The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR) – Season 2 Chapter 278

Season 2: Chapter 278

Four huge thrones sat in the center of a certain universe.

A voice echoed from the golden throne.

[I never would have expected this result.]

The Thunderous Lightning God was the one to break the silence. His voice spread across the entirety of the dark universe, and it seemed to carry a hint of irritation within it.

The Lightning God might have spoken lightly, but the reality of his words was anything but.

Rulers usually took most of the possibilities they could imagine into account when they encountered something. But their concept of ‘most’ was generally different from that of others.

After all, it was possible for a ‘mere’ mortal to imagine hundreds of thousands of possibilities into account and select the most probable ones from the group.

For a Ruler, this was something they could do without even thinking too deeply about it.

And the thing that had just happened was one of the possibilities that even the Lightning God thought had an extremely low chance of happening.

[Is Nodiesop completely dead?]

The Sun Giant answered the Lightning God’s question.

[I can no longer sense his presence in the multiverse. It’s as if he disappeared into the imaginary world.]


The imaginary world.

A place filled with mysteries that even Rulers were unable to ‘rule’ over.

Naturally, the Rulers found the existence of such a place extremely unpleasant. It was to the extent that the Lightning God became displeased just by the simple fact that the Sun Giant mentioned the imaginary world in the first place.

[First of all, it seems like I’ve lost these qualifiers. So I’ll accept the results. Notify me later if the situation changes.]

After saying this in his unique blunt tone, the Sun Giant directly left.

Now, the only beings that existed in that universe were the Lightning God and the Demon God. It was at that moment that the Demon God finally opened his mouth for the first time.

[…the Dragon God is still in that world.]

[Are you going to order Kasajin to put an end to her?]

[That’s not necessary. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for us if she becomes a Ruler again.]

[It’s an absurdly slim chance. Even if she became a Ruler again, I wonder if she’ll regain her old prestige.]

In the first place, it was an unprecedented situation for a Ruler to lose their position in the first place. Even if she was to regain her strength, it was impossible to say whether she would regain her former power.

After all, even if a broken jar is repaired, the traces of the cracks would not disappear.

[Even so, wouldn’t she be better than most Absolutes?]

[We don’t need a stronger Absolute.]

The Lightning God responded in a slightly irritable tone.

The Demon God was silent for a while before finally opening his mouth.

[It seems you had higher expectations of Lukas Trowman than I initially thought.]

[Is that how it looks?]

[Don’t pretend to be innocent. I would have thought that you would place your highest expectations on Letip.]


[I do admit that he is quite strange for an Absolute. However, we all know how contradictory of an Absolute he is.]

An absolute with emotions was a very precarious being.

It was like a mind that could collapse at any moment. Of course, Lukas’ mental power was so high that there was no precedent among the Absolutes. If it wasn’t for his mental power, he would have been ruined long ago.

[That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I was wondering what type of person he would become if he managed to overcome that contradiction.]

[That sounds like a step backwards instead of a step forward. That man was going to disappear eventually. Unfortunately, it was only the annihilation of Nodiesop that allowed it to happen.]

In the end, this end was decided from the moment Lukas decided to not put aside his feelings.

If he had become a Ruler, it was possible that he could have postponed this, but the Demon God still couldn’t accept the Lightning God’s suggestion.

[Now what? Will you change your plan?]

[It seems that some form of correction is necessary.]

The Lightning God looked across the universe.

Some mortals considered the universe itself to be a divine being. Compared to the vastness of the universe, they thought that their existence was no different from a speck of dust.

For them, this was a natural idea.

However, to Absolutes, especially the Rulers, such a thought was incredibly strange. This was because there was nothing in the universe that they couldn’t know.

So in a sense.

The unknown could be considered something that even Rulers feared.

* * *

“Is something wrong?”

A woman spoke as she spun around like a dancer.

“Your face is stuck in disbelief. Is it that you don’t believe what the Demon God said?”

Kasajin cast an indifferent gaze towards the woman before speaking in a cold voice.

[I only believe what I see with my own two eyes. Even the Black Horned Demon God cannot change that fact.]

“That’s… not someone who only lives because of his grace should say.”

The woman chuckled.

“I think you’re just denying reality. What’s with the attitude? What’s wrong? Are you upset that your rival died-”

[Shut up.]

Kasajin reached out a hand and picked the woman up by her slender neck.


It was clear that with even the slightest bit of force, the woman’s pale neck would be crushed without resistance.

Kasajin’s eyes burned red, but the woman simply smiled at him.

Even though she was struggling to breathe, she still opened her mouth to speak.

“Hu… huhu… I didn’t think you still had any emotion left in you.”


“As expected. How interesting. You…”

Kasajin let the woman go before she could finish her sentence.

The woman fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

“Did you see it for yourself?”



[Lukas’ transcendent body being shaved away, and his soul trembling in anxiety just before it was destroyed. I’m asking if you saw it with your own eyes.]

“I don’t need to. The Rulers are all convinced that he’s dead.”

[…I see.]

Kasajin clicked his tongue.

[Stop trying me, Ringo. You have work to do.”

“Ah. But it’s scattered all over the place. First, I’ll need to kill our cute little Kran’s mental strength a bit more. Now is the best time since the Priestess’ barrier has weakened.”

With a slight bounce in her step, the woman, Ringo, left the room.

Soon after, Kasajin, who was left alone in the hall, slowly closed his eyes while cupping his chin in his hand.

[You definitely wouldn’t let me down. As always… So answer me. Where are you now?]

With his eyes closed, Kasajin shook his head.

[Go ahead and prove to me that you really are Lukas Trowman.]


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