TATE NO YUUSHA NO NARIAGARI Chapter 214 – The Revolutionary Faction

The Revolutionary Faction

Peace Arc

Naofumi: “Filo Rials again…Motoyasu really makes trouble wherever he goes.”

Most of which relate to Filo Rials.

He’s a troublesome man to no end.

He must have been ecstatic when he saw the castle’s Filo Rial stable.

Just how broken does he have to get to satisfy himself…

Queen: “There was no helping it, so we gave him some Filo Rial eggs, and gave him a mission.”

Naofumi: “… The mission was just a front to drive him off, right?”

Queen: “Correct.”

I’ve been thinking it for a while, but this country’s Queen is surprisingly honest.

Even so… That man wants even more Filo Rials? Just how severe is his ailment?

Queen: “When he came to the castle, he was already followed by 10 Filo Rial Queens…”

… What?

10? Wasn’t it 3?

Now that I think about it, he kept referring to them as his angels, and he never said he only had 3.

Is that Idiot building Up a Filo Rial army?

Queen: “And the fact that he wants more Filo Rials on top of that…”

Well, he is a pervert.

Though Firo didn’t notice it, before he warped away, Motoyasu collected all of Firo’s dropped feathers.

I don’t want to know what he plans on using them for.

Queen: “My daughter, Melty, also has a peculiar passion for Filo Rials, but the Hero of the Spear has one that far surpasses hers.”


She’s passed the ‘Friend’ line with Firo.

Her love for Filo Rials can be compared to Motoyasu… no, she loses out to him.

She couldn’t take all of Firo’s overflowing love.

In a sexual way.

Naofumi: “So Motoyasu is no longer here?”

Queen: “Yes. He said he was heading to Iwatani-sama’s land.”

Naofumi: “Don’t pass your problems onto me.”

Motoyasu is coming to my place? This is no joke.

No matter what, I don’t want to have to deal with that idiot.

Now that I think about it, it’s suspicious that he never came there to see Firo before.

Uu… My stomach hurts.

Queen: “After he left, I received another report of him purchasing Filo Rial eggs from a monster dealer.”

He bought more after getting them at the castle!?

How many does he need, that man?

This is already a disease. He had 10 from the start already.

Naofumi: “Okay, I understand what happened to Motoyasu. Is there anything else that happened?”

Queen: “The Hero of the Bow has still yet to be sighted. Also, the Anti-Demihuman faction of this country has increased its activity.”

Naofumi: “Ah, you talked about that before. What do you mean by increasing in activity?”

Queen: “It sees… from circumstantial evidence, and my intuition, mind you, that they’re building up forces for a rebellion.”

A revolution… is it?

In the Human Supremacist Melromark, seeing the Queen give preferential treatment to Demi-Humans is leading to rebellion…

Queen: “Punishing Trash let us ease some tensions, but… the limit to that is approaching. We have yet to find definite evidence, but there have been some signs of suspicious activity.”

Naofumi: “But there’s no definitive proof…?”

Queen: “The amount of Nobles refusing to give quests to Demi-Human adventurers is increasing.”

Naofumi: “Can you do anything about it?”

Queen: “If I take any drastic measures, the situation may explode.”

So it’s a dangerous situation.

This country’s contamination really runs deep.

Queen: “But Iwatani-sama’s actions are gradually improving the public view of Demi-Humans. There is little signs of revolutionary action among the general populace.”

Naofumi: “Hm?”

Queen: “The sight of your Demi-Humans travelling the country while peddling has left behind a good image. People are forgetting past prejudices, and learning that Demi-Humans and humans can cooperate to overcome the wave.”

Naofumi: “I see.”

For my peddling to have such an unforeseen effect.

Well, those slaves are uselessly motivated.

I guess it’s not weird for them to be able to change some opinions.

Naofumi: “Oh yeah. I thought it was about time to expand the scope of my enterprise.”

Queen: “Outside of my country? The documents you have should be good enough for that,”

The Accessory merchant may have realized that. He may be laughing at me.

He’s been asking me to stock some of his wares in my peddling carriage.

I probably should do so in order to ensure a steady stream of income into the village when I’m gone.

My current goal is to make a peaceful village for Raphtalia that will be able to function without me.

Of course, I’m also building up forces to counter the wave.

I see. Now that I think about it, my village bears the brunt of the political struggle of this country.

I may be seen as an enemy by the various groups here.

I need to proceed with caution.

Queen: “I wonder if I should report that as well.”

Naofumi: “Was there something else?”

Queen: “Yes. This country’s penitentiary area was destroyed during the Spirit Turtle attack. We have confirmed the deaths of most of the prisoners, but…”

Naofumi: “But?”

Queen: “There’s still a chance that some escaped.”

Naofumi: “I see…”

So some prisoners may have escaped.

It’s quite an ominous conversation.

Queen: “My intuition tells me that they may be involved in this rebellion. Also, another force was driven out by Iwatani-sama’s work as well.”

… The Three Hero’s Church is still laying low.

This may be a big problem.

So they’re still within this country. I guess it’s a good thing nothing’s happened yet.

A lot of unreasonable things have been happening to me recently. It feels good to get prior notice for once.

Naofumi: “I’ll leave information gathering to you.”

Queen: “I understand.”

Naofumi: “… Do you not carve slave seals into your prisoners?”

Queen: “We do, but the people who held the slave ownership rights were the guards that died in the attack.”

Ah, I see. The people with the authority to send punishment are dead.

This is quite troublesome.

Naofumi: “I think you should leave this situation to be solved by the heroes that caused it.”

Ren seems to be earnestly repenting, so he’ll probably accept the task.

It seems that he’s slowly being accepted into the village.

Queen: “For what reason?”

Naofumi: “You’ll be able to drive out the revolutionaries all at once without the country at fault.”

Queen: “… Understood. Honestly, I don’t think this is a situation where I should turn to the heroes. This situation is a result of my incompetence.”

Naofumi: “I know that isn’t your true opinion.”

I think it’s a good idea.

Honestly, it seems like a pain, and I don’t want to get involved.

But if I don’t get involved, it would be the same as abandoning my village.

That would be extremely foolish.

Queen: “I thank you for your cooperation.”

Naofumi: “Omit your thanks.”

Queen: “Iwatani-sama, please remain vigilant. This issue is deeply connected to your land.”

Naofumi: “I know.”

If the Three Heroes Church attacks, I should get the support of the other churches. Though they denounce them as imposters.

And it’s not like my villagers do nothing but eat. They’re quite useful individuals.

Queen: “All of this is thanks to Iwatani-sama’s benevolence.”

Naofumi: “… Let’s leave it at that.”

She seems to be saying her genuine opinion. This makes it all the more suspicious. I don’t trust her.

Melty is much easier to handle. By the way, that was a compliment.

… Sometimes, I wonder whether she was really born of the same parents as that Witch.

She prioritizes her friendship with Firo over all else, and is a generally good person. She was raised well.

She’s also quite practical.

If I were asked if I had common sense, I would say no. Quite a few of the people around me are lacking in that field.

But I also have Raphtalia and Melty around me.

Discounting the slaves, to which I am like a parent, Melty is one of my most trusted people.

Though… she still might resent me for what I did to her the other day.

Now that I think about it, the Queen hasn’t asked me about Melty.

What’s done is done, so I was prepared for some punishment…

As long as it doesn’t come up, it should be fine.

It may come up down the line, so I should think up some countermeasures.

… No, I think it will be easier to settle this now.

From my experience, putting things off never leads to anything good.

Naofumi: “What should we do about Melty?”

Queen: “Meaning?”

She dropped her formal tone.

Was it too troublesome to keep up?

Naofumi: “It’s related to Motoyasu’s case, so I thought I would bring it up.”

Queen: “About the Filo Rials? Shadow was following your party to some extent, but a barrier-like item was erected, so I don’t know what happened after that. I only have the Hero of the Spear’s testimony. I believe he called Melty ‘That Blue Pig’ or something.”


She doesn’t know anything about it.

I don’t think Melty wants to spread the info. Perhaps I can hide it.

Naofumi: “Yeah, Motoyasu’s attack sent my Filo Rial out of control, and Melty sacrificed her body to get it under control. If Melty wasn’t there, we would have been in trouble. Please praise her later.”

… I’m not lying.

Melty probably won’t tell the whole truth, and if her parent praises her she won’t be able to.

If I silence Rishia, then the matter will be confined to oblivion.

Queen: “I see. Melty does love Filo Rials.”

The Queen seems satisfied with the explanation as she nods.

But still. Even when a calamity is hitting the world, the people prepare for a rebellion.

Just how rotten can this world be?


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