SWORDMASTER’S YOUNGEST SON Chapter 340: Debt, Debts, and More Debts (7)

Debt, Debts, and More Debts (7)

The elders’ eyes were filled with anger.

If anyone dared to provoke them even the slightest, it seemed as if they would tear them apart on the spot.

Of course, this anger wasn’t directed at Jin, who had dared to interrupt the elders and speak.

It was anger directed at Zipple.

Most of the elders had some degree of dislike for Jin, or at least held some animosity toward him.

They were knights who had dedicated their entire lives to Runcandel.

Regardless of whether they were pure-blood, branch families, subordinate families, or outsiders, they all had one thing in common: overwhelming hatred and resentment toward Zipple.

After decades of fighting against Zipple, it was only natural for them to feel this way.

Most of the elders had memories of losing family members, comrades, or loved ones due to Zipple’s actions.

“What’s going on, Twelfth Flagbearer?” Jorden shouted with bloodshot eyes.

“First of all, I want to apologize for any unfortunate incidents caused by me.”

“No need for useless words! Get to the point!”

“We must not retaliate.”

Upon hearing this, the elders’ eyes widened.

Other Flagbearers present in the meeting room also looked equally amazed, staring at Jin.

“What did you say? Twelfth Flagbearer, what is this nonsense…!”

Jorden took brisk steps toward Jin.

He got so close that their noses almost touched, and he looked at Jin with an oppressive aura.

The atmosphere among the other Elders was no different, as they seemed equally intimidating.

“Do you realize what you’re saying?”

“Yes, I do.”

“You better take responsibility and give a reasonable explanation. Otherwise, I’ll cut your arm off right here.”

“It seems like a lot of people are after my arms these days. However, fortunately, no one has taken them away from me yet.”

“Don’t be cheeky! Do you really think your words are correct in this situation?”

“If you listen to my words until the end, even the elder president will agree that I’m right. When I said not to retaliate, I meant purely physical retaliation.”

“Physical retaliation? Are you saying we shouldn’t attack Zipple’s magical product production centers?”

“That’s right.”

While Jin responded without flinching, sighs of disbelief echoed throughout the room.

How could a Flagbearer make such a scandalous statement?

No wonder they despised him…

Tsk! The elders gritted their teeth.

As he looked at them, Jin silently thought.

‘Are they out of their minds, or have they gotten older and are a bit confused? Taking this golden opportunity to start a fight they can’t win…’

The elders weren’t the only ones stunned; Jin was equally surprised by their simplistic plan.

“Tell me… Why do you think like this?”

“Isn’t it clear? If we touch their magical product production centers and a large-scale war breaks out, what would you do? Do you think we can win?”

“What nonsense!”

“I’m speaking realistically. Can we defeat Zipple? Can we fight against them right now, crush them, and make the world ours?”

There was a moment of silence.

Everyone knew the answer, but it was a question that no one could answer.

“The Patriarch and the strongest Flagbearer are absent, and the same goes for the former Black Knights. In this situation, if we start a war with Zipple, the likelihood of us shedding blood is much higher.”

Even if Runcandel’s most powerful swords, which had headed to the Black Sea, were still guarding their original positions, it wouldn’t make any difference.

Runcandel couldn’t defeat Zipple.

At least not for the moment.

The reason Cyron Runcandel, despite being the Divine Star Knight, didn’t engage in total war with Zipple.

“I don’t have much time,” was for this one reason.

It wasn’t the time to discuss things that couldn’t or shouldn’t be executed.

‘My father has been silent for a reason all this time. Yes, Jorden and the elders are aware of that fact. They just struggle to control their anger.’

They were acting like children.

They were eager to taunt their opponent but lacked the power to do so.

So Jin had to calm them down and guide them in a better direction.

“Touching the enemy’s most critical facilities in such a situation is a shortcut to doom. Also, have we really suffered any losses?”

“I never said we haven’t had losses. How do you know?”

“I received a report from my steward on my way here. The Fourth and Seventh Flagbearers killed some of them, and our side only suffered minor injuries. Moreover, a moment ago, one of the elders mentioned that there could only have been civilian casualties. Doesn’t that mean there were no civilian casualties?”

Jorden was momentarily speechless.

He knew Jin’s words were correct, but he didn’t want to hear anything from that wretch.

“Therefore, we should view their recent attack as a great victory for our side. We haven’t suffered any losses, but Zipple has lost some of its undisclosed elite magicians.”


Jorden gritted his teeth so hard it seemed like he was going to chew Jin up.

“What do you suggest then? Are you trying to say that no matter what happens on the surface, as long as we get a great victory?”

The reason Jorden was so furious was none other than this.

The decision to attack Zipple’s magical product production facilities was aimed at helping Jin, whose wings Jorden always wanted to clip.

Despite knowing this, Jorden had reluctantly given in to anger, but now it seemed that Jorden was about to explode.

“Moreover, they’re not fools. To go to total war just because we destroyed some facilities, even when other factions are watching for an opportunity.”

“As you said, the likelihood of Zipple starting a total war is slim. But there’s always a possibility, and most importantly… it means there are more efficient forms of retaliation available in the current situation.”

“More efficient retaliation?”

Jorden narrowed his eyes.

“It’s about turning public opinion against Zipple.”

“Hah! Is that what you’re trying to say after all this? The best you can come up with is waging a war of public opinion? They invaded our territory, and you’re talking about waving a pen and playing word games…!”

It was the reaction Jin expected.

“Please, calm down and listen, Elder President. You’re angry because you have to fight for me, someone you despise. But in the end, you’ll come to understand that my plan is the best.”

Jin spoke as Jorden looked at him in silence.

“You should know well how much influence Zipple’s magical products have in the world. We’ve also been suffering due to the recent absence of their magical products, causing inconvenience to civilians.”

After the Holy Kingdom Incident, Zipple completely cut off the supply of magical products to the Huphester Alliance.

Although they imported everyday magical products through the black market and smuggling, the supply was insufficient compared to before.

“In a situation like this, hitting Zipple’s production facilities means abandoning public opinion. Although our clan has never cared about such things, now it’s necessary. Recently, there’s a trend where the title of the world’s greatest villain is shifting from Runcandel to Zipple.”

After the Holy Kingdom Incident, Zipple’s image deteriorated day by day.

“The ‘benevolent Zipple’ has become a thing of the past.”

On the other hand, Runcandel was showing significant positive changes.

The image of “respected Runcandel” was maintained, but now it was also perceived as the only major faction that didn’t experiment on humans or recklessly interfere with neutral countries like the Holy Kingdom.

All of this was undoubtedly thanks to Jin’s efforts.

“We need to continue influencing this trend. The virtuous beastmen who manufacture cosmetics, Zipple, who attempted to massacre them without warning, and Runcandel’s magnificent appearance. Doesn’t everything fit together perfectly?”

“Forming public opinion, and what does that mean in terms of retaliation against Zipple?”

“If a positive public opinion about Runcandel forms, that will naturally lead to greater awareness of my cosmetics. That, in turn, will translate into increased sales, and as my business grows, Zipple will appear more foolish.”

The reason Zipple attacked the small beastmen in the first place was that the cosmetics business belonged to “Jin Runcandel.”

It was retaliation against the cartels that boldly advertised themselves in Zipple’s territory, the Lutero Magical Federation.

But even after deploying the Specters, they hadn’t managed to crush the business of a simple Twelfth Flagbearer.

That, in itself, was humiliating for Zipple.

“Like what the Fourth and Seventh Flagbearers did recently. From now on, please protect my business. And I request clan-level support.”

“It’s becoming increasingly absurd.”

“Protecting my business at the clan level will be a clear message of Runcandel’s contempt for Zipple. And during this process, there will naturally be small battles. There will be no problem in killing Zipple at that time.”

Jin smiled slightly as he looked at Tellot.

Tellot had promised to advance Jin, but for some reason, he had remained silent.

‘Why is Lord Tellot keeping quiet? He should intervene moderately, and then the Elder President would have no choice but to back down a bit.’

However, Jin soon understood the reason.

“Do as he says.”

A sharp and dignified voice affirmed Jin’s opinion.

It was Rosa Runcandel, the Black Panther and Jin’s mother.

When Rosa spoke, the chaotic atmosphere in the meeting room instantly calmed.

“We will protect your business. It seems you are right; taking more precautions would be best. However, from today, the clan will take 20% of your business’s profits.”

Upon hearing Rosa’s words, a faint smile appeared on Tellot’s lips.

-No deception, if you faithfully dedicate 20% of the profits every month, I will do my best to support your business. And it may not be impossible to completely eliminate the current suspended disciplinary measure.

The 20% mentioned by Rosa had already been decided when Jin had the first conversation with Tellot.

As soon as Tellot heard the rumor that the Specters had attacked the small beastmen, he went directly to Rosa and concluded the conversation in which she would ask Jin for the 20%.

“Furthermore, I will completely eliminate the current suspended disciplinary measure against you. Remember, it’s not because of your achievements, but because of the situation.”

There are no undeserved favors.

‘Especially when it comes to a relationship like this with my mother, there is never an undeserved favor. She must be trying to make me owe her something.’

Jin had a hunch that Rosa wanted something from him.


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