I Was the Unrequited Love of the Male Lead Chapter 39

But Belia gave him a chair before I could make a fuss with him.

“Sir Chaers!”

“I don’t think the Duke allowed you to go out?”

“That’s why I came out secretly…”

I answered with my lips tightly closed together. I was wondering if I should just run away or ask him to watch but he just sat on the chair himself.


Belia did not have a clue so she just gave him a cup and poured him a drink. Seeing her smile like that, it was clear that she misunderstood. She probably thought that I was ashamed instead of being reluctant to see Chaers.

“Did you come here to pick Arielsa up? Rumors fly so fast!”

“Not at all. I looked back because I heard a woman claiming that she was cute loudly and found you by accident.”

“Oh my, Sir Chaers too?! How lovely. Hohohoho!”

Belia must have been very drunk since she was talking nonsense. I put the glass down since the fun time was over.

“Then, I’ll be on my way now. I’ll just get my punishment tomorrow.”

Chaers drank as if he was drinking some bitter medicine before frowning and asking me.


“Because you’re going to tell the Duke.”


He stood up and left his glass on the table as he ordered me firmly.

“Stand up.”


“You shouldn’t make a mistake just because you’re drunk. Don’t you think so too, Arielsa?”

Chaers was clearly warning me. What should I do if I suddenly blurted out Gaurin or the Emperor? So I quickly stood up from the distraction.

“That’s right!”

“A, Arielsa?”

It was Belia who got flustered from my reaction as she stuttered out my name. But I just said my goodbye to her again as I went out of the door.

“Thank you for a lot of things, Aunty Belia!”

Chaers sighed and scratched his head as if everything was ridiculous.

“Miss Belia, I’m going to pay for that idiot’s drink today at Harpel Castle… but what were you going to do if Sir George saw you?”

Hearing the name, Belia became furious.

“That punk also needs to grow up too! His daughter has already become an adult!”

After leaving those words, she gave Chaers a strange smile before leaving too. I waved at Belia for a long time while I walked toward the castle. Before I got surprised by the shadow behind me, the shadow already spoke.

“Walk straight.”

You’re telling a drunk person to walk straight, my gosh.

But I liked people who were consistent with their personality. This meant that they were people who wouldn’t change or betray others easily. Besides, I couldn’t hate Duke Kyron’s best friend and right hand for the rest of my life.


He frowned when he saw me looking back at him and smiling.

“What did you do? Did you fall from the tree today too?”

“My dad stole my clothes.”

“What are you saying?”

“Aunty Belia made me the prettiest spring festival dress in the North but…”

“Fine. You don’t have to say anymore.”

I stopped on my tracks and raised my head. I could see the insanely beautiful stars in the sky.


Chaers followed me and also looked up.

He wouldn’t know that in some worlds, the stars in the night sky couldn’t be seen because they were being outshone by the lights on the road. Then, I suddenly realized that I was lonely. It was because I was a stranger. Although there were countless stars floating in the sky like that, I was still here all alone.

But the cold tactician did not know about my pain and just stared at me like that.

Even if Duke Kyron trusted me now, and even if I continued to save him and Harpel from the crisis, the fact that I’m the only one like this in this world would not change. Just like how Duke Kyron would not change. Although he was waiting for the ‘Rose of the South’, the heroine, I would still remain like this. After all, I had no one. Once this story ended, there would be nothing left for the stranger.


I tried to walk again with my head still raised up in the sky. But I lost my balance and my body tilted sharply. But my body did not fall. I could feel some pressure on both of my arms.

“You’re really a handful.”

“Huh…? huh…?”

Chaers stopped me from falling before carrying me on his back. I was a bit uncomfortable so I wriggled around before speaking.

“Excuse me, mister knight…”

“Mister knight? My goodness. Stay still. It’s freezing.”

“No. You can put me down… I can walk.”

“Last time you got sick, you ate toful mushroom. What are you going to eat this time around?”

For the first time in my life, I blamed the author of < The Snowing Dessert >. Since the readers only wanted to hear the protagonists’ story, they omitted a lot of things about the surrounding characters and just told them as shortly as they could. However, wouldn’t it be better if they could explain that the North was filled with tsunderes? Like Duke Kyron, George and even Chaers.

“Sir Chaers.”

“Stop movi―”

“―Thank you.”


Chaers did not say anything from that point on until we went back. He placed me down in front of my door, pushed me from behind to get me into my room and went back.


The spring festival began with a ritual as we offered sacrifices to the Gods. The priests prepared a brazier to light the sacred fire using only the young branches that sprouted during the spring. Once the priests finished praying for the wishes of the people, Duke Kyron cut the head of the finch, the spring’s messenger, and sprinkled its blood on the sacred fire.

To me, it looked like it was something that should be done in the kitchen but the Northerners gathered together in the field and attended this ceremony with solemnity. They thanked the Sun God for setting a new sun in the North and wished that the God who held the snow and ice in both their hands would sleep deeply over the next few months.

By the end of the ritual, the flutes and drums resounded as the people scattered to get food and drinks. There was even an area for clowns and jesters.

However, Duke Kyron just headed straight towards his office as if he had just finished a part of his work. I followed behind him and saw the huge pile of wood in the square. The pile of wood was almost three to four stories high and resembled a christmas tree.

“Wow. I didn’t know that the bonfire would be this big. I bet it looks spectacular.”

“There are a lot of trees.”

That was all Duke Kyron answered me.

His next schedule was attending dinner with the knights and the administrators of Harpel Castle so he had some time to rest.

I’ve been watching the whole time wondering when Duke Kyron would mention about me secretly going to the bar last night. But after we returned to the office, he did not say a word. So I began to suspect that Chaers did not report me. If that was the case, then I’ll forget anything that I hated about him!

Once the sun set, men and women began to gather in the square. The only thing I could do was stare at them from the window in Duke Kyron’s office. After all, the square was in full view from this place.

Once those beautifully stacked trees were lit up, the true festival would then begin. The youngsters would be allowed to sing, dance, drink and have the time of their lives there. But that had nothing to do with me. After all, I was deprived of the clothes that I would wear.

Ah, I feel so bad.

If George really hated it that much then I thought that it should be better for me to not find any personal enjoyment there. After all, there weren’t any words in the original that mentioned Arielsa being in a relationship.

My mood just kept on falling down.

Will I go back home once Duke Kyron has his happy ending? If that does not happen, should I forever live alone hiding the secret that I’m just a stranger…?

I kept on doing embroidery as I stared at the square through the window. Strangely enough, Duke Kyron was not that harsh today. He did not tell me that the sound of my embroidery was too loud.

When it was completely dark, he said…


“Yes, Duke!”

Since I committed a sin, I had no choice but to quickly jump up and run to his desk. He pointed to the chest of drawers on the wall and said…

“Open it.”

I opened the drawers wondering what was going on. There I saw my beautiful yellow dress folded neatly! Even the other clothes that Belia made for me were also folded together. I looked back at him in shock.


“Drinking is prohibited. Go there and return quickly.”


He spoke coldly as he continued to do what he was doing.

“I bought it with my own money, so it’s mine. Right?”

“Pfft… That’s right.”

This man always pretended to be indifferent but he seemed to know everything. He sometimes made my hairs stand on end but he would also do things like this. I even wanted to take a bite out of him since he was so pretty! However, I had no guts to bite the Duke so all I did was smile. I hugged my precious clothes as I bowed to him.

“Thank you, Duke!”

I quickly ran to my room and changed my clothes before running to the square. I didn’t know what to do because I felt like I looked pretty myself.

I arrived just in time for the bonfire to be lit up. I heard the other young people shouting happily as they toasted and felt excited with the happy atmosphere too.

It was only a bit later that I realized that it was awkward staying here without any partner since I was so entranced with the flames that were burning brightly.

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There was no one who pretended to know me since they were all busy with their partners. My heart shrank as I realized that. I realized that I was not Arielsa and no one really knew me. Little by little, I retreated to a corner where only the littlest of light could reach.

At that time, I could see George being led to the bar by Belia. Belia looked pretty with her bright dress, and George, who was neatly dressed, pretended that he couldn’t win and let himself be dragged away. He seemed to be looking for me but his eyes looked so far away.

They looked so happy in the light.


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