Eventually night falls, and I invite Ren and Motoyasu to my house. I want to see how earnestly they’ve been studying.

I used this country’s language to make up a test.

Though I don’t know why the study hating me is acting like a teacher.

… Well the past few days have been pretty much like this.

Though Motoyasu starts today.

Naofumi: “Motoyaasu, if you’re here to play with Filo Rials, then leave!”

Motoyasu pats his Filo Rial followers as he looks over the questions.

Motoyasu: “You can’t! If I don’t have them, how do you expect me to study in this room that stinks of pigs!?”

Naofumi: “… *Sigh”

According to Motoyasu, my entire village stinks of Pigs, and he can’t stand being in it.

The only way he can handle it is if he’s surrounded by Filo Rials.

I ignore Motoyasu and go check over Ren’s work.

Naofumi: “There are a few grammatical errors, but it seems you’ve gotten a grasp of the language.”

Ren: “That’s because Naofumi diligently teaches me every night.”

He learning quite fast, while I took quite a while.

Of course learning from a chart is much easier than learning from scratch.

It was really difficult for me, who only ever managed to get average scores in English.

Learning a new language will always be quite tough.

Though it was an essential for my life, so I have been able to become quite fluent in it.

Naofumi: “So, Motoyasu, how are you doing?”

I look at Motoyasu’s paper.

… His scores are higher than anticipated.

They’re just elementary problems, but he has around 80% correct.

He was quite a Realer (Note: Riaju) in his own world. He may be smarter than me.

I don’t know why such a man got hooked on Net Games, but it seems that it is no longer possible to get such information from the individual, and I don’t really want to.

Motoyasu: “All is for Firo-tan. I am working hard.”

Naofumi: “… I see.”

So he’s learning fast because they’re the letters of Firo’s world.

I guess this is what they call the determination of an idiot.

It seems that he’s highly motivated.

Naofumi: “Do you understand why I’m having you learn the letters of this world?”

Ren: “… To help in your peddling?”

After thinking for a while, Ren answers.

If he had said ‘In order to learn magic’, then I would have stopped his lessons. I guess he gets passing marks.

It may be an essential skill to learn magic, but if he answered as such, that would mean that he was still lusting for power as he had been before.

Naofumi: “That’s also a reason. Though I’m not sure if you’re saying your true opinion.”

He seems to have some desire to save the world. I’ll leave it at that.

I understand that I’m acting stuck up. But originally, this is a skill he should have picked up on his own.

He should be grateful that I’m even teaching him.

Naofumi: “Well, Ren’s been busy with his sword training recently, so should we end studies here?”

Ren: “About that…”

Naofumi: “Hm?”

Ren doesn’t make eye contact. He stumbles over his words.

Ren: “Could I, like Naofumi… Be given a job?”

He seems to be trying hard as not to be put under suspicion. He looks straight at me and stops talking.

It seems… He is motivated at least.

Though I don’t know his prowess.

Naofumi: “A job… Do you mean like my compounding?”

Ren: “Since I’ve come to this village, I’ve heard that Naofumi’s been doing a lot. Cooking, and compounding, making accessories, and even dabbling in alchemy. That’s why I… want to learn to do something.”

Motoyasu: “My dream is to become a Filo Rial herder.”

Ren: “Motoyasu, be quiet for a second.”

I see… So Ren has gotten an interest in manufacturing.

Ah, is that why he’s been so earnest in learning the sword?

As he’s a Hero, if he unlocks the required weapons, then he should be able to gain manufacturing skills like mine.

If he really wants to, I don’t see why I shouldn’t…

Naofumi: “I see your enthusiasm. So you want to become a person who makes things.”

Because of the Curse of Greed, Ren can’t touch money, and his monster drops are all bad.

I think it will take a month to recover. Though when coupled with Gluttony, I don’t know.

It’s only been a week and a half since he’s gotten here, so it’ll be a while.

Ren: “T-that’s true… but when I see this village’s children, I get the feeling that I can’t continue doing nothing.”

Naofumi: “Fumu…”

I see where he’s coming from.

A majority of the villagers are good with their hands. They make goods to be peddled.

So he got such an impression.

Naofumi: “When your curse lessens, I’ll leave it to you.”

Ren: “Got it.”

… Doesn’t the Onsen at Cal Mira have Curse reducing effects?

Though you can’t do anything else while recuperating.

I remember my curse, which was supposed to take a month, being dispelled faster while I was there.

Though I used Blutopfer again shortly afterwards, so my stats fell again.

Since we have a teleportation skill, I should probably look into it.

Should I go check it out tonight… Even though it’s for treatment purposes, it sounds a little fun.

Can the other heroes warp there?

Though the island isn’t really far or anything.

Naofumi: “Hey, can either of you warp to Cal Mira Island?”

Ren: “Hm? Ah, it’s a place I haven’t set. The Island Activation prevented teleportation skills.”

Naofumi: “How about now?”

Ren: “It’s the off season. We won’t know unless we try.”

Then it might not be so bad to visit for the onsens.

I’ll send the nuisance Motoyasu away to check it out, and wait for his return.

I can leave it to Ren as well.

I wonder if Heroes are able to teleport each other.

Naofumi: “The next thing I need to ask is whether or not Heroes can teleport each other if they’re in the same party.”

Ren: “That is… I never tried so I don’t know.”

I guess I’ll have to experiment.

I’ll try teleporting somewhere with Motoyasu later.

Filo Rial: “Mo-kun, are you still studying~?”

Motoyasu: “I am, Marin-chan. I need to work hard to get Father-in-Law to approve of my marriage.”

Filo Rials: “Muuuu!”

Upon hearing that, Red and Green punch him simultaneously.

By the way, I wouldn’t let them in my house unless they took on human form.

They made the same promise as Firo.

If they break it, I have punishment in store.

Ren: “Marin-chan?”

Naofumi: “Don’t get involved, Ren.”

Ren: “Well, I’m not really sure, but having a conversation partner is important, right? That’s what I’ve been thinking recently.”

So he’s speaking from experience.

It’s not like he’s wrong, but he should consider who he’s speaking to.

Motoyasu’s a landmine. You should steer clear of him.

Motoyasu: “I’m glad you asked!”

Motoyasu’s eyes sparkles as he loudly proclaims this.

Ah, you stirred up the hornet’s nest.

Motoyasu joyfully proceeds into a speech I have no interest in.

Motoyasu: “First, this Red child’s name is Kuu-chan. The origin of this is Crimson. Next, the Blue one’s name is Marin-chan. Her name comes from Aquamarine. Finally, we have Midori. Her name is just as it sounds.”

(Note: Crimson = Kurimuson, so Ku. Aquamarine = Akuamarin. Green = Midori)

Filo Rials: “Nice to meet you!”

The three quickly lower their heads.

But their eyes are different when they look at me than when they look at Ren.

These birds…

Including Witch, Motoyasu always had three women tagging along with him. Even when he became a pervert, he still continued to be surrounded by women.

But it seems that this time they actually like him.

Ren: “I-is that so?”

Midori: “Motoyasu-san, is this how it’s done?”

Midori picks up Motoyasu’s question sheet, and starts doodling all over it.

Now that I take a closer look, she got all the answers correct.

Was she cheating?

No, I was watching over Motoyasu when he filled it out, so that shouldn’t be the case.

Motoyasu: “Midori, you’re smart.”

Marin and Ku: “Mu!”

Red and Blue let out discontent voices.

They each seem to have different personalities… but I don’t care.

Midori: “Ehehe…”

The emerald colored one seems to be the smart one of the group.

Naofumi: “Ah right. That one doesn’t fight in monster form, right?”

Motoyasu: “Yeah, she says that angel form is easier.”

Naofumi: “I see…”

I see the other two’s monster forms all the time, but I’ve never seen the emerald one.


Does a ranking system exist among these three…?

The red one seems a little cold.

Is it my imagination?

I do hate red. I can’t help but associate it with that woman.

I get the feeling that red things are strong-willed.

Midori: “It’s because my legs aren’t as powerful as Kuu or Marin.”

Naofumi: “I see…”

So she’s of a Filo Rial race that isn’t good at kicks?

Yet in human form, she wields a heavy-looking battle axe.

I might look into this.

It seems that there are many types of Filo Rial.

Motoyasu: “Instead, Midori is good at identifying poisons, medicines and other things.”

Naofumi: “I see.”

Midori: “Master has mean eyes, and is worse at interaction than Motoyasu-san. But don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you.”

Naofumi: “What was that!?”

Firo has been wishing to spit poison for a long time.

This one is toxic in another way… But I won’t say that.

Motoyasu: “It’s something a child said. Don’t mind it Father-in-Law.”

Naofumi: “I mind it. Send her out! A mouth like that will bring disaster.”

Motoyasu: “I see… I’m sorry Midori, please go home.”

Midori: “Y-you can’t! Motoyasu-san! Let me back in! As I thought, I’m…”

Motoyasu swiftly transports the emerald one outside of the room.

Amazing! Are my orders truly absolute?

It’s not like I’ll order to him to kill or anything.

but it’s good that he knows who’s boss.

Ren: “There’s… something off.”

Ren looks over that exchange with a strange look on his face.

He seems to have caught onto something.

Motoyasu: “Ah, Midori is the only male among the first angels that hatched. Could that be it?”


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