The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR) – Season 2 Chapter 283

Season 2: Chapter 283

Lukas sat at the edge of the carriage’s luggage compartment staring blankly at the sky. The sky was still tinted by the colors of sunset.

The sight of the westward heading orange sun, the smell of the fresh grass, and the faint sound of crows in the distance all resounded in his heart.

‘…I’ve returned.’

The universe he had been longing for.

His homeworld.

He’d returned to the place he’d been born, raised and eventually left.

…A place he had hoped to see hundreds of millions of times. No, it was probably even more than that. His wish had come true.

Nevertheless, Lukas wasn’t happy. He couldn’t be.

This was not the return he’d hoped for.

He’d wanted to return after becoming a being that stood at the very peak of Absolutes. He’d wanted to return as the god of humanity in the truest sense.

And if that was impossible, he’d wanted to find an alternative answer.

A convincing answer that could explain the existence of ‘Lukas Trowman.’

…But he hadn’t found one.

In other words, Lukas had ended up washing up here like trash floating in a river without accomplishing anything. In fact, he was in a much more miserable state than when he’d left on his journey.

He was a defeated soldier.

There were many people here that he missed.

Whenever he closed his eyes, their faces always shined in his mind.

It had been a very long time. It was possible that the faces Lukas remembered were different from the real ones.

Nevertheless, he wanted to meet them.

Even at that very moment.


He shook his head.

But he wouldn’t do that. Lukas didn’t deserve to reunite with them.

‘Why did I return to this universe?’

Lukas thought that there had to be some reason for it. Of course, he knew the fundamental reason. It was because he wanted it, and because Arid had engraved the coordinates on the ring.

…But the ‘why’ that Lukas was asking was from a different perspective. There must be a different, fate related, reason that had caused it to happen.


He tried to move his fingers.

The sensations from his two arms were different. The feeling in his left arm was much fainter than his right. This was proof that most of the cells in that arm were dead. This meant that it couldn’t be restored even with the greatest healing techniques. At the very least, it would be impossible without a power on par with Arid’s.

The condition of his right leg was even more severe. It might not look obvious on the outside, but it seemed that his bones had fused together, so it would be incredibly difficult for him to walk properly.

It was possible for him to stand on his feet, but he would not be able to avoid walking with a limp.

But the thing that drew the most of Lukas’ attention was the condition of his internal organs, more specifically his mana room.


His mana room had completely collapsed.

Far from just being unable to use magic, it was impossible for his body to even contain mana in the first place. In addition, the situation of his mana room was even more desperate than his arms and legs. This was because, while slim, there was still a chance that he would be able to fix them.

But that wasn’t the case for his mana room. Even Lukas had never encountered a mana room that had collapsed in such a way. He didn’t even have the slightest idea of how to fix it. And if he didn’t know, it meant that no one in this universe would know about it either.

When he first arrived, mana had erupted from his entire body.

This wasn’t Lukas releasing it on purpose. Instead, it was his body’s inherent mana evaporating at an alarming rate without him being able to stop it.

‘This situation is terrible.’

Despite having this thought, Lukas’ expression didn’t become more serious.

In fact, he looked quite calm.

—Because he’d prepared for death and annihilation.

Just the fact that he was alive and breathing at that moment could be considered a miracle. It would be too much to ask for more than that.

‘…there must be a reason.’

A reason that Lukas returned to this universe.

It wasn’t to be reunited with those that he’d been separated from.

Instead, Lukas’ thoughts were being drawn to the image of a man in his head.


He couldn’t help but think that the decisive reason, or a clue, for why he’d abandoned humanity and became the Demon King must be somewhere in this universe.

It was at that moment that he felt something behind him.

“How’s your body?”

A soft voice.

Lukas turned his head and looked at the handsome young man that had approached him.

—Peran Jun.

Memories of him faintly appeared in his mind.

A talented young man that he’d met at Westroad Academy and later became friends with.

A young man who had been unsure of his path at that time.

The moment he’d made a promise with him appeared in his mind.

It felt strange. He felt weird looking at this man that he’d smiled and bumped fists with at that time.

This was because he was now unimaginably old.

It was no exaggeration to say that the Lukas from that time was completely different from the current Lukas.

…Then what about Peran?

Did he change as well?

“I’m much better now… Thank you. I owe you one.”

Swallowing his questions, Lukas expressed his gratitude.

—By the way, have we met before?

He couldn’t help but think about the question he’d asked during their first reunion.

Why did he ask something like that?

Peran only knew ‘Frey Blake’. Even until the end, he had never learned that his true identity was Lukas Trowman, the Great Mage from 4,000 years in the past.

And the current Lukas was completely different from both ‘Frey’ and the past ‘Lukas’.

Nevertheless, Peran had looked at him and asked him if they’d ever met before.

Perhaps he had acquaintances that gave him a similar impression to the current Lukas.

Or perhaps it was just an instinct which was impossible to explain in a logical manner.

…It didn’t matter either.

“It’s fine. Did you manage to remember anything else?”

“Yes. I managed to remember my name.”


Peran looked relieved.

While looking up at his face, Lukas wondered.

Frey Blake.

Lukas Trowman.

Those were the two names Lukas called himself in this world.

But Peran knew both of them, so he couldn’t say either name.

Nevertheless, Lukas…

“My name is Lukas.”

Still chose to say his true name.

* * *

“I see.”

As expected, when Peran heard the name, he simply nodded without seeming particularly surprised.

The name Lukas was by no means rare.

In fact, it could even be considered a relatively common name. This was the case 4,000 years ago, and even more so in the present era. It was a name that Peran, as a citizen of the Kastkau Empire, must be quite familiar with.

As long as he didn’t add in the last name ‘Trowman’, no one would find it strange.


In his current state, even if Lukas revealed himself to be the Great Mage, he would only be treated as a madman.

Unlike his days as Frey Blake, he now had the body of ‘Lukas Trowman’, but his haggard appearance and white hair gave a completely different impression.

Perhaps the only people now that could see Lukas and identify his true identity were those who’d seen his true appearance 4,000 year ago.

Anastasia, who had Schweiser’s memories and ego.

Or Iris…

“Did you remember anything else?”


After saying that, Lukas added.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologising? You’re probably the one who’s the most confused right now.”

Peran smiled softly as he spoke.


Of course, Lukas noticed the suspicions hidden in that smile, but it didn’t upset him. Rather, in this situation, it would be strange if there wasn’t even the slightest suspicion directed towards him.

“It is fate that we managed to meet like this, so I want to help you as much as I possibly can, but…”

He purposefully trailed off at the end of his sentence and Lukas easily guessed his intentions.

“I’m thankful that you are willing to take me to the nearest city.”

Peran gave a slightly apologetic smile.


A group that most of the people Lukas wanted to reunite with were a part of.

Peran probably had some form of contact with them. After all, his father, Shepard Jun was a member of a Circle, and Peran himself had wanted to join in the past

‘The Circle is a hidden organisation…’

Although their identity had been revealed to an extent during the war with the Demigods, the Circle was, in essence, a hidden organisation. Therefore, Lukas didn’t think it would be easy for him to reach them.

Lukas had no intention of reuniting with most of his past relationships, but there was one person he felt he had to meet.


The successor of the Warrior King Fist.

Perhaps Ivan might know something about Kasajin’s fall.

But Ivan had now become someone that wasn’t easy to meet.

Grand Master.

According to his memory, that was the way Cairo Wilsemann had addressed Ivan.

So it was highly likely that Ivan had become the most powerful person in the current Circle and had effectively become the leader of the hidden organisation.

‘It would be impossible for me to talk to him on my own in my current state.’

In the first place, it wouldn’t be easy to meet the leader of the Circle.

In fact, it was nigh impossible. This was especially so considering how weak he was now.

It was at that moment that an ugly desire appeared in his heart.

Even when Ivan learned his true identity, he didn’t revere him as a hero, but treated him as an equal, a friend.

So wouldn’t it be alright for him to reveal his identity to him?

Couldn’t he confess that he’d come back for a while because things had gotten messed up?


He shook his head.

That was such a disgusting thought that he couldn’t believe it came from within him.

This was a matter of face. Lukas’ pride would never accept such behaviour.


The thing he needed the most was information.


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