even though it was his first time visiting the great training ground, and countless people were watching him, he didn’t feel nervous at all.

‘The medicine was really effective.’

Probably because he drank the mind-clearing water before coming there, his head was clear and his heart was beating slowly and calmly.

Burren’s medicine was also effective, and his injuries were now completely healed. It seemed he could bring out the best of his abilities, just like when he trained in the open area or in the fifth training ground.

Raon looked at Raden, who was standing on the opposite side from him. He was sipping on wine right before the fight.

‘He must be trying to show his confidence.’

The reason that he was showing such a carefree attitude was simple. He was trying to show the difference between himself and Raon.


That was something he shouldn’t be doing unless there was an overwhelming difference or he was certain about his victory.

Raon smiled coldly, looking at Raon as he enjoyed a massage from a maid. He was going to regret what happened that day for the rest of his life.

“Zieghart’s heaven is entering! Everyone, show your respect!”

As he was warming up his shoulders, the swordsmen standing in front of the training ground’s main entrance started shouting.


The enormous door split open, and Glenn entered along with the Heavenly Blade Division.

Despite having lots of people around him, only Glenn entered Raon’s sight. His breathtaking pressure was making the training ground’s atmosphere as sharp as needles piercing the skin.

The stronger he got, the more he realized how high Glenn’s level was, giving him goosebumps.

“Greeting my lord!”

Raon knelt and bowed, just like everyone in the training ground.

Do you really have to kneel down and bow every single time you see him? It must be really annoying to be human.

Wrath clicked his tongue in irritation. However, his voice contained a slight note of envy.

Since he went down from being the monarch of devildom to a shabby freeloader living in the bracelet, he seemed to be jealous of Glenn, who received respect and fear from everyone.

‘You are so narrow-minded.’

What did you say?


Raon lowered his head and smiled slightly.

“Everyone, rise.”

In the meantime, Glenn sat on the throne in the middle of the platform and opened his mouth. Even though it was a quiet voice, everyone could hear it clearly.

“Thank you!”

Zieghart’s swordsmen bowed once again, then stood up.


Glenn slowly lowered his gaze to look at Raon on the west and Raden on the east, one after the other, then nodded.

“Begin the Sword Duel.”


The ringmaster, who was standing under the platform, bowed to Glenn before he turned around.


As soon as he raised his hand, the flag bearers standing on the great training ground’s outskirts waved the flags with the flame sword’s emblem at the same time, which created an illusion of the entire training ground rippling in flames.

“Competitors, come forth!”


Raden extended his hand with a grin, and the maid standing behind him brought him his sword. He took out a wobbling sword from the sheath longer than a spear.


The long and thin flexible sword flailed like a snake, creating a strange sound.

Raon looked back, ignoring Raden’s murderous gaze.

He could see Sylvia biting her lip while holding onto the handrail tightly. He conveyed his message with his gaze: it was alright, so just rest assured and wait.

Helen and the maids were clasping their hands together next to Sylvia, shoulders trembling as if they were praying to God.

Raon braced himself. It wasn’t a fight against Raden, but a war in order to protect them.


Raon exhaled to empty his mind and stepped up to face Raden.



Raden tilted his head back to look at the sky. How long had he been waiting for this day? One week felt longer than an entire year.

‘I can finally pay him back.’

The humiliation he felt in the annex building. The time had finally come for him to change the spiteful gazes of the swordsmen as they held their laughter in each time they looked at him.

Holding back the excitement filling his entire body, he brandished his flexible sword.

‘Come at me. I’ll… that bastard.’

Raden grinded his teeth. Raon was looking at Sylvia and the maids behind him instead of himself.

Raon’s disinterest towards him right before the fight exasperated him.

‘I’m going to cut your limbs off.’

Raden became exhilarated upon imagining Raon and the maids’ expressions after he cut off his limbs during the Sword Duel, getting his energy center and mana circuit destroyed as a result.

“Be ready.”

Raden flexed his wrist, hearing the ringmaster’s signal. Although he was only moving his wrist slightly, the flexible sword wriggled like a snake.

“I’m ready.”

Raon nodded without even drawing his sword.

“Haa, it’s my first time seeing such an arrogant bastard.”

Raden raised his chin and wrinkled his nose.

“I’m going to teach you how lucky you were that day.”


Raon snickered, touching the sheath of his sword.

“Seriously, you bastard…”

“Please step back.”

The ringleader forcefully pushed Raden back.

“Let’s see if you can still smile like that after your arms get cut off and your energy center gets ripped apart.”

“I guess you won’t be able to see it.”

Raon grabbed the sheath while maintaining his smile.


Raden stepped back while grinding his teeth to a point that they could break. It was better to start the Sword Duel faster instead of arguing with him.

The ringleader checked their readiness with his gaze and they both nodded their heads.

“Then, the Sword Duel between Raden Zieghart and Raon Zieghart has begun!”

The ringleader raised his hand, blocking the sight between Raden and Raon, then stepped back.


Raden laughed like a madman and swung his flexible sword. With a fluttering sound, the sword curled like a ribbon and dove at Raon.

Raon twisted his body like a drifting flower petal to dodge the flexible sword.

“Do you really think you managed to dodge it?”

Raden raised his wrist and the flexible sword fluctuated like a tidal wave, following Raon.


Raon tried dodging the flexible sword using the ‘River Footwork’, but Raden was already aware of that flow.

“I told you already. It’s different from back then! Try running away!”

Raden grinned and used the third form of Crystal Flexible Sword, Demonic Crystal. The flexible sword’s blade bent in a zigzag, aimed at Raon’s leg.


Raon drew his sword and lowered it. He seemed to be trying to block the Demonic Crystal because he wasn’t able to dodge it.


Raden licked his lips.

‘What an idiot!’

Flexible swordsmanship was extremely difficult to defend against because its direction changed too quickly. If he tried defending what he saw, he would get cut somewhere else.

The same went for Raon. He lowered his sword in order to defend the attack against his legs, but that was a huge mistake.


Raden turned his wrist, the flexible sword aimed at Raon’s thigh bursting up like a snake crawling up a vine.

‘I’m going to take your arm, just like I warned you I would!’

He could already see Raon screaming as his sharp blade slashed through Raon’s arm.


Raden swallowed. Right before the flexible sword ripped apart his arm, Raon disappeared from his sight.


Raden’s hand, the one holding his sword, trembled as he screamed. Something cold could be felt against his neck. When he turned his eyes, Raon—who had disappeared—was touching his neck with his sword.

“Wh-what happened…”

“This is the first time.”

“F-first time? First time for what?”

“You are going to die eight times today.”

After saying that, Raon’s fist struck Raden’s face.



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