The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR) – Season 2 Chapter 313

Chapter 313

Editors: Ana_Banana, Sei

The fire didn’t go out even after hanging in the air for a while.

Snow silently watched on from the side. Well, it was more accurate to say that she wasn’t sure what to say at that moment. After observing for a while longer, she walked towards the flickering flames and stopped a short distance away before stretching her hand out.

She felt the heat on her skin.

In other words, it wasn’t an illusion.

There was no difference between the flames that floated in front of her and the flames of a bonfire. After finishing her observation, Snow turned to look at Lukas once again.

“This… did you create this?”

“That’s right.”

“It looks like magic.”

“It’s the 2-star spell, Fireball.”

Fire was one of the most basic attributes so he didn’t really need to add any more explanation after that.

Snow’s expression became complicated.

“Are you a Wizard?”


Lukas shook his head.

He never would have thought that there would be a day when he denied that he was a Wizard, but this was the reality. He couldn’t claim to be Wizard now that his manaroom had collapsed. As the Great Mage, Lukas was naturally extremely knowledgeable about this field.

Snow, on the other hand, furrowed her eyebrows as if the person in front of her was speaking a language that she’d never heard before in her life.

“If you’re not a Wizard, then how can you use magic? Are you trying to mess with this Queen?”

“Even those who are not Swordsmen can use a sword.”

“Those two things are completely different. As far as I know, you can’t even enter the field of magicology without the right talent. It’s completely different from swords that anyone can make or pick up.”

This was the truth.

Even if one wasn’t a Knight or a Swordsman, they would still be able to use a sword. Even if they might not be able to fight against someone, anyone would be able to use a kitchen knife.

In other words, there were no ‘conditions’ or ‘qualifications’ that one needed before being able to hold a sword.

Magic, on the other hand, was different. People who could not sense mana would never be able to use magic.

Snow knew that Lukas didn’t have mana in his body. She also knew that he didn’t have any magical items, artifacts or scrolls.

And the more she knew, the more suspicious she became.

“The principle behind it is simple.”

Lukas moved Deukid once again.

Once again, she couldn’t help but feel that it wasn’t swordsmanship.

It felt more like he was using the sword like a paddle.

“I wrapped the mana distributed throughout the atmosphere around the sword. Then, before the mana disappears, I rearranged it in the specific pattern of the spell. Then…”

Snow narrowed her eyes. She hadn’t realised it before, but now that she was paying attention— Lukas’ sword was wriggling in a very specific manner.

It was like he was drawing a small picture by using the tip of the sword as a brush.



This time, a white ball appeared in the air.

“The 1-star spell, Magic Missile.”

He didn’t just stop at casting the spell. Since it was an attack spell, he had to carry out calculations in order for it to fly to its target.

How fast the spell could move, air resistance(drag), wind, terrain, and even the location of the target.

—Lukas stretched the sword forward.


To Snow, it was more like a Maestro(1) giving instructions to the musicians than a Swordsman.

With a soft hiss, the Magic Missile shot forward before striking a tree at the edge of the clearing.


The sound was much heavier than she expected, and many leaves fell from the tree, almost leaving it bare.

“…how is that possible?”

Snow grunted softly in disbelief.

If she were a Magic Warrior, then she would have been able to understand the principles Lukas had explained to an extent, but Snow was a Swordsman who had nothing to do with mana.

That was why it was so hard for her to understand and accept what she was seeing.

Her gaze turned to Deukid.

“Is that a skill that you can only use with a sword?”

“It’s more efficient if I do it with a sword, but the effect isn’t that good with this sword.”

In the first place, Deukid’s characteristic was magic break. Therefore, mana only stayed on the sword for a short period. No matter how Lukas tried, he would never be able to make anything more than a 4-star spell in that time.

‘I need a sword that can store mana on its blade.’

If he had that, then the range of spells that Lukas would be able to cast would increase exponentially.


After a while, Snow shook her head and her expression was no longer as complicated as it was before. This wasn’t because she’d finally understand what Lukas was talking about. Instead, she’d simply stopped thinking about it.

She just decided to accept it as it was.

Lukas could use magic in a way that she’d never seen before.

“That’s perfect for ranged attacks. I think it would also be quite useful as a surprise attack. Because no one would think you could use magic by swinging a sword.”

Lukas agreed.

Unless they were an Archmage class Wizard, they wouldn’t even notice that the mana in the air had been disturbed.

Lukas slid Deukid back into its sheath before returning it to Snow. She shrugged and collected her sword.

“Sorry. I’d love to lend it to you, but this sword is very precious to this Queen.”

“It looks like a really valuable sword. Did someone give it to you as a present?”

It was none other than Lukas who had given Deukid to Snow, but Lukas’ existence had been completely erased from this world. When he recalled this fact, his heart ached in his chest. It felt like he was digging into a wound that was just beginning to heal.

Nevertheless, he needed to check. He didn’t know when again he’d be able to use the flow of the conversation to ask a question like this.

“I got it from my comrade.”


“Well, even if I were to tell you, it’s not like you’d know them.”

Feeling like it would be best to not ask anything further, Lukas kept his mouth shut.


1.Maestro is a term that can be used to refer to an excellent conductor of an orchestra.)


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