The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman – Chapter 302

Chapter 302

Glenn’s sword field wasn’t a vacuum area like Rimmer’s, nor a dark room like the Gambling Monster’s.

He was just standing in the same spot. Nothing had changed except for one thing. Heavenly Tremor had turned into a sword of light, engulfed in lightning energy.

Raon narrowed his eyes while watching Glenn’s back.

‘What’s happening? I can’t feel anything special from him.’

Even though he had used the Sword Field Creation, Raon couldn’t notice any change at all.

‘Is it because my realm is too low?’

He slowly raised his head to look at the White Blood Religion’s leader and the Fallen.

Even though the entire world was trembling from their presence, their eyes widened as they stared at Glenn below them.

‘This confirms that something must’ve changed in him.’

Yes, he’s changed. So damn much…

Wrath’s chin was trembling slightly.

He was an even bigger monster than the King of Essence’s expectation.

He couldn’t take his eyes off Glenn’s back as he voiced his surprise.

‘I knew it.’

There was no way Glenn would’ve made a mistake. He must’ve achieved some kind of change with his sword field.


Raon controlled the Ring of Fire. Resonating the rings already made him feel like he was about to faint because of his miserable condition, but he bit his tongue to endure it.

As the rings rotated, he started to see the flow of mana.

‘A sword…?’

A single sword could be seen through Glenn. He had turned into a sword himself.

‘What is that sword…?’

It was completely different from the way proficient swordsmen could become one with their swords. Glenn had turned into a sword himself.

He was fast, light, powerful, flexible, variable, profound, slow, heavy, straight, sharp, and firm at the same time.

All of the swordsmanship principles that he’d learned before were dwelling in Glenn, and principles that he’d never seen before could also be found in him.

‘Is this the head of house’s sword field?’

Seamless Perfection signified that perfect clothes didn’t even have visible seams. Just like the name implied, Glenn had turned into a perfect sword.


The Fallen raised his hand, and the sun sparkled from his back and spread around its majestic light. Countless flashes reached Glenn’s heart in an instant.

The flashes were extremely fast and were powerful enough to pierce through anything. Just as they were about to pierce into him, Glenn’s sword of light slashed.


The arrow of light disappeared from the simple swing of his sword. His sword didn’t cut it—didn’t even collide against it. It simply dissipated.


The White Blood Religion’s leader twisted her lips and gathered her hands. Along with a chant performed at an extreme speed, weapons of bloody energy burst from the Blood God’s palm.


Sword, saber, spear, scimitar, bow, ax, hammer, javelin, whip, shield, flail, and more. All kinds of weapons came into her grasp while spreading an extremely powerful bloody energy.

The White Blood Religion’s leader unleashed a second chant, and the Blood God’s three eyes sparkled in different colors and threw the weapons from her hands.


The forty-four arms were moving at the same time, and each of them showed the ultimate way of handling each weapon.

The Blood God’s attack was powerful enough to crumble the entire land, but Glenn responded with a simple rising slash.


The Blood God’s destructive attack completely disappeared upon facing the lightning blade rising from the floor. It was just a simple swing, yet both the bloody energy and the physical momentum had completely disappeared.

Raon bit his lip tightly while watching Glenn’s sword.

‘This is the ultimate swordsman…’

The White Blood Religion’s leader and the Fallen’s attacks were both powerful enough to single-handedly slay everyone in the area.

However, Glenn’s simple swing was enough to dissipate the power that could destroy the entire area. The way the opponent’s attack completely disappeared from his sword gave the impression that his swordsmanship was capable of erasing the phenomenon itself. It was truly prowess befitting a sword god.

It felt like nothing was impossible for him in his current state.

“Is that all?”

Glenn tilted his chin and smiled coldly.

“I’m sure I told you this already. You should attack with everything you have.”



The wrinkles on the Fallen and the White Blood Religion’s leader’s faces deepened like crumpled paper upon hearing his sneer.

“This geezer must’ve been practicing running his mouth!”

The White Blood Religion’s leader ground her teeth and quickly chanted a different type of sorcery. As she revealed her true power, an old droplet necklace came of from her red dress.


The Blood God removed the weapon in her hand and gathered her hands just like the White Blood Religion’s leader. Once she put the forty-four hands together, the entire world was covered in bloody light.

“He should’ve been here instead of me today. We are going to suffer a great loss.”

The Fallen briefly clicked his tongue and stretched his arms. While the sun’s halo spread its bright light, the moon’s halo covered the world in darkness.


The light and darkness mingled with each other into a whirlwind. The endless mixture of white and black created a purple-colored chaos.

There was no sound or wave. The Fallen’s chaos had already engulfed the world.


Raon’s eyes widened.

‘This is the same as my previous life…’

The fragrance of death he was feeling was the exact same as the one he felt right before Derus Robert cut his head off. One second—no, not even a quarter of a second was enough to make everyone in the area lose their lives.


When the inevitable death was about to fall upon them, Glenn’s lightning sword sparked.

“Storm of Life.”

Glenn’s strike spread out diagonally alongside his calm voice. The sword of his soul stretched out like a flying eagle’s wings to completely erase the Fallen’s chaos.


The White Blood Religion’s leader lowered her gathered hands, and the tremendous amount of bloody energy that the Blood God had been gathering fell to the ground and amplified even further.


The bloody energy kept expanding over and over and engulfed the entire sky and the land. She must’ve been trying to destroy the entire area.

“Land Slash.”

Glenn’s lightning sword dashed through the horizon, and the bloody pillar that was trying to devour the entire land was severed into half.


Even though the bloody pillar was powerful enough to completely destroy the merchant city Cameloon, it dissipated in an instant like the dust in the wind.


Red blood was flowing from Glenn’s lips as he raised his sword.

“He’s getting tired! Finish him off!”

“I know!”

The White Blood Religion’s leader and the Fallen mustered all of their remaining power. The bloody energy and radiance of chaos burst from the two monsters’ hands and dashed towards Glenn.


Because they had simply condensed their power, their attacks had surpassed any other moves in terms of power alone. The bloody energy and the chaos twisted with each other in a spiral to radiate a strange light.


Glenn wiped away the blood flowing from his lips and held his sword with both hands to raise it above his head.

“Heavenly Blade.”

Heaven turned into a sword to descend upon the land. Along with the tremendous sound of an explosion splitting the continent, the entire world turned red once again.


By the time the red light covering the entire world subsided, there was nothing left in front of his eyes. The White Blood Religion’s leader, the Fallen, the Eden, and the White Blood Religion. Everything around him was gone.

All he could see was a majestic trace that looked like a heavenly god’s sword strike.

Glenn slowly raised his head. His radiating red eyes seemed to be asking whether he could follow.


Raon was unable to respond to his question as he closed his eyes. He couldn’t maintain his senses because he was far too exhausted.

The three strikes that Glenn had shown him appeared in his mind as his vision went dark.

‘I’ll never be able to forget this.’

Raon smiled in satisfaction and fell asleep.

* * *

* * *

When Raon started to collapse, Glenn was already next to him, catching his shoulder. Even though his blood was overflowing from his throat, he simply gulped it down and examined Raon’s condition.

“This is not good.”

“Yes, when I examined him earlier, his blood vessels were torn apart and his mana circuits were ruptured.”

Rimmer nodded while looking at Raon.

“I couldn’t touch him at all because he was too focused on your fight, my lord.”


Glenn took medicine from his pocket and fed it to Raon before using his aura to loosen his insides. Color slowly started to return to Raon’s pale face.

“Are you alright, my lord?”

Roenn’s eyes were full of worry as he approached. His clothes were also tattered, showing that he’d gone through a violent battle.

“I’m fine.”

Glenn responded and shook his head. He seemed as composed as always.

“Is that so?”

Rimmer smiled faintly while looking at Glenn and Raon.

‘They are the exact same.’

Raon was telling him he was fine even though his blood vessels and muscles were ripped apart and his mana circuits were ruptured, and Glenn said the exact same when he’d just received a serious internal injury from fighting the White Blood Religion’s leader and the Fallen at the same time. Their similarity brought a smile to his face.

Even though others might call them completely different, the grandfather and the grandson were the exact same both in terms of appearance and personality.

‘It would be nice if they could get closer to each other through this occasion.’

He couldn’t say anything further because there were too many people around him, but he was wishing for Glenn and Raon to open their hearts to each other through that occasion.


Glenn briefly clocked his tongue while looking down on the scene he’d created. He seemed dissatisfied about something.

“Did they manage to escape?”

Sheryl walked up to him while returning her twin swords to their scabbards.

“I’m not sure. I certainly felt the cut, but they possess so many strange powers.”

Glenn narrowed his eyes. He definitely would’ve managed to finish them off in a one-on-one battle, but he couldn’t be sure because it was a two-on-one fight.

He stared at the sky for a moment before he turned around. He faced the fervent gazes of the Zieghart swordsmen and nodded his head.

“Good job, everyone.”


“We won!”

“Cheers for Zieghart!”

Their voices were loud enough to reach the sky.

Since they had just witnessed Glenn removing Eden and the White Blood Religion’s leaders at once from their sight, it was obvious that they would be extremely proud.


“Cheers for Zieghart!”

The swordsmen stabbed the sky with their swords while enjoying their pounding hearts.


Rimmer was trying to carry Raon on his back but suddenly stopped. Martha was kneeling on the ground and wasn’t standing up.

‘Is she moved to tears?’

Since she was extremely interested in might, she must’ve been moved to tears from seeing Glenn’s sword.

“You will be able to achieve that realm one day… Hmm?”

He was trying to encourage Martha but had to shut his mouth. Her expression was telling him she wasn’t moved at all. She was shocked, and she even seemed to be feeling despair.

“Martha, what even happened…?”

* * *

Two people appeared on the hill located north of Cameloon after Zieghart left.

One of them was the Evil Goat Demon, who was wearing Baphomet’s helmet, and the other person was wearing a dragon helmet similar to the one Raon was forced to wear.

“Wow. I heard he turned senile from old age, but that was complete bullshit.”

The Evil Goat Demon whistled while looking at the area that had been literally deleted from Glenn’s sword.

“The Destructive King of the North is truly the Destructive King. He got even stronger than the rumors, it seems.”


A hoarse voice came from the dragon helmet, as if it were scratching through their throat.

“He’s gotten incomparably stronger than before.”


The Evil Goat Demon’s eyes widened and he turned around.

The dragon helmet slowly nodded.

“Even though he didn’t fight anyone after the continental war, he managed to achieve that realm on his own. It’s just ridiculous.”

He narrowed his eyes while saying that he couldn’t understand how that happened.

“Then who do you think is going to win if he fights against you?”

The Evil Goat Demon sat on the ground and threw a playful glance at the dragon helmet.


The dragon helmet didn’t respond, instead staring at the area Glenn’s sword had severed.

“You must mean that you aren’t going to lose at least.”

The Evil Goat Demon chuckled and nodded his head.

“There are so many monsters in the world, after all.”

He sighed deeply with his arms crossed.

“Those people should also be alive. Your junior is having such a hard time because he has a long way to go.”

“You will get caught up from below if you keep looking up.”


“I’m talking about the Zieghart’s boy, the one who was the trigger of this incident.”

The man wearing the dragon helmet turned around. His slit-like reptilian pupils were radiating arrogance as he looked down upon the entire world.

“He will get even stronger in the future. No, I should say that he has no other choice but to get stronger.”

* * *

Raon opened his eyes with a frown on his face. He could see a white ceiling above him.

‘Is this the hospital?’

Because he had seen an unfamiliar ceiling too many times, he was starting to be able to tell which ceiling was which.


His entire body was hurting. Skin, muscles, and even his bones were screaming with pain. It was difficult to find a place that didn’t hurt.

‘Damn it.’

An intense pain occurred even though he was just trying to move his finger. He could bear with it because he was used to the pain, but an ordinary person would’ve fainted once again.


Wrath popped up from the ice flower bracelet and wrinkled his nose. Considering the fact that he had turned into a slightly bigger cotton candy, he must’ve recovered his strength a little.

You’ve used the King of Essence’s power that you don’t deserve. Even though it ended in failure, it’s only natural that you are paying the price since you used an energy that surpasses your limits.

‘I expected no less.’

Raon nodded. He thought his body was going to explode when he was controlling Wrath’s wrath and coldness. His energy was still too powerful for his current self.

You are too pathetic. When are you planning to get stronger?

Wrath clicked his tongue with his arms crossed.

‘I’ll get stronger eventually, I guess.’

Raon chuckled. The simple act of smiling was hurting him, but he still felt happy.

Are you really smiling right now?

‘I am. There’s no way I wouldn’t smile.’

He could clearly remember if he closed his eyes. Glenn was descending from the sky by shattering the barrier, and Zieghart’s swordsmen majestically appeared by opening a dimensional gate.

‘The house came to save me. There’s no way I wouldn’t be smiling after that. I won’t be able to forget about that for the rest of my life.’

He was so thankful to the people who came running for his rescue that he felt like he could smile even if he died right there.

That’s the usual affection that humans show to each other. And it’s especially true since you are related by blood.

‘I didn’t really know it existed. After all, I used to be a sacrificial pawn in my previous life.’

Even though he was called the leader of the shadows and all that, he was just a hunting dog that was slightly bigger and better than the other dogs.

Because of those memories of his previous life, he wanted to achieve what he wanted and obtain what he needed before leaving the house.

However, the previous day’s incident changed his mind.

Zieghart was his house, and Zieghart’s swordsmen were his companions.

Once he realized that fact, his vision widened and the world became brighter.

You are such a strange guy.

‘And you too.’

Raon looked at Wrath with a faint smile on his face.

Hmm? What’s up with the King of Essence?

Wrath tilted his head, asking what he was talking about.

‘You gave me your power to save me and Dorian.’

Wrath normally would’ve given him the power and wrath at the same time, but he only gave him the power during the incident without asking for anything in return.

‘I’m seeing you in a different light.’

Wrath was truly caring for his subordinates. Raon had been considering him as a demon king of gluttony, an idiot, and a giving doormat, but that incident made him see him in a different light.

Hmph! Th-the King of Essence isn’t happy at all even if a mere human compliments him!

Wrath briskly turned his head away. The edges of his lips were slightly trembling.

‘Thank you, Wrath.’

The King of Essence was just trying to save his subordinate. He doesn’t care about you at all!

‘I’ll buy you everything you want as soon as I recover.’


Raon thanked him from the bottom of his heart, and Wrath rolled his eyes.


Ahem! Actually, the King of Essence didn’t dislike you so much during the last incident.

Wrath cleared his throat and gave him a big nod. He looked extremely satisfied.

You are a pretty decent human being, which makes it rather fun to watch…

While he was rambling in excitement, messages appeared in front of his eyes.

[… a transcended sword.]

[All stats…]

[…traces of the sword….]

[…sword’s properties.]


There were so many messages, probably because he maintained his focus while watching Glenn’s swordsmanship in that extreme situation.


He couldn’t even feel the pain anymore because he was so excited to read all of the messages.

…It’s not fun to watch at all!

Wrath had been quietly speaking, but he suddenly shouted. He was grinding his teeth while looking at the messages.

The King of Essence was the one who used his power, so why are you getting all the rewards?!


You damned thief!

It can’t be helped.

Raon had the feeling that the Giving Doormat title had to remain.


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