SSS-Class Suicide Hunter – Chapter 231: My Army (1)

My Army (1)

Chapter 231. < My Army (1) >


Silence fell upon the dark alley.

“You want to bring him back to life.”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung slowly looked around.

“How interesting.”

The entire alley was contained within the incredibly clear purple mirror.

“But this place doesn’t match the theme of [revival] at all. Don’t you think so, Mr. Gong-ja?”

After saying my name, Viscount Ja Soo-jung stepped on the muddy water. Rattle. Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s foot hit a plastic bottle.

Ja Soo-jung picked up the dirty garbage with her long white fingers.

“Like this drink bottle. It was imported from the outside world. It’s just a trivial drink, but someone wanted to drink it so much that they imported it even if they had to pay premium. They savored it and drank it… Oh my. The last drop was gone.”

The Tower Master hummed happily.

“They drank their favorite drink. And it would have been a shame to just throw the bottle away after that. Perhaps they used it as a water bottle for a while? However, there are limits to that kind of affection.”


Viscount Ja Soo-jung threw the bottle back into the muddy water.

“That was how the garbage was thrown in the place it was supposed to be.”

The plastic bottle, which was already dirty, slowly slid in the pool of muddy water before coming to a stop.


Without me realizing, Viscount Ja Soo-jung was standing right beside us.

It wasn’t just me, the Flame Emperor was also looking at Ja Soo-jung while remaining as quiet as possible, as if his instincts were telling him that he would be crushed if he attacked recklessly.

“A place where everything that was thrown away would be thrown away once again.”

Silence fell once again.

In the dark alley.

Those who were thrown away by the outside world flocked to the Tower and built Babylon, those who were thrown away by Babylon crawled into a corner and created Harlem, and even in Harlem, there was a place where the bad people and bad things were thrown away, this place, where an ominous silence covered the three of us.

“And in this place, Mr. Gong-ja said you would bring someone back to life.”

I nodded.

“That’s right.”


Viscount Ja Soo-jung grinned.

“Would it be okay for you to explain to me how exactly you’re going to bring him back to life?”


I looked at Ja Soo-jung— I had to prove my capability not just to Ja Soo-jung, but to all of the things that had been abandoned in this place.

“As you know, I have a skill that summons the dead.”


A golden card shined above my hand.


[Hundred Ghosts Reincarnation]

Rank: SSS

Effects: Summon those that you yourself killed. The dead cannot use their abilities from when they were living. But if you want, the dead will be able to keep their memories and their looks from when they were alive. If you don’t want it, they’ll just be summoned as monsters.

※ However, you can only summon them once a week.



I pulled out another card in my hand.

“I also have a skill that can recreate the entire body of anyone that I have the [memory] of.”


[The Earth Bone Dragon’s Skull]

Rank: SSS+

Effect: The ability to archive the memories of the living. Archived memories are placed in a ‘box’ that can only be destroyed by the user.

Unless the box is destroyed, the user can recreate the body of a person who will inherit the same memories over and over. The body can travel around the world, create new memories, and ‘update’ those experiences back to the box. Of course, if the user allows it!

Even if the body is completely destroyed, the box will not suffer any damage. Grant the privilege of immortality to those around you.

※However, the memories of a destroyed body cannot be updated to the box.


I took out the two cards and displayed them.

“Ms. Ja Soo-jung.”

“Yes, Mr. Gong-ja.”

“If I use both of these skills together, I can save Yoo Soo-ha.”

Yoo Soo-ha, who was silently being overwhelmed by the scene, shrunk his shoulders.

“Please let me save him.”


Ja Soo-jung narrowed her eyes.

“You are really interesting, extremely clever, and personally, I’d love to grant your request.”

Ja Soo-jung raised her finger and scratched my card.

“Look at the skill descriptions carefully. Start with Hundred Ghosts Reincarnation.”


Summon those that you yourself killed.

The dead cannot use their abilities from when they were living.


Ja Soo-jung had said ‘look’.

“There is clearly the word [dead] in the Hundred Ghosts Reincarnation. Just because you summon them through Hundred Ghosts Reincarnation doesn’t mean you [bring them back to life]. For example, Mr. Yoo Soo-ha standing there”

Yoo Soo-ha shrunk back some more.

“It’s not a life. It’s a summoning. In other words, it is just a puppet that looks exactly like the person did before they died, and had their memories from before they died. On the other hand…”

Ja Soo-jung smiled.

“Look at the next card.”


The ability to archive the memories of the living.

Archived memories are placed in a ‘box’ that can only be destroyed by the user.

Unless the box is destroyed, the user can recreate the body of a person who will inherit the same memories over and over.


“It says here clearly that it stores the ‘memories of the living’.”

With a tuk, tuk, she flicked the card with her finger.

“It’s not the memories of the dead. It’s not even the memories of the summoned body or soul of the dead. Only the memories of the living can be placed in the box.”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung smiled and tilted her head.

“It’s too bad.”


“If Yoo Soo-ha was still alive, you could have stored his memories in the box without any problems. Skills are very strict, and they don’t allow any exceptions, no matter how unfortunate it is. Sorry.”


I shook my head.

“You don’t need to be sorry, Tower Master.”


Ja Soo-jung tilted her head.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t need to collect the memories, whether it’s from the living or the dead.”


From the moment I’d seen [Earth Bone Dragon’s Skull] I’d already drawn all of the pictures.

“Because [Hundred Ghosts Reincarnation] is already storing the memories of the dead.”


Ja Soo-jung closed her mouth.

The silence in the alley became heavier.

I continued to look into those purple eyes as I spoke.

“[Hundred Ghosts Reincarnation] is already a box in itself. I already have Yoo Soo-ha’s memories. I have the Constellation Killer’s memories. I have the Lady of Golden Silk’s memories. I have Preta’s memories. I have the memories of the Demonic Cult members who have the Infernal Heavens in their hearts.”

Beneath my feet.

From the very shadow that had already formed Yoo Soo-ha, the hundred ghosts were summoned one after the other.

The shadow grew larger and larger until it covered the plastic bottle at Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s feet. It covered the puddle of muddy water. It covered the ruined alley. It covered Harlem, which had long since become the place for abandoned things, and finally it covered everything that had been thrown away twice by the world.

Preta, the Demonic Cult members, the Lady of Golden Silk, the Constellation Killer.

Those who appeared from my shadow raised their heads one by one.

With my back to them, I looked at Ja Soo-jung.

“My [Hundred Ghosts Reincarnation] already is already a [box] that contains a lot of memories.”

I said this to the God of the Tower.

“Because I already have these kids’ memories in the box. I don’t need to look for a living kid and bring back their memories. Tower Master, for me, that process is unnecessary.”


“All I need are these kids’ bodies.”


“Bound by my summoning skill, answering immediately when I call. Without any of the skills from when they were alive. Not just puppets that have the body and memories—.”

Not just puppets that were chained to me.

“Kids with their own bodies.”

They could go wherever they wanted.

They could do whatever they wanted.

With bodies that were no different from a normal human’s.

“I just want to give these kids bodies.”

Ja Soo-jung closed her lips.

The eyes of the hundred ghosts that rose up from my shadow looked at Ja Soo-jung. The shadow was indistinguishable from the muddy pools so it looked as if countless stars were looking up at her.

“In other words, Death King. Not just Yoo Soo-ha-”


I nodded.

“I hope that I can bring everyone to life in this place.”


For a while, there was only silence.


Then Viscount Ja Soo-jung laughed.

“Ahem. That’s right.”

I didn’t know what was [right].

It just looked like she was having fun.

I could tell from her expression that she was greatly satisfied by the way I wanted to use the skills she’d created.

“Everyone should be allowed to have a second life.”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung tapped the muddy water with her toes.

This caused the dirty water to splash up.

Just before the muddy water could touch Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s socks and calves, the black droplets froze in the air.

“That is why this one built the Tower.”

Time froze.

Viscount Ja Soo-jung playfully tapped the muddy water once again. The hem of her skirt fluttered. It was as if a circus tent was flapping in slow motion— Viscount Ja Soo-jung smiled brightly and clapped her hands.

“Mr. Gong-ja is trying to build your own Tower in the Tower this one built.”


Viscount Ja Soo-jung just clapped her hands.

However, in the frozen world, her clap rang out like a bell in the night sky.


Without a doubt regardless of whether time had stopped or not, all living beings would have heard Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s clap.

“Fine, everyone.”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung smiled brightly.

“To this [Junior] who dares to challenge this one.”

I had never seen her smile as brightly as she was now.

Like a singer on stage, like a conductor before an orchestra, Ja Soo-jung stood in the middle of Harlem, which was like a ruin, with both of her arms spread wide.

“This one will show the dignity of a [Senior].”

Ja Soo-jung exclaimed excitedly.

“Everyone! Please come here”

At that moment, the night was torn apart.

There was no other way to express it.

A long cut appeared in the sky as if a huge god had slashed it with a blade. It was split in two. It was as if there was a giant zipper in the sky and someone had pulled it down.

The full moon was split.

The galaxy spread apart.

The moonlight ripped, the starlight split, and the entire sky opened up.

There was nothing but suffocating pitch blackness.

[The Apostle of the Lord of Manseng appears.]


Snow white butterflies poured out from the pitch black opening.

[The Apostle of the Lord of Manseng appears.]

It was one at first.

[The Apostle of the Lord of Manseng appears.]

Then five.

[The Apostle of the Lord of Manseng appears.]

But soon it was dozens.

[The Apostle of the Lord of Manseng appears.]

[The Apostle of the Lord of Manseng appears.]

[The Apostle of the Lord of Manseng appears.]

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands.

Countless small white butterflies poured down from the night sky.

We stared blankly at the stars made of small white butterflies.


Each of the countless butterflies was an [Apostle comparable to the Lady of Golden Silk]. No. It was probably rude to compare them to the Lady of Golden Silk.

“Lord, who the hell is that person…?”

Perhaps they were surprised by the number of Apostles filling the night sky.

Preta, whom I’d summoned, came to stand by my side to protect me, her shoulders trembling.

It wasn’t just Preta.

“Young Master. What kind of psycho did you turn into your enemy this time?”

“I’m not saying this because I’m worried, but there is a big difference in the number of heads on each side. Well, you were never the type to be worried about the head count anyway, that’s just it.”

“What in the world…”

The members of the Demonic Cult formed layers around me.

They looked like they would throw themselves forward to protect me if they had to.


When she saw the actions of the hundred ghosts, Ja Soo-jung laughed happily.

“Death King.”

“If Death King had been born in the same world as this one. And if you had been born a few years before this one, perhaps this one and Death King’s positions would have been reversed.”

Ja Soo-jung smiled as she raised her index finger.

Then she gently pressed it against her lips.

“However, this one was a bit faster.”

Butterflies formed the galaxy in the night sky.

Countless stars had appeared.

Every star in the sky was one of Viscount Ja Soo-jung’s Apostles. Whether they were from ancient or modern times, any era, and any location, the lives saved by Viscount Ja Soo-jung shined in the sky as brightly as stars.

“As a latecomer, if you want to catch up to this one, you’ll have to work really hard.”

“…that’s good to hear. Even if I’m not sure about anything else, I at least have the confidence to try.”

“I look forward to it.”

Ja Soo-jung smiled brightly.

“As a sign of my anticipation, I’ll give you another small gift.”

Viscount Ja Soo-jung raised her hand.

Dozens of butterflies flapped their wings and flew towards Ja Soo-jung. And the moment each butterfly touched the back of Ja Soo-jung’s hand, a small light burst out. In an instant, the light grew and eventually became the size of a small child.


A small child wrapped their arms around Ja Soo-jung’s waist.

“It’s real! It’s God!”

“God, please call me more often!”

“It feels like it’s been over 30 years since you last called me!”

The children made a fuss as they clung to Ja Soo-jung. Wasn’t this like fans meeting an Unnie that they respected? The little children chattered without ceasing and Ja Soo-jung smiled as she stroked each of their heads.



One of them made eye contact with me.



My heart fluttered.

“It’s uncle!”

“Uncle? Which uncle?”

“The uncle that means half of the world to us.”

“It’s the uncle that played with us!”

Faces that I had only seen carved into dolls.

“Where? How?”

“In the mansion where we were trapped!”

“When are you talking about?”

“That uncle came and played with us!”

“That wasn’t us.”

“Isn’t that the memory we entrusted to God?”

“That’s right! God said she would decorate the Tower with our memories!”

“A, I remember… was it 600 years ago?”

“It was so much fun back then!”

I opened my mouth slowly.

“You all.”

The children from the burning mansion.

I spoke to the children who were chattering with real faces, not dolls.

“You all, are not dead?”


It was Ja Soo-jung that answered.

She gently stroked a child’s head.

“They are dead.”


“These kids are like the Yoo Soo-ha in this world. [If only this one existed]. In one of those hypothetical worlds, the children managed to escape the mansion with this one’s help, survived, and became this one’s Apostles.”

In other words.

“Just like you decided to bring people back to life with [Hundred Ghosts Reincarnation] and [Earth Bone Dragon’s Skull], this one embraced the kids with [Manseng*].” (TL: Can’t remember if thurs or I had explained ‘manseng’ before, but in this context, it basically means ‘endless lives’)

“Like what you did with Yoo Soo-ha…”

“Yes. This one tries to give a second life to everyone who dies in the world. This one was also going to collect Yoo Soo-ha in this world.”

Ja Soo-jung chuckled.

“But I’ll leave that to you.”


“Ms. Preta, the members of the Demonic Cult, the Lady of Golden Silk, the Constellation Killer. They might only be a handful when compared to the countless stars, but, Death King, I will leave that handful to you. I hope that one day, those drops of water gather to form a river.”

The countless stars in the night sky.

Below that, the Lord of Manseng gathered her hands together.

“The person who is similar to this one but walks a different path.”

As if praying to something.

“I wish you luck.”


[Trauma reenactment complete.]

[Confirming that the subject’s psyche is maintained.]

[The penalty is ending.]

There was light.

(TL: Just shy of 3k this time)



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