TATE NO YUUSHA NO NARIAGARI Chapter 203 – Flow of Magic Power

Flow of Magic Power

Firo and Atla came back the next morning. The noise settled down, people with a level of 66 stuck in my chest as an auspicious number.

Naofumi: “Now then Atla, focus on the attack I’ve requested, and use it nimbly for me to see”

Atla: “Do you mean like this?”

I received Atla’s thrust, applying Peerless Transformation style’s concept of ki to herself. It let out a good sound, bashin-.

The foreign substance coming into my body…the magic power, I release outside after attaching my own magic power. In the midst of receiving the attack many times, I became able to receive mostly no damage.

Do I not have a way to use the flow of magic power well? I tried experimenting with attack methods, but it seems my lack of offensive power is guaranteed as it did not turn out well.

…The chances that I can use anything but attacks are high. Perhaps it is because of my element as the Hero of the Shield, or maybe it is the nature of magic power.

And so I experiment even while not in battle status. While making lunch, I tried to cut using magic power on my hand holding the knife.


The slave in charge of cooking raised their voice while watching me cook. Well I guess so. Even the chopping board’s been cut. On a mail order tv program somewhere.


Naofumi: “As I expected”

My shield is getting in the way. This. However…this, the cost is intense. A sizeable amount of magic power was taken from just cutting.

Female Knight and Rishia are using this on a regular basis? There are quite a few differences when used for defense.

…This, can’t it be applied effectively to skills?

Kiel: “Today’s food made by shield-niichan is even tastier-!”

“Yeah! Delicious! It suddenly got even better!”

I’ll resume experiments after lunch, the problem is fuel efficiency. What can be done to improve usage cost efficiency?

Kiel: “Nii-chan, you listening?”

Naofumi: “Hm? Yea, I’m listening. My skill improved right”

Kiel: “Working at Nii-chan’s place is the best! Wan wan!”

The excited Kiel became a dog. Her tail going wag wag. That happy huh. You loincloth wearing dog. If I make the food well this’ll be said, so it’s fine if I pretend to hear.

After eating lunch, while trying to include magic power with skills through trial and error, I use Air Strike Shield. Looking carefully, I observed that some parts of Air Strike Shield’s flow of magic power have a weak spots. That Female Knight destroyed Shield Prison so extremely easily, isn’t it because she hit these weak spots?

Naofumi: “Atla”

Atla: “What is it?”

Naofumi: “Try breaking the magic shield I summoned”

Atla: “Okay”

When I gave the order, as I thought, Atla hit the weak spots of the flow of magic power. Letting out a bakin sound, the shield was easily destroyed. Just as I thought. In other words….

Concentrating the magic power in my body.

Naofumi: “Air Strike Shield!”

I cast. But…it didn’t go that well. Or this method rather, it’s not much different from casting magic.

“The Hero of the Shield worthy of the origin of power commands. Decipher truth once more, protect that one!”

Naofumi: “Fast Guard!”

I fired again to see magic power expenditure.

…The magic power diminished is even more than I predicted.

At least it succeeded.

Effects are…I check my status to confirm. The improvement is visibly better than the usual Fast Guard.

Then why doesn’t it work as a skill? I think there is a chance that the concept of SP differs from magic power. What exactly SP represented as a number, I couldn’t figure out even after thinking.

Soul point? Or is it stamina point? Only SP is written in English so I have no idea.

Is this what’s called ki? Probably not. Having confirmed with the slaves’ statuses, I’m well aware that none of the others have an entry named SP. There is probably no mistaking that this is a characteristic of heroes.

I have a feeling this will be even harder to learn than magic. But if I can understand this sensation called SP, if I become able to add magic power to them, I feel like skills can be further strengthened. As it is now, not only does the prison not work on Female Knight and Atla, it feels like I’ve reached the limit of just defending with the shield’s defensive power. For now I’ll just be happy that I can use magic to improve power.

Oh yeah…the cooking I made while practicing it during the day was highly praised, I tried applying magic to the compounding process and made medicine. Ingredients are inferior herbs made from the bioplant.

The Heal Pill has been completed!

Heal Pill Quality somewhat bad->high quality

Kuh…I put a bit too much magic power into it. But, if magic power is put into its production, even the quality of inferior materials clearly improves. Magic is sometimes conferred when you enchant but, as expected it’s handled with a different system. I anticipate my hero characteristics will have an improved effect if I add magic power to my shield. The reason I can’t reach the skill level of pharmacists may be…and so I show my face in the neighboring town.

Then I went to peek at the pharmacist’s magic power used when compounding. Rather than bestowing magic power, I feel a thin magic power streaming out from the pharmacist’s body to help with the compounding.

As I thought! This can be adapted to item production too! A large difference in skill will probably appear between I who is clearly aware when compounding and the pharmacist who is not.

I want to teach the pharmacist. But, will the pharmacist become able to manipulate magic power? Even I had to be poked a lot by Atla and told the general idea by Female Knight and the combat instructor before I became aware. Probably, the bunch of this world can use magic power subconsciously to do things. In which case, what factors into having talent? Mastering this power would become awakening to talent.

…No, the battle instructor called Rishia a rare talent. I thought Rishia’s flow of magic power looked strangely low when I saw it. So it likely can’t be judged by that alone. There’ll be no end if we bring up exceptions, but that isn’t everything. I think I’ll gather a bit more research.

Imia who is studying at the dress shop is…what? She is zealously packing in magic power as she sews. Won’t her magic power run out like that? However, Imia is sewing clothes as if there was no bottom to her magic power.

Concentration ability…?

I can’t really get a grasp on the essence of this magic power. Racial ability correction? If I think the cost is low, and there only appears to be a lot coming out, I can nod. I understand now why clothes made by Imia is strangely good.

The skill to make a high-quality dress from a monster’s hide, I’ve certainly gotten a look at it. Guess I’ll bring refreshments or something after. The gloves she made looked so easy to use even I was surprised. The size is also perfect. Though I’m a connoisseur, the imperfections were intentional.

Well then, the neighboring town’s reconstruction has been mostly completed. I don’t see anything inconvenient. It is also thanks to Melty and her subordinates. Under my umbrella of power, demi-humans who worshipped the shield could not behave arrogantly. I’m giving speeches at fixed intervals, and patrolling when free.

Firo: “Ah, Master”

Firo came with Melty on her back.

“What are you doing?”

Naofumi: “Studying and patrolling”

Melty: “Wow-, you properly do stuff that needs to be done huh, Naofumi”

Incidentally Firo’s magic power appears like a giant clump. But I don’t see the ahoge’s reception. Atla has spoken as if she could see it.

Naofumi: “So you say, but it was you who said it’d somehow or other be bad if not managed right, Melty”

Melty: “I guess”

Naofumi: “You’re not going on a levelling trip?”

Melty: “I’m not going!”

Naofumi: “Why? You’re the next queen, having a high level shouldn’t be a disadvantage”

Though rotten, she’s a magician type. My place only has Taniko and the matchless people with magic specialties. The slaves learning at the magic shop can remember magic, but demi-humans scarcely possess straight natures, they all seem plain or rather many are the physical strengthening type. Of course, there are some who can use attack magic, but those who specialize in it are rare.

…Thinking about it really, really carefully, both Taniko and Gaelion’s flow of magic power was low. I can’t figure out what factors are involved with the essence of magic power. I won’t know even if I confirm with help, after all the shield works differently right?

Melty: “My natural role is as the rear command! Being able to defend myself is good but, why would the ruler of a whole country be standing on the front lines!

Naofumi: “Certainly. But in my world, there were moving tales of splendid kings who fought on the front lines for their people?”

Melty: “…There’s that but still”

Melty is honest if it involves the country huh. I wonder what is so hard to stomach.

Melty: “But I don’t want to increase levels so simply by just riding on Firo-chan. I, in my own way, want to become able to fight”

Ohh…as expected her thinking is fundamentally different from her older sister. Your older sister just levelled to increase status, leaving everything to Motoyasu. Thinking like that, it certainly differs from EXP, I can understand the feeling of wanting experience. While we were talking about such things, Gaelion in baby mode descended with a basa-.

Gaelion: “As I thought, you were here”

Has whispering near my ear become your hobby? Oh yeah, the core stones I got from the Queen turned out to mostly be failures, but it seems to be a useful item for the Dragon Emperor to Status Up. That’s why Gaelion has gotten a bit stronger than before. Moreover one was a Dragon Emperor fragment mixed in, Gaelion quickly ate it.

The knowledge that was obtained then…useless information about how heroes fought the waves many times. No, not that it wasn’t necessary, but just how much tangible information can you not remember. Though it’s helpful to have two people added as options for Class Up assistance.

Naofumi: “What?”

Gaelion: “Have you forgotten? I had a promise to teach you the Dragon Pulse method”

Naofumi: “…That’s right”

Firo: “Master, what are you talking to Gaelion about?”

Naofumi: “About being taught magic”

Firo: “If it’s magic, Firo can-”

Naofumi: “You are bad at teaching right”

Let’s see–. With the power from the bottom of my body–gyuu- and let it in baa- I think, what you want to be, you become. I haven’t forgotten what she said. Firo speaks with nuance so it’s difficult for her to teach someone.

Naofumi: “Also, it seems to be useful magic special to dragons so it’s impossible”

Seems you can’t use it if you don’t have the Dragon Emperor’s divine protection. It is probably necessary to receive Gaelion’s divine protection.

Melty: “Aa, the ones Wyndia-chan uses? Naofumi can use it?”

Naofumi: “Who knows”

Gaelion: “By the way, I suggest you give up on attacks. It is absolutely impossible”

Gu…why can’t I use attacks with this either. Thinking conversely, I’ll become able to use restoration but still….

Probably stuff like the holy water’s power increase huh. It’ll be convenient if I can use it but still.

Firo: “Boo-!”

Firo regrettably showed her displeasure with an uuh-.


And then Firo’s feathers suddenly stood up while trembling. What? Did she sense a weird presence?

Naofumi: “What’s wrong?”

Firo: “Hm-?”

I shake my head thinking Firo absent-minded.

Firo: “What is it?”

Naofumi: “No, I thought you sensed something”

Firo: “Firo doesn’t know”

What is it with this bird.

Naofumi: “Well then, I’ll be walking back to the village so I’ll have Gaelion teach me”

Melty: “Naofumi, can you talk with dragons?”

It was broadcast pretty obviously, but Melty doesn’t know either. Huh? Was she not there that time when Gaelion talked?

…He hasn’t talked. No, he’s been talking, just with only whispering near my ears.

Naofumi: “The information hasn’t reached you? This guy can speak with human words”

Gaelion: “Gyau-?”

Showing this off, Gaelion winked many times in a cutesy manner. What are you trying to do.

Naofumi: “Oi…”

Melty: “As I thought it’s a false rumor. Naofumi too, stop saying irresponsible things!”

Firo: “Mel-chan. Gaelion talks you know?”

Melty: “I suppose. He can speak with monsters’ language right. Come, let’s go back to work Firo-chan”

Firo: “Eh-?”

With a ponpon-, directions were given for Firo to move, Firo repeated what she said many times as she walked.

Naofumi: “And? Specifically, it’s no good if I don’t study it right?”

Gaelion: “About right. But, the divine protection itself is easily attained. Stay still for a bit”

While mounting on my shoulders, Gaelion began muttering with a butsubutsu.

Gaelion: “I, Gaelion, command the heavens, command the earth, cut off reason, connect–”

This phrase again huh, let’s look at Gaelion’s magic power when he’s chanting the Dragon Pulse technique.

Gaelion: “Here I request of the earth to grant power through a new blessing–”

I see magic power flowing from the ground into Gaelion’s core. There seem to be differences from the magic I normally use as expected. If I’m not mistaken, it is something like changing into the embodiment of taking power from other mediums.

That’s why the efficacy of mediums will weaken if its power is borrowed repeatedly….

I can see the nearby magic power shining fluffily, a bit fairytale-like. This, if I couldn’t see magic power I wouldn’t have known about it.

Does Atla see this kind of world? I feel like magic power and ki are a bit different.

“For the blessed one, the Dragon Pulse’s divine protection…”

Gaelion: “Dragon – Breath Seal!”

The magic loosed by Gaelion flared and poured onto me. And then, a soft light was absorbed into my shield.

Gaelion: “The divine protection itself has been set up successfully with this. After this, if you study the manipulation of magic power and method of drawing power you should become able to use it”

Naofumi: “Ohh-…”

Gaelion: “However, as far as I can see from your qualities, you only have restoration and support type I believe. I recommend creating a defensive membrane with water for training”

Naofumi: “Fumu…I got it. Then come at night, I’ll train at that time”

Gaelion: “Met and understood”

Gaelion rapidly spread his wings and took off. With this I’ve also become able to use magic like Taniko and Sadina huh….

Gaelion took power from the earth right.

Essentially extending my magic power like when enchanting, I tried forcibly extracting power from the ground. Mu…difficult to grasp. Even if you can grab sand barehanded, it mostly ends up spilling out, is what the situation is like. Furthermore this method feels somehow different. When Gaelion did it, the earth naturally released its power on its own.

I haven’t learned the aria or anything so it’s not like I should be able to use it. After that I groaned as I continued practicing to include magic power with my magic and skills.


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