Trash of the Count’s Family (Web Novel) – Chapter 392: The crazy one, the innocent one, and the laughing one 2

The crazy one, the innocent one, and the laughing one (2)

‘Something seems weird?’

Bud could not understand Clopeh Sekka’s current demeanor at all.

‘Wait, didn’t Clopeh Sekka become a captive after his defeat at the Henituse territory battle?’

But would his defeat and becoming a captive be the end?

Bud could see the wheelchair Clopeh was sitting on.

‘As expected, his condition is not good.’

According to the Mercenaries Guild’s newest information on the Western continent, Clopeh Sekka was currently staying in the Paerun Kingdom but not showing himself very often.

People had been questioning his health since the man who used to lead the Paerun Kingdom’s strongest Knights Brigade was not coming to the training grounds at all.

Clopeh Sekka sitting in the wheelchair right now seemed to prove those rumors.

‘…Then it is most likely that this happened to him when he became a captive.’

That was why Bud had expected Clopeh and Cale’s relationship to be a political one with both extremely hostile toward each other on the inside even though they were on the same side during the Breck Kingdom’s Gorge of Death battle.

He had especially expected Clopeh Sekka to have strong hostility toward Cale.

‘But what the hell?’

Bud was shocked.

Forget hostility, Clopeh was looking at Cale as if he was looking at a god.

‘He even has his hands clasped together!’

Bud’s mind was turning chaotic.

Clopeh started to speak at that moment and his voice echoed in the bedroom. I am filled with sorrow that I am unable to join you in that legend.

Bud’s expression turned even worse.

He looked toward Cale with a baffled mind.

‘You, you’ll respond differently, right?’

Bud waited for Cale to speak with the smallest of hope that Cale would be able to calm his mind.

Cale then started to speak as if to answer his question.

“Then why don’t you join me this time?” Will it be written down in history?

“Mm, probably?” It must be part of your legend.

“…Ah… sure.”

Cale decided to just brush past Clopeh’s craziness. Bud started to frown, but Cale didn’t care even an ounce about Bud’s reaction.

“Your influence in the North should have grown by now, right?”

Cale could see Clopeh start to smile at his question. The originally loyal smile instantly turned to show a snake’s evil nature. It is quite large now.

That was enough.

The Indomitable Alliance.

The alliance that had started the Western continent’s war early in the year was a combination of Arm and the Northern three kingdoms.

But the Indomitable Alliance was defeated after the war and the Northern Kingdoms of Paerun, Norland, and Askosan fell under Clopeh’s Paerun Kingdom’s control.

“Some black mages will soon pass through the North and into the Paerun Kingdom.”

Cale did not say anything else and looked at Clopeh. You want me to observe the black mages’ movements in the North.

Clopeh understood him as Cale expected.

Most people would have asked if Cale wanted them to capture the black mages.

“Why not capture them?” If there was a need to capture them, I’m sure you would have already caught them, Cale-nim. But the fact that you are leaving them alone until they get to the North would mean that you have a plan to use them for something, am I wrong?

He truly was smart but crazy.

Maybe the fact that he was such a smart person who was quick to understand what was going on was the reason he was so subservient to Cale.

Cale continued to speak to Clopeh who was waiting for his orders.

“We found a document.”

Choi Jung Gun, the first Dragon Slayer.

There was a part he had written in Korean about the Whale tribe’s land.

There were parts in the Eastern continent’s common language that had discussed the Whale tribe’s land as well.

The information in the two languages were completely different.

Cale recalled the conversation he had with Choi Han.

‘What kind of place is it?’

The land of the Whale tribe.

This had been Choi Han’s response.

‘A place with nothing.’

Choi Jung Gun had said the same thing as Choi Han in Korean.

< There is a large chunk of ice at the Northern tip of the Western continent. Nobody lives there… I introduced the Whales to that location. >

However, the information recorded above those words in the Eastern continent’s common language was slightly different.

< There is a mysterious land covered in ice. A strong power rests in that place. >

If you read the page in order.

It started with the Eastern continent’s common language.

< There is a mysterious land covered in ice. A strong power rests in that place. >

And then after that…

< There is a large chunk of ice at the Northern tip of the Western continent. Nobody lives there… I introduced the Whales to that location. >

That was the information written in Korean.

‘In other words, the strong power that rests in the mysterious land covered in ice is talking about the Whales that he introduced to live there.’

However, the White Star did not know how to read the parts Choi Jung Gun had written in Korean.

That is why the only thing he knew was that the land of the Whale tribe was a mysterious land with a strong power residing there.

‘So, it makes sense why he would make that mistake.’

Cale looked toward Choi Han. Choi Han smiled innocently once they made eye contact.

Cale slowly started to speak.

“The document I found says that there is a precious treasure, a strong power within the North’s ice lands.”

Choi Han who Clopeh could not see from the video communication device mouthed toward Cale.

‘You are saying the opposite.’

He was right.

Cale was saying the complete opposite of what Choi Han had told him.

He had twisted the part Choi Jung Gun had written in the Eastern continent’s common language to his benefit.

“And that document was found in the Roan Kingdom.”

Choi Han’s eyes clouded over.

Cale did not hide the origin of the document but instead lied by saying that it was found in the Roan Kingdom. Cale-nim.

Cale looked toward Clopeh who called his name. Clopeh had a calm smile on his face again as he continued to speak. If that truly was something important to you, then you would have procured it yourself without telling me about it.

‘He really is a smartly crazy bastard.’

Cale held back a gasp of admiration at Clopeh’s deduction. Black magic. I’m sure it is related to the White Star. In addition, that document found in the Roan Kingdom is probably related as well.

Clopeh gently asked. In that case, what can I do for you, Cale-nim?

Clopeh became full of anticipation after seeing Cale close his mouth for a moment after hearing his question.

Once Arm disappeared from the North, it was quite easy for the Paerun Kingdom who had no desire to expand to the South to take control over the Norland Kingdom and the Askosan Kingdom that had suffered more casualties in the battle.

There was the rumor that Clopeh’s body was not well, however, it was easy for him to gain the political dominance after he revealed that he had a close relationship with the Roan Kingdom, Breck Kingdom, and the Whipper Kingdom.

‘But it is not an overwhelming dominance.’

Clopeh found this current dominance and his life to be important, but he needed something more than that.

And he was finally able to chat with the person who could fill that void after a long while.

“The thing I need from you is simple.”

Cale always said everything was simple, but the things he had done until now were far from simple. Clopeh’s eyes were full of anticipation as he looked at Cale from across the screen.

“I plan to pass the ancient document found in the Roan Kingdom to you within the week.”

Bud was giving Cale a, ‘What document? Is there really such a thing?’ type of gaze but Cale just ignored it. Instead, he focused on his conversation with Clopeh.

“After that, you just need to spread some rumors.”

It was not easy to trick the White Star’s faction. He needed to lay a second and even a third layer in a trap to make it work. What do you need me to spread?

“Make people talk about how there is a terrible power that could even pierce the sky beyond the ocean of the North and that you should not go near it unless you want to die. Also, say that the place that holds that power is like hell with nothing to gain.”

The corners of Clopeh’s lips started to go up in an odd way.

Hadn’t Cale just said that a, ‘precious treasure with strong power,’ existed in the ice lands beyond the Northern waters?

However, the rumor was the complete opposite.

“In addition, I don’t care if you use your family’s soldiers or if you personally make a move, but guard the entrance to the Northern waters and make it so that nobody can get past it.”

Clopeh’s body subconsciously leaned in toward the video communication device.

Cale then added on in a low voice.

“At the same time, stealthily create a search team and make it look like they are trying to investigate the land of the Whale tribe.”

Clopeh’s eyes clouded over.

In the end, Cale was saying to spread the rumor about a scary power and prevent people from approaching while stealthily creating a search team to find that treasure described in the ancient document.

But all of it was fake.

Clopeh started to think about the black mages and Arm’s forces.

He looked toward Cale and started to speak. And that stealthy search team must unintentionally get noticed by the black mages heading to the land of the Whale tribe?

Cale started to smile.

“Exactly. It would also be great if that ancient document ends up being stolen by them.” It sounds simple.


Clopeh’s actions would give Arm and the White Star certainty that something was in the land of the Whale tribe. Will the White Star’s posse end up fighting against the Whale tribe in the land of ice?

Clopeh who asked the question looked at Cale’s expression before nodding his head. I suppose I must speak to the Whale tribe about that first.

“Of course.”

Cale nodded his head.

He planned to make many more calls after this one.

One of them was to Witira of the Whale tribe.

He was planning on telling her that the White Star was aiming for the land of the Whale tribe and leave the decision about what to do about her territory to her.

“We can’t be certain about the Whale tribe’s participation. So, wait until I chat with the Whales and start the operation once I give you the signal to start.”

He had contacted Clopeh first since there was a lot for him to prepare.

The Northern soldiers, the search team, money and time to spread the rumor, all of this took a lot of manpower.

“And I suppose I can’t make you do this without any compensation?”

Clopeh’s eyes started to sparkle.

“Isn’t everything a deal?”

Clopeh started to get excited after seeing Cale smiling brightly.

What could it be?

Following behind Cale would allow him to not just survive but to potentially leave his name behind as a part of Cale’s legend as well.

‘Will I finally be able to become legendary?’

Boom. Boom.

Cale casually commented once Clopeh’s anticipation reached its peak.

“The Wyvern Knights Brigade will appear once again during this time.”

Clopeh’s eyes turned wide.

“It will not be birds made of bones this time. They will be living, breathing wyverns.”

Guardian Knight Clopeh Sekka who could control the wyverns.

That was the image of the true Guardian Knight.

“The ones to chase after the White Star’s posse that heads to look for the treasure will be the Wyvern Knights Brigade. Clopeh Sekka, you will be the one to control those wyverns.” …I do not possess that power.

Clopeh did not sound weak even though his voice was quiet. In fact, his voice was slightly shaking with anticipation.

Cale calmly added on.

“I know. But it will be like the Henituse territory battle.”

Clopeh recalled the Henituse territory battle.

He had tried to invade the Henituse territory while riding on wyverns at the time.

‘If it is like that time?’

“Clopeh, someone who can control the wyverns will be by your side.”

Syrem, the fake Dragon Slayer.

One of the ancient powers in his possession. The power to control the wyverns.

That power had allowed Clopeh to look as if he could control the wyverns.

“You’ll be able to recreate that scene once again.”

Cale’s low whisper sounded so sweet in Clopeh’s ears.

Cale’s eyes then moved over to Choi Han.

Syrem, the fake Dragon Slayer.

He currently possessed the power to control the wyverns.

And he was still imprisoned in the Roan Kingdom’s underground prison.

Cale was planning on doing his best to help Choi Han who wanted to become a Dragon Slayer. That was why he planned on letting Choi Han do whatever he wanted.

Choi Han seemed to realize Cale’s plan as he smiled innocently back at Cale with a look of gratitude.

Cale looked back toward Clopeh.

“If you show that scene to the forces of the North, wouldn’t you be able to show both the Clopeh Sekka who is a strong administrative force as well as Guardian Knight Clopeh Sekka, the strongest man in the North?”

Administration, diplomacy and even power.

Those would allow him to have overwhelming dominance over the other Northern Kingdoms.

The corners of Clopeh’s lips moved up even more. Keke, kekeke.

Clopeh started to laugh so loud that his shoulders were moving up and down. Human! That bastard is laughing weirdly!


Cale agreed with Raon who was speaking into his mind in shock.

The way Clopeh was laughing like a lunatic really made him look like one. Kekeke, Cale-nim.

“…Uh… yeah? What is it?”

Cale slowly looked around.

Rosalyn was looking at Clopeh with an extremely iffy expression while Bud looked out of it. Choi Han was smiling innocently.

As expected, Choi Han was amazing in some aspects as well.

He heard Clopeh’s voice at that moment. ‘The Great Battle for the Northern Treasure.’ How does that sound?


Clopeh looked at Cale’s blank expression and started to think about the title that he came up with.

Won’t it be recorded in history books with such a description?

‘I. I will once again become the Guardian Knight who controls the wyverns!’

Clopeh could not stop smiling.

‘I must, I absolutely must follow behind Cale Henituse.’ Cale-nim, I hope my name can be recorded in a corner of the legend.

‘…This punk.’

Cale subconsciously slowly moved away from the video communication device. I will take care of all of the preparations. Cale-nim, I will let you know once I find the black mages.

“…Uh… sure.” Cale-nim, will you soon contact the Whale tribe?”

“Yes?” I’m sure that will be beautiful.


‘What is beautiful?’

Cale started to frown. The wyverns in the sky, humans on land, and the Whales in the ocean.


Clopeh let out a gasp of admiration before starting to smile. It truly sounds legendary.

Cale was truly at a loss for words.

Clopeh who understood that as the end of their conversation gently added on. Cale-nim, please hang up first.

“…Uh… sure.”

Cale immediately hung up without any hesitation.

He suddenly felt tired. He brushed his face with both hands before speaking to Raon.

“Connect me to the Whale tribe.”

“I got it, human! But I suddenly feel so tired! I don’t know why!”

Cale just shook his head side to side. He then noticed Bud standing there with a blank expression. He still seemed out of it as he asked with confusion.

“But what is that ancient document you found in the Roan Kingdom? I didn’t know there was such a thing?”

“Human! It is connected!”


Cale gave a short response to Bud’s question while watching someone else appear on the screen.

“We need to create it. There is no need for a prop in a scam to be real, right?”


Bud asked back but Cale just focused on the screen.

And once all of the calls ended…

“Choi Han.”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

“Go get the magic stones. You know what to do after that, right?”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Cale looked toward Rosalyn and Raon.

“Shall we go?”

“Sure, young master Cale.”

“Let’s go! Human, let’s go!”

The three of them headed for the Roan Kingdom.

“Why… Did you have to come to my bedroom?”

Cale happily greeted crown prince Alberu Crossman who was frowning while putting his seal on a document at the desk in his bedroom.

“Your highness, you are as bright as the sun even during the night time. This loyal subject is about to cry tears of admiration seeing you working so hard even in your bedroom.”

“…This is driving me nuts.”


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