The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR) – Season 2 Chapter 241

Season 2: Chapter 241

‘I can’t let this happen.’

That was the only thought Kaz had at that moment. It was a thought that anyone in his situation would have, but unfortunately for him, his body couldn’t move as he wanted it to.

While he struggled to dodge or at least put up some form of defense, Sedi finished charging her attack.

And like her first attack, she aimed for his face once more.



There was a sound similar to a cannon being fired, and Kaz’s body was sent flying into the air like a cannonball.

He’d been sent several hundreds of feet away. It would have been nice if she could have sent him so far that he was no longer visible, but unfortunately, that was the strongest attack Sedi could muster up in her current state.

“Huff…! Huff…!”

Panting, Sedi collapsed onto her butt.


She turned to look beside her.

“…so he… passed out.”

So it seemed.

She couldn’t help but feel like he deserved the rest. From beginning to end, he had used the resources at his disposal to turn this unfortunate situation in their favor.

He’d intentionally provoked Kaz in order to make him get close before shoving his staff into his mouth. (TL:…)

However, it was a very dangerous plan. If anything had gone wrong, he would have died.

He gambled with his life. He chose to risk his life in order to give them a chance to win.


For some reason, she couldn’t help but feel that Lukas was used to doing things like this.

She knew that most Absolutes who were once mortals were beings who had very dramatic pasts. Lukas had probably gone through countless life and death situations and experienced many things.

Sedi suddenly felt a strong curiosity about the life Lukas had lived, but now was not the time to think about that.

Panting, Sedi looked into the distance again. Her vision was blurry and she couldn’t see the spot where Kaz landed, but she kept looking nonetheless.

If he were to come back one more time… she was now certain.

They couldn’t win.

Of course, with the damage she dealt to him, it wouldn’t be strange if Kaz remained unconscious for a long time. She had hit his defenseless body more than a hundred times, and the bones in his face had definitely been smashed with that punch.

He shouldn’t be able to get up again. Or at least that’s what would happen in a normal situation.

Nevertheless, her anxiety didn’t go away.


For the first time in her life, Sedi prayed earnestly.

She prayed for that disgusting bastard to never appear again.

She sat for a while, waiting.

Perhaps her prayers had been answered. Because there were no signs of Kaz even after a long time had passed. Even the dust storm that had risen in the area had begun to calm down.

She knew that he wasn’t dead, but… if he was unconscious, then they might have a chance to escape.

He said he was bound to the island, so they could just run to another island for now.

With that in mind, Sedi turned to look at the sea.


And instantly became speechless. She was so shocked that she wouldn’t be surprised if her hair had turned white.

When did he move? She hadn’t seen him. She didn’t even feel him approach.

Behind them, in the direction of the sea, a being was standing there.

[It hurts.]

Kaz smiled, showing off his bloodied mouth and broken teeth.

Even though his tongue should have been torn apart, he could still speak with perfect pronunciation.

[What is it? Do you think I look ugly now?]


What the hell? Was this guy some kind of zombie or something?

Kaz rubbed a finger against his lip for a while before muttering.

[Almost all my teeth are broken. My tongue has been torn to pieces, and my oesophagus has been burned. Even the roof of my mouth has been smashed. I think I’ll probably have trouble eating for a while. This is the second time I’ve ever been this injured. But…]

His cold gaze turned to Lukas.

[This is the first time in my life I’ve ever felt so dirty.]

It was different from when he fought that woman.

Obviously, being completely destroyed by a stronger being hurt his pride greatly, but it was still understandable.

But what about Lukas? He was so weak and fragile that he would burst into pieces if he just squeezed him too hard. He claimed to be some kind of Absolute or whatever, but Kaz didn’t believe a word of his bullshit.

No. Even if what he was saying was true, at least for now, he was still weaker than him. ‘Absolute’ly weak.

That was the truth.

And yet, he had been pushed to such a state by this garbage.

It was the greatest humiliation and an incurable scar on his pride. His pride and desire to show off had disappeared. Now, all that was left was rage and hatred.

Anyone could predict what Kaz was going to do now.


With heavy steps, he walked towards Lukas. He was already unconscious. He was certain of this fact. So now it would be easier than—


He stopped.

Kaz looked down at the black-haired girl that had moved to stand in front of him.

[Get out of the way.]

“…what are you going to do?”

[I will kill that man.”]

No further explanation was needed.

But Kaz decided to add one anyway.

[Originally, I had planned to torture him. I was going to make him regret ever being born. After all, this is my first time feeling so humiliated in my life. Fortunately, I’m quite skilled in that area. No matter how proud or stubborn a person pretends to be, I can make them look worse than a pig in less than a week.]

He knew countless ways to break a proud spirit. When Death Island was more prosperous in the past, there had been many like that. Beings that he couldn’t suppress with his strength.

Even if their bodies were destroyed, they refused to give in.

Destroying such beings and forcing them into desperation used to be one of his favorite pastimes.

[But I’m tired of it now. No…]

Kaz thought for a moment before nodding his head.

[…I was afraid. Right. I’ll admit it. I just received such a blow and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this guy could be a threat to me.]

This was probably the greatest tribute and expression of respect that Kaz could give to an enemy.

This man, who was weak and unconscious.

He was still seen as a threat by Kaz.

[That’s why, I have to kill this man somehow, no matter what.]

Sedi felt a chill. It was a frightening feeling like a blade was being pressed to her spine.

Kaz’s attitude was clear. He had no intention of backing down.

So if this situation was allowed to progress, Lukas would die.


…Would die?


Her throat felt dry as though she had swallowed sand. She prepared to say something that she never wanted to say.

‘Since when?’

When she first called Lukas father, that had just been an act of desperation.

She’d just been defeated by the Demon King. She’d lost everything. The favor she got from the Black Horned Demon God, her devilish energy, and her external force as an Absolute.

All that she had left were her mortal body and her name, Sedi.


She hated those words so much her teeth ached. Because there was no more accurate description of her miserable condition.

And that’s when Lukas came to her and made a suggestion.

To become his incarnation and once again step onto the path of an Absolute.

In truth, at that time, she wasn’t that interested in that proposal.

Sedi was exhausted and wounded. She had been betrayed by the master she had devoted her everything to. The despair she felt was indescribable.

The feelings of belonging and fullness that had empowered her entire body had disappeared.

She felt like she was all alone in the world.

She hated that feeling so much that she would rather die, so she recklessly stuck to Lukas instead.

She demanded that he take the role of her father. She knew it was a ridiculous request.

Knowing the type of people Absolutes were, it could be called a half-crazy idea. In fact, if she were placed in such a situation again, she couldn’t say whether she would act like that again.

Nevertheless, Lukas had accepted her.

He mentioned that Sedi would be his first child.

…She was shy. To hide it, she changed her words and teased him.

In fact, it was the same for Sedi.

Lukas was her first parent. Because those who gave birth to her couldn’t be considered her parents.

She felt like she’d been saved from death.

After that, it was pretty fun.

She began to understand Lukas. It was very different from her time with the Black Horned Demon God.

It wasn’t a one-sided interaction. Instead, it was more like a two-way connection.

Lukas was clumsy, but he clearly tried his best to treat her like a real daughter.

Then, one day, Lukas said to her.

‘The way a father should treat his daughter. What I can do for you. And what the ideal relationship between a father and daughter should be.

Think carefully… About what you’d want a father to do.’

After that, she’d thought long and hard before eventually realising.

Lukas had given her a new life. He was no different than her saviour.


It didn’t need to be packaged in such a grandiose manner. They were parent and child.

It was filial piety between a parent and his child.

She liked that more.


[What is it?]

“I’m the one you want.”


“If I listen to you…”

At that moment, Sedi did something she’d never done before in her entire life.

“…can you let my father go?”


She never would have thought there would be a day when she did something like this. After thinking this, Sedi smiled forcefully.

In order to save Lukas, she was willing to be with this guy who was so disgusting that just looking at him made her want to throw up.

Those were her honest feelings.


Kaz was silent for a while. He looked down at Sedi without any expression on his face before finally opening his mouth.

[…it can’t be helped.]

Just as Sedi was about to let out a sigh of relief at his words, Kaz continued.

[If you had said this when I first arrived, I probably would have agreed to that request. But that is impossible now. It’s too late.”


[Move aside, my partner.]

Kaz’s voice remained indifferent.

[Or I’ll kill you too.]


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